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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let The Spinmeisters Begin - Failure Is Their Bane


This is too rich. No. Really. It is. Over at the Leftinistra Rag Time called Swampland - appropriately named not because DC was once a swamp - Joe Klein is trying to make a pathetic VP choice become a good one. We and they all know it was a moment of weakness for The One because The One certainly is indeed and in fact out of his element and league. Whether they admit to that openly is a moot point.

Joe Biden on his campaign trail has stated many times that McCain isn't the McCain he once knew. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Having said that, we also all know that Biden has stated on the campaign trail that The One is less than capable and ready to become President and that he would rather either run with McCain or against him. So, is this the Biden that no one knows or is the other Biden that has been sequestered for the public good? Is this current Biden the Biden that Barack once knew?
Kudos to the McCain campaign for having the Biden ad--posted below by Karen--ready to go. But it probably won't have a very long shelf-life because Biden's opinion of his old friend John McCain has changed significantly--for the worse--during the course of this campaign. [...] (more here)

Imagine that. Haven't we all been led to believe that the folks in DC are all "friends"? With friends like that, I would prefer having enemies.

Apparently, thinking that the Hillary Hit Squads are out in force, Biden tried to get a jump on the game plans and decided to go all Bidenesque sooner rather than later. He has brought up that perhaps his wife having a PhD is a problem. I don't have a problem with that at all. Does anyone else? In the comments section in the article linked above:
Typical Bidenism. He goes off script with a compliment to his wife, realizes that Naomi Wolf would find it demeaning, so tries to vamp - in this case with a bit of conversational sarcasm intended to imply the opposite, but read as joking on the square for a regular old guy like him. If McCain had done it, it would be at the top of Memeorandum for a day, and possibly the basis of a attack ad. Scary voice: "John McCain think it's a problem for women to be educated..." Or something.

Altogether stupid, but, hey, anything to keep the Clintonistas roiling is fine by me!
Amazing. With what I am hearing, Joe Biden is theoretically some foreign policy guru and will fill the void that Czarbama lives in. Not so much. Biden said back in 2007 that Iran was decades away from weaponized nuclear power but wasn't against preemptive strikes on Iran. Does Czarbie know this? OOPS!! I wonder what he thinks about Pakistan? Oh. Wait. Go here and find out. He did call for missile strikes in Iran even though in the Swampland piece above, Joe Klein seems to allude to another concept. He did say that "Joe Biden" called him and they spoke.

I think I just unspun a moonbat. Sam Youngman seems to think that Czarbie selected Biden to become his personal attack dog because Czarbie sucks at it so badly...another admission of not ready for the Big Time.

Say what you will but Czarbie has just disenfranchised the far-left moonbat base and cemented their non-votes. They feel abandoned as I have been saying for weeks now. He is no longer the anti-war candidate that he once was in order to solidify his alleged rise to the top. So much for Hope and Change. What we see here is the culmination of business as usual...lie your way into office in the hopes that no one catches on. He was also anti-domestic spying but then went ahead and voted for FISA. So much for Hope and Change.

He tried so hard to deny that the Troops Surge worked and Condi Rice is trying ever so hard to make Czarbie look good in regards to Troop Withdrawals from Iraq that is already taking place and was part of the original plan. All of the Surge Troops are either Stateside or have been returned to their bases of origin. Troop levels in Iraq are now below the pre-Surge levels and the Wimplomat Corp of the US State Dept is busy undermining GWB and McCain by "negotiating troop draw downs". Simply amazing. Even more amazing is that in front of a VFW crowd, Czarbie admitted that the Troop Surge worked. Like I said, he has abandoned those that put him where he is. So much for Hope and Change. TABs have a great post in this regard.

For an in-depth account of general reactions to the Obama-Biden quagmire, go see Spree's WUA. Right Truth has a very good account of the spinning in work and has links to everything you ever wanted to know about Joe Biden. She calls it The Audacity of Spin and the Hilltards aren't happy and they are calling it a Death Wish...here we go again?

Barack Jobamaden - President Of What?


I have been following politics for 40 years now and this is the very first Presidential election season that has been this "unique". For the very first time, the Democrat Party, the Party of racism, sexism, Identity Politics, Multi-Culturalism, Political Correctness and Socialist Diversity has actually pre-selected a Marxist that just so happens to be a black man (or a gray man) that is also one of the most bigoted people I have ever listened to. If one doesn't vote for him due to the color of their skin, they are considered racists...that very concept is a racist remark especially when they boast that 90% of the black population will vote for him BECAUSE he is black (or gray - you decide).

This is also the very first time that the DNC heir apparent to the White House has selected a running mate that has made it abundantly clear that the heir apparent is clearly unqualified for the job even though he is well groomed, can talk well and looks pretty - ears not withstanding. This is also the very first time that the DNC has pre-selected a member of their party that openly expresses that he hates this country and wants to model it after Red China and the New USSR.

