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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Foiled terror plot in South Carolina?

Hot Air

I’m going to guess that whatever it is they found in the trunk will turn out not to be a bomb, but in the meantime here’s the link.

No immediate threat, say the feds.

Goose Creek is home to the Naval Weapons Station and the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig, a military prison where enemy combatants have been held.

Guardian on August 5, 2007 at 12:50 AM

Live 5 News

The FBI is saying there is no immediate threat after police in Goose Creek discovered what they believed were explosives during a traffic stop.

Highway 176 near Crowfield Boulevard and Old Mt. Holly Road was shut down around 7:00pm Saturday while local and federal authorities investigated the situation.
Riehl World View

Two Middle Eastern Men: Bomb Squad At Scene In SC

More details will be coming in...

Michelle Malkin
Tons of readers are e-mailing me about an incident tonight in Charleston, S.C. It’s way too early to tell what this is all about, but here’s a local report via PJM:

Shantel Middleton / ABC News 4 Charleston:
Explosives Found Near Goose Creek; FBI on Scene — Goose Creek - Berkeley County police pulled over a vehicle in a routine traffic stop near Meyers Road and Highway 1-76 around 6 p.m. The vehicle with Florida tags was driven by two men of Middle Eastern descent. Inside police found explosive devices.
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Discussion: Scared Monkeys: Goose Creek , SC: Explosives Found in Car ... FL Tags & Driven


From Miss Beth




These two have lost their minds. Must be the political pressure. Tancredo? Well, he wants to Nuke Mecca. I understand and agree with his frustration but I have an issue with nuking Mecca. I put it on the same level as Obama's little emotional tirade brought on by the Hillary gauntlet. As is Obama no longer a viable contender for the presidency, neither is Tancredo.

Gingrich? He disappoints me. I suppose he spends way too much time with his New American Solutions project that he is out of touch with the recent developments in the GWOT. He sounds like the average run-of-the-mill moonbat.

Atlanta Journal
"None of you should believe we are winning this war. There is no evidence that we are winning this war," the ex-Georgian told a group of about 300 students attending a conference for collegiate conservatives.
Must be the Georgian Tea Leaves.

The man that once rallied the country around the Contract With America is no more.

Truly sad.

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.

That's All Folks

When I read the article I am soon to post here, I envisioned an episode of the Keystone Cops. Keep that image in mind as you read on...(the funniest part is the last part)

That's All, Folks!

Blogger "Mike" gets a laugh out of this press release from the Multi-National Corps in Iraq:

The top target for al Qaeda in Iraq[*] south of Baghdad was killed July 14 in Arab Jabour by precision-guided munitions, the Excalibur.

Shortly after 12 p.m., 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, received a call that Abu Jurah and 14 anti-Iraqi forces were meeting at a house in Arab Jabour.

Abu Jurah was an AQI cell leader and was responsible for improvised explosive devices, vehicle-borne IED and indirect fire attacks on Coalition Forces in Arab Jabour.

At approximately 1:12 p.m., the house was positively identified allowing 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment to fire two Excalibur rounds destroying the meeting house.

An unmanned aerial vehicle observed persons leaving the house, loading injured individuals into a sedan and fleeing the scene.

An AH-64 Apache helicopter engaged the sedan destroying it.

Three people were observed running from the meeting house to a nearby house.

A U.S. Air Force F16 Fighting Falcon dropped two 500-pound GPS-guided bombs on the second house.

Quips Mike: "If there were any survivors they would probably have finished them off with a giant anvil."

* Or, as the New York Times calls it, al Qaeda Which Has Nothing to Do With Iraq in Mesopotamia Which Also Has Nothing to Do With Iraq Even Though It's Another, More Poetic Name for Iraq Which Has Nothing to Do With al Qaeda, a Homegrown Iraqi Group That Has Nothing to Do With Iraq Even Though It Is Mostly Iraqi, Albeit With Some Foreign Involvement Which Has Nothing to Do With Iraq.

Seek And Hope Ye Don't Find

In a photo collection here on the MN bridge tragedy, we see madness and mayhem.

As the days have since passed, it is a miracle upon miracles that, not to be insensitive and/or crass, that more people did not lose their lives.

There is a well written and presented article here that should be read by all. It is an account of how the submerges vehicles are searched and the dangers the divers face, seeing that visibility is less than a foot.

The diver's only other guide was his hands. The eyes were all but useless in water where there is a scant foot or so of visibility.

"A Braille method as we call it," said the commander, Capt. Bill Chandler of the Hennepin County sheriff's office. "It's easier if you close your eyes."

Click and read.

Join the buzz

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

The Leftinistra Blink...AGAIN!!

One supposes that perhaps at a 3% approval rating, the Democratic Party Vaunted "majority" is in severe damage control.

From Slate

The Washington Post leads, and the Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox, with the Senate's last-minute approval of a Republican plan to overhaul terrorist surveillance laws, following a bitter row between the White House and Democratic lawmakers. The LA Times leads, and the New York Times off-leads, on heightening tensions on the Hill, as Democrats wrestle with stalled legislation and struggle to contain the fallout from allegations of vote-stealing. The NYT leads on the stock market's continuing woes amid fears that ailing mortgage and debt markets could take a toll on the wider economy.

