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Saturday, December 8, 2007

General Batiste Consorts With The Enemy?


I suppose the anti-Americanist groups will be howling that sentiment fairly soon enough.

HT to Blue Crab Boulevard
Major General John Batiste, long touted by the anti-war left as a critic of the war in Iraq (he was) has abruptly switched sides, quit the anti-war Vote Vets group and has joined with Pete Hegseth and Vets for Freedom. An op-ed piece in the Washington Post co-authored by the two men calls for an end to the political posturing in Washington. [...]
We shall see. In commenting whether or not the Leftinistra will begin their nasty diatribes towards the "turn-coat" General they once had in their back pockets, BCB writes:

Well, you know they can't do the latter. They are emotionally invested in forcing a defeat. So its off to the attack! (Alternatively, they may simply ignore Batiste and pretend he never was with them before he was against them.)
That's so truly funny, as in odd, it is truly sad.

Way back in Nov of 2006, an eternity in internet circles, wasn't it General Batiste the one that said that a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq was a really bad idea? And, was it not this same General that said otherwise BEFORE the elections of Nov 2006? Just wondering out loud here.

So, we see that victory has a thousand fathers while anti-war Generals switch sides and cross the crazy lines. While all eyes that have a clue are looking towards Iraq, the once confused and beguiled proponents of defeatist rhetoric see the light and add their footnotes to history.

In the op-ed in the Washington Post by Pete Hegseth and General Batiste, we find many words of wisdom; words so alien to the current collection of political hacks in Congress and within the electorate.
Congress has been entangled in a war-funding debate that pits war "supporters" against antiwar "defeatists." With all sides seemingly entrenched, a stalemate looms. The Pentagon, meanwhile, will soon begin stripping money from its training budget to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our military men and women deserve better than partisan politics; they deserve honest assessments of our nation's performance in fighting the Long War. [...] read the rest
It has been a long time since we have men of stature utter these words and I, as a DAV, hope and pray that our pathetic and self-absorbed politicians will set aside their trivial aspirations for the good of the nation as a whole. I might add, since when does an insignificant few dictate to the rest of the nation? In light of recent data, the "anti-war" crowds are way low on the totem pole of significance.

The op-ed at the WaPo is well worth the read and therein, the two once vehemently opposed philosophies now agree on five points. You will need to read the article to catch the full meanings:

Hegseth and Baptiste point to five fundamental tenets they believe America must rally behind.

First, the United States must be successful in the fight against worldwide Islamic extremism.

Second, whether or not we like it, Iraq is central to that fight.

Third, the counterinsurgency campaign led by Gen. David Petraeus is the correct approach in Iraq.

Fourth, our strategy in fighting the Long War must address Iran.

Fifth, our military capabilities need to match our national strategy.

The about-face by General Batiste has significant impact to the tune of a 10.5 on the seismic counters. First, he has recognized that the Surge is by-God working and that the VoteVets group, financed by Soros, is wrong.

I have been preaching those five points ever since the Democratic Party Leadership and their RINO moppets began their cut and run and redeploy idiocy.
[...] We have seen this ruthless enemy firsthand, and its global ambitions are undeniable. This struggle, the Long War, will probably take decades to prosecute. Failure is not an option. [...]
Did you hear that, America? FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Then, there are these words that I know for a fact have been vocalized but the Loony anti-Americanists ignore them at their own peril.

[...] Today's tactical gains in Iraq -- while a necessary pre-condition for political reconciliation -- will crumble without a deliberate and comprehensive strategy. [...]
Exactly so. and, the article ends with the words I also know for a fact I myself and my fellow veterans have plastered every where we could...

[...] Americans must mobilize for the Long War -- bolster our strained military, galvanize industry to supply troops with what they need right now and fund the strategy with long-term solutions. We have no doubt that Americans will rally behind a call to arms.

America's veterans --young and old -- are resolved to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. This commitment, and nothing less, should compel us to stand together, in and out of uniform. Would that Congress finds the courage to bury its pride and do the same. [...]
I have my Go Bag(s) ready. Just say the word.

One should wonder if the same people that lauded General Batiste as a leading authority on the War In Iraq will reconsider their stands or will they shrug him off as a Chicken Hawk or something else just as demeaning and disingenuous.

Similar thoughts are here.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Day Which Will Live In Infamy


As Blackfive (Uncle Jimbo) said of his Great Uncle, my Father speaks not much of 12/6/41 or 12/7/41 either.

The full and authentic text of FDR's speech to the America people can be viewed and heard here. Never seen before pictures can be viewed here.

