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Friday, November 14, 2008

Change That We Can Win With.

As the aftershocks of the election begin to fade, now is the time to calmly sift through the issues that concern Americans and offer conservative solutions to them. You'll notice I didn't say 'Republican' solutions. Conservatism, the political philosophy that prioritizes individual liberty within a society that respects law and tradition is a winning approach when it is taught. A country that submits to the seductions of the left won't be receptive to conservatism regardless of how eloquent we are. We have to live, teach and govern with these principles foremost everyday. Conservatism in action. That's why I think that the Republican Party's future lies in its governors. Fashioning a strategy that will begin the long road back to relevance is our most important job now.

There are many voices vying for influence as Republicans ponder over the wreckage. This morning moderate Republicans Christine Todd Whitman and Robert Bostock have written a column claiming that the party has been "taken hostage" by social fundamentalists, and so we've lost forever the American 'middle.' Their solution is to abandon social conservatism as a hopeless cause and fall in line with the leftward devolution the country voted for. Not only is this line of thinking wrong - it's irresponsible. Political power shifts between the ideological poles as the nation endures new challenges. Ten years ago we were talking about the Republicans running the country for a generation or more, but a caving economy, an unpopular president and a wayward party have undermined all of our grand plans. To blame our failure on social conservatives is shortsighted and reactionary, and abandoning traditional mores for the fickle notions of 'progress' would be like abandoning the gates guarding civilization from humanity's unrestrained urges and appetites. Conservatism is the ego to society's id. We retreat at our own peril.

We must not over-react to the political fortunes suffered now - it must only serve to focus our minds on what must be done. Here is a list of what voters considered most compelling in this 2008 election, as polled by Rasmussen:

  • Economy
  • Ethics & corruption
  • National security
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Taxes
  • Iraq
  • Social Security
  • Abortion
  • Immigration
All of these issues have a social component to them that favors conservatives, and I'm hoping we can start the conversation here on Snooper's site about how we regain the trust of voters on each one. I'd like to focus on immigration first because the demographic trends demand we quickly address it differently than we have thus far.

Our economy, the most dynamic in the world, needs immigrants. These travelers, often coming from countries where freedom is rare and opportunity rarer still, hold values that reflect a passion for American ideals that many of our own citizens take for granted. The Koreans that open businesses, the Hispanics that work in agriculture, the Eastern Asians that come for high tech employment are assets to our economy and our culture. Republicans ought to call for increased legal immigration not only as a recognition of the value of the immigrant and the needs of our economy, but as a response to the unfair demonization by Democrats that we are racists. The Republican party is not hostile territory to new Americans, in fact, unlike Democrats we understand the power of freedom and personal initiative and support a system that fosters and rewards it. Those traditional values held by immigrants of hard work, religious devotion, pro-life and pro-family are values we have been fighting for. We have more in common with the idealistic newcomer who has left home for a country they have only dreamed about. We champion the courage and motivation that propels the best and the brightest to cross oceans and mountains to come here seeking safety and economic security. We are the party of small business, and of capitalism, and of trade and commerce with the world. We are the party of opportunity for all Americans, those here and those yet to come.

But we are a party that respects law and order, and such a stand has been used to paint us as anti-immigrant. It's actually the exact opposite - respecting immigration laws make the immigrant more valuable, the country more safe, the economy more responsive and rewarding. There is no justice in denying the legal immigrant who has followed the law while throwing open the doors to the nameless immigrant who undercuts wages and endangers our health. Secure borders protect this country and compliment the immigrant we welcome as worthy of the priviledge we have offered.

Nothing here is new, I understand. But here is where it gets controversial - those on the right who demand we shut down legal immigration must be challenged - immigrants are not the problem, in fact, they're in many ways the solutions to some of the failures and weaknesses that are undermining the traditional values America must protect in order to thrive. American culture is strong enough to absorb new immigrants and turn them into America loving patriots, and the journey is shorter to support of Republican principles than it is to Democratic seductions of paternalism and multiculturalism. If our immigrants wanted to remain Korean, they would have stayed in Korea. New immigrants are naturally conservative, and ought to be a natural fit for our party. Those that fear these new faces as a challenge to America are not defending conservatism, they are marginalizing it. There is no good reason to be insecure about America and her ideals. These ideals are sought after by like minded people who seek freedom and prosperity, which in turn makes us stronger.

The face of America is changing, but the values and ideals that make her the beacon of hope she is to billions around the world are not. This country offers a built in advantage to Republicans - we remain the only party that supports the social conservatism found throughout the immigrant community. We also recognize what makes this country so successful, and our mission must be to teach the generations that follow what has made us the greatest nation on earth: free enterprise and social conservatism.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Brainers Of The Day


HENRY: Thinning the GOP's herd
Abandonment of conservative principles was the root cause of Republican losses. Now what?

The Republican Party nationally, and in Pennsylvania, lies in tatters today. Having lost the White House to Barack Obama, suffered historic losses in congressional elections, been almost shut out in statewide races, and experienced further erosion in the state House, there is no doubt the GOP has hit rock bottom. [...] Read the rest
Now they start listening to us? Now? Isn't it just like the "smart ones" to close the barn doors right after the horses got out? I am for hire people. I have been preaching this for a minimum of 16 years. Vindication.

EDITORIAL: Campaign finance on trial, again
The Republican National Committee's decision today to file suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenging the constitutionality of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, is a clear signal that it is concerned about its ability to raise money under the current system. It is also a clear sign of the waning control both parties will have in the future over state and local politics. [...] Read the rest
I am releasing a sigh of contempt here. Once again, I have been preaching this since the McCain-Feingold quagmire. I am still for hire. This whole issue was designed to aid DNC electoral victories and to ensure GOP losses but "they" would not listen to us. Now who has the egg on face?

Ignorance runs in the family...