The new spy laws approved yesterday by the Senate would expand the government's authority to eavesdrop without a court order on overseas phone calls and emails. Democrats initially said the legislation was too sweeping, and accused the White House of trying to wreck an existing deal; President Bush warned that he might seek to keep Congress in session until they passed the legislation. Senators eventually caved in, earning swift condemnation from privacy campaigners who predicted the laws would be used to eavesdrop on US citizens. Senate majority leader Harry Reid accused Republicans of rubber-stamping a flawed proposal, but noted that the measure would need to be re-approved in six months' time. The LAT and the NYT both note that the House is expected to pass an identical bill later today.

Click the Slate link to read the rest in greater detail.

The moonbats are losing the logic and common sense war.


Congress starts to listen

As well they should. This DAV is Sick and Tired of the CONgress Critters putting life-time election cycles ahead of National Security and the GWOT.

Not unlike J.P. Morgan locking the nation's key bankers in a room and refusing to let them leave until they fixed the Panic of 1907, President Bush yesterday forbade the Democratic Congress from leaving Washington on August break until it damn well did something about wiretap protocols.

It looks like it did the trick. After a night of acrimonious debate, the Senate voted to give Bush for six months the eavesdropping power he had sought, with permanent fixes to be decided over that time. The House is set to take up the matter today.

It's preposterous that things come to this at all, given the assessment of U.S. intelligence professionals that we should consider ourselves on elevated alert. Given, for that matter, the urgent warning from National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell that all-too-hamstrung government listening posts are "missing a significant portion of what we should be getting."

Check out the rest here and join the fray here.

Vets For Freedom: Call To Action Update

Reality will be setting in, in short order for the Defeatocrats. Prepare for the fall-out...the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GO...(if you can).

My fellow veterans,

This week, the response to the September trip to Washington, DC has been nothing short of outstanding. However, we still need more veterans to sign up early and join us on September 17-18 at our nation's capital.

It's very simple to sign up-and it costs you nothing. Just send an email to events@vetsforfreedom.org with your name, military bio, your home state, and contact information. Once we receive this information we can start the process of arranging your travel and scheduling your appointments in Washington, DC.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are starting to make an impact on public opinion, not only with our fellow Americans, but also with members of Congress. Through our efforts, more Americans are willing to listen to our commanders on-the-ground who want victory, rather than politicians in Washington who seek re-election.

When General Petraeus arrives in Washington to submit his report to Congress in September, Vets for Freedom will be there to support him and the troops that he commands. We will demand that members of Congress listen with an open mind to the progress that his strategy is achieving.

We all know first-hand what the stakes are: victory in Iraq or defeat at the hands Al Qaeda and America's enemies. We, as veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, can provide the best, and most accurate, accounts of what is really happening on the ground. Congress needs to hear from you-and all veterans that support victory.

For more detailed information about September 17 & 18, go to: http://www.vetsforfreedom.org/tenweeks

Please contact us with any questions that you may have. We are honored to join you in leading the charge for victory.


Pete Hegseth
Iraq War Veteran 2005-2006
Executive Director, Vets for Freedom

Chelsea and Puff

First Daughter, 476th Puff Piece

If someone tried to capture just the cheerleading parts of Jodi Kantor’s Tuesday piece on Chelsea Clinton, they’d have to recycle virtually the entire article. So let’s be counterintuitive and dwell on the mildly negative revelations.

In line with Kantor’s odd idea that Chelsea Clinton is a potential president of the United States in decades to come, she notices her relentless focus on artifice: "classmates at Stanford noticed she was always in full makeup, as if she expected to be photographed at any moment. (More recently, she exercised with a personal trainer who specializes in pageant contestants.)"

This is quite daring for Kantor, since many remember that focusing on Chelsea’s appearance with a beauty-pageant focus is perilous territory. Remember the incredibly mild "Saturday Night Live" joke by Mike Myers in a "Wayne’s World" segment in 1993 raving over the attractiveness of the Gore daughters and saying of Chelsea "we’re rooting for you" to grow into a beauty? The line was excised in all repeats.

Another interesting note is the line about Chelsea taking after her mother in the desire for wealth, or when describing liberals, call it "financial independence" as she works for Avenue Capital Group, a hedge fund. Kantor wrote: "Friends say financial independence is important to Ms. Clinton; she may improve on her low-six-figure McKinsey salary by hundreds of thousands of dollars at Avenue because of potential bonuses, industry headhunters say." We can guess this will make it more difficult to take Chelsea on one of those earnest poverty tours of Appalachia.

Is it just me, or do the Times stories on the Clintons seem particularly littered with "friends say" sourcing?