My Dad is a WWII Veteran and Hero, still alive but not so well these days. When we are together and we are discussing the current war, he cries - not because he is sad, per se - but for what our politicians are doing and how they are acting. "Back in my day, these fools would be in jail or hung for what they are doing." I agree and wish we had men of courage that would respond in the same manner.

My Dad calls the current crop of "defeatist fools", as he so labels them, "wanna-be" Nips and "wanna-be fascists". My Dad will not view, listen to or watch the fool Reid and, my Dad being a devout Christian such as he is, I am shocked when he calls the Troll Reid, "A GD as****e". I remind my Dad that an as****e has a purpose and he cheers up and chuckles and says, "Yes, son. An as****e does have a purpose. I stand corrected."

What little I know of my Dad's function in the Great War, I sense that his service was one of sincere Patriotism. He has told me many times that when he and my Mother have passed away, I will have access to the contents of his safe deposit boxes and the contents of his vault in the basement. He has made me vow that I will never make public the contents therein and I take that vow seriously. I do know that he was shot down over France hours before D-Day and he spent 4 days behind enemy lines. He avoided capture and eventually made it back to England to go at it again.

His service in the Great War gets oddly mysterious after that since he shipped out to the PTO shortly after he had made it back to England. He speaks nothing of the PTO. Silence and demeanor is unmistakably evident and one does not press my Dad, or my Mother for that matter, for the stories needing to be told. They both told me that they will take those memories to their graves.

My Dad is proud of my brother's service, my service and the service of his first grandson now serving. I am as well. I heard the call, my brother heard the call and so did my son.

I find it difficult to speak of my brother's service because he was oddly silent as well. My brother was KIA in Quan Tri Province in February of 1968.

As we reflect upon this day of our history as a nation, let us compare the Patriotism then to the Patriotism we see today. Kind of sad, actually. It will please me to no end to witness the generation of the hippies die off.

Remember the heroes of the days of yore

It is your Patriotic Duty

The Leftinistra Will Be Redeploying To Okinawa Soon?


The question is, will the people of Okinawa allow them to emigrate there?

As the Leftinistra, comprised of the likes of Reid and Pelosi, remove all doubt as to the Pathology of A Defeatist, the American People tire of the continual abasement of our troops and the Leftinistra find themselves caught between rocks and hard places with no way out.

Senator Harry Reid had one comment correct but he had the angle all wrong. The Surge which is not working is the one he and his genre of fools has created. The Defeatist Surge has failed.

As the Change In Direction In Iraq was about to take hold, the Senate unanimously confirmed General David Petraeus and, within 30 days or so, promptly did the usual turn-coat dance and declared the man they unanimously confirmed incompetent. Every time I think of that event, I shake my head in disdain, contempt and guttural disgust. What kind of deranged mentality causes an individual and a "ruling body" to confirm without descent a Commanding General and then turn around and call that confirmed Commanding General incompetent before plans are even implemented in the field?

The incidents involving the Leftinistra v General Petraeus was the beginning of the end for the Defeatist Surge. The Defeatist Surge had some momentum before the MoveOnDotFakeOrgasm ad against the General but when the ad hit and the Leftinistra refused to denounce it and renounce the ad along with the organization placing the ad, it stirred up the True Patriots in America. They opened up their own Abyss of Obscurity.

Ever since the attacks against General Petraeus, the Leftinistra's momentum spiraled in an unrecoverable tail spin. In recent weeks, this has been duly noted and confirmed.

With the ugly realities that close to 200,000 non-military DoD employees will be getting lay-off notices a week before Christmas due to the political games the Loser Left has been playing with our troops, they are now "willing to negotiate". Now, isn't that sweet?
Each day lately, Democrats inch closer to giving President Bush more money for the war in Iraq without any serious mandates for withdrawing U.S. troops.

Democratic leaders are loath to acknowledge they've backed off, but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, as well as congressional aides, say Democrats are trying to find a way to provide continued troop funding while searching for some compromises that show they're still intent on challenging the president on the war. [...]
Their end is nigh and they don't even know it...or do they? They must know that if their moonbat base finds out that yet another campaign promise has been broken, there is going to be hell to pay and more pink-frilled flakes will camp out on their front lawns popping pills, smoking dope and snorting who knows what.

[...] "We have to come off this lack of funding for the military operations," the lawmaker said. "We have to continue the funding. We don't want to look like we're against troop funding. ... We should separate the funding discussion from the rest of the war.

A troop withdrawal funding bill received 53 votes last month in the Senate, seven short of the 60 needed to break a filibuster.

