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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barack On ACORN: ACORN Is The Victim Here


When I first heard this story on BTR today, I about wasted a perfectly good mouthful of coffee. Barack has got caught with his mitts and mug all over ACORN and the only was he can get out of it is play the victim card.
Sen. Barack Obama distanced himself from the voter registration group ACORN but also downplayed the fraud controversy that has embroiled the organization in recent days. [...]

[...] Taking a break from debate preparations, Obama told reporters during a brief press conference this afternoon, "My relationship to ACORN is pretty straightforward. It's probably 13 years ago when I was still practicing law, I represented ACORN and my partner in that representation was the U.S. Justice Department in having Illinois implement what was called the "motor voter" law, to make sure that people could go to DMVs and driver's license facilities to get registered. It wasn't being implemented. That was my relationship, and is my relationship to ACORN."

He said he had further interactions with the group through its Chicago office, in his capacity as a local elected official. "But they are not advising our campaign," Obama asserted. "We've got the best voter registration and turnout and volunteer operation in politics right now and we don't need ACORN's help." [...]
That's sort of throwing ACORN under the bus...sort of. However, his statement can be shown to be what it is...a blatant lie. His Campaign has recently funneled $800,000+ to ACORN for the Get Out The Vote boondoggle.
[...] "Having run a voter registration drive, I know how problems arise," Obama said, referring to work he did years ago in Illinois. "This is typically a situation where ACORN probably paid people to get registrations and these folks, not wanting to actually register people because that's actually hard work, just went into a phone book or made up names and submitted false registrations to get paid. So there's been fraud perpetrated probably on ACORN if they paid these individuals and they actually didn't do registrations." [...]
And there it is. ACORN is now a victim of fraud when earlier today, ACORN hooligans were on the news circuits claiming that there was no fraud and all they were doing was registering people to vote and because they have not voted yet, there has been no crimes committed. Talk about the epitome of retarded. DAMN.

And this is one of the reasons why the polls are totally and completely inaccurate, not they they have a history of being accurate in the first place. ACORN and the DNC have been bragging for months now in regards to the number of "new Democrat" voters are now in the playing field. I wouldn't doubt if there were groups trained in responding to pollsters. We already know that some pollsters are using intimidation tactics with the most recent one being in Lufkin, Texas that I know of.

This next segment is loaded with BS...
[...] "So this is another one of these distractions that gets stirred up in the course of a campaign," Obama concluded. "But what I want to make sure of is that this is not used as an excuse for the kind of voter suppression strategies and tactics that we've seen in the past. Let's just make sure everybody is voting, everybody's registered. Let's make sure that everybody's doing it in a lawful way." [END]
Did you catch it? If not: "But what I want to make sure of is that this is not used as an excuse for the kind of voter suppression strategies and tactics that we've seen in the past." What "voter suppression", numb nuts? Typical liberal crap. Make a statement with absolutely ZERO substantiation so the gullible and stupid will listen in awe and swallow every bit of Czarbie's crap that he can get them to.

Barack Hussein Obama - Czarbie - First Czar - Fraud - Terrorist Sympathizer - Marxist - Socialist - Enemy Within - Clear and Present Danger...all the same.

Jake Tapper has more of Czarbie's lies here...

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