Luke to GOP: Go Left
Perhaps Luke Russert should consider dropping his NBC gig as youth-vote specialist and becoming a full-time Republican consultant. The son of the late Meet The Press host didn't hesitate this evening to share his advice to the GOP, which can be summarized in two words: go left. [...] read the rest
Still, I am for hire. If the GOP wants to lose bigger and bigger in the future, by all means go left. John Avlon says the GOP needs to be more Centrist. David Frum says the GOP needs to go more left. John and David need to retire and not to be heard from in GOP/RNC circles. The reason the GOP has been losing elections since 2000 is because it has gone Center to Left and their opponents have run as Conservatives. Wake up morons. And Colin Powell is an idiot. He supported Obama because the "GOP has gone to far to the Right". Earth to Colin. Earth to Colin. Mork calling Ork.


Obama Job Seeker Vetting Process
John McCain has caught quite a bit of flak for his rather cursory vetting process for his vice presidential selection. Barack Obama is going to the other extreme, requiring applicants for even low level appointments in his administration to fill out a seven page, 63 question document covering every conceivable base. [...] read the rest
WHAT? Who in the hell "vetted" Obama? The dude isn't even a US citizen for crying out loud! He hasn't released ANYTHING! No medical records. No college records. No birth certificate. Nothing. The fraud didn't even write his own damn books! KNOCK KNOCK!

Milquetoast Republican Of The Day

Obama’s Call for Community Service Is Not Marxism
Is community service synonymous with slavery? Whether that service is mandated or suggested, could it in any way be construed as enslaving citizens? This week, an acquaintance noted the “irony” that college students would be required by a black president to do community service. She then pointed out the 13th Amendment.

There were two things wrong with this statement. First, by the time she wrote it, it was already old news that Obama had backtracked on his mandatory community service requirement for students. The newer wording on the change.gov website: [...] read the rest
They "backtracked" because we were all over that like stink on crap which is EXACTLY what Michele Catalano has written...a smelly "bi-partisan" worthless POS article. People like this we do not need in the Conservative Movement. People like that are the reasons the GOP is in the position that it is. Fair Weather and Milquetoast "Conservatives" we do not need and should be whole heartedly rejected and excommunicated. Let them join the Democrats because that is what they are at heart. Just because the "wording was changed" doesn't mean the intent has changed...check out the "intent" here dip-dunk.

I am for hire.

Earth to Michele Catalano...the White House has also said that the illegal and unconstitutional bail-out isn't socialism either. Idiots.

More of this lunacy at Memeorandum...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Open Season On RINOs Has Been Announced


Ted Nugent says:

Rino Season Is Now Open
Like any entity that abandons basic quality control, political parties rot from within. It happened to the Democrats long ago, and now has become the case with the Republican Party, which has strayed from its conservative underpinnings.

There are really only four things I have a strong aversion to: unloaded guns, dull knives, banjos, and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs).

The Nugent family simply doesn't allow any of those things in our lives.

RINOs are Fedzilla punks who feign support for conservative principles only when it serves their political interest. RINOs are also known for their moderate positions such as supporting tax increases, federal “bailouts”, “comprehensive immigration reform”, advocating more counterproductive gun control that guarantee more innocent victims, opposing the death penalty, and growing and sustaining Fedzilla and all its toxic mongrels by going along with the liberals. RINOs have forgotten President Ronald Maximus Regan's admonition that government is the problem, not the solution.

RINOs reach across Fedzilla's aisle to cut deals and build consensus with the liberals. Consensus building means compromising values and cutting deals with the socialist prankster punksters whose goal it is to turn America into EuroAmerica.

Consensus building is for wimps and soulless people who stand for nothing. Compromise is not about being tolerant: these days, it’s about giving up conservative principles.

As the Republican Party begins to retool, rebuild and return to the "less government is best government" conservatism that makes America work, the first thing the GOP needs to do is to lock the RINOs out of the discussion. Heavily armed with an abundance of conservative attitude, my hunting buddies and I will provide security to ensure RINOs are kept downwind from the discussion. If allowed to participate, RINOs will continue to rot the Republican Party from within and diminish it in the eyes of the public. Enough is enough. [...] read the rest
Click the link and read the remaining article but pay particularly close attention to the comments. And while you are at it, take a look at this video from Augustus.

Protein Wisdom sums things up fairly nicely folks: “Reviving Conservatism”
From Ramesh Ponnuru, writing at the Corner:
The National Review Institute and Hillsdale College are throwing a conference devoted to that very topic in Washington a week from today. Confirmed speakers include Rich Lowry, Heather MacDonald, David Brooks, Andrew McCarthy, Frederick Kagan, and Yuval Levin.
And if this somehow doesn’t work, the next step will be to dig up William Buckley and hold a seance, with John Derbyshire present to explain the otherwordly communications in term of abstruse mathematical formulas, genetic determinism, and — for reasons best left to him — the comeliness of fifteen-year-old girls with tight, shapely bumpers.

Because really, who beside such Beltway pundits whose guidance and boosterism allowed us to embrace a McCain nomination — some of whom have even referred to Sarah Palin a “cancer” on the GOP (and in so doing, conflating the conservatism with their own country club Republicanism) — are more qualified to help us “revive” conservatism?

I mean, check the credentials, people. Were David Brooks any more qualified to teach conservatives how to behave he’d have to wear a robe and speak from a fucking cloud. [...] read the rest
The first order of business is to identify just what Conservatism is in the first place. Throwing the term around doesn't magically make you one.

More at Memeorandum...

Sniveling Libtard Bloggers In Basements Wearing PJs


Ya just gotta love Sarah Palin. She doesn't suffer fools lightly. And some libtards are quite upset and asked this question: Uh, Sarah….You Sure You Want To Go There? Cracked me up. Poor wretched moonbat thing.

Uh, moron....yep she sure does and you ain't no match you pathetic moosetwit.

Turn around is fair play.


GREAT video!