Lastly, Kantor recalls how Chelsea was the subject of papa-pandering, that she was allowed to "break the tension" of Middle East negotiations at Camp David, and Mideast negotiator Dennis Ross adds that "it was not uncommon" to see to see Chelsea or her mother sitting in on briefings during the Clinton years: "The two women ‘could be great sounding boards for the president.’ More recently, Senator Clinton called her daughter one of her two ‘greatest advisors,’ along with her husband." Shades of Amy Carter advising Jimmy on nuclear proliferation? The Times thinks the subject is safe from mockery now, and can be employed to build up her reputation for seriousness.

The impenetrable media bubble that was Chelsea's Fortress of Solitude has only been broken to exploit her for her parents' political gain. (See here.) But this whole shyness gambit is leading to headache-inducing levels of fanzine copy. She's so silent that Kantor finds "She rarely says anything surprising. She doesn't have to: people seem delighted just to watch her lips move and hear sound emerge."

Doesn't anyone ever read copy like this back to Times reporters and mock them for sounding so completely in the Clinton tank that they don't know fresh air from the gaseous fumes in there?

Every article I read about Chelsea, they leave out the MOST important aspect of her existence.

Now, is it me or, does anyone else see the resemblance here?

I swear that Janet Reno is the father!

On This Day 8/4/07

1987- The Federal Communications Commission voted to rescind the Fairness Doctrine, which required radio and TV stations to present balanced coverage of controversial issues.

2006- Israeli warplanes destroyed four key bridges on Lebanon's last untouched highway, severing the country's final major connection to Syria.

KOSmonoffs: Update Of Implosions

Little Green Footballs ...

...has THE video of how the the KOSmonoffs support the troops. They support ONLY the troops that speak out AGAINST The War In Iraq. Anyone else is anathema. Naturally, the average KOSmonoff doesn't know what anathema "IS". Hint: anathema is not good.
When the moderator (who seems to be Jon Soltz) yells “HEY! You want me to come down there?” you can faintly hear Wesley Clark in the background saying, “oh... no...”
Wake Up America has some things to say.
Anyone still want to argue that the Democrats support our troops?

Didn't think so.
My Pet Jawa tells it like it is:

There's absolutely no way what this guy was doing could even remotely be considered 'political activity'. Since when is suggesting that the military is doing a good job a political statement? DOD releases on a daily basis similar statements. Clearly the moderator was trying to intimidate this soldier.

For instance, this video was released by the DOD today of a soldier talking about the effectiveness of the troop surge. They encourage this sort of thing.

As I told Charles when he e-mailed me about it: I wouldn't be surprised if the soldier was at YKos in an official capacity.

Hmmm. There's a thought!

The Junk Yard Blog

The Left supports the troops.

Oh, sure, they shout down uniformed soldiers who dare to address them in their Moonbat Belfry, and threaten them with court-martial to shut them up.

Yep. That's support alright.

Hot Air

Needless to say, though, that the left in general and Wes Clark in particular would balk at someone using their Absolute Moral Authority to advance a political agenda is an irony too enormous to be absorbed in one take.

And the Loony Leftinistra that sing the praises of socialism, communism or some morphed rendition of said same want to know why we conservatives state time and time again that they are dwindling in numbers and swiftly shrining into the history books as some obscure and failed fad?

Lost in space...

UPDATE to the KOSmonoff Convention; the Meeting(s) of The Barking Moonbats and their Muppet Leftinistra, the Democratic Party Presidential Aspirants...or should I say The Diasporas?

Again, Little Green Footballs is on top of things. Seeing that the American Public has been turned away from the Daily KOSmonoff Yearly Dead Head Bash, it seems as though the KOSmonoff diary of the event concerning the trashing of a Veteran in support of the war has been removed. As LGF fills us in on, the page has been removed.

Daily Kos: What happened to this soldier?!?!?

Not too long ago, a moonbat in particular whined because I removed ITS trash from my blog at Word Press. IT said basically that, "Thou shalt not do that", and, paraphrasing, IT said that "we don't do such things". Really? Double Standards of the Moonbat Brigades is astonishingly too silly to comprehend at times.

There was another such incident but before the Daily KOSmonoffs could make it diasppear, LGF got the screenshot.

Check it out.

Daily Kos: What hath Soltz Wrought?

Friday, August 3, 2007

What Are Your Freedoms Worth?

Once again, if any conservative blogger is NOT a member of The Victory Caucus, you should be ashamed...really. There are people over there that do not have blogs but participate in forums and every once in a while, a participant comes up with gems second to none. This is one of those times.

I am still waiting for the originator to bless this post which can be found here and can be read there IF one is a member. If not a member, too bad for you.

The author goes by K~Bob...

Is this war really expensive? I mean, is it really? If you read this "report" made yesterday by David Gardner in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, you would most likely feel a sense of shock and dismay at the horrific expense of it all. That is, you would unless the reporter had bothered to give you some (genuinely) relative sense of how much money this really is. First, let's break down the list of concepts jumbled together to help sell you on joining the ranks of those supposedly dissatisfied with the war.

The writer begins with an amount:
The war in Iraq is costing British and American taxpayers more than £2,000 a second.