As I read the many articles, pieces, items and blog posts being generated by the non-text messaging announcement that Hillary has been forever humiliated, there is one commonality. The vast majority of the leftosphere is so not happy while those that are, share the same bigotry and self-loathing that Czarbama exudes. On the rightosphere side of the fence, the general thinking is that Czarbama has put the finishing touches on his upcoming political international embarrassment. As for The Rodham, she has been told pretty much to Embrace The Suck. They just don't know who or what The Rodham truly is by expressing that sentiment.

The would-be First Czar has selected as his running mate a man that towers over The One in many areas namely political experience. Also, he has alienated the Young Voters by selected yet another old dude with white hair that is dead set against legalizing drugs of any sort. He has also selected a "business as usual" candidate and nullifies the Hope and Change mantra. So, the questions remain, one of which is "what is he hoping to change this time?"

Just a casual observation here if I may, when voters base their vote on which candidate will legalize narcotics, I have to question their viability as a law-abiding citizen. The folks at Talk Left are orbiting planet unknown at this time.

At this current space and time, this is the closest Barack Hussein Obama will ever be to the White House. He has reached his apogee and parity. The One is now lonely because, after all, One Is The Loneliest Number.

As yet an additional "first" in this election season, the DNC VP pick is someone that actively promotes them self as one having a higher IQ than anyone else and will openly say as such. So, now we have not only The One and The Other One, we have Misters Arrogant 1 and Arrogant 2. Wonderful. Perhaps Czarbama needs presidential training wheels...

One would think seeing that the candidates would at least know who each other are and what their roles will be. Joe Biden seems to think that Obama's name is Omera and Barack thinks that Biden is the presidential candidate. I don't get it. So, which one is who and which one is going to actually be THE One?

Some of the leftosphere pundits are really amazing. Then again, when the only thing driving them is emotion due to the void of intellectuality, it really isn't that shocking...just more sad than usual. The speech transcript from Joe Biden isn't all that impressive so the emotional strain I am detecting from the lefties is intriguing. They are indeed worried and no matter the bluster, their verbiage has the connotation of fear. The pontifications of The One can be read here and it is more of the usual platitudes, void of substance.

The desperation of The One is readily apparent as he pulls ads in Red States and it displays a different reality in regards to funding. As more and more Americans figure out just how Marxist The One is and evidence of it becomes more and more prevalent, more and more Americans are going to turn away from the emotional railings of a very insecure man, wallowing in his self-abasement and hatred of the nation he was hoping to change and remodel after the model of Saul Alinsky. As one can see in the image to the left, hat tip to DTRT, publishing tickets to the Marxists' alleged and premature victory speech with upside down American Flags is not conducive to sway Americans to his side. Perhaps Joe Biden can resolve this matter but I have my doubts.

We all know that the Obama campaign lost the election to McCain with the Biden choice for VP. However, we also know that they will have to go through the paces in a saving face bid to continue the Hate and Blame America First dogma. Sooner or later, before the Big Day in November, Joe Biden is going to open mouth and insert foot and Czarbie will continue in his lies, deceit and purposeful misleading the intellectually void and over emotional followers of The One.

Pelosi, Pickens, Prop 10...Raping The American Tax Payer


See this article for background...

Well? I do believe that the WSJ heard us...they fact-checked the poor slogs at FactCheck. In an article entitled, Pelosi Investment Shows Unlikely Energy Alliance, it is revealed that T Boone Pickens is beguiling The Pelosi and The Pelosi has been snookered? Not hardly. Her husband's "tiny investment" by buying way below the then market price reeks of impropriety, just like we have previously reported.
[...] Asked if the investment could raise the appearance of impropriety, even if it is legal, Mr. Hammill said such a standard would mean the speaker or her spouse wouldn't be able to own shares in any company given the comprehensive nature of her position.

The Pelosis got in on the ground floor at Clean Energy, purchasing shares in an auction when Mr. Pickens publicly launched the company on May 25, 2007. Clean Energy markets compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas as a fuel for motor vehicles. The investment was valued at $50,000 to $100,000 when the shares opened at $12.10 apiece, according to Mrs. Pelosi's financial disclosure forms. These forms list investments only as a range of values. The purchase is listed as stock held by the speaker's husband, successful financier and businessman Paul Pelosi. [...]
Sounds like the usual poli-speak to me.
[...] But Mr. Pickens's recent embrace of renewable energy has made him the darling of the Democrats. Since introducing his "Pickens' Plan," the Texas oil billionaire has met with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, Mrs. Pelosi and other top Democratic lawmakers.

Mr. Pickens "was my mortal enemy," Mr. Reid said in July. "He's my pal now." [END]
Be sure to go read the rest of the article, especially the "Key Platform Plank" section. No. No influence peddling there. GAWD!!


BREAKING!! Barack Obama Selects Joe Biden As His VP


Here we go folks. After the COLB issue gets taken care of, it will wind up being a Biden/Clinton ticket.