So Democrats are searching for something that asserts congressional power but doesn't necessarily have a mandated troop withdrawal. [...]
Why they still press for unilateral withdrawal when victory is at hand is not only ludicrous, it is political suicide. I have no sympathy for the pathetic cretins. No, Sir. Not one bit. The Leftinistra started this Come To Jesus revelation approximately one year before the 2006 mid-term elections. We informed all that would listen then that this day which we are witnessing now will come and, it would be this ugly. We hate being as correct as we are at A Newt One but there you have it. It is what it is.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dancing With The Moonbats


Why do the leaders of a particular American political party think the American People are so stupid? It never ceases to amaze me and upon every turn, cut and run, they never run out of disingenuous buffoonery, as if there is any other kind. I suppose their disguising and hiding their blatant unethicalities (is that a word?) under the blanket of the Christmas Season can be considered as quaint or cute or...obviously stupid. Your pick.
The annual lighting of the Capitol Christmas tree always signals two things in Washington -- the kickoff of the holiday season and the beginning of deal cutting time in Congress. [...]
Nothing like playing politics with the lives of American citizens, eh?

Morons. I guess they assume too much.

Al Gore Lied About Global Warming


HT Don Surber...and Sister Toldjah

Well, we all knew The Goracle lied and here is the Smoking Gun. One should be asking themselves many questions.

"How long did he know that he was going to lie?"

"How long did he plan on keeping up the charade?"

"How many people has his lies affected in such a despicable manner?"

"Should he make restitution?"

"Is this why he still flies around in a G IV and travels in SUV caravans?"


News The MSM Will Not Report


WASHINGTON - Like many Soldiers deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, Soldiers from the Oregon National Guard's 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry brought their personal cameras to Iraq during their deployment in 2004. They snapped photos of each other firing weapons, shot video of explosives they detonated and logged plenty of footage of their own commentaries intermixed with Soldier humor.

AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) - Airmen are improving the lives and operating conditions of Marines by constructing more than $9.8 million in aircraft shelters, taxiways and temporary shelters at Al Asad Air Base.

AL TAQADDUM, Iraq - The AN/TSQ-120B is a temporary air traffic control tower used by Marines in expeditionary operations until a more sturdy structure can be built. Although designed for just 90 days of continual use, the one at Al Taqaddum Air Base has seen more than its share of sorties since it was raised during the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom.





BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan - The towns of Eskandareh and Pacha Khak hide deep within the mountains of the Kohe Safid district in Afghanitan's Parwan province.







Sailors And Marines prepare 10,000 Holiday Gift Boxes









Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On Iran, NIE, Jerks and Retarded Politicians


As the GREAT news coming out of the efforts of our Troops in the War In Iraq comes flowing in showing that the Leftinistra have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of this issue...as well as a plethora of others...they now find the need to whine, cry, foam at the mouth and make fools of themselves on a different issue; thus distracting their inability to get anything done and/or lead in any capacity. The more they can distract from their ineptness on any issue to get anything right on any issue, they deflect their ignorance onto something and/or someone else. Such is not going to go unanswered or at least challenged.

Within the last week or so, A known Syrian Al Qaida leader has been removed from any influence in this life on a permanent basis, along with the slog's media pool. The violence levels have dropped to the levels of January 2006 with another 40 Al Qaida terrorists meeting the same fate as the Syrian fool. We have also witnessed an acknowledgment from some "prominent" terrorist scum that they were wrong and have lost Iraq to the United States. Evidence of Iranian 'meddling" in Iraq has come forth and the retarded politicians look the other way...it doesn't mesh with their incessant stupidity...or, does it? We have also seen terrorists moving further north in Iraq due to the overwhelming forces arrayed against them. Those of us that have been paying attention know now what we knew "then" that we were going to win this war and we are in fact winning this war because the Lame Stream Media prints and airs less and less and less stories about the War In Iraq except when the news is so obvious, they are forced to print an actual by God Good News piece.

With overwhelming evidence that Iranian weaponry was and is being utilized in the war effort in Iraq, I find it ironically and unfathomably odd that people of any walk of life would trust anything the Iranian government would say in regards to nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. Equally absurd as that sentiment is, I find disingenuous hindsight rhetoric completely unacceptable. There is a part of the NIE, among many, that points to the "we really don't know anything" verbiage masked by theoretical intelligence.
[...] "We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program," said the NIE text, reflecting a strong consensus among the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. "Tehran's decision to halt its nuclear weapons program suggests it is less determined to develop nuclear weapons than we have been judging since 2005." [...]
Having worked in the field relying on some desk weeny with my life, I find that little segment appallingly retarded...I have seen crap like that before and when I and others read such drivel, we discounted it whole heartedly and went about our mission as if the idiot that wrote such nonsense was a moron and could not be trusted.