The combined bill for the two countries was revealed yesterday as the conflict claimed the lives of a British soldier - our 164th military victim - and four U.S. troops.
Forget for the moment the disingenuous use of the word "revealed" in that sentence (excepting the most top secret items, the costs and budget are always publicly available to anyone brave enough to subject themselves to effort of looking). No, more importantly, why does a reporter then follow that "revelation" with this sentence?
More then 100 Iraqis also died in a series of suicide bombings and attacks that have become commonplace in the chaotic aftermath of the 2003 invasion.
Of course, the purpose of such a spurious factoid (out of the hundreds of thousands available) is to make things look like these massive sums are being spent to no effect. However, this sentence is also a misrepresentation of reality on many levels. Let's just focus on one: "...a series of suicide bombings and attacks that have become commonplace in the chaotic aftermath of the 2003 invasion." The use of suicide bombings against non-military targets is terrorism, plain and simple. This tactic was growing worldwide at alarming rates well before 2003. Nor has it been confined to Iraq. No one seriously thought that removing a dictator would lead to peace, all by itself. The President was clear about this from the beginning. He told us it would be a long, dangerous, and expensive undertaking. He obviously wasn't talking about just the removal of Saddam.

History shows that only two outcomes will drastically reduce the use of such bombs. 1) The rise of a strong tide of liberal democracy throughout the Middle East, or 2) The rise of a strong tide of totalitarianism throughout the Middle East. This reporter is selling despair over any attempt at the former, and making it much easier for those who would prefer the latter.

Washington's Congressional Budget Office estimated that as of June, up to £250billion had been spent on combat operations in Iraq.

The tally is snowballing at the rate of £5billion a month, which translates to nearly £2,000 every second.

Britain's war spending is running at £80million a month, or £31 a second. That may be a drop in the ocean compared to the U.S., but critics say it is nevertheless a major drain on national coffers.
At least the writer "admits" the British cost is miniscule compared to the US cost. The article continues in a similar fashion, with more scary numbers, and also claiming Vice President Cheney's answer to Larry King's question about estimating the strength of the insurgency as being the White House's "first admission" of such things. President Bush has never been willing to play the "will you finally admit?" game, but he has been quite open about the threats we are facing, and has plainly stated on several occasions that they are escalating, not only in Iraq, but in other parts of the world.

Then there are more mentions of specific acts of violence (only in Iraq, of course--perspective is not really necessary for this reporter). He also returns several times to the cost factor, citing huge numbers regarding the total cost of the war (never compared to other wars or adjusted for inflation). Just raw numbers. No genuine context for them except one single, paltry effort:
America recently pledged £18million to the United Nations' refugee agency - an amount which would fund military operations in Iraq for less than three hours.
The game is established that huge numbers--dancing in front of a background of carefully selected scenes of violence--is somehow just a news report, and not an editorial miscarriage. He caps the story with a reference to Dr. Lawrence Lindsay:
One of President Bush's top budget advisors, Lawrence Lindsey, was fired in 2003 when he estimated that the war would cost £100billion, a figure described at the time as far too high but now considered a gross underestimate.
We already know that this is inaccurate (it was 2002), and speculative. You can see why if you read this report about the firings and Senator Daschle's comments at the time.

But let's get to the real issue here. $35 Billion? $100 Billion? $300 Billion? $500 Billion? What does that really mean? I have found various non-adjusted costs for World War II that indicate we spent anywhere from $100B to $300B on that war (not including the Marshall Plan costs for the "aftermath"). Some references say that translates to around $2 Trillion today.

Yes, WWII was a major conflict, and Iraq per se is not considered as such (mainly because the critics also fail to understand the enemy is not only in Iraq). But further, were we prosecuting WWII in a way designed to limit collateral damage as we regularly do now? Not very much! Now, in order to appease USA-hating critics, and honestly, to be better people than our enemies, our military goes to extremes undreamt of in previous generations to protect innocent life, and actually protect the purported rights of enemy combatants (none of whom reciprocate in this self-limiting behavior today). This costs exceptionally more than major-combat-with-no-restrictions, and takes much more time to deal with. Every possible engagement that can be monitored for tactics and collateral damage potentiality is subject to command decisions away from the action that can take a lot of time to resolve. This increases the risk to our soldiers, and the overall expense.

Do they wish us to wage war on the cheap and flatten Baghdad? Not exactly. It would contribute to their propaganda about the evil USA, but it would not be acceptable to them. No, our critics would seem to suggest that the cost is simply unbearable. That's their main point, and you can see this story repeated in many papers in just this fashon. We'll get back to that, but first, can we imagine the cost of defeat? Can anyone place a dollar amount on the carnage that would ensue if we accept the yoke of defeat these critics want to place upon us? Can anyone possibly be mad enough to assume such a loss would not embolden, empower, and enable our enemies to attack us here? That is a real cost, and you need no numbers to draw attention to it. (Besides, any such numbers would dwarf the amounts being discussed today.)

