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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marc Ambinder: How The Educated Can Be Compromised


Poor Marc. I thought that such a man as he would know better than to use SNOPES of all places for confirmation of anything. SNOPES is almost as bad a Wikipedia. Good grief. Looks like I won't be trusting anything he has to say about anything for quite some time. SNOPES? Marc has swallowed the Kool Aid of SNOPES as PROOF that Obama is a natural born citizen.


Good grief. Charlie Brown has more sense than that.

This is merely one more example in a long line of examples how media types can be cowed by threat of journalistic license. Denying the facts at hand, Marc, doesn't make the denials factual. Get a clue.

From Radio Patriot's place:
"I don't think it's about pay-offs to this or that power-that be that accounts for the media blackout. This could never explain the article in the Wall St. Journal by the staunchly dependable conservative James Taranto, who scoffed at the birth certificate issue. Or why Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Ingraham and all the others, including Hugh Hewitt, have avoided this issue. Or why conservative radio icons Al Rantel and Tammy Bruce have so quickly done an about-face, even screeching and threatening their call-in audience never to mention the birth-certificate issue. In fact Bruce seemed to experience a personality alteration by declaring loudly and angrily that if any bloggers on her site posted any material whatsoever that alluded to Obama's birth certificate, they would be permanently banned from TammyBruce.com.

"To me, it's reminiscent of the `German thing' - where ordinary, proud, conservative, responsible Germans suddenly realized that their livelihoods and perhaps their lives depended upon supporting a powerful `new order.' It was none other than Josef Goebbels who said that the way to take over a country by a relatively minute cabal of fascists was to gain control of two entities: the media and the armed forces. That's why we heard Obama promise to establish a national police force that was just as strong and well- funded and powerful as the U.S. military. He and his cabal know that they can't turn the U.S. military, so they're going to try to set up their own Gestapo.

"I suspect," she continued, "that a memo went out en masse to the media from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) not to mention the birth certificate subject under penalty of losing their licenses to broadcast. Now we have practically a national shutdown of the media, and the only entity that would have had the power to bring this about is the FCC - and not a Saudi who owns six percent of Fox News! For the entire airwaves, in unison, to suddenly take the position that Obama's birth certificate is out of bounds means that they've been ordered not to discuss it.

"Think about it...every single one of the major radio hosts rebuked callers at the same time - and on the same day in most cases! My guess is that big guns from ACORN and also from the Nation of Islam have gotten to the FCC and have told them in no uncertain terms that if Obama is blocked from becoming POTUS, there will be hell to pay all over America. And obviously these threats were deemed credible enough by those making the decisions at the FCC that they have succeeded. This is nothing less than a political coup d'├ętat! Unless, that is, the Justices of the Supreme Court and the Electors of the Electoral College still take seriously their oaths to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution."
Dear Marc...one would think that an aspiring Presidential Aspirant would PERSONALLY put this issue to bed and not rely on SNOPES that has claimed to "see the birth certificate" that a Judge in Hawaii has sealed under Court Order. Idiot.



Sadly, Marc has been compromised and has gone the way of ODS as has Dan as has David Horowitz as has Ed Morrissey as has Frank James. Do you see the common denominator yet? More syncophantic insanity at Memeorandum...I can only surmise that our Constitution no longer matters. More silligisms here...Marc's "thing" here at Memeorandum...AFRO News at Memeorandum here...

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