Anyway, the Dallas Morning News reporting in:
[...] Mr. Biden spent the day at home in Delaware, and by late Friday, associates said he expected to be picked. The long-time senator, who ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination both this year and in 1988, was seen by many Democrats as an experienced Washington hand who could provide foreign-policy background to counter Mr. Obama's relative inexperience. Republicans are expected to hammer at his long record and note Mr. Biden's own criticisms about the nominee. [...]

Joe's first words upon being selected: Huff and Puff
"I feel as if I am walking with destiny, and that all my past life has been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial...

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and suffering."
Yeah. Especially since once again you are on a losing ticket. Talk Left ain't happy because Biden has been super-critical of the far-left moonbats in the past. Atlas Shrugs ain't happy either but for a different reason. [...] The man is the poster boy for verbal diarrhea. [END]

I almost snotted myself when I read that one. Talk Left again on McCain's response to the selection: "CNN just read a statement from John McCain. Completely predictable. He points out that Joe Biden said Barack Obama is not qualified to be President. I guess we can expect that video to be replayed ad nauseum." ROFLMAO! You betcha!! Does anyone hear a toilet flushing any where? Isn't Joe Biden too old? Here is the whole quote the libtards don't like from McCain:
The McCain campaign was quick to ridicule Barack Obama's choice of Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden for a running mate. "There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama's lack of experience than Joe Biden," said McCain spokesman, Ben Porritt. "Biden has denounced Barack Obama's poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing - that Barack Obama is not ready to be president."
More melt downs or praises can be found at Memeorandum... PJM here and here ...

Hillary responds (actually sinks Czarbie further): it is called false bravado
In naming my colleague and friend Senator Joe Biden to be the Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Obama has continued in the best traditions for the Vice Presidency by selecting an exceptionally strong, experienced leader and devoted public servant. Senator Biden will be a purposeful and dynamic Vice President who will help Senator Obama both win the Presidency and govern this great country.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone Needs To Fact Check FactCheck...Might As Well Be Us


In a recent article on FactCheck, there is a grossly contorted attempt of brush off in regards to The Other One, Nancy Pelosi, and her involvement with T Boone Pickens. You know. The guy that says to drill everywhere including ANWR but the Libocrats seem to cherry pick that. I know. SOP. Personal and professional integrity seems to be thrown to the winds - no pun intended.

The reports from Open Secrets reveals interesting information that seems to have been overlooked. Whether that was intentional or not is up to interpretation. Did I just say that? The reports reveal that SP (the spouse) did the actual buying of the stock in the Pickens venture and the disclaimer that the purchase "amounted to a tiny fraction of the couple's assets". Talk about breezing right by the freeway turn off, clueless as to where one will wind up! The point is that "the family" more than doubled the "modest investment" in one years' time in an energy related company within a country which just so happens to be in a National Security Crisis at the moment in regards to energy. THAT is the point and there isn't anyone that can convince me that Nancy doesn't or didn't know anything about it. After all, she had to fill in the reports and then sign them, correct?

In the FactCheck piece which, is in dire need of fact checking, they failed to reveal that Nancy's "family" investment was offered at $12 but was purchased for a little under $4 per share. On 20 AUG 08, the stock closed at $14.67 per. That is more than doubled so that "meager" initial investment has turned into a not-so-meager capitalist profit.

Coupled with that, Proposition 10, should it pass in the California political process, that "meager" and just a drop in the bucket "tiny" investment is going to go through the ceiling and it will do so on American tax payers' dollars. This reeks of impropriety and surely there are some ethics violations there but, we are talking about Democrats here. Ethics is for someone else.

One more thing. T Boone Pickens will have to DRILL for the energy source. FYI. See the stories below for more information. We haven't even begun to dig.

And, to add insult to injury, this is the same outfit that did the "fact checking" on Czarbama's birth certificate and now there is a law suit which was filed yesterday. I am thinking about starting a new service...FactChecking FactCheckingDotOrg.org.

Check the Freedomist site for in-depth reporting on this issue.

Main Street Media Once Again Scoops "Others"


Had some Right Wing, vindictive, disgruntled, trouble making, mean clinger to Bibles and guns type brought a law suit to federal courts questioning the viability and constitutional legalities of the Barack Obama presidential aspiration campaign, the once honest and dignified media organizations would have been all over it. They would have filled the law suit full of holes and dismissed it out of hand. Such is not the case here.

A Hillary supporter has filed these charges and allegations against The One just in time to cause concern for the attendees of the DNC National Convention coming this Monday. The suit was filed on 21 AUG 08.

In our previous post here, we brought this law suit to light. Now, there are several bloggers and Main Street Media types that are wondering where everyone else is. The largest Main Street Media outlet at Newsbusters is wondering the same thing. Democrats beat the Republicans to the punch on this one. The Republicans were rumored to have had plans to file a similar law suit after the DNC Convention. No one can convince me that The Rodham had nothing to do with this. She is as vindictive a Leftinistra than any I have come across in my 40 years following politics.