Returning to that main point, can we bear the cost today? Think for a moment about the "real" costs of World War II. Americans had to ration things. They had to collect metal for guns and ammo. They had shortages of supply and shortages in the transportation of goods. Every household was affected, either by direct contribution of men and the loss of wages, or by the sacrifice of supporting the war. Let's compare that with the sacrifice being made by the average household today. Scrap metal drives for the war in Iraq? None. War bonds rallies? None. Rationing? None. Declining economy? No. Wide-scale enlistments and loss of hundreds of thousands of military lives? No.

The fact is, our economy is so strong, and our lives so minimally impacted, our government could have taken all of that money and simply burned it, and few of us would have noticed.

Yes, the war does have its costs. For some, it has cost all they have to give, and we are a nation forever grateful to them and their families. But are these costs unbearable for this nation? To say yes would embarrass the efforts of our forebears. To say we cannot bear these costs is to admit that totalitarianism is preferable to ugly headlines disturbing our "down time" at the local coffee shop.

Yes, we can and will bear these costs, and the costs to come. Of such burdens is victory forged.

Comments From One Of "We The people"

At the very bottom of each page on this blog, there is a survey form. I placed it there for a reason. If someone scrolls through the entire page, something must have peeked their interest. Most just go to the most recent posts and move on as our site meters so reveal.

I consider it an honor when a "scroller" or a reader actually stops and takes the time to participate in the survey. From time to time, one will get some moonbats that write some drivel and, albeit it their comments are "Rather",well, little to be desired, they are revealing and quite often gives one a very much needed boost in morale. According to Rush Limbaugh, we "measure success by the amount of hatred and how much we are despised" by the kook fringe. If that is indeed true, I must be very successful.

However, the REAL morale booster is when a "scroller" or reader sends these words below. It is indeed an honor that the individual submitting the survey has these words to say. "We The People" are not alone. Without further ado, I present the participant in the survey I will call "Doug".

First, I contacted "Doug" for permission to post his comments;


Thank you for taking the time to participate in my survey.

I appreciate your comments you left in the survey form.

There are some things that I would take issue with IF they were objects of debate and they are not.

They were well stated and perhaps one day this DAV's thick skull will see the light.

I would, however, like to make a post of the comments but I will ask you first.

They ARE great points and articulated well.

May I use your comments as a post?

I will not use them unless I hear back from you.

And yes, every word will be published...none will be edited by omission or addition.

Below are your comments as passed on via the survey service.

Thanks for visiting and come back often.

ALL feedback is welcomed.


The reply?

"Me", Thank you for considering my comments and thoughts. Post as you desire. Thanks "Doug"

So, here they are...verbatim...absolutely no editing

If Bush and the Republicans acted like Democrats...7-21-07

Many people would agree that the Democrats have supported Islamic terrorists by working against and supporting the defeat of the terrorist surveillance program and the money transfer program along with other activities such as John Murtha {D PA} acted as judge and jury in the Haditha killings, to learn that the case has been ruled in favor of the Marines. Dick Durbin {D Il} compared our soldiers to soviet gulag guards and Hitler’s Nazis. Harry Reid {D Ne} said that the war is lost. Nancy Pelosi {D Ca} and newly elected Keith Ellison {D MN} went to Syria, a state terror sponsor during a war against Islamic fascists. Keith Ellison compared the President to Hitler. Hillary Clinton {D NY} recently asked the Pentagon if they had a withdrawal plan ready, adding to enemy propaganda. Just this last week, the Democrats cut the “John Doe” amendment from recent homeland security legislation that would protect a person from being sued if they witnessed and reported suspicious activity involving possible terrorism. The examples go on without end and the picture is clear.

There will never be a war that the Democrats will stand with the soldier on the battlefield again. The anti-war movement owns them. As our country follows the left, we have to remember that this party has advanced failure in many areas. They have been successful in removing GOD from our society and all that comes with Him, family, honor, valor, courage, and most recently virtue, of any kind. They take every opportunity to attack American moral values and virtues. Some of the more liberal Democrat leaders appear to believe that the Bible has no truth and that Christianity is based on lies. They are defeating our moral values just as they are defeating American troops. If the electorate listen to these fools, we will never win a battle again, moral or any other kind. These Democrats will defeat all that is good, moral, virtuous and American.

Radical Islam wants to defeat America because of moral decadence that has been advanced and celebrated by the left. Because radical Islam is 180 degrees opposite of liberalism, Islam wants to attack San Francisco {Pelosi, and Feinstein}, Los Angeles {Boxer}, New York City { Clinton and Schumer}, Las Vegas {Reid}, Chicago { Durbin and Obama} and Hollywood. These cities are Democrat strongholds and always will be. I find it ironic that the man that the left hates the most, President Bush, is the same man that has stopped the attacks COLD and protects the haters from attack..