To a "Field Tech", "High Confidence" equates to "We really don't know for sure". To a Field Tech, the very term "suggest" sends chills up and down the spine. Let me rewrite that phrase above so you can see for yourselves how a Field Tech would consider the message:
[...] "We really cannot say for sure so take this with a grain of salt as follows: Iran may or may not have stopped its uranium enrichment process back in 2003 but we are pretty hopeful that they have. It is your job to take the necessary precautions and actions to confirm what we think we are sure about, maybe. All of us back here are confident that we are in agreement that we really don't know much. If our beliefs can be confirmed, it might suggest that Iran did stop their weapons program to a degree that we hoped that they did. End of message. Oh. Wait. The above is our concensus and we bet your lives on that data. Good luck and Happy Hunting." [...]
This whole NIE/Iran thing pisses this DAV off to a degree that I feel like going to DC and spit on every desk weeny that put this drivel out and I also want to spit on every moron that actually thinks that Iran has "given up" on nukes. Friggin' morons. If they don't know for a surety, why bother publishing anything at all except, "Hey folks. We don't know squat. Carry on."

I question the motive(s) of those involved. And, yes, I do hav experience in the matter at hand.

We have Libtards and morons winking and wiggling their scrawny fingers in an "I told you so fashion" as if they know something and I would venture a guess they have never served in any capacity anywhere except for servitude to a dolt.

When Hans Blix questions the veracity of the NIE, the libtards should really STFU and take note. But, it is a cherished Bash Bush moment so, they would "Rather" prove their genuine ignorance and stupidity all for a shot at the object of hate via BDS.

Israel ain't buying into this crap and neither am I. Only morons will give a victory to a madman fruit loop like the Iranian moppet.

Drooling here.

And WaPo chimes in here and can be seen at memeorandum

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Sadly, NO!, Ignorance And The Ever Conspiratorial Stupidities


We reported on this the other day and as predicted, the Leftinistra Moonbats of the anti-Americanist Fruit Loop Brigades are having to change soiled panties seemingly on the hour.
Bush-Bashing Is Fun

But here's what you missed amid the Iranapalooza excitement. Some of the elusive and much sought-after political progress in Iraq: (read the rest...it won't disappoint)
The above is from Jules Crittenden. The below is from the disheartened and so mentally deficient losers of the left:

It has been a trying few days, as our animus to cry angrily and fearfully for vengeance against an unending succession of exaggerated foreign threats has been dampened by disappointing news regarding the supposed nonexistence of the Iranian nuclear threat, according to certain intelligence sources against whom our resentment is now rising. (read the rest and bring your tissues...I laughed so hard I thought I was going to snot myself)
The pathetic loons of Trolldom and Doom and Gloom have been beaten...again...by the dumbest man on the face of the Earth...GWB. I wonder what that tells "them".

A KOSmonoff Has Troubles With Facts


What is it with the vast majority of KOSmonoffs these days? Can they not feel the wind directions change? Can they not tell that they are irrelevant and insignificant? Whereas it might be true, I have no way of knowing, that the KOSmonoff site gets 487,391 hits a day, that is pretty much irrelevant. Many of "us" go there to see how loony they are and get quite a grand guffaw now and then. We DO link back and many of our readers know to fact check BEFORE they write elsewhere...something of an alien concept to a KOSmonoff or any other moonbat. They really are lost, don't you know...

This particular KOSmonoff has the consistent wrongness and blind ignorance of facts, no matter which OR whose book It reads. I suspect that at one time, this poor child once lauded Murtha as a hero of the moonbats seeing that he also said that the surge was not working. Now that Murtha has stated otherwise, I guess the poor child's zero is Reid again. You know, the fool that says the Surge isn't working whereas everyone of at least half of a brain knows otherwise.

Hell, even OBL admitted that factoid.

Such is life in the world of the average anti-Americanists that dwell in the Land of Oz.

Oh. Lest our readers miss this one...go check out the socialist KOSmonoff poet rail against that Evil Capitalism thing. That will add to their site meter count for sure. Hey! KOSmonoffs...you are welcome for the traffic...no need to thank us...just send cash.

Even Pakistan has grown sick and tired of these anti-Americanist groups and pro-terrorist groups. They deport them. Perhaps we should do the same?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blue Handed


Every time I think nothing will surprise me anymore, the Leftinistra, such as Matthew Yglesias, manages to take my breath away all over again. Consider the staggering dishonesty with which the Leftinistra, such as Lefty Matty, try to mislead the American people about their theoretical knowledge of the alleged Iranian nuclear program and the contents of the recent NIE as opposed to the one back in '05. If, the Leftinistra were so intelligent, why then did they not know anything then? And, what is it with their reflective hindsight? Is hindsight actually a good way to show ones stupidity? This is the Leftinistra Matty sometime or another:
It's not as if Cheney read the NIE and decided he had some reason to believe it was incorrect. Rather, he read it, decided he'd better not contradict it, but also decided that bottom line conclusions about how Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program were inconvenient, and thus decided to talk around that minor point and try to get the American people confused about what's happening. Stunningly cynical and yes I'm resolving once again to never be stunned.
I find it wondrously stupid how ignorant these retarded Leftinistra are and how arrogantly they vomit and spew their obvious BDS and feigned intelligence. It's not like Yglesias is intelligent or not, does it? If he were, he wouldn't be trying to mask his stupidity under the guise of Dumb. Would he? The hindsight of the Yglesias:

Indeed, the striking thing about this is the extent to which looking back at Cheney's statement he's tried very carefully to avoid directly contradicting the NIE while crafting phrases that are clearly designed to cause the listener to draw the precise wrong conclusion.
It is truly obvious how much the Leftinistra let their emotions run their ignorance. Sometimes I am grossly concerned over the mental health of the more prominent Leftinistra. One would think that adults would know better than to act as they do.

I also find it curiously funny...as in chuckle-chuckle-snort-snort...how the loony BDS libs will plunge to their deaths upon the rocks of illusion and despair at the outside chance that they just might have something on the targets of their deeply rooted hatred. The Leftinistra, infected with the lethality of BDS will cherry pick themselves into a frothing and venomous tizzy just to leave themselves wide open for more questions and reason.

One of these days, the poor slogs will be able to, after they grow up, differentiate between the following: "High Confidence", "Moderate Confidence" and "Low Confidence". From my perspective, I have High Confidence that their BDS diatribes leaves a box of turtle turds with more collective intelligence than the likes of 100 Matty Yglesiasswipe.

Apparently, Matty and his clan of Merry Tighty Whities never read the entire report nor have they fact checked anything. The Leftinistra fit to a "T" the piece we posted earlier about the Pathology of A Defeatist. Kind of saddens me in a way.

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Sending Messages of Cheer To Our Troops For the Holidays




TOMORROW EVENING, 12/5/07, at 8PM EST, on Blog Talk Radio, the American Truth Warriors, SonLit Knight, Loki, JimmyZ and myself will be taking calls to record "Season Greetings" of Good Cheer, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to our troops the globe over. Loki will be The Host.

Please don't miss our very special pre-holiday show called "The Troops Show" on Blog Talk Radio. The show will be live at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific and the entire show will be nothing but your phone messages for our troops fighting overseas. This show will be made available to our troops live, in podcast form and in CD-R form so don't miss it and spread the word like wildfire!

The Troops show. Wednesday, December 5th, 2007. 8 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific
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Spread the word...OR ELSE!!

Join us as we Support The Troops and nothing but The Troops.

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Storm Warnings CounterTerrorism

The Pathology of A Defeatist


We have all heard of the Pathology of Liberalism and we have also heard that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. However, I haven't read what the Pathology of a Defeatist is...until now. First, however, we must define what "defeatism" "IS". Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary: acceptance of or resignation to defeat. A defeatist, then, is one which actively prescribes to the "all is lost" and the Trekkish "resistance is futile" mantra. The last I was taught, learned and came to believe, no one likes a loser and, for the most part, no one of substance and character will accept defeat, especially when there is even an outside chance of victory. A loser, is one that gives up too easily in the face of adversity and if the going gets too tough and, they haven't either the mental or physical stamina to maintain.

The Pathology of a Defeatist follows closely with that of the Pathology of Liberalism due to the inability to overcome the childish mindset based on emotions and emotions only, regardless of facts readily prevalent and/or known. In the face of facts presented, the Defeatist will deny that which is obvious even to the oblivious. A Defeatist has the mind set that proclaims that they are correct because they said that they were, regardless of evidence to the contrary.

It won't matter to Senator Harry Reid that Iraqis are demanding the destruction of Al Qaida, by holding hunger strikes. It won't matter to SoH Pelosi that the number of Iraqi citizens killed has tremendously dropped and it won't matter to Biden that American casualties has also drastically dropped. It won't matter to Kucinich that reconciliation is breaking out in the north, either. Sometimes I have to wonder if the Defeatists, no matter the party affiliation, can tell the difference between day and night.

In regards to the War In Iraq, the worse news to the Defeatist Mind Set is declining casualties; American, Coalition or Civilian and, victorious battles over the enemy and that same enemy declaring that they have lost the War In Iraq. It goes against the grain of the Defeatist Mind Set and they whine and squirm and resort to the known failed and wrong-headed rhetoric. Even the news that American Troops are on their way home is bad news to the Defeatist because they did not force the issue...it was preplanned and according to plan. This causes the Defeatist to change the topic and discussion at hand.