Obama Lied In April of 2008 - Go Figure - HAMAS Connections


Damn. Thank God - D'OH! I mean (g)od - don't want to damage the sensitivities of those moron libtard moonbat fruit loop brigades - that Al Goreacle, the Global Warming Myth Fraud for inventing the internet that he denied and then Pelosi reaffirmed. That way, I could store a BUNCH of stuff for a rainy day via my Google Reader (the enemy camp). It just so happens that we got several inches of rain recently - like YESTERDAY - and I couldn't help but recall how John McCain was raked over the coals for making the claim that Obama was talking to HAMAS.

John McCain dropped the issue all in the name of High Road Politics and I can only surmise that he didn't want to be classified as a racist. Well, Obama is the #1 racist in the Nation today and he is also a pathological liar. I know - I am being mean-spirited because I am revealing Truth. SIGH.

Remember that headline at the Huff and Puff? I do. And I dragged it out of retirement just for this post. Oh. Darn. The libtard moonbat fruit loop brigade members will be a little tweaked about this but, that is what I like about blogging the most...driving the libtards more libtardier.

However, a little foreground before the background.

Recently, the illegal alien Marxist Obama went to the White House to speak confidentially with President Bush. Apparently, Obama doesn't respect anything in confidence. He was with President Bush alone...no aids...no aides...just a man (GWB) and a boy (BHO). Some how, the confidential chat "leaked out". I can only surmise that Barry has the inability to store data so it has this trickle down aversion and he cannot hold down a thought for very long.

First he whined about the meeting. Pat Dollard says that the "Bushes Meet Natural Born Muslim And His Husband"...not sure what that means but I thought to throw it into the mix. Then, Barry's cocaine brain sprung a leak and now GWB and the rest of the world now know that Barry cannot keep secrets or anything close in when it is understood that confidentiality does actually mean something. Makes me wonder about all these CIA Briefings and National Security Briefings the fool is getting. Nothing like telling an illegal alien with terrorist attachments State Secrets. DAMN! I mean, D.A.M.N.!
By divulging the content of his private conversation with Bush, Barack Obama has just demonstrated to world leaders that he cannot be trusted with confidential information. So much for Obama personal diplomacy as an asset, if not a cure all, for America’s pressing international problems. I cannot imagine any savvy politician ignoring the lesson or not advised by his advisers to remember it well. [...]
Barack will be a GREAT disinformation and misinformation tool in the years to come. No wonder he didn't conduct any committee meetings. Anyway...back to HAMAS.

Reported Obama-Hamas Contacts Bode Ill
In an interview published Tuesday in the London-based Al-Hayat, Dr. Ahmad Yousef, political adviser to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, said senior Hamas figures had held a secret meeting with advisers to Barack Obama in Gaza before the U.S. elections.

Throughout his campaign Obama’s official line was that he would “only talk with Hamas if it renounces terrorism, recognizes Israel’s right to exist, and agrees to abide by past agreements.”

Yet Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal responded to Obama’s win on an optimistic note, telling Australia’s Sky News on Saturday that his organization was “ready for dialogue with President Obama and with the new American administration with an open mind.”

On Saturday night, though, Obama’s senior foreign policy coordinator Denis McDonough seemed to hold the fort, deflecting Mashaal’s amiability by reiterating Obama’s three-part formula for making Hamas acceptable.

For those who don’t want America to have dealings with an Islamist terror organization like Hamas, that may have sounded reassuring. But now it seems it may be too soon to feel reassured.

According to Yousef in the Al-Hayat interview, the Obama-Hamas talks were already ongoing during the U.S. election campaign: “We were in contact with a number of Obama’s aides through the Internet, and later met with some of them in Gaza, but they advised us not to reveal this information as it may influence the elections or become manipulated by McCain’s campaign.” [...]
Obama Adviser Who Met With Hamas Is Back
Six months ago Obama's foreign-policy adviser, Robert Malley, resigned from the campaign. The resignation was due to Times of London reporting that Malley had been meeting privately with Hamas leaders on a regular basis - something that Obama had publicly pledged not to do.

Now it appears Malley is back [...]
Did Obama’s team meet with Hamas before the election?
Two Israeli newspapers print the claim from Hamas today that Barack Obama’s team met with the terrorist group before the elections. The Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz both report that Hamas says it met with Obama advisers in the Gaza Strip before last Tuesday’s elections, after first having made connections via the Internet: [...]
Senior Hamas Official: Obama Advisors Met Secretly With Hamas
Ahmad Yousef, political advisor to the Hamas government in Gaza, has said that advisors to U.S. president-elect Barack Obama have met secretly in Gaza with senior Hamas officials.

Source: Al-Hayat, London, November 11, 2008
Democrats and terrorists ladies and gentlemen...democrats and terrorists. Two peas in a pod with the same motivation and end game. Can't hardly tell which one is listening or talking to whom or which one is negotiating with whom or which one is dictating to whom.

To add insult to injury...

Obama Sends Man Linked With Terror Group AND George Soros to Deal With Egypt/Syria
News services in Israel are on fire with talk that Barack Obama has just sent a supporter of the terror group Hamas as his envoy to Syria and Egypt to relay news of his policies to come. Last September Israel's suspicions were heated up about "former" Obama advisor Robert Malley being sent to Syria with a George Soros funded group. It was then claimed by Egyptian sources that Malley was still working as an advance man for Obama which angered Israelis because six months earlier Malley announced that he had held "regular meetings" with Hamas. At that time, Malley's comment caused the Obama camp to hurriedly distance the candidate from any connection with Malley. But, with the election over, it seems that Obama's claims that Malley didn't really work for him are not quite true. It also seems that we already have the very first example of Obama sticking his finger in the eye of our allies in Israel. Naturally, the U.S. press is not reporting this news. [...]
Soros. Go figure but, heh...no socialism connections there by golly gee, eh?

