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Monday, October 22, 2007

Notice To anti-Americanists And Soros Hinder Parts Kissers

This was a front page story in yesterday's Los Angeles Times about the potential electoral trouble that Rep. Walter Jones is now in because of his joining forces with Dennis Kucinich and MoveOn.org on the Iraq War. Looks like McLaughlin (his primary opponent) is continuing to run a good campaign.

The notice is this:

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! The Silent Majority is no longer silent and we outnumber you 200 to 1. All we hear from your genre of fools is that the GOP is falling apart and more and more Republican seats in the House of Ill Repute, aka CONgress are up for grabs. You are correct and here is why.

We give absolutely NO quarter to cowards, flakes, wimps, fools, socialists, communists, hate America groups, blame America first groups and any other deranged and moronic doltish cad groups such as any number of moonbat groups you claim to uphold.

We are sick and tired of your kind and in case you haven't noticed, your momentum has been squashed time and time again. Every time you meet to whine and regurgitate your filth, we outnumber you by wide margins. You cannot spin your way any longer. We are on to you and your moppets in DC and your individual states.

Your days are numbered and we are coming after you. Count on it. Get used to it. No one listens to your crap any longer.

Case in point:

The GOP activists dining on fried fish were cheering Joe McLaughlin, a county commissioner and retired Army major who has launched a hard-charging bid to dispatch Jones in next year's primary by highlighting Jones' votes against the war.

"His is a message of despair, a message of defeat," McLaughlin told the appreciative crowd as he derided Jones, accusing him of abandoning the troops, President Bush, even talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

Jones, who has never had a primary challenge but is being abandoned by GOP officials across his district, is not alone.

Across the country, other Republican lawmakers who have broken with over the war are under fire from party loyalists.


There is some spin here that has been duly noted, seeing that a Leftinistra run news outlet has started to whine...again. They call us Party Loyalists. Fine. If that is what you wish to call us, go for it. That lie is yours and yours alone.

The message is this. We are sick and tired of pandering and catering to the defeatists that want to give this country away. We are sick and tired of having Representatives of "We The People" NOT representing "We The People" but representing "Us The Politicians". We The people dictate to CONgress that which WE want, not the other way around.

In case you haven't noticed, the career politicians are being bracketed, targeted and we are firing for affect and, it is indeed working.

This country has been attacked and war has been declared on us, not the other way around. As for the illegal war charge, if that was indeed the case, heads would have rolled by now and that is clearly NOT the case, in case you haven't noticed.

Pay attention to this one, fools:

The revolt could cost Jones and a handful of other members of Congress their seats next year. It also helps explain why the stalled Democratic legislative campaign to end the war is unlikely to revive any time soon.


Did you hear that loud and clear? Good. now, STFD and STFU.

Here is another case of the whining spin tactic that no longer works yet is transmitted as if it is true:

"Republicans have to be cognizant of where their base is," said pollster Bob Wickers, whose company has worked with Republican candidates in a dozen states in recent years.

While most Americans want U.S. troops out of Iraq, Republicans remain solidly behind the president and the war. A recent CBS News survey found 58% of Republicans approve of the way Bush is handling the war, compared with just 5% of Democrats and 20% of independents.


Whereas a part of the above is true, the Soros sucking spin machines leave out a very critical part and piece of the puzzle. We, including myself, do indeed want our troops out but herein is the major part of the AWOL pieces...we want them out as soon as they WIN THE WAR! The troops in place want to WIN THE WAR, despite the ignorant rants of the losers of Vets Against The War, and other such anti-Americanist groups, most of which are liars, cheaters and political aspirants and receive fundings from KNOWN socialist craving entities.

Read the rest of that oozing drivel full of infectious slobber from a whining "journalist" repeating the plethora of the loser mentality ways and means.

Our message is clear and the Leftinistra hate it. They have been on the wrong side of this war issue from the onset, due to political aspirations, the troops and national security be damned.

AQ is on the run and they are nervous and scared. And, they should be. Their friends here in our political arena are unable to wrangle defeat from the jaws of victory for them and they have lost their momentum as well. They are on their own, much like our own home-grown loons on the left.

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