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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Accomplishments of Senator Obama


This JUST in. There is a GREAT book explaining in GREAT detail all of Barack Hussein Obama's accomplishments.

Every dollar collected will be put to a GREATER cause than even Barack The Merciful.

Please help America grow in worldly stature and increase our respect across the Globe.

Thank you.

Seven Long and Safe Years


Whatever it is that has a burr under the saddle of The One, Uber Messiah Barack sure is barking up the left - wrong - tree. Those 8 years of the failed Bush foreign policies sure have kept us safe from terrorist attacks right back here at home. And thank God for it. I would hate to think about what would have happened if President Bush did lose his battles with the likes of Obama and the rest of the anti-Americanist crowds so rampantly pathetic in their zeal to lose this war.

And those failed Iraqi politicians sure have done more since The Troop Surge than our own failed and internationally embarrassed CONgress has gotten done under the DNC controlled House and Senate. And speaking of the Iraqi Benchmarks written by a defective CONgress, DNC led, designed to fail to justify their anti-Americanist slant, The Troops went ahead and made room in time long enough for the Iraqi Government to go ahead and get 15 and quite possibly 16 of the 18 Benchmarks accomplished. One will never come to pass and others are either done or close.

Some failed policy the Troop Surge. It has success written all over it thanks to the leadership of President Bush - the guy the Leftinistra consider to be the worse President in known history and the dumbest guy on the planet.

H.R. 2206, the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007, stipulates that the US strategy in Iraq will be determined by the Iraqi Government's ability to meet specified benchmarks (Title I(Chapter 3(Sec 1314 (b)))), among other things...check the link to see what else makes the Iraqi Government "successful". I had no idea that American minimum wage was a factor. In Section 1314, we find the Benchmarks listed thusly: (NOTE: completed with be in BLUE, no chance of happening in RED and in process in GREEN.)
(i) Forming a Constitutional Review Committee and then completing the constitutional review.

(ii) Enacting and implementing legislation on de-Baathification.

(iii) Enacting and implementing legislation to ensure the equitable distribution of hydrocarbon resources of the people of Iraq without regard to the sect or ethnicity of recipients, and enacting and implementing legislation to ensure that the energy resources of Iraq benefit Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, Kurds, and other Iraqi citizens in an equitable manner.

(iv) Enacting and implementing legislation on procedures to form semi-autonomous regions.

(v) Enacting and implementing legislation establishing an Independent High Electoral Commission, provincial elections law, provincial council authorities, and a date for provincial elections.

(vi) Enacting and implementing legislation addressing amnesty.

(vii) Enacting and implementing legislation establishing a strong militia disarmament program to ensure that such security forces are accountable only to the central government and loyal to the Constitution of Iraq.

(viii) Establishing supporting political, media, economic, and services committees in support of the Baghdad Security Plan.

(ix) Providing three trained and ready Iraqi brigades to support Baghdad operations.

(x) Providing Iraqi commanders with all authorities to execute this plan and to make tactical and operational decisions, in consultation with U.S commanders, without political intervention, to include the authority to pursue all extremists, including Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias.

(xi) Ensuring that the Iraqi Security Forces are providing even handed enforcement of the law.

(xii) Ensuring that, according to President Bush, Prime Minister Maliki said `the Baghdad security plan will not provide a safe haven for any outlaws, regardless of [their] sectarian or political affiliation'.

(xiii) Reducing the level of sectarian violence in Iraq and eliminating militia control of local security.

(xiv) Establishing all of the planned joint security stations in neighborhoods across Baghdad.

(xv) Increasing the number of Iraqi security forces units capable of operating independently.

(xvi) Ensuring that the rights of minority political parties in the Iraqi legislature are protected.

(xvii) Allocating and spending $10 billion in Iraqi revenues for reconstruction projects, including delivery of essential services, on an equitable basis.

(xviii) Ensuring that Iraq's political authorities are not undermining or making false accusations against members of the Iraqi Security Forces.
There are several of these Benchmarks that even the American People would laugh at and I sometimes wonder what is in the water in DC. Let us take a look at the items in blue that were accomplished in spite of their design to fail. Don't tell The Troops they were supposed to fail.

(xvi) this one must have made some folks laugh when they wrote it and more than likely, the Iraqis were questioning the mental stability of American CONgress Critters. The Troop Surge was to make it possible that the rights of the minority political parties in the Iraqi Legislature were protected. Simply amazing and darn near impossible but, our Troops got it done. This one was sure to be impossible and that is why it was written.

(xviii) this one made me almost soil myself with laughter when I first read this many moons ago. It was written intentionally to fail...Ensuring that Iraq's political authorities are not undermining or making false accusations against members of the Iraqi Security Forces. Not even our own CONgress can comply with this. Just ask Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Jack Murtha, Barack Obama and many others. Remember Haditha? Remember "the war is lost"? Please. However, our Troops made it possible for this to take place and now perhaps you will understand why our Troops are so disappointed with our politicians and fellow citizens. Yet, they continued on and succeeded.