In conjunction with the above, Czarbie the Fraud is "exploring a new approach" in the GWOT. He is going to get Iran involved. Um...they already ARE involved you moron! They are supplying troops and arms to the ENEMY you complete blithering IDIOT!

Iran is testing nukes under ground and test firing long range missiles on the border of Iraq and Czarbie the Illegal Alien Marxist wants to cozy up to Iran and "get them involved". Judas H Priest people. Maybe he just wants to get his mitts on those secrets Pakistan just found on the strengths of the Taliban and give them to Iran for exchange of no nukes ... maybe not. Maybe is it just the confirmed reason why the "agricultural plant" in Syria was hit that inspires the Czarbie to consort with our enemies and his friends.

Obama: A Clear and Present Danger

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Howard Dean Drafted for RNC Chair


Why not? He used Karl Rove's strategy and it worked while the RINOs were relegated to known failed practices. Who knows. If the price is right, maybe The Dean Screamer will do the GOP/RNC some good. Oh. Wait. That was satire. I get it now. My bad. But, does that mean that Karl Rove has been vindicated now? Just curious.

In other news...


WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LISTEN TO DAVID FRUM. HE HAS LOST HIS BLOODY MIND. The silly lad wants the GOP to move MORE to the left. Idiot.


John Avlon at PJM says GOP needs to be more centrist to win...DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT TOTAL NONSENSE!! He thinks McCain was Conservative.

Obama: It's Not Fascism When We Do It


Amazingly incredible how far the alleged "conservatives" will go to defend watered down activism all in the name of theoretically taking the theoretical "high road". We have seen how the "high road" has benefited the Conservative Movement in the last few elections since 2000. We have seen how the "holier then thou" route has gotten the GOP/RNC leadership worshiping at the various trouser openings of many of our "esteemed colleagues across the aisle", aka "our good friends". I can just see and hear them now; "MY! What do you have behind that zipper? Can I see it?"

I am sick and tired - no, wait - I am passed fed up with tolerating the very attitudes that has enabled a known Marxist to ascend to the White House with that said same Marxist having no compunction whatsoever to honor the United States Constitution. Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural-born citizen. If he was, he would have produced his VAULT copy of his United States of America OFFICIAL birth certificate. He has had at least two years to produce it and the COLB he did produce and posted was proven to be a forgery. Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible under the United States Constitution to even run for the presidency let alone BE the President.

I am sick and tired of hearing that this is a round-robin non-issue. The people that have been subverted to the point of trying to distance themselves from this issue because it is too hard or because they don't want to be called names or they don't want to be seen as one of those Black Helicopter Republicans are part of the problem and will never be part of the solution. Period. Get over yourselves. This "warning" has been loud and clear since the late 1950s and was presented to Congress in 1963. A little history digging will bear this out and the goody-goody pansies would benefit from a little homework. Most of us have already done the leg work for them. I propose the term "Cowards In Red" for this particular class of Ostrich.

I suppose it is due to my combat experience that drives me towards this particular battle. I always drew the Suck Details. I didn't know what "I give up" is nor did I understand the mind set of "we cannot do this" or the totally defeatist mantra of "it's too hard". But most of all, first and foremost, I absolutely reject the idiocy of "that's not playing nice". I never overcame a fight by being nice to anyone, including those in my command or those I was assigned to. The time for nice-nice is after the battle has been fought and won. Losers give up before the battle. Losers turn tail and criticize others for "getting dirty". Losers deny the obvious and pretend something else is going on in the hopes that "things work out".

Taking the High Road loses battles, wars and skirmishes. And that is where the GOP/RNC is at this particular point in time. Loser Status. They are in Loser Status because they have abandoned the Conservative Cause that wins every time it is applied. I loath losers. They disgust me. I didn't lose a body part to let the members of the GOP/RNC Loser Boy Club dictate to me how to fight. If you are afraid of being seen as not nice, STFD and STFU and let those that are willing to get bloody do the fighting. And when the dust and smoke clears, you can come out from your spider holes. I don't have time for you.

The alleged "voices of reason" have shot their wads and have lost miserably. They have had their time. It is time for them to sit on the sidelines and watch how the fight is fought.

Along that vein, I don't have the time to act like a particular person at Hot Air would like us to although I do respect the folks at Hot Air. We do not have the time to play nicely. This isn't a game. It is indeed a Cultural War. The Onset of ODS...
For the past seven-plus years, the Left has suffered from Bush Derangement Syndrome. Well, actually, the rest of us have suffered from their embrace of BDS, which one might think would inoculate us from any related maladies. As Jake Tapper notes, though, the onset of Obama Derangement Syndrome might prove that wrong: [...] [...] At the time, Obama’s supporters claimed that he meant the Peace Corps and other volunteer organizations. That seems a stretch, but so does Broun’s interpretation of it. As I wrote at the time, the nation already has a number of non-military national security forces, including the FBI, ICE, Border Patrol, and so on. If we want to fund that better, many conservatives would agree, but not funding it to the same extent as the military. In the context of Obama’s remarks above, though, he fairly clearly meant to at least include a volunteer force in outreach within and outside the US as some sort of Department of Peace-like indirect boost to national security. Nothing in that speech hints at a Gestapo-like organization at all. I’d agree that we have to remain vigilant at all times to ensure that the government doesn’t try to impose such a regime upon us, but this is an extremely thin reed to grasp for such a conclusion. Although I supported a freer hand at the NSA in monitoring communications with one end in the US for possible terrorist activities given the dangers we face in this era, it’s far easier for the government to turn that into a Gestapo than what Obama proposed. That’s why I understood the Left’s opposition to it (as well as a small minority of conservatives) and thought reasonable safeguards against potential abuse were appropriate, as the eventual compromise in Congress provided. [...]
Ed, Ed, Ed. Please remove head from sand, my friend. Come up for air, OK? The evidence which directly refutes the claim that "Nothing in that speech hints at a Gestapo-like organization at all" is simply overwhelming. There is absolutely no other viable explanation and the scrubbed Change.gov site was the icing on the cake. WAKE.UP. A mere glimpse and cursory glance on Obama's past and current associations was all I needed. His Hope and Change has morphed into Business As Usual. See the screen shot to the left from Protein Wisdom.

