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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The “Peace Activists” Are Actually” Anti-Americanists”

The “Peace Activists” Are Actually” Anti-Americanists”

And this can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

My pet anti-American group on my hit list is Code Pink. They support the murder of United States Military Men and Women. It is plain to see by the mere way they act around men and women of uniform whether currently serving or have served. I myself have experienced their accursed ways and I find them contemptible, disgusting and absolutely unacceptable.

Everywhere they rear their ugly mugs, they spread and spew hate and discontent. They are the worse of the lot, bar none, mostly due to their insidious stupidity and disgrace. Last week or so I posted a picture that I had thought was a real picture. I was driven by my knowledge of Code Pink and without a doubt I would not put it past them to display such a banner. Knowing what I know about Code Pink, the sentiment is true. I had said that I saw the banner which in fact I did not. The banner I saw destroyed in DC is shown in this video here and in the photo below. In the video, if you pay close attention to the background, you will see a “Snooper” hat behind a camera.

Now, what is my beef with Code Pink? Madea Benjamin is a terrorist sympathizer and lover of dictators, a dictator worshipping propagandist, if you will. A fairly informative write-up can be found here. There are links galore there to further your studies if you are at all interested.

This group called Code Pink, co-founded by Madea Benjamin, sent $650K in humanitarian aid to our enemies…America’s enemies. What do you suppose this money was used for and just how in the hell did it get there? It was used to kill American Men and Women in uniform, fighting the war against terrorism. This was and still is an un-American act. It is treason; aiding and abetting the enemy; lending aid and comfort to the enemy, plain and simple. No matter the spin, the fact remains…Code Pink is not a “peace movement”. Code Pink is not an “anti-war movement”. Code Pink is an anti-American movement and it closely resembles a convoluted bowel movement. The leaders of Code Pink were also sending funds to the communist guerrillas in El Salvador in the 1980s. Imagine that.

This is why this picture which has the Code Pinkies in a panty wad contest will stand until the organization is disemboweled. The sentiment is true. Get over it.

Code Pink is financed to a major degree by those people that are in support of the World Tribunal On Iraq and the findings thereof. Of the several “findings”, Code Pink, by default and by association, upholds the following “finding”:


There is widespread opposition to the occupation. Political, social, and civil resistance through peaceful means is subjected to repression by the occupying forces. It is the brutality of the occupation that has provoked a strong armed resistance and certain acts of desperation. By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.


The World Tribunal On Iraq is summarily a farce. Click the link provided and read it yourself. Since the Tribunal met and altogether fell apart, the “conclusions” it reached have been since debunked and nullified but the fervor still lives on and this is what we are fighting here at home. Knowing and understanding this POS document will enable and embolden you to fight these un-American organizations.

Other anti-American groups that call themselves “anti-war” or “peace activists” are as follows with very brief bios:

International A.N.S.W.E.R.

This is the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Don’t believe me…go to their web site. I provided links for some items above. Go find your own for Int’l Answer. On their site, you will see a picture of Che. Che is dead and in hell…get over it. There is a link there which will direct you to Marxism 101. There, you will find a widely distributed flyer. It is a flyer pronouncing the seeking of support for counter revolution and resistance in Iraq and seeking unconditional support for Iraq’s anti-colonial resistance.

It is unclear who is trying to colonialize Iraq. These people are about as intelligent as a slug.

Iraq Veterans Against The War

These poor slogs have been organized and mentored by the idiots of the Vietnam Veterans Against The War, the cowards that won’t come out of their dope-tainted closets and their Hanoi Jane dolls. They are John Kerry wannabes. They are the Junior Varsity and Hanoi Jane loves them. That in itself speaks volumes. Hanoi/Jihad Jane has been really quiet since her last debacle and publicity stunt.

This group sent Tim Goodrich to the Tribunal. This cretin testified before the Tribunal that Americans were committing war crimes. I guess this is where Murtha gets his data from? Enough said.

This group is sponsored by Vets For Peace and the web site is funded by the Inavale Foundation. Vets For Peace are primarily comprised of ex-Soldiers and ex-Marines that have an axe to grind and are funded in part and indirectly by Soros. They think they represent all veterans and fighting men and women but that is merely the drug induced stupor speaking.

United For Peace and Justice

This group is wholly insane. Its leader, Leslie Kagan, in the 60s went to Cuba for weapons and military training and since returning to the US, enables others to do the same. I wonder which peace she wants and which justice she intends to impose. This is kind of odd that this warmonger is trying to lead a “peace movement”.

World Can’t Wait

I find it curious that the FBI hasn’t shut these folks down. They are the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. They are a cult group that envisions end-time calamities and when the smoke clears, they will lead the world with world-wide communism. These are the really dangerous types.

I believe their logo is the world on fire. The leader is a fruit loop names Bob Avakian. The dude is a nut case.


The “peace activists” are as un-American as un-American can get. They are in no way in any shape or form American Patriots. Their leaders are known communists and support America’s enemies without and within.

As Dr Raoul Deming has so stated: “They are in mid-campaign to smear this generation of veterans and military as baby killers. If this war was 10 years from now, they would all be in their graves and unable to organize”

These defacto “peace activists” are the elderly throw-backs from the 60s and 70s and have slithered out from under their drug stashes to once again promote communism and everything under the sun contrary to the United States Constitution.

We wont’ allow that to happen.

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Good God Almighty I think I am going to hurl. Check Hooper's place for the rest and GREAT comments. He has a video of flag burners also...another activity Patriots do NOT partake of. Notice the CHE sign held by an idiot that can only be cured by my 243.

And they call themselves Patriots...patriots of whom and of what?

I have a post here in regards to another Breasts Not Bombs on the other coast. It seems the only coast left that is worth a damn is the Gulf Coast.

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