The suit challenges the constitutional eligibility of The One (Obama) to seek the office of the Presidency of the United States. We all know that his COLB as presented on the Daily KOSmonoff libtardogram collection of drivel and hate speech was proven to be false and the lad that forged the document had even admitted to the forgery. Yet, The One claimed it was real and his campaign also claimed it was real. It has since been removed from the KOSmonoff site and The One's web site. Interesting. The only mention in the theoretical media is in the image above and can be found here.

America's Right broke this story and they have continuing updates as they come in. Stay tuned. Rocky roads and pitfalls lay ahead. In part, the suit alleges the following:
[...] Berg cites inconsistent accounts of Sen. Obama's birth, including reports that he was born at two separate hospitals--Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital--in Honolulu, as well a profound lack of birthing records for Stanley Ann Dunham, though simple "registry of birth" records for Barack Obama are available in a Hawaiian public records office. Should Sen. Obama truly have been born in Kenya, Berg writes, the laws on the books at the time of his birth hold that U.S. citizenship may only pass to a child born overseas to a U.S. citizen parent and non-citizen parent if the former was at least 19 years of age. Sen. Obama's mother was only 18 at the time. Therefore, because U.S. citizenship could not legally be passed on to him, Obama could not be registered as a "natural born" citizen and would therefore be ineligible to seek the presidency pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. Moreover, even if Sen. Obama could have somehow been deemed "natural born," that citizenship was lost in or around 1967 when he and his mother took up residency in Indonesia, where Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen. Berg also states that he possesses copies of Sen. Obama's registration to Fransiskus Assisi School In Jakarta, Indonesia which clearly show that he was registered under the name "Barry Soetoro" and his citizenship listed as Indonesian. [...]
As can be seen in this screen shot (image above), this is not a gag or a campaign kerfuffle. This is a serious development which may very well derail The One's aspirations to hopefull change this nation to his ideology. Seeiing that he has recently made the public statements that China and the New USSR are far better countries than this one, we can only guess as to how he intends to reshape our American Traditional way of life.

All Hillary needs to do, among other things, is to cast doubts as to Obama's eligibility and super delegates will naturally fall in her direction, thus securing that which she claims to be her inheritance as the First Female Czar of the New United Socialist States of Amerika. Either way, if Hillary walks away with the DNC Big Nod for any reason, the DNC is history for decades.

We have covered this issue not in the in-depth manner as others have but we have been following this very closely. Our posts:

Purported Obama Birth Certificate a fraud

We have others but the collection of the COLB issue can be read and studied here. Atlas Shrugs led the charge on this one so pay particular attention to her posts. Also, the Fact Checkers have been checked and found to be defective in regards to the COLB.

Hillary Launches Torpedo Spread At Czarbie


While there are many that are Wargaming the Electoral College, there are some that are finally catching on...Hillary ain't done yet. Not by a country mile. The image at Radio Patriot says it all.

I have a sneaky suspicion that The Rodham is very much behind the Czarbie birth certificate quagmire. Personally, I think he was born, or at least spawned, at the very Gates of Hell but, that is just my opinion based on my total disgust in this very evident liar and schmuck. However, there are some that are quite through with the COLB story namely Redstate, Neocon Express, LGF and STACLU. However, there is a glitch or at least a hitch in the get-along there, Skippy! HT to eeevil conservative on the JPA Live show on BTR, I went hunting and found the story she related to us at STACLU previously linked. This is a hoot!!

Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency


OK! Very interesting this is, eh?
A prominent Philadelphia attorney and Hillary Clinton supporter filed suit this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election Commission. The action seeks an injunction preventing the senator from continuing his candidacy and a court order enjoining the DNC from nominating him next week, all on grounds that Sen. Obama is constitutionally ineligible to run for and hold the office of President of the United States. [...]

[...] Even if Sen. Obama can prove his U.S. citizenship, Berg stated, citing the senator's use of a birth certificate from the state of Hawaii verified as a forgery by three independent document forensic experts, the issue of "multi-citizenship with responsibilities owed to and allegiance to other countries" remains on the table. [...]
OOPS! From Texas Darlin':
I have just received word that a lawsuit will be filed today in Federal Court challenging Barack Obama's qualifications to be President.

I am told that ALL MEDIA should report to the U.S. District Courthouse in Philadelphia in approximately one hour.
US District Court, Eastern District of PA
601 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1797
Ph: 215-597-7704
It is currently 3:30 PM EST.
UPDATE: The motion will be for an emergency temporary restraining order prohibiting Obama from running for president, and enjoining the DNC from nominating Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate.
Czarbie is a shoe-in for the DNC Big Nod? Not so much. It is indeed getting closer and closer for me to be able to say, "I told you so". And, IF I can, I most certainly will. However, the Lame Stream Media has not reported on any of this so, one never knows where this will go. Talk about launching torpedoes!! WOW!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Odds and Ends: Posers of Blissful Unknowing


Odd title I know but...