If Bush and the GOP were to act like the Dems, you would see the pullout of troops from Iraq, the central battle against Islamic radicals. Then an ethnic cleansing would take place with murder and mayhem unmatched since the days of American defeat in Viet Nam. You would see the terrorist surveillance program stopped, and terror would be an everyday event for France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Spain and America. The major Democrat cities would be attacked over and over. You would see Guantanamo close and the terrorist released into the battle field, in great victory. Re-enlistment of United States military would be nonexistent. Our men of honor would leave the military just as they did under President Clinton. Bush in his best John Murtha impersonation would call our men of honor cold blooded murders, and in his best Harry Reid impersonation would call the war lost. The change would be dramatic and the USA and the world would pay the price. Iran and Syria would gain the 2nd largest oil field and the money and power that goes with it. Victory would be final for the butchers of radical Islam.

With every word from Sen Harry Reid, Rep Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dick Durbin, Sen Chuck Schumer, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barak Obama the next generation of terrorists are born and motivated. The Democrat voice reinforces every word of Al-Qaeda and the terror organizations across the world. If America’s voice spoke of victory and victory alone, this war would be over because radical Islam would NOT have a recruiting tool. The only thing that will save all from radical Islam are American values, Bush, and the GOP. To use the Democrat voice in issues concerning the war is to damn our nation to failure.


John Doe Already Kicking Terrorist Derrières

The bill only became law on Friday and, according to many, is already kicking some derrières.

The so-called "Flying Imams" dropped passengers as defendants in their bogus case just days after Congress reached a deal to shield terror tipsters from race-bias suits.

The Muslim clerics were kicked off a US Airways flight in November after passengers warned crew members the clerics were behaving like the 9/11 hijackers.

Democrats shamefully tried to strip the provision out of homeland security legislation President Bush just signed. It took a former Democrat — Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman — to come to the rescue of passengers who report suspicious activity aboard flights.

Again, our Friends of the Terrorists, the Democratic Party Leadership, has been forced by "We The People" of The New Media to Do The Right Thing.

As previously discussed here and here on this blog, many more fellow New Media Bloggers trounced upon the CONgress Crtitters and forced them to obey and RIGHTfully so.

It "IS" about time.

In addition to the John Doe Amendment being passed, we see that the vaunted CAIR is also beginning to crumble from the pressures of the New Media of which no one seems to be able to rebuff.

The only entities that denied the intentions of C.A.I.R. to replace the United States Constitution with the tenets of Islam are the Democrats and the wanna-be democrats we all know as RINOs. One of their own, Ellison, agrees with C.A.I.R. in this regard. Don't these people communicate with each other?

Just the other day, I and many others pointed out that Obama has repeated nearly verbatim that which GWB and the rest of us have known for years yet the Democrats, including Obama, have rejected the claims as well as the evidence. Yet, when convenient, they agree but make it sound like they disagree and make the facts seem to be their own.

Perhaps many Americans really are that dumb and believe all that C.R.A.P. but this DAV does not. The minions at the imploding KOSmonoffs believe it and here's your sign.

I have been shot at and missed. I have been shot at and hit. I have been stabbed. I have been blown up. I have carried the wounded. I have carried the dead. I have been carried. I have spilled the enemy's blood and my own has been spilled on the battlefields in mortal combat.

To the moonbat Leftinistra minority in numbers; Bring it on Chicken Hawks. Bring it on.

Care to roll?

To The KOSmonoffs of The Universe

Glad to see y'all are imploding. Naturally, being on the W-R-O-N-G side of A-L-L issues in this country A-N-D the world as we know it, will sink you further into the depths of despair along with the wailing and gnashing of teeth that goes along with your very UnAmerican ways and means.

Your support of the fraud soldier Beauchamp will further egg on your self indulging ignorance. No wonder y'all are so blissful...ignorance "IS" blissful. Have you heard that we are W-I-N-N-I-N-G the war yet?

I have refrained from writing of the TNR quagmire and their self-discrediting ways until the people that are/were in the know figured it all out. It has been shown that TNR is merely another useless left-handed anti-American filthy rag and they even admitted to such, unbeknownst to them.

Here is what your "champion" Beauchamp will be facing: from the UCMJ and for your followers of hate-mongering diatribal (new word) ass-idiots, UCMJ is the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I have hight-lighted the letters so you and they wouldn't miss it.


Any person subject to this chapter–

(1) who, knowing it to be false or fraudulent–(A) makes any claim against the United States or any officer thereof; or (B) presents to any person in the civil or military service thereof, for approval or payment, any claim against the United States or any officer thereof; (2) who, for the purpose of obtaining the approval, allowance, or payment of any claim against the United States or any officer thereof

(A) makes or uses any writing or other paper knowing it to contain false or fraudulent statements;

(B) makes any oath to any fact or to any writing or other paper knowing the oath to be false; or

(C) forges or counterfeits any signature upon any writing or other paper, or uses any such signature knowing it to be forged or counterfeited;

(3) who, having charge, possession, custody, or control of any money, or other property or the United States, furnished or intended for the armed forces thereof, knowingly delivers to any person having authority to receive it, any amount thereof less than that for which he receives a certificate or receipt; or

(4) who, being authorized to make or deliver any paper certifying the receipt of any property of the United States furnished or intended for the armed forces thereof, makes or delivers to any person such writing without having full knowledge of the truth of the statements therein contained and with intent to defraud the United States; shall, upon conviction, be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Further, if we had an Attorney General and CONgress Critters worth their weight in salt; if we had A-N-Y-O-N-E in political leadership that had a set of cajones; if we had A-N-Y-O-N-E that had the moral fortitude; if A-N-Y politician could bring themselves to actually giving a rat's ass about this country and "We The People" instead fretting and worrying if they will be in office after the next election cycle, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next; perhaps the L-E-G-I-S-L-A-T-I-V-E BODY could find it in their hearts to actually ENFORCE. THE. LAWS. OF. THE. LAND. ALREADY. ON. THE. BOOKS.

