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Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Leftinistra are being held to the fire in regards to House Rules and the idgit Stark from Leftifornia is angwy about it. Too damn bad!!

Anyway, Michelle and Captain Ed and Wake Up America are live blogging the event.

Captain Ed has the Stark Implosion Video up.

The Weekly Standard has a piece up.

Voting on the override now (12 minutes and counting remaining) and it looks like the override it will fall short by 15 votes. GWB needs 144 votes to sustain the veto. It is up to 119 now.

1211 and time is up...273 Yay, 156 Nay.

The veto stands.

Another anti-American assault defeated.

Catch the wave

let the whining begin
and the whiners soil themselves with stupidity
the Caliphate News Network whines in
the NYSlimes has a tizzy

[UPDATE!!#1] Swiped from Michelle Malkin for posterity. Rep Starks is a far left moonbat fruit loop brigade member. Check this out!

Like I said earlier today, the far Left fringe is the Democrat center.

Good God Almighty. No wonder the Leftinistra are so AFU!!! Soros has them by the short hairs.

Flopping Aces has a running update...

[UPDATE #2]...I wrote a letter to Fool Stark

My letter to the fool...

To: Congressman Pete Stark

Message Subject: Your immediate resignation.

I would call you "Sir" or "Honorable Congressman" but, you deserve neither.

I watched your pathetic and childish tirade yesterday on CSPAN2 and I find your actions and verbiage unbecoming to a representative of whale dung, let alone We The people.

Thank God above you do not represent me. However, you yammer as if you do.

I am one of those "get my head blown off" guys you insulted yesterday, as if you care.

I saw your verbiage at the Daily Socialist and anti-Americanist site at the KOSKids site also. Well done, fool.

If there rises a grassroots effort to remove you from office, I will join in the effort and hereby know this...we will be blogging you and now we will be following you very closely.

You, are an international embarrassment.

I am ashamed for my country because of the likes of you.


You are not a representative. You ARE a mis-representative.

I hope you can sleep well at night and I do wonder what you tell the demons when they come.

If you care to write the fool, you can do so here:

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