Substantiation of emotionally driven drivel is an aspect of daily discourse considered to be anathema or alien to the very nature of the Defeatist Mind Set. Emotion demands to be reconciled and in the spot light of verifiable facts, the Defeatist cannot maintain any semblance of credibility. The Defeatist will forgo or forswear facts to maintain their discredited mantra, no matter the cause. In regards to the War In Iraq, victory scares the current crop of American Defeatists, no matter if they are in political positions or any number of anti-Americanist groups and public opinion, when flowing away from the preconceived truth will be widely ignored.
While most of us were enjoying turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Johnstown), was eating a little crow. "I think the surge is working," Rep. Murtha said last week after a quick holiday visit to Iraq. The observation isn't remarkable. The signs of progress in Iraq are so obvious that even the New York Times has begun to report them. [...]
This is what has our home-grown Defeatists in a squabbling throe of contempt and trembling fit of woe-is-me-itis. The BDS runs deep...ever since 2000. As disingenuous as a Defeatist is, deep down, they must know what they themselves are...emotionally unhinged. Some would say that it is time for Defeatists to resign from political offices once they have declared themselves irrelevant.

I often ask myself why it is and, what is the driving force behind the Defeatist Mind Set as so demonstrated recently by Senator Harry Reid. As long ago as October in the year of our Lord 2007, Osama Bin Laden admitted defeat in Iraq. His mission there is lost. Yet, "mister" Reid seems to discount that because it goes against the individuals he must cater to in order to maintain political office.

The pathetic Poster Boy of Silly, one "mister" Reid, is so far behind the curve, it is still unbelievable that anyone even bothers to grant him an audience...must be one of those benevolent traits of some. For an example of how "mister" Reid declared that he will never believe any Good News coming from Iraq under any circumstances, please visit my friends at Flopping Aces and review the video therein.

The Pathology of A Defeatist is as follows: I believe what I believe no matter the evidence to the contrary. I cannot accept that I might be wrong on any issue because if I admit to being wrong on any issue, I will be seen as untrustworthy. Therefore, I can never be wrong; therefore, I never am wrong, no matter what.

In case this data has escaped the Reids of the world, the fighting has shifted back to Afghanistan and now Pakistan. Iranistan may or may not be in the mix yet but I am sure it is coming, one day...hopefully not but they sure do like to rattle their sabers.

Catch the wave at memeorandum

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Best Part of Sadly, No! Is You Don't Have To Have A Brain


A Socialist would-be Dictator's dreams got dashed, for the time being, in Venezuela over the weekend and the libtards are upset. There are some other socialist scum wondering who is the bigger dictator, Chavez or Bush. One has to be a complete fool to think that GWB is a dictator unless, naturally, that lethal injection of BDS has an affect on the brain similar to that of syphilis.

One day, we will be rid of the socialist scum in this country and we can get back to Traditional America.

Chavez: In Or Out?...UPDATED...Socialism Rejected!


Complete coverage at memeorandum:

HT to Dean's World

Caracas Chronicles:
Quico says: Venezuela rejects authoriarianism. It's a historic day. The myth of Chavez the invincible is no more.
Let us all pray so.

[UPDATE(S)] Apparently, the Power Grab Machine has failed the would be Castro Wannabe...
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has narrowly lost a referendum on controversial constitutional changes.

Voters rejected the sweeping reforms by a margin of 51% to 49%, the chief of the National Electoral Council said.

Mr Chavez described the defeat as a "photo finish", and urged followers not to turn it into a point of conflict.

Correspondents say the opposition could barely hide their delight and that the victory will put the brakes on Mr Chavez's "Socialist revolution".
I can hardly wait to hear the Libtards whine.

The Jawa Report: (kinda funny, actually when you read the whole post)
As is with any tin pot dictatorship, results of the vote are subject to sudden, inexplicable change at any moment, comrade.
The Astute Bloggers: Good News for Democracy: Chavez Lost

Riehl World View:
[...] Fireworks in San Felipe. Chavez on cadena!!! [...]
All Freedom Loving People are loving this news. Let us pray it stays this way.

See previous ANO coverage here...

Wake Up America has a running update as well right here...they even have a Salon type whining.

From the AP Wires:
CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez suffered a stunning defeat Monday in a referendum that would have let him run for re-election indefinitely and impose a socialist system in this major U.S. oil provider.

Voters defeated the sweeping measures Sunday by a vote of 51 percent to 49 percent, said Tibisay Lucena, chief of the National Electoral Council, with voter turnout at just 56 percent.

She said that with 88 percent of the votes counted, the trend was irreversible.

Opposition supporters shouted with joy as Lucena announced the results on national television early Monday, their first victory against Chavez after nine years of electoral defeats.