American Power
One of the most amazing things surrounding debates over the Iraq war, and now also with Russia's invasion of Georgia, is the odd antiwar alliance between the extreme left and extreme right in American politics.

The coalition of antiwar left and right has recently been in the news with its "Strange Bedfellows" efforts seeking revenge against centrist Democrats who voted for FISA reauthorization in June. Recall, as well, a few years back Cindy Sheehan, the America-bashing antiwar activist, was found posting her attacks on alleged Bush administration warmongering at the homepage of Lew Rockwell, a widely recognized advocate of "right-wing libertarianism." [...]
Hot Air: it seems like Czarbama is ripping off logos again. And, it seems like the Death Star was seen over San Fran Nanny Land.

WSJ Online
OPEC could decide to roll over or cut crude oil production from existing levels when the group meets in early September in Vienna, Iran's OPEC governor said. [...]
Iraqi Army fills the gap for departing Georgian Soldiers and Nanna flips off the GOP and the vast majority of Americans in regards to the oil crisis, among other things. With the left-talkers in a tail-spin over the tanking Czarbama, Newsboogers gets a headache.

And since the Global Warming Myth gave way to the Climate Change Myth, the Leftinistra have invented the Oxygen Depletion Myth. I would just like to know if these people actually blink when they lie. I do know that they alienate folks with their stupidity.

Apparently, the derailing of Czarbama is in full swing while his worshipers commit treason in his name by violating the Logan Act. It seems as though that The One Czarbama wants the impossible before he takes office as if he is actually going to make it there.

While Real Patriots school the National Barack Channel in the ins and outs of Patriotism, Loser Soros gets spanked by the Main Street Media. Funny as in odd how that is becoming more and more the norm as opposed to the unusual. In regards to Real Patriotism which repels your basic anti-Americanist; enter Cindy Sheehan and similar ilk - want to redefine Patriotism as "progressive values". Peculiar doesn't begin to describe my bitterness over that one. I suppose it has something to do with the USA is beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt actually winning the War In Iraq and Victory is at hand. Why else would the anti-Americanists attack members of Vets For Freedom of which I am a proud member and participant.

While the anti-Americanists continue to attack our Troops, the GOP has sprouted a spine and has begun attacking anti-Americanists in drag and forcing them to see the light about the Democrat Party induced energy crisis. At the same time, reeling from an utter trouncing at Saddleback Church, The One Czarbama lashes out. In this video, The One whines and opines and it appears that he is speaking well without a teleprompter but it appears he is wearing a headset. I wonder. The hesitations are quickly followed by actual sentences. Odd that. Czarbie doesn't know this yet but the day of Saddleback, McCain became President Elect McCain. Sorry about ruining the party for some but that is just plain and cold, hard Truth. Czabama talking tough because that is as far as his toughness can go - just words and speeches - says that McCain doesn't know what he is dealing with. I almost snotted myself when I heard that idiot utter such stupidity and arrogant idiocy.

As is the usual, my old post dated 17 APR 08 seems to have vanished from the archive. The link WAS here but can still be found in part at Memeorandum here, under the heading of Marc Ambinger The Score Card in the discussion section. Fortunately, I have the original in my personal archives as I have ALL 7634 posts to date stored in several locations. A screen shot is to the left. As I thought then as I know now, it WILL be McCain in November. As the Leftinistra responded to the spanking last Saturday and took nearly 24 hours to verbalize their panic, so was the way they responded last April. Here is the partial repost, unfortunately. I was going to merely link to it but the link has vanished. The post below is the continuing what the screen capture doesn't have.
Listen to the libtards wail...
It's hard to know where to begin with this, less than an hour after you signed off from your Democratic presidential debate here in my hometown of Philadelphia, a televised train wreck that my friend and colleague Greg Mitchell has already called, quite accurately, "a shameful night for the U.S. media." It's hard because -- like many other Americans -- I am still angry at what I just witnesses, so angry that it's hard to even type accurately because my hands are shaking. Look, I know that "media criticism" -- especially when it's one journalist speaking to another -- tends to be a genteel, colleagial thing, but there's no genteel way to say this. [...]
Cry me a river. Judas priest. What you and the rest of the world is watching is the total implosion of the once great Democrat Party of the United States due to 40+ years or more of Socialist ideals and tenets tearing it apart. I laugh in scorn at the absurdity in which you folks conduct yourselves and that which you have wrought upon this nation.

Good riddance to you all and may God have mercy on you because I don't give a damn.
OH! Was I being insensitive? Too bad. Just remember always, I am an equal opportunity Snooper.