And, about that BDS thing. Those suffering from it did what, exactly. Odd and railing allegations with absolutely no hint or hints of truth fomented the over emotional and immature intellect drove that crowd and most of them are what? Socialists? Marxists? Anarchists? Hello? Earth calling. Obama, on the other hand, has come right out and flatly stated his intentions in the hopes that the watered down GOPers would react and respond EXACTLY like they are at the moment, save the very few...like myself. I can smell a Marxist a decade away.

To Rep. Paul Broun I say, HIP HIP HOORAY! It is about time SOMEONE in Congress actually stepped out of the box the DNC has placed the GOP in. As for those that know or suspect something along those lines that Rep Broun expressed concern over that are too afraid to step out of the box they have been placed in, they can kiss my ass and whoever they are, I will work hard at getting them replaced with people that hate socio-Marxism as much as I do.
A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist or fascist dictatorship. "It may sound a bit crazy and off base, but the thing is, he's the one who proposed this national security force," Rep. Paul Broun said of Obama in an interview Monday with The Associated Press. "I'm just trying to bring attention to the fact that we may — may not, I hope not — but we may have a problem with that type of philosophy of radical socialism or Marxism." Broun cited a July speech by Obama that has circulated on the Internet in which the then-Democratic presidential candidate called for a civilian force to take some of the national security burden off the military. "That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did," Broun said. "When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist." "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," Obama said in July. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Broun said he also believes Obama likely will move to ban gun ownership if he does build a national police force. "We can't be lulled into complacency," Broun said. "You have to remember that Adolf Hitler was elected in a democratic Germany. I'm not comparing him to Adolf Hitler. What I'm saying is there is the potential."
Don Surber seems to think Broun was a little over the top but that is his decision to make. I whole heartedly disagree. McNorman disagrees as well. So does Anti-Mullah. So does Gateway Pundit. So does Radio Patriot. So does Kudzu.

Similar Czarbie-like movements started in this manner before and ignoring that fact and pretending it couldn't happen here in this Nation reveals a blatant lack of intellectual fortitude required to actually begin to think about fighting the way this needs to be fought. NOTE: it has already started here. WAKE. UP.

As I have brought up before and. many others as well, CPUSA - Communist Party of the United States has fully endorsed Barack Hussein Obama. Tell me with a straight face that doesn't concern you. If you can, you are in the wrong political spectrum.

No matter how the High Roaders (GOP/RNC) and Low Roaders (DNC) try to spin any of the above, the fact remains:

The Obama Thugocracy Doesn't Play By American Rules of Law
We've noted for over a month that behind the Web 2.0 gradients and slick pastel veneer the coming Obama administration operates more like a third world thugocracy than an American Presidential administration. The change.gov website is another example of that. Federal law is pretty clear that the candidate's campaign apparatus must be separate from the government and the government cannot be used as a de facto extension of the campaign. Never mind American law, in the Obama administration they'll damn well do as they please! Thugocrats have no respect for law. [...]
I have reported on this before but just in case someone may have missed it:

Marxists … Takes One To Know One. Gorby’s Advice To Obama
Gorbachev calls on Obama to carry out ‘perestroika’ in the U.S MOSCOW, November 7 (RIA Novosti) - Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the Obama administration in the United States needs far-reaching ‘perestroika’ reforms to overcome the financial crisis and restore balance in the world. The term perestroika, meaning restructuring, was used by Gorbachev in the late 1980s to describe a series of reforms that abolished state planning in the Soviet Union. In an interview with Italy’s La Stampa published on Friday, Gorbachev said President-elect Barack Obama needs to fundamentally change the misguided course followed by President George W. Bush over the past eight years. Gorbachev said that after transforming his country in the late 1980s, he had told the Americans that it was their turn to act, but that Washington, celebrating its Cold War victory, was not interested in “a new model of a society, where politics, economics and morals went hand in hand.” He said the Republicans have failed to realize that the Soviet Union no longer exists, that Europe has changed, and that new powers like China, Brazil and Mexico have emerged as important players on the world stage. He told the paper that the world is waiting for Obama to act, and that the White House needs to restore trust in cooperation with the United States among the Russians. [...]

American Superpower Era Over, Russian Analyst Says
Sure to please the America hating left that elected a Marxist as our new president, a Senior Russian Political Analyst now says “Obama's victory in the presidential election marks an end to the superpower era for the United States.” Sergei Rogov, director of the U.S. and Canada Institute says,
“The U.S. presidential election has great significance. I would qualify its results as the end of an era ...of several decades when the U.S. became a superpower and attempted to emerge as the only superpower in a unipolar world after the end of the Cold War.”
Does Rogov recognize that sole Superpower status was thrust upon us when the Soviet Union, unable to compete in the market or defense spending, folded, bankrupt? Does he acknowledge that the U.S. has shown remarkable restraint as the sole Superpower, even after being attacked numerous times by radical Jihadists seeking to be the World’s Rulers? No! He just takes delight that seeing who Americans elected to the top office in the land will now dismantle America as a Superpower. Rogov makes the further false assumption of,
“The self-imposed role as the world's policeman has exhausted the American army, which is now unable to wage a third war against Iran or North Korea.”
Does Rogov see a need for another war? If so, why aren’t those who see the need banding together against these other despots instead of seeking to dismantle he only nation willing to confront the radical Jihadists that have even attacked his nation, Russia? [...]
Does any of this sound even remotely familiar? Obama has stated the contents of the List of 45 upon many an occasion namely #'s 1, 2 and 3 at the moment. These are in regards to disarmament to "display a more presentable America". Does that help the familiarity pill at all?