(iv) this one will never come to pass because the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government had stated so. This one was written for the American politicians that wanted to split Iraq up into three autonomous regions with Baghdad the central government. This would be similar to chopping the USA up into sections and the central government located in Billings, Montana or something similar. The American People would reject that and so did the Iraqi people. End of that discussion.

(xii) this one is laughable seeing that in the USA we have sanctuary cities yet, the Troops made it possible for this to take place.

The others are still in process with two nearing completion and one in trouble for pretty close to the same reason stated for (iv).

With all of the rhetoric flowing from gaping mouths in DC, I find it absolutely exciting that the Iraqi government has done more in two years than the American DNC led CONgress has been able to do. In 2007 alone, the DNC led CONgress has tried to lose the War In Iraq 41 times. 41! And what the DNCers consider to be the singularly most inane man in the known universe beat them at every step and every corner. If I was a member of the 9% CONgress, I would be bowing my head in shame and slink off into a corner. After a while, I would come out and beg the American People for forgiveness for being so wrong. Then again...

In the end, the score card for President Bush in regards to Victory in Iraq is Bush-41, DNC-0.

With Barack Obama having played his hand way too early and picking a DC insider such as Biden, thus negating the "Change" meme, the McCain-Palin Ticket is rocketing passed the DNC Ticket and thank God for that as well.

Note to Barack: Americans are sick and tired of hearing how "suck" the USA is and if you don't like the way America is, why not relocate to where you would feel more at home in a socialist environment you so yearn for...we don't want that here. See you in November. I hope you enjoy that Abyss of Obscurity.

We have been beneficiaries of a Secure Homeland for Seven Years, Barack. What have you accomplished?

Vote it up at Digital Journal...thanks

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Not So Reverend Wright - Sex Scandal - Imagine That


Catch this earthquake at Memeorandum

Apparently, the Not So Reverend Wright has the Bill Cigar Bot Clinton Disease. It seems the Democrat Preacher can't keep his trousers zipped up either and has managed to destroy some lives down here in Dallas, TX. Unbelievable.
He almost wrecked Barack Obama's presidential dreams, and now firebrand pastor Jeremiah Wright has helped destroy a Dallas church worker's marriage - and her job, The Post has learned.

Elizabeth Payne, 37, said she had a steamy sexual affair with the controversial, racially divisive man of the cloth while she was an executive assistant at a church headed by a popular Wright protégé. [...]

On Those Iraqi Benchmarks


In a speech today made by The One soon to be The Lonely One, he vainly and uselessly tried to counter President Bush's speech announcing Troop draw down in Iraq.

So, here is what I have to say about that by reposting several previous posts showing that Czarbie is a total fool and is clearly unfit to be a Senator, let alone the President of the United States.

Post 1 from ANO: (from 4/2008)

For the record, the Iraqi Government has performed magnificently when compared to our very own CONgress. I researched a little and found that our CONgress passed the minimum wage waste of time that will do more damage in the long run and they changed the name of some Post Offices. They also emboldened the enemy and they enabled our own anarchists ands other anti-Americanist groups within our own borders. That isn't anything to be proud of, is it?

John Boehner has a great post up today:
While Democrats Ignore Progress, Iraqis Continue to Meet Benchmarks - Latest Dem Defeatist Rhetoric on Iraq Disproved As "Oudated and Invalid" by New Analysis of Iraqi Political Gains
I find that amazing that the Iraqis have accomplished more since the Troop Surge has paved the way than our CONgress has done in 2 years. Don't you think that is an amazing thing? Under the threats of death via whatever means is available to the terrorists in Iraq, they still made progress on the political front.
As General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker prepare to testify before Congress next week, yet another Democratic talking point is becoming more untenable by the day. As security on the ground in Iraq continues to improve, Democrats have predictably fallen back on their next line of defense: that the surge has failed because the Iraqis have not taken advantage of the "breathing room" created by the success of American and Iraqi troops in order to move forward with necessary political reconciliation. But that talking point has been discredited as both "outdated and invalid," according to a new analysis by Fred Kagan, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute:
"As the tally ... shows, the Government of Iraq has now met 12 out of the original 18 benchmarks set for it, including four out of the six key legislative benchmarks. It has made substantial progress on five more, and only one remains truly stalled. One can argue about the scoring of this or that benchmark, but the overall picture is very clear: before the surge began, the Iraqi Government had accomplished none of the benchmarks and was on the way to accomplishing very few. As the surge winds down, it has accomplished around two-thirds of them and is moving ahead on almost all of the remainder. To say in the face of these facts that Iraq has made 'little' or 'no' political progress is simply false-to-fact."
Go read the rest because it is a data bank of information the Leftinistra will not acknowledge.