While Czarbama is busy pretending his ship isn't sinking, he apparently has missed the day McCain became the CIC and the new Leader of the Free World that Czarbama wanted to enslave. It also seems as though Czarbama is in for some nasty weather ahead and his fellow Kommisars are aligning to attack Cantor because he is a - EGADS!! - A JEW!!! And it is no wonder...Czarbama is tanking. If Czarbie could only put country first instead of Party first - as do some theoretical Republicans, RINOs, Conservatives and CINOs putting Party first - and had some more experience, he wouldn't be having the troubles he is at the moment.

Like when Czarbie attacked McCain in an ad, McCain quickly countered the idiot and now the Rezko deal has resurfaced. I seem to recall something about stones and glass houses. If Czarbie wants to play the guilt by association meme, he is so much more than defeated. He is buried.

I wonder if Czarbie and his hateful wife cry each other to sleep every night and I wonder what they say to the demons when they come at night? Surely they do since his 9-point bounce from Europe has sunk in the quagmire that is Czarbie and McCain has pulled ahead by 5 points and GWB has risen 5 points. Must suck to be them.

One thing is for sure...it REALLY sucks to be this group of spasmed dweebs. They know Hilary isn't finished either. This is just too grand and it is fairly odd for a libtard to be worried about Constitutional issues seeing that they want to get rid of it via SCOTUS opinions and legislation. I suppose we could attribute it to the McCDS.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WAR WARNING: The New USSR Has Severed Ties With NATO


Not only has the USSR threatened Poland with a nuclear attack, they have now pulled out of NATO. Here we go again and Czarbama isn't up to the task at hand. There isn't an issue that matters at this point. None. Pet peeves? Shove them. This is not a drill.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saddleback: The Refrain


Senator Barack Hussein Obamas' performance at the Saddleback Valley Communty Church Forum was exceptional on 16 AUG 08. Yes indeed. It was exceptional on many fronts but the most revealing of the exchanges between the Presidential Aspirants and Pastor Rick Warren was the way that the would-be First Czar of the United Socialist States of AmeriKKKa was thoroughly taken out behind the woodshed and ultimately spanked by that "crazy white-haired dude". Senator Obama proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not only incapable of running this nation, he may not be ready until he is a crazy white-haired dude. Even that is doubtful. The first thing he needs to work on is actually knowing just what he is talking about instead of a blithering dunce.

Those which support Senator Obama and those that now used to support Senator Obama were so stunned by the dismal performance that this poor slog had to write Parts 2 and 3 in utter la-la land in its guy, The One. The Blue Texan claims to be a "practicing Roman Catholic" and had to get drunk to live blog the event...imagine that? Either he, she or it was obviously drunk when the poor thing said that "Obama objectively did extremely well with Warren in the first hour" or, the creature has mental issues. Yep. Must have been the buzz coming on because only someone that was drunk would have stated that he did well and mentioned a "first hour". I watched it 4 times...SOBER...and I don't recall a second hour for Obama. In the third part, the Blue Drunk from Texas said, "Obama wins the night, by a big margin". Simply amazing. I wonder how the Blue Texan felt when it got sober and discovered what a complete fool it made of itself.

I suppose that if one takes into consideration that Obama handled himself well in regards to lying as the Weekly Standard pointed out, we can give him a pass on the "did well" thing because no one called him on his junk on the spot. Apparently, the McDonalds comment didn't quite go down the way Obama claimed nor did the working with McCain on ethics reform. We will call that Lie 1 and Lie 2. Such a guy this would-be First Czar Upstart, eh?

Perhaps the drunk from Texas needs to have a class in Truth with Pamela Gellar? It certainly wouldn't hurt. I really do hate to break it to the poor sot but McCain mopped the floor with Dunce Boy. To add insult to injury, Duane Lester agrees and he is no fan of McCain. That is one of the biggest differences between those of us on the Right and those on the Wrong...we give credit where credit is due and also lay into those on our side of the aisle when they "go astray". Before I MoveOn here, if the sot from Texas doesn't want to meet with Atlas Shrugs, perhaps a meeting with John Amato at Snails and Ticks could school the blinded and beguiled one. Oh. Wait. They agree. Never mind.

When Barack was talking about evil he referred to the United States more than anything and I am sure he was referring to these misguided units that have a history of emotional hysterics. It seems that they are also in favor of murdering babies and infanticide as well. Then again, I suppose we will witness an entire litany of missed opportunities for The One.
Ann Althouse notified folks today about Pastor Rick Warren's presidential forum, commenting on the format for Barack Obama and John McCain, that "if they aren't going to be on stage together, I'm not even going to watch." Althouse, being the ever-present online maven that she is, live-blogged the event anyway. It's a good thing too, because the meeting tonight at Orange County's Saddleback Church was one of the most compelling general election campaign telecasts in modern memory. [...]
I would have to agree. Why else would the Leftinistra feel compelled to bring up and invent yet another non-issue issue of McCain "cheating" when if anyone cheated, it was Obama. He admitted to it.