One more thing before we go:

Chuck Schumer and Dems Are Pushing a Police State
Chuck Schumer fired the opening salvo in the war against free speech this week by calling Conservative talk radio "Pornography"

What Schumer is not telling you is that Radio is probably one of the most Democratic institutions in the world. If people want to hear what is on they listen, if they don't.... well there are tons of radio stations, listeners can turn the dial to find what they like. If a radio program doesn't generate listeners, it doesn't get advertising, no advertising, no radio program. It's really a simple process.

You see, raising the fairness doctrine back from the dead, is taking away our right to select the programming we want to hear. Its only being brought up because the democrats want people like Rush Limbaugh to have less air time. The fact is the American Public has already made their voice heard. Remember when Air America was launched with great fanfare? It was to be the Liberal Voice of Talk Radio. Guess what happened? NOBODY LISTENED, IT GENERATED POOR RATINGS, MADE NO MONEY AND WENT BANKRUPT. Oh its still around, I believe in its third incarnation, still generating no ratings, still loosing money hand over foot. [...]
Again, I applaud any and all politicians that have the courage and moral fortitude to sound the Klaxons and sound them loudly and often. We can no longer play nice-nice under any circumstance. Along with that, we can not afford to FALSELY allege or accuse like the libtard moonbat fruit loop brigades did the entire 8 years of GWB and their constant attempts to lose the war for political gain and political power. We stick with known facts and issues. We present True Conservatives and the libtard moonbat fruit loop brigades will fall and crumble before us...as they have in the past.

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Sic vis pacem para bellum

Fight Accordingly

Free Speech At Risk!

While we were distracted by our losing battle with our domestic enemies, our international enemies were regrouping beneath the horizon for their next attack. They met in Madrid. in mid July to plot & plan. I quote from their official statement. I have added emphasis to make the critical phrases stand out.

To work on urging governmental and non-governmental organizations to issue a document that stipulates respect for religions and their symbols, the prohibition of their denigration and the repudiation of those who commit such acts.
That is the product of an Interfaith Dialogue Conference between King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and high level Christian & Jewish leaders.

tomorrow, November 12, 2008, President Bush and other world leaders are scheduled to meet at the UN Interfaith Dialogue in New York. What are they going to discuss, what are they going to do except further advance the abrogation of our right to free expression.

In October, the powers behind Durban II convened to excrete the preliminary draft of the Durban II final report to be voted upon next April. I present two quotes from that long & redundant screed.
Condemns human rights violations, irrespective of their origin, and is not against "reasonable and fair criticism." However, recent events have once again highlighted the need to demarcate the legal contours between freedom of expression and hate speech. OHCHR's proposed Expert Consultations on the permissible limits to freedom of expression, by taking into account the mandatory prohibition of advocacy of religious hatred, should reach some conclusions and recommendations coming out from the consultations should be worthy of including in the Review Conference documents

National laws alone cannot deal with the rising tide of defamation and hatred against Muslims, especially if such trends are spreading to the grass root communities. A framework is needed to analyze national laws and understand their provisions. This could then be compiled in a single "universal document" as guidelines for legislation – aimed at countering "defamation of religions".
If we can not speak out against evil when we see it; if political & ideological movements inimical to life & liberty are shielded by law from factual criticism, then we have no more freedom. As George Washington warned us.
“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
The details, including links to the sources I used, are in the following blog posts at Freedom Ain't Free.
* These posts have been viewed by:
  1. U.N. HQ. New York
  2. U.N. HQ. Geneva
  3. Ministry of Information, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Your Constitutional liberty is in grave danger. What will you do about it?

Let The Blood Letting Begin...Or Not - Your Choice


Before I get into that which I am about to write I would first like to say how irrelevant The Goreacle is. His 5-Step Plan to bankruptcy and his idiocy on his Global Warming Myth is absolutely pathetic. I just thought I would share that with you all. So...

There is talk about Newt Gingrich taking over the helm at the RNC. That is all fine and dandy but is that what we need? Go ahead and take part in the opinion survey at mm.com.

I was shocked that he sided with the Global Warming Myth mutants but that may have been something else so I am willing ti give him a pass on that one. However, he DID swing right to Hillary's socialist health care and that unconstitutional bail out bill that has made matters worse in case you haven't noticed. I respect Newt because I remember the Contract With America. I have written on this in the past and those posts can be found here. The GOP/RNC has abandoned that which catapulted them into power and the evidence of the abandonment of Conservative Principles is a matter of public record...they have been losing elections the more liberal and compassionate they get. Is Newt the one to snap the GOP out? I could go either way but I am leaning more to the "NO" column at this point. I did like what he said here though:
[...] When asked if the Republican Party was struggling to find its identity. "No," said Gingrich, "The Republican party's struggling to get beyond incompetence." [END]
We'll see. WaPo has a list of contenders but who gives a damn what that Marxist and Czarbie rag says about anything?

Yid With Lid likes the idea.
Now here is an Idea that will help turn the GOP around, Make Newt Gingrich the Chairman of the Republican Party. And the Good News is that Newt will do it. Don't forget it was Gingrich who was the guiding force behind the contract with America that gave the GOP the majority in 1994. Newt has the vision and the communication skills to turn the party around. Read the Full report below: [...] read the rest
Right Wing News is endorsing the idea...
[...] If Newt Gingrich wants the job, they would be crazy not to take him. He would provide instant credibility with conservatives, he has led the Party out of the wilderness before, he is one of the best idea men in the Republican Party, and he would be a great representative for the Party in a time when the RNC Chairman may be the most important spokesman for the party. Nothing against Saul Anuzis and Katon Dawson, who both seem to be competent guys (I'm not a fan of Mike Duncan), but they are not in the same league as Newt Gingrich. PS: Anyone who can't figure out that a "serious overhaul of the Party" is needed after two consecutive bloodbaths at the polls needs to retire. Also, we don't need to "purge moderates," nor do we need to "shift to the middle" to expand the tent. If the GOP does what it was sent to D.C. to do in the first place -- control spending, shrink government, keep taxes low, defend traditional values, and stand for law and order -- moderates will flock to the GOP. [END]
I suppose folks have plumb forgot about the unconstitutional bail out bill and that retarded socialist health care deal with Hillary. Perhaps MAJOR explanations are in order from The Newt on these issues in order to restore some semblance of faith in him or at least some modicum of trust.