Our dishonorable democrat leadership should hang their heads in shame for playing political football with our Troops and what they have accomplished for the Iraqi People.

Our friends at Flopping Aces writes: Iraq's Unheralded Political Progress
STACLU writes: Don't Tell Harry Reid, New Report Shows Progress in Iraq
Pirate's Cove: Spittle On The Monitor: Iraq Security Improves

Post 2 from 12/2007:

Wait a minute. I could have sworn the war was lost because the political solution didn't come first. Now that the Surge has worked and troops have started to come home, a sure-sign of success, the political solution is now being stressed...again.

I wish these folks would make up my mind. No matter. We always knew the Surge had to work before the political solution could even be attempted.

Post 3 from 7/12/07 (GWB speech on Benchmarks - 8 had been accomplished POST Surge)

The strategy that General Petraeus and the troops he commands are now carrying out is the best opportunity to bring us to this point. So I ask Congress to provide them with the time and resources they need. The men and women of the United States military have made enormous sacrifices in Iraq. They have achieved great things, and the best way to begin bringing them home is to make sure our new strategy succeeds.

Benchmark Assessment Report
Benchmark Report
Iraq Strategy Review

Czarbie is a liar, just so you'll know.

The Secret Killing Key


Oh good Lord!
The dramatic drop in violence in Iraq is due in large part to a secret program the U.S. military has used to kill terrorists, according to a new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward.

The program -- which Woodward compares to the World War II era Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb -- must remain secret for now or it would "get people killed," Woodward said Monday on CNN's Larry King Live.

"It is a wonderful example of American ingenuity solving a problem in war, as we often have," Woodward said.

In "The War Within: Secret White House History 2006-2008," Woodward disclosed the existence of secret operational capabilities developed by the military to locate, target and kill leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq and other insurgent leaders.

National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, in a written statement reacting to Woodward's book, acknowledged the new strategy. Yet he disputed Woodward's conclusion that the "surge" of 30,000 U.S. troops into Iraq was not the primary reason for the decline in violent attacks. [...]
Whatever these miscreants and chronic malcontents can do to play down the MASSIVE successes of The Troop Surge, disparage our Troops and make the USA look like the Big Bad Wolf, these charlatans will do.

Somebody git a rope!

The Secret Weapon must remain a secret so the idiot writes about it and gets on public TV to say it must remain a secret.

The idiot.

Looks Like Nancy Pelosi Is In Deep Lack of Communion


Recall if you will when Her Royal House Speaker stated that even the Pope had no earthly idea when human life began thus reinforcing  Obama's pay grade reach in regards to abortion.  Almost immediately, several Cardinals and Bishops stepped up and said what Nancy Pelosi stated was absolutely wrong.  Now, she is may pay even a steeper price and "heavenly rebuke".

From The Hill:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has accepted an invitation from San Francisco’s archbishop to discuss whether she should continue to receive communion at the Catholic Church in the wake of comments she made about abortion.

San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederauer requested the meeting after receiving letters and e-mails from “many Catholics” expressing dismay over Pelosi’s remarks that the question of when life begins remained controversial within the church. He said many of those writing questioned whether Pelosi should be able to receive communion. [...]

As in the minds of most Democrat Party Leaders, their history span begins the day they were born and anything before that time just doesn't compute.  When Nancy Pelosi was asked about Barack's above his pay grade statement at the Saddleback forum, she rallied to his aid and pretty much confirmed that Barack was incapable of making difficult decisions under pressure but, we really didn't need her to confirm that which the American People already knew.

I am sure that Nancy will receive some admonitions from the Archbishop right before she recites a prescribed and pre-determined quantity of recitations of Hail Mary.  If she is a good girl and confesses her sins, she just may get some absolutions and be instructed to go out and sin no more.  Don't hold your breathe.  There is no Higher Power outside of the DNC so she will merely go through the motions, get her forgiveness and then promptly revert back to her insidious ways.
[...] “Accordingly, as her pastor, I am writing to invite her into a conversation with me about these matters. It is my obligation to teach forthrightly and to shepherd caringly, and that is my intent.

“Let us pray together that the Holy Spirit will guide us all toward a more profound understanding and appreciation for human life, and toward a resolution of these differences in truth and charity and peace,” Niederauer wrote. [...]
What we are witnessing before our very eyes the crumbling of the do as I say and not as I do empire of the DNC.  30+ years of Identity Politics and DNC Double Standards has been their undoing.  The American People have become grossly tiresome of the DNC and its leadership withy their usurpation of the various governmental authorities and used them to their own greedy motives.  And now, they have tried to dictate to the Catholic Church and this too has finally backfired.

It could not have happened to a worse gaggle of goblins.