For further reading of Saddleback Smack Down that Obama lost badly at, please go here to study posts and articles from the Right and Wrong. For the collection of audio sound bites from the "debate" where only McCain showed up, go here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dennis Prager: Why He Isn't A Liberal


In a Townhall column dated 12 AUG 08, Dennis Prager wrote a grand piece about liberalism and what makes them not tick so good...

Besides the all too familiar rants by myself as to how I do question their viability in all things due to their mental illness; the rants by myself in regards to the fact that I do question their Patriotism, I recall a post that I made utilizing a comment/pseudo-post made on an article by Michelle Malkin many moons ago (28 MAR 07) called, The John Doe Manifesto. I called it "I Am Loyal Democrat". One of these days, I am going to write one entitled "I Am Loyal Republican"...should be fun.


I Am Loyal Democrat
I am Loyal Democrat. I will take the side of any entity that declares itself to be an enemy of the United States. I will consider any action taken by my government to be improper, and defend the position of any nation that opposes my own. I will not stand by while the concepts of freedom and liberty are allowed to infect the thoughts of repressed peoples. Rather, I will combat such efforts and convince the slaves of dictatorships that they have it better than anyone else.

I am Loyal Democrat. I will tell all Americans that they had 9/11 coming as retribution for all of our evil deeds inflicted upon members of the most peaceful religion on earth. I will work to undermine any effort to destroy the Islamic tidal wave of terror that has vowed to wash onto our beaches. I will strive to weaken our military as it attempts to carry out its mission overseas. I shall encourage total surrender to any foe that threatens us.

I am Loyal Democrat. I shall stir up domestic unrest by separating my fellow citizens into groups, and then I will encourage each group to distrust the next, and convince each that I am their one true friend. Through this magnificent deception, I will rule them all. I will convince minorities that they are inferior, and that they need my special help to succeed in life. Once I have them suspicious of others and fully demoralized, I will keep them down, and make their every gain dependent on what I decide to let them do. I shall oppress minorities worse than any avowed racist could ever hope to.

I am Loyal Democrat. I will make every effort to criticize people that achieve, to hinder those that aspire, and ridicule those that display self-worth. In spite of my lack of personal merit, I will elevate myself in the eyes of others by bringing people with actual character down. I will prey on people's envy of others' success, and I will gain undeserved power as a result. I will take from those that earn until they lose the motivation to build up mankind any longer.

I am Loyal Democrat. I will promote the tyranny of socialism, and crush the only economic system that has advanced mankind. And when we are all financially destitute and controlled by an omnipotent government, I shall laugh at the destruction I have wrought, for I truly hate mankind.

Remember me in 2008 kiddies...

Barack Admits To Cheating At Saddleback Smack Down That He Lost Anyway


Senator Obama, when asked if he was willing to create a similar plan that President Bush implemented in regards to aids, directed at the world's orphans, this is what Obama had to say:
"I cheated a little bit. I looked at this idea ahead of time and I think it is a great idea..."
Crickets from the Leftinistra...approximately 30 seconds or so up to about 48 seconds or so into the sound byte is the evidence therein.

And There You Have It


Sometimes I wonder as a poog if it was all worth it. Then again, I often wonder as a poog if it wasn't all worth it. Well, someone thinks it is all worth it. Good for them. Or, do they?

Why I Am Not A Party Hack


I don't give a tinkers' damn about The Party whether that Party is a D, R, I or erstwhile. I care about my country first and foremost, Party Hacks be damned. This isn't about getting ones' Party either into power, out of power, holding onto power or any other combination one can invent and whine about.

This DAVFW didn't do what I did for God, Flag and Country so any particular Party remained in power, ceded power to another; nor did I spill blood and have my own shed for God, Flag and Country for some idiot and whining snot-nosed twit allow through inaction, empathy, and attitudes of "woe is me" or the "look how smart I am" to fumble along giving the projection that they know better than anyone else. Such childish and arrogant wrong-headed stupidity is criminally laughable. Alas...we have moonbats on both sides of the aisle.

However, for the most part, the vast majority of moonbats dwell among the Living Dead within the Leftinistra Party which consists of those members that espouse the ideals which cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution. Say what you will but Senator John McCain absolutely buried Senator Obama the other night at the Saddleback non-Debate Debate. He buried him so completely that the Leftosphere went silent for nearly 24 hours while the handlers met and developed a Spin Plan.

I watched the entire exchange from start to finish four times. For those that have merely seen You Tube clips and have read others' thoughts and impressions to conclude one way or another, I shun your input. Find out for yourself. Do your own research and if you write about it, offer up links supporting or in polar opposite of your views and/or conclusion. I do that in almost every post I write.

I have been "slow in posting" because I have undertaken a project and aired some of that project in the afternoon ATW BTR show via the TOCB outlet. In a short few hours, I will air Part 2 of that project. The project? I recorded the entire Saddleback meeting including the Talking Bobble Brain commentary, took notes and listened intently. Unfairly to most, I utilized my "special skills" to hear what wasn't being said as opposed to what was being said and observed the body language...that is why I watched it four times. And you? Just once? None? Already have a pre-manufactured and contrived outlook? Sucks to be you "my friends"...sucks to be you.