Personally, I am partial to Michael Steele. Hot Air in two posts are pretty much signing onto the Newt Chant and they cite the Washington Times. Whatever you do, do NOT listen to Mike Huckabee...he has Obama Disease...Hope and Change that equates to the same damn thing just painted a different color.

Some are calling this election the time for realignment but I would caution as to which direction to realign with.
The big question that everyone is asking is whether this month's general election marked the beginning of a political realignment that will create a new dominant party. Have Americans shifted their loyalties and fundamental assumptions about the parties and about the government, or did we just witness a short-term reaction to years of bad news? Let's be clear: The election results in 2006 and 2008 constitute the kind of one-two punch that is rare in modern American political history. It would be silly to portray this year's election as a minor hiccup. The nation elected a liberal African-American Democrat from the North as president, and it gave him a majority of all votes cast. [...] read the rest
We all knew this day was coming. I used to argue with folks over at the old lame GOP.com forum just how pathetic and leftist the GOP was and that it was time to rid the GOP/RNC of all RINOs and send them back to the Democrat Party from whence they came. With "allies" like them, who in the hell needs enemies? Some are calling for the excommunication of the heretics and I whole heartedly agree...the heretics are the RINOs. Another name is Fair Weather Conservative. We need to find those Reagan Boots and commence to kicking some RINO ass.

Whatever we do, we need to do it now and get into campaign mode now so we can campaign 24-7-365 like the enemy has been doing for decades while the GOP/RNC sat on their flubber. And, if it is true that we are in the beginning throes of a GOP Civil War, how is that going to help? I wouldn't call it a Civil War. I would call it a Purging.

Change Won't Come from the Top Down
Save the GOP alerted this Kos nugget on Our Conservative Movement Leaders retreating to a country estate in Virginia to plan the future for us:
I attended one of these for our side in early 2005, and the experience was so miserable that it ended up being a major inspiration for Crashing the Gate. It was full of the same progressive "leaders" who had gotten us into our predicament, and their solutions were the same bullshit that had gotten us in the mess in the first place. So I left that retreat even more motivated to wage war against our party's political and issue-group establishment. Our victories in recent years have come, in large part, from our ability to bypass that crowd.

Those early tensions are mostly erased, as a new balance has been struck by issue groups more and more aware of the need to be part of a holistic progressive movement, rather than focus obsessively and divisively on their own single pet cause. It really is night and day. But that didn't come out of that conference. And it certainly wasn't billed as a way to generate a new grassroots movement. The notion of having a bunch of top-down movement leaders create a new "national grassroots" operation by fiat from up and above, by the same jokers who created the mess the GOP is currently in, is pretty laughable.
I believe we have fallen prey to the same problem that befell the left in its years in the wilderness. You had environmental groups, abortion rights groups, womens groups, unions, minority groups -- but no progressive movement. Today on the right we have social conservative groups, economic groups -- subdivided into tax cutters and spending hawks, national security groups, gun groups, etc. but no truly mass-based conservative movement. Perhaps the best exponent of across-the-board conservatism is Rush, but he has no lists and no way to mobilize his audience directly to donate and volunteer. [...] read the rest
And that is what has been wrong for quite a while. Folks have trying to fix the top with the top and going "underground" is totally retarded and I am not sure waving good bye to American Exceptionalism is the way to go either. Now, granted, Czarbie, if he makes it passed the Constitutional Conundrum on or about 12/1/08, he will most assuredly screw things up for decades.

Nay-Sayers at the Conservative Renaissance
As conservatives, especially those who are the heart of the Republican Party wrestle with the issues, lesson learned, and planned actions in the aftermath of Election 2008, it is important that we maintain balance in our actions and decisions. It is easy to point fingers while forgetting that we have four fingers pointed right back us. As identified in the following excellent piece by Leslie Cabone, "Ronald Reagan once said, 'I wasn't a great communicator, but I communicated great things.' Those great things are true, and they don't change." Let's not forget the great things for expediency, bias or to enhance numbers. Unlike the soon to be imbued administration who called for "change," we cannot been drawn into the rabbit trap but remember that great things (i.e., principles and ideals) do not change! [...] read the linked article there
GOP needs a ‘Freedom Contract with America’
Please join us at No Compromises in sending a clear signal of reform to our feckless leaders at the Republican National Committee (RNC). We gladly welcome your inputs, your keen insightful commentary and additions to this important Conservative revolution to reform the GOP. The way to win in politics is to attract more people into your electoral tent than theirs - it’s as simple as that. Think about the Reagan-Paul Revolution outfitted in a modern-day, high-tech marketing and grass-roots infrastructure. [...] read the rest.
While you are at it, take a look at the Freedom Contract With America, screen shots below:

Pretty cool stuff.

There are emerging many schools of thought ans I am reading, hearing and listening to them all at this point in time. Blue Crab Boulevard has an interesting take that I have not subscribed to but thought throw out there anyway. They have a post from Commentary that is worthy of the read but I will only place a snippet of their commentary on Commentary:
[...] There is quite a lot more, especially the point about following neither extreme position of saying Reaganism is dead or Needs to be reclaimed. He calls it reformist versus traditionalist. I think he’s right that there is a middle course here. We can remember and embrace our Reagan roots, if you will. But we can also forge a new, more timely message to merge with and carry forward with those traditions.