Some broke down in tears. Others began chanting "And now he's going away!" [...]
Well, I don't know about that "going away" thing but we could only hope as much.

Congratulations Venezuelans!!

ABC News: an unprecedented defeat? Say again?

Blue Crab Boulevard: dictatorship goes down in flames...paraphrasing, naturally.

Hot Air cautions that this is unofficial but...

Political Animal is a happy camper!

Atlas Shrugs is chiming in...it seems as though the cops down yonder have started raiding the Jooooooooooos and what not.

This photo sent via a subscriber...Norm...thanks Norm!!

Breitbart is saying the vote has not yet been settled:

The New York Times:
Voters in this country narrowly defeated a proposed overhaul to the constitution in a contentious referendum over granting President Hugo Chávez sweeping new powers, the Election Commission announced early Monday. [...]
Is it me or, did that sound a little too whiny?


Via Redstate: WaPo and CNN: In a nutshell? We win. They lose.

Wizbang sings

CBS finally steps in it:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has lost out on a bid to become more like his hero and political ally, Fidel Castro. A measure to allow Chavez to run for re-election an unlimited times was voted down by a margin Chavez calls a "photo finish." [...]
Wizbang seems to think the photo finish was more like a landslide but Hugo is too embarrassed to say.

WSJ is also reporting that Chavez has conceded defeat.

Words of wisdom from Pajamas Media; the Chavez opposition has become muted and they wonder what Chavez is up to next.

OTB: narrow loss it is but a loss is a loss...
[...] Quite a few of us political science types figured Chávez would win, either by hook or crook, but apparently we were mistaken, which is probably good news for those concerned by the possibility of further slides to authoritarianism in Venezuela. It's possible that these amendments will be resurrected again, however, as the next legislative elections aren't due for over two years and Chávez's term doesn’t end until January 2013.
I don't have a polisci anything but I didn't think Chavez would win. Why else would he have threatened the US with oil supply and make a lame claim that the CIA was messing with the elections?

A Libtard at the Huff and Bust whines and whimpers: It seems "mister" Goldstein is "Rather" put out that a fellow socialist scum didn't get his way...
The Bushies have called Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez a dictator and a tyrant... but since when do dictators lose elections? [...]
Poor thing. It was only a matter of time before the Libtards started whining.

PoliPundit: sanity just barely prevails...

Some 5 hours later...

Gun Toting Liberal: Sean Penn handed major defeat in Venezuela

Sister Toldjah: Chavez denied

Op For: Communism denied in Venezuela

NYT (again): sad for Chavez?

The all new PoliGazette...Chavez admits to defeat!
Challenging accusations that he is a dictator-in-waiting and implicitly abandoning his earlier characterization of dissenters as "traitors", Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accepted defeat in a referendum that would have granted him president-for-life status and allowed him to revoke basic freedoms. [...]
Macs Mind...trouble still ahead with and for Chavez

A Blog For All...poor [T]hugo...LOL!!

Another piece from the Huff and Puff...

Another collection from memeorandum...

A surprisingly good piece from Google News? Chavez? A swaggering, cocksure juggernaut?

PowerLine...poor Chavez...dreams dashed

Captain Ed wants to know if Hugo's loss vindicates him...

HWT...Venezuela rejects Chavez for now...interesting read

Chicago Ray...Good News for Venezuelans

Check out the pathetic spin attempts at The Sideshow: socialists really are a pathetic lot...
[...] I always find Hugo Chavez to be a somewhat annoying subject because he's neither the Satanic Hitler as reflected universally in our media (and it's really creepy how much he's distorted) nor the Great Savior Of The Left. He's a left wing populist with an authoritarian streak, but no matter what they say it's "left wing populist" which makes the Villagers froth, not the authoritarian part. There are plenty of dictators around the world which get respectful treatment from our media, and the anti-Democratic authoritarian actions of our own president disturb them not at all. [...]
The Leftinistra either really don't get it or, they think we are really that dumb. Nice try Lame Bird but, no "cigar" for you...

Jules Crittenden...how to become a tin pot dictator

The Weekly Standard has a Round Up: interesting point here and it explains the Libtard whining and sad attempt at spin...
[...] Of course, our left-wing friends aren't convinced that Chávez is dangerous, or even a nutcase. One Huffington Post blogger says, "But Chávez congratulating his adversaries for winning an election? That's not a dictatorship...that's a functioning Democracy." And Power Line points out that the BBC called Chávez's referendum a "reform." [...]
Concur...they really do think we are that dumb.