The KOSmonoff genre of organizations AND the "americans" supporting them, be they non-politicians and politicians alike, are all so G-U-I-L-T-Y of the following:

An amendment to 18 U.S.C. § 2385 which, taking specific cognizance of the current threat from Islam, establishes that the preaching of Jihad is tantamount to knowing and willful advocacy of “overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States”; that whoever, in accordance with the doctrine of Jihad, “prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States” shall be “fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

United States Code

Section 2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

Section 2388. Activities affecting armed forces during war

(a) Whoever, when the United States is at war, willfully makes or conveys false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies; or

Whoever, when the United States is at war, willfully causes or attempts to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or

willfully obstructs the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, to the injury of the service or the United States, or attempts to do so - Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(b) If two or more persons conspire to violate subsection (a) of this section and one or more such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy shall be punished as provided in said subsection (a).

(c) Whoever harbors or conceals any person who he knows, or has reasonable grounds to believe or suspect, has committed, or is about to commit, an offense under this section, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(d) This section shall apply within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States, and on the high seas, as well as within the United States.
What say ye? Civil Disobedience? Or is it a Civil War y'all want? Bring it on.

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Wake up America: Scott Thomas and TNR Update

Wake up America: Scott Thomas and TNR Update

American Congress For Truth Has A New Blog?

Why, yes, they do!

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Czarinas' Thesis Is Now Made Available

Go Publius posted a link at my Hot Rodham Blog that presents a copy of the long suppressed Alinsky Thesis.

Freedom Underground has the PDF as well.

Go download the PDF file and read it. Or, got to Go Publius and read one page at a time.

Future posts on this WILL BE forthcoming.

C.A.I.R. and Hamas

From the Counterterrorism Blog: CAIR Executive Director Placed at HAMAS Meeting; By The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Nihad Awad, participated in a three-day summit of U.S.-based HAMAS members and supporters in 1993.

Until now, he had been identified only as Nihad LNU (last name unknown) in FBI reports and analyses. The meeting occurred in a Philadelphia hotel in the wake of a White House ceremony formalizing the Oslo Accords, a peace deal with the potential to end the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

CAIR, which touts itself as America’s premier Muslim civil rights organization, was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the terror support trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and five of its officials. Omar Ahmad, who founded CAIR with Awad in 1994 and was previously identified as attending the Philadelphia meeting, also was named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

Click the links and read the rest...

In previous posts filed here, we have shown how CAIR is a front for the overthrow of the United States through their Cultural Jihad.

Other posts we brought you, we explained what "the real deal" is in regards to Identity Politics and Multiculturalism. If one is adventurous enough or at least at a minimum, has the courage and moral fortitude to do so, one can go here and learn of that which we face. The authors of the pieces therein are scholars of the subject(s).

And the Democratic Leadership and the RINOs cater and pander to the Enemies Among Us all in the name of nice-nice, with a group sworn to defeat us and take over.

Remember. They are here...now.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Third Political Party

The Centre Party a U.S. Political Party

I do so solemnly swear that the United States of America is in dire straights in regards to the political machinations of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Neither Party leadership really has a clue. They have been sucked into the quagmire of jockeying for Command and Control that they have forgotten about "We The People". They spend MUCH of their time...way too much time...pandering to the fruit loops that espouse the ideals of ANSWER and Code Pinko type organizations that CLEARLY are proponents of a hybrid mix of Socialism and Communism and I have so dubbed and coined the phrase...Socio-Communal Despotists. I hereby declare exclusive ownership and copyrights and originality of said term, so published on this day, 8/2/2007. However, feel free to use it.

~SIDE BAR: Other terms I have coined and made widely known are Leftinistra and Lame Stream Media. These are MY terms that I "invented" which are used near and far and RIGHTfully so. Anyone and anybody can use the terms.

Another term I "invented" is MANGINA. Email me if you don't know what that means and you cannot figure it out on your own. END SIDE BAR~

As the title to this post so implies,I am in search of a viable third party. In my side bar on the main page of this blog, there is a section called "Third Parties". I have included this particular party called The Centre Party. As in the other two that I have listed, I have issues with them.

I will begin by posting their "Adopted Points" and I shall comment on each.

Points adopted that no political party will discuss:
1. Allow civil penalties for rouge judges, prosectors, and police. No longer would these people hide behind the infalliable shield.
First off...SPELL CHECK! If you are going to come across as a viable "join me" entity, hire a professional proof-reader. At least I have an excuse. 4 of my fingers don't work so well anymore.