For me, Reagan was, above all, a pragmatist. He did not get all his agenda enacted, not even most of it.

But he got a lot. And he got his main one. His policies crushed the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. He chose his battles wisely.

Can we do less and expect to get what he got?

Choose battles wisely, wait for the opening. Find solid ground to fight from, drive a solid message.

The left glories in our disarray. Do not give them the satisfaction.

That simple. That difficult. [END]
In another post at BCB, we find this: Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There
Noemie Emery invokes the words of Ronald Reagan to urge the right to take a deep breath and shut up. Hacking away at one another and second guessing is a really, really bad idea at the moment. [...]
Just so. That is what the libtard moonbat fruit loop brigades want.

Happy Hunting

Sic vis pacem para bellum

Fight Accordingly

Testing The Waters So To Speak


The world knows that Czarbie isn't up to the task. That is why the USSR Reborn has begun pressing Czarbie's buttons. I wonder how many times he has had to change his shorts in the last week or so. No matter. He won't have to worry much about that after 12/1/08 anyway.

Russia was the first test and he failed...he abandoned an ally, Poland. Good job moron.

Now, Al Qaeda is feeling their oats. Bin Laden is said to be getting ready to release a video instructing Czarbie that if he fights Islam, Islam will fight him. Please. I am shaking in my boots. For a dead guy he sure does release a lot of videos. Pat Dollard more or less is reporting the same but he has a real cool picture which is presented to the left. What with the Imam releasing Obama's Kenyan records in the next few days, I suppose that Bin Laden is upset with a Muslim fighting a Muslim.

Al Qaeda in Yemen says that they are planning an attack on the USA that will make 91101 a stroll in the park by two lovers at sunset. We have been hearing these kinds of threats since 91101 but President Bush and our Troops have seen to it that it never took place. If Czarbie does what he has said he would do in order to get elected, those kinds of attacks will be a regular event. If Czarbie doesn't do what he said he would to get elected, that would make him out to be the liar that we already know he is. Naturally, his zombies will fall for whatever reason he issues and more than likely left-over BDS will be the cause.

Jihad Watch:
Of course, we have heard this before, and it is quite possibly just another attempt to "strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah" (Qur'an 8:60). But Jane Novak explains why there may be more to it this time. "Warning of new bin Laden attack," by Paola Totaro in The Age, November 10 (thanks to Armies of Liberation): [...] read the rest
The folks at The Big Feed seem to think that the terrorists didn't get the Hope and Change memo.

Hot Air:
An Arab newspaper in London has reported that al-Qaeda intends on launching an attack on the US that would “outdo by far” the 9/11 attacks. Al-Quds al-Arabi also reported that their Yemeni contact within AQ, a “former senior operative”, says the terrorist network has already begun consolidating its networks in preparation for the attack: [...] read the rest
In other news, apparently that Agricultural facility in Syria that Israeli and American fighters took out last summer was actually indeed a uranium processing facility. I wonder where they got it from. Good thing that secret order was signed in 2004, eh? I haven't written on the "secret order" for the obvious reasons but since the New York Slimes screwed the nation again, what the hell.

I wonder what the motivation behind this "leak" might have been. Oh, never mind. We already know the answer to that as well.



What is up with the intolerant, racist and bigots in the alleged "gay community" in SoCal and other places? They lost the election on the "definition of marriage". Thge majority has spoken. Get over it and move on. In some twisted way of thinking, they feel that a minority should dictate to the majority. In most cases, that is how Constitutions work. Get over it and move on. If you want to see where the racism and bigotry is in this Nation look no further than the Democrat Party. That is where 99% of it lives and is fomented. Where in the HELL are Jackson, Sharpton and a host of other alleged "anti-racism" types? I can only conclude that if the gay community uses the "N" word, it must be true. Why else would they remain silent?

And, speaking of our Constitution, you know, that document that belongs to The People and not The Government, I can hardly wait for 12/1/08. That is the deadline as set by SCOTUS for the DNC and the would-be First Chicago Thug and Illegal Alien Barack Hussein Obama Czar to produce the bonafides of natural-born American Citizenship. We all know that the SCOTUS has ruled against the Constitution before but this time it will be very difficult to bypass that which is an absolute. In order to be the POTUS, one has to have been born on American soil. Clearly, Obama has not. If he had been, he would have produced his bonafides when John McCain did. He hasn't and he won't because he can't so he isn't going to.

With activist judges dictating what can be said and what cannot be said by Free Americans is an affront to the very Constitution the judge is supposed to be defending. We call it revisionism in the name of PC. Screw all that noise. As a Free American I will continue to speak my mind and if those with think skin or over sensitive childishness, that will be their problem and not mine. The fight between Judicial Watch and the Arizona Supreme Court ain't over yet.

From Cluttered Eclectic Mind:
Over the past seven years, I have watched as all the liberal, left wing kooks and crazies have come out from under their rocks to demonstrate, harass and harangue the Republicans. They have demonized the Republican leaders, said and done deplorable things and have made general nuisances of themselves.

In the upcoming Obama administration, we will have the conservatives chance to demonstrate. Although we typically have much more class and self control than the liberal left has ever been able to show.

The libs have more than once burned Bush in effigy. A hanging effigy of Sarah Palin was not considered a hate crime. On the other hand a hanging effigy of Barack Obama was. [...] read the rest
Atlas Shrugs writes:
Urban Grind has written me with a threat to shut down the blog Jews against Obama. Any lawyers out there? Isn't the blog protected by free speech? Since when was truth deemed obscene? Since Obama's election. If this flies, no one is safe. [...] read the rest
So much for Free Speech. I have recently written a piece entitled, "Dissent Is No Longer Patriotic...It Is Racist". Is this what we have to look forward to just in case the Supreme Court sides against the Constitution again and allows an illegal alien ascend to the White House? So, they want a Revolution? Bring it.