I have placed each question posed to each Aspirant in the form of audio clips. In each clip, each candidate can be heard being asked the question with each candidates' response back-to-back in the same clip. You won't have to click on one and then click to another. Just click on one clip and you will hear both men responding. For those interested in seeing half-clips of pet-peeved subjects, these audio clips are not for you because they will invariably eviscerate your unwarranted conclusions. For those that want to view the videos which give a reasonable chance to see for yourselves, visit this You Tube site.

The Word Document Transcript of the Saddleback Smack Down can be found at Rick Warren News. Other relevant data can be found at Free Republic.

To hear back to back answers to questions, click the following if the topic interests you: to be fair, Senator Obama gets asked each question first and then Senator McCain...just like the interview took place. The last two clips are the questions specifically asked of one and not the other, thus giving the "they were asked the same questions" meme a toss to the sewer because that is a lie...they weren't.

When does a baby get human rights
Does evil exist and what do we do about it
On Faith-Based organizations
On the most gut-wrenching decisions
On judges
Defining marriage
Teacher Merit Pay
On personal and national moral failures
On Orphans
Party Loyalties
Religious Persecution
On Stem Cells
On Taxes
What they thought about being in a church getting asked questions
What it means trusting in Christ
Views once held but no longer
Why they want to be POTUS
Who they consider to be wise
What is worth dying for and to commit US Troops to
The question posed only to Barack: on human trafficking
The only question posed to John : on privacy-security collisions

I have pretty much waited to "see" what others have said about the utter "behind the woodshed" results before posting this link: Saddleback by Snooper This is where I have collected and will continue to collect relevant data in the coming weeks. Hopefully, when Czarbama licks his wounds from the McCain Thrashing, Czarbama will at least try and make an appearance at a real debate. That should be a hoot!

The Leftinistra have started to claim that McCain "cheated" and they make no mention whatsoever to Czarbama's comment that "he looked into this issue before coming" and thinks it is a GREAT idea. When you listen to the clips linked above, you will discover the "issue" he refers to. Did he know the question before hand? Poor Leftinistra. They got spanked and smacked down. Enjoy the reading in "Saddleback by Snooper".

Sucks to be them. Or not.

Be sure to tune into the afternoon show for continuing coverage of the Saddleback Smack Down. It will start at 1300 hours CST.

A Pathetic Whiner At Newsflubbers


Too "rich" actually and "Rather" odd that a proponent of Czarbamas' Civilian National Security Force should opine and lie about the alleged United Police State of America. Then again, they are libtards so I really shouldn't expect much differently. It seems like they are upset with streamlining intelligence gathering. Imagine that. I suppose they are in fear of being "found out"? Might have something to do with poogs.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to resign


Bummer...Shazbot...this is going to get interesting. Could it be that Czarbama is in cahoots with his friends of the Taliban so he can invade Pakistan? Just curious, seeing how not too laong ago he said we need to bomb an ally and that didn't go over very well, did it?

Gateway Pundit now reporting and has video: "Musharraf says some people were putting self interest in front of the country and this has forced him to resign." ...

Sounds like they have American liberals over there, too!

PD.com also has a vantage point and video... TAB ... NewsGoobers ... DMN ... PJM ...

JW: "Whether I win or lose, the nation will lose," ...

Yep. Democrats so love to lose! It makes them happier because they are so dismally pathetic.

Babbling soon to begin at Memeorandum...

Conservative Tsunami Rising: #dontgo Movement


Yes, "my friends", I did coin that phrase and I am very proud of it. Even better than that, I see it actually happening and taking place. Sucks to be at the wrong end of it though, because we engineered it to take no prisoners and to wash the leftinistra into that great Abyss of Obscurity - the other phrase I have coined. I suppose I can coin another phrase - Global Conservative Tsunami Jihad. But, it just doesn't flow, no pun intended.

I have been named and have accepted the appointment to the #dontgo Infonet organization. I will be one of 5 National Coordinators for the National Information Committee. My area of responsibility will be in the Southwest which consists of NV, AZ, NM, TX, OK, KS, NE, UT, LA and AR. If you are in one of these States, drop me an email which can be found in the left-hand side bar under "Snooper". If you are a moonbat, you will be dealt with harshly and accordingly. Nothing new there but the disclaimer needed to be stated nonetheless.

And, yes, we do have Nanna to thank for this and if you have any doubts that the Leftinistra are once again on the wrong side of yet another issue, please visit my collection of left, right and otherwise writings on the subject here, here, and here.

The Big Boss has stated that today will begin a new era and the #dontgo will be heavily advertising the Movement and the various committees. Hold on tight folks. The Tsunami is going to be fast and vicious.

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