Beyond that, I have one issue with Point 1. Who gets to define what a "rouge entity" is? This will need to be explored further and properly annotated.
2. Eminent Domain: If the government wants something bad enough, they should pay not only market value, but 5 times the amount for emotional uproot and displacement of the person that has to sell. The politicians want you to believe that land is just a commodotie like toothpaste, has no intrinsic value, and can be traded without trouble. This should be retroactive to 20 years. If eminent domain is used for private delopement, not only should they be paid 5 times the value, but a portion of the reported gross sales forever.
SPELL CHECK!!! Judas Priest, man!

Issue. Eminent Domain my ass. Dump the whole concept in the Boston Harbor where it belongs with the rest of the tea. Abandon the entire thought process. If the government wants or needs the property, they can pay the going fair market value, IF the owners WANT to sell. If not, either up the ante or move on. Confiscation of personal property is unacceptable under any condition.
3. Eminent Domain for Power Poles and Utilies: If your property is in the location of this need, same as above. If you are going to live in the house with the utilities poles, they should buy your property for 5 times the value because they will have to own it, because no normal person would want to live under neath power poles. Cancer anyone?
Exact same comment in regards to Point 2, plus one more. There is NO significant proof or scientific or medical documentation that power lines give you cancer. Damn.
4. All utilities on powerpoles should be placed underground. No more exposure. France does it, we need to do it too.
Agreed. Besides, they are "fugly". First Point I can accept entirely.
5. Junk Mail reduction. If you place on your mail box no flyers whatsovever, the USPS should obey it and just place bills and related items in your mail box. No junk mail means no junk mail!
Are you serious? Dump Point 5. LOL!! Damn!
6. Penaties for sending Junk Faxes, strict enforcement. The companies that advertise on the fax shall bear the pentalties, unless they can prove it was done maclious, they would have to file a police report stating they did not give permission.
Who is your writer? And who is coming up with these lame "points"? Dump #6. It sounds like a pet peeve and governance cannot ever be developed over pet peeves. Get over it.
7. Develop technology to hit a single button on the telephone to prevent faxes from using that line.
This is getting ridiculous. Who are you people? Methinks this isn't a "real" party here. Sounds like someone hates faxes and junk mail and is trying to start the No Fax Or Junk Mail Party.
8. Credit reporting Agencies must practice due diligence on reporting on Credit Reports. The name must match exactly, the social security much match, the date of birth must match. They cannot use skip trace techniques to report. They must be 100% certain that it is the person they are reporting or face $ 10,000 Penalties to the injured party.
Agreed. Due diligence is indeed called for. I wonder if they use fax machines.
9. If the person being procesecuted by the state or federal government, and they are found not guilty, the defendant is entitled to a refund of all costs associated with defending themselved plus 3 times the cost. People get hurt and scared by overzealous government agencies, and their reputations ruined. Their has to be some sort of fix to correct this.
Is your writer an American or is this all a joke?

Anyway. Agreed...as soon as the proof-reader gets finished.
10. All people in Jail can elect to take a DNA test to prove they are innocent. If they are proved innocent by DNA test, the government has an obligation to give $ 1000.00 per day of incaration to the defendent. Prosecutor and Judge and related parties to be fined for not doing due dilligence.
In essence, agreed. However, further discussion must render a clear and concise manner and not this babbling-brook diatribe.
11. News papers must be reponsible for reporting people's activiities. Especially if there is on going court proceeding. The newspapers will be required to cover the story from start to finish. They must place the news story in the same place as the orginal story when there is a not guilty verdict. They also have to count the words, and use the same amount of words to unravel the trial by news paper.
You started out OK but digressed into something I have no definition for or of. Government cannot dictate ethics. Dump Point 11.
12. Manatory alchohol treatment for people that get arrested for intoxication. The arresting officer must place this in the report. Beer companies to be taxed for this treatment service. They are reponsible for alcholism.
OK. Good and bad. Who pays the tab? And people are responsible for their own actions and not the companies that provide a service for responsible people.

Fully articulate your talking points or quit while you are ahead.
Results of "study" is as follows...I am STILL looking for a viable Third Political Party. This one ain't it.

Please hire a spell-check team. Thanks for the effort though.

War News

US CENTCOM Latest News Feed

Novelist Visits Baqubah for Inspiration.aspx

Posted: 02 Aug 2007 07:12 AM CDT

BAQUBAH, Iraq – Sgt. Richard Galli carried a pistol, two magazines and never a radio. While he used guides he didn’t know, and often traveled to places he had never been, his commander expected him to come back alive.

Female combat medics in the fight every day, earn respect.aspx

Posted: 02 Aug 2007 06:40 AM CDT

KIRKUK, Iraq – Temperatures exceeded 115 degrees during the five-hour mission in Amerli that day. More than 50 Soldiers were on site and tensions were high; Amerli was the scene of a massive suicide truck bombing just four days earlier.


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