Wanna hear dumb? FireDumpPond wants to know who the real Dictator is...Chavez or Bush. What a bunch of libtard leftist scum sucking IDIOTS!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

101st Airborne News To Use


Pay Attention Here:
Trust flowing down "from our higher headquarters through the general officer leadership all the way down to the squad leader (is) making the difference," Army Col. Dominic J. Caraccilo, commander of the 101st Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team, said during a conference call with online reporters and "bloggers." [...]

[...] "There is a great trust in our Army right now, and I think that is really the superimposing reason why we're successful thus far," Caraccilo said. "And, I think because of that, we can win."
You bloggers out there don't think you are making a difference?

Think again.

Voices From The Front




AL ASAD, Iraq -- Lance Cpl. Allen R. Rossi said the closer service members get to a possible land mine or improvised explosive device, the less worried they become. "You won't feel a thing if it goes off that close," explained the Camden, Ohio, native.

ALI BASE, Iraq (AFPN) -- Seven local Iraqi firefighters shared a momentous occasion as they graduated from the Ali Base basic firefighter skills course.

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHARANA, Afghanistan - A young Soldier rubbed sleep from his eyes as he stumbled into the giant machinery garage at 10 p.m., his vision flooded with harsh yellow light. He'd been working on various trucks and machines since 4 a.m., but he still had to work on one more.

King Chavez? Like King Saddam? UPDATED



Who would have thought this? Al Jazeera?
Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, is heading for victory in a referendum on allowing him to remain in power as long as he keeps winning elections... [...]
Think about that one.

On another note, apparently the theoretical CIA "plot" didn't materialize as the moonbats worried so much over. They couldn't have their fellow socialist scum upset, now, could they?

So, does this mean we will get cheap oil from King Hugo now?

Catch the wave at memeorandum...


See Wake Up America and Gateway Pundit:

It is getting messy: HT to Gateway...

Hugo's Idiots are no doubt celebrating.

Harry Belafonte propping up Hugo Chavez, Jesse Jackson flying in to prop up Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter giving Hugo Chavez a needed election win, Cindy Sheehan and Hugo Chavez in a socialist lip-lock.

It seems as though Al-Rooters was jumping the gun and Al-Jazeera is too eager to have a Chavez win. Stay tuned.

more waves at memeorandum to catch...

For the Victory of NO, see here, ANO Updates...

From Al-Reuters: Iraq Politics Must Back Up Surge


Wait a minute. I could have sworn the war was lost because the political solution didn't come first. Now that the Surge has worked and troops have started to come home, a sure-sign of success, the political solution is now being stressed...again.

I wish these folks would make up my mind. No matter. We always knew the Surge had to work before the political solution could even be attempted.

Pull The Troops Out...Iraqis Are Stealing Water


OK. So this is what the NYT has been reduced to...desperation. I can just hear them in their little meetings; "My [g]od! Isn't there SOME bad news we can report on in Iraq. I mean, like, damn! We look like fools being on the wrong side of the Iraq War, under the direction of that idiot Pelosi and that worm Reid!"

Naturally, the above "conversation" is completely made up by me. But, it is funny just the same. But, seriously, the headline in the NYT is, well, "Rather" peculiar to say the least. And, it is Front Page News! Good Lord. Oh. Wait. That should be good [l]ord, shouldn't it?

Nonstop Theft and Bribery Are Staggering Iraq

So, it is going on 24-7-365? It never stops? Does the NYT have someone there watching? If so, why haven't they told someone...before now? The NYT cracks me up. Maybe they should just merge with Kimberley Clark and get it over with...toilet paper we can read.

In the picture, there is a masked lad holding his hand out, holding a gun. Oh. Wait. That isn't a gun, is it? AHA! I KNEW I've seen that "weapon" before. It is a spray nozzle on the end of a hose of some sort. And, he is cleaning his outstretched hand! RUN FOR COVER!!
Jobless men pay $500 bribes to join the police. Families build houses illegally on government land, carwashes steal water from public pipes, and nearly everything the government buys or sells can now be found on the black market. [...]

Like there isn't a Black Market anywhere else in the world?
[...] "Everyone is stealing from the state," said Adel Adel al-Subihawi, a prominent Shiite tribal leader in Sadr City, throwing up his hands in disgust. "It's a very large meal, and everyone wants to eat." [...]

As opposed to what once was...death, rape, murder, starvation, getting gassed...you know, all that fun stuff. I wonder if they were really reporting on someplace like West Philly?

This story in the NYT is a sure sign that we have won this war. I know, it isn't over yet and there is quite a bit left to do like finishing it and all but, Judas Priest! If this is what the Great and Vaunted NYT has been reduced to, what does that say?

I guess the Food For Oil scandal is on the same par as this story. I don't recall the NYT getting in too much of a huff over it.

Naturally, we will hear from the flakes at FireDumpPond.

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