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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dems, Rocks and Hard Places...UPDATED



Once upon a time, in a place not very familiar to many Americans and, even obscured from view from most of the world, there is a place called the United States Senate. Close in proximity, is a place called the United States House of Representatives. Both establishments have, in the past, performed the bidding of a now obscure band of citizens, referenced to in archaic documents as "We The People". Not any longer. Through the decades, a sickness from the morphing of Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and Identity Politics into the Political Farce of American Politics, orchestrated by emotionally unstable influences, has caused a condition that requires certain politicians to rely heavily on Weather Vane Decision Accountability and Authority.

This condition has so permeated itself into the framework of American Politics that if anything gets accomplished, it is only due to Blind Luck and not Reasoned Thought. Such shameful attributes are lauded as the status quo and the ins and outs can be blamed on weather vanes. This gives way to the condition of Microwave Mentality...if life and/or results of any undertaking doesn't happen within a prescribed or preconceived period of time, the effort is deemed as untenable from the beginning and is condemned to scrutiny stemming from the lethality of hindsight.

A long, long, long time ago, way back on October 11, 2002, the United States Senate, in a vote of 77 to 23, a vast majority of Senators, approved of an obscure document called the Iraq War Resolution. In a vote of 296 to 133, a vast majority of Representatives, the United States House of Representatives passed the Iraq War Resolution, giving the President of The United States authority to "wage war".

The wind direction of that time was blowing in a certain direction. As anyone knows or, should know, wind directions change from time to time. Also, it is also common knowledge, among those that know, that "war directions" also change from time to time - not as often as the direction of the wind - but it changes all the same.

On 91101, the United States was stunned, shocked, confused and angry. We were attacked on our home turf and I had an odd chuckle at that expression; home turf. Our Embassies across the globe ARE American Soil and they were also attacked and have been attacked since 1979. The age-old saying of "this could never happen to us" was eternally shattered. I suppose the difference was this; the events of 91101 took place on American Soil Proper. War was in the air. Someone was going to pay. The problem was, the people that attacked this country, died in the Act Of War against us. So, who was to pay? It was determined that Al Qaida, a terrorist cabal, was to pay.

On 91201, there was talk from all corners of the Nation of retaliation. The once Main Stream Media lauded that as well and Retaliation was in the air. The general perception was a Country United. For the most part, this was true. In actuality, however, this was not the case. Some seem to forget about the groups of people that believed before 91101, on 91101, and after 91101 that every woe on our globe we call Earth was and is a direct result of The United States of America. Such drivel came to the fore among the American Politik during the 2004 election cycle. The term "WMD" became The Issue.

Using defective and disingenuous reasoning, the Blame America For Everything Crowds have determined that since no WMDs were found in Iraq, they therefore never existed, therefore President Bush knew they did not exist, therefore, President Bush lied. That sort of reasoning is that of an intellectually void individual.

On March 19, 2003, after diplomatic channels were exhausted and Saddam Hussein would not comply with any United Nations Resolutions, military action was launched on Saddam's Iraq. I find the CRS Report for Congress has gone largely ignored by our politicians and have chosen an avenue destructive to their political aspirations. It has also most assuredly gone ignored by the alleged Peace Movements that are nothing of the sort. They are and always have been and always will be anti-Americanist groups, disclosed here and here.
[...] President Bush has repeatedly called for regime change in Iraq. In his speech before the U.N. General Assembly on September 12, 2002, the President emphasized the dangers posed by Iraq's programs to develop WMD and urged the United Nations to live up to its responsibilities by enforcing previous U.N. Security Council resolutions that Iraq has ignored. On October 10 and 11, respectively, the House and Senate passed H.J.Res. 114 (P.L. 107-243), which authorized the President to use the U.S. Armed Forces to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing Iraqi threat and enforce all relevant U.N. Security Council sanctions regarding Iraq. At the international level, on November 8, 2002, the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1441, which imposed a revised and more stringent weapons inspection regime on Iraq, required Iraq to submit a comprehensive declaration of all its WMD programs within 30 days, and warned of "serious consequences" if Iraq failed to cooperate.1 On March 19, 2003 (March 20 Iraq time), President Bush announced that he had launched military operations (known as Operation Iraqi Freedom) "to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger." [...]
The above is a brief snippet of the document and all six pages should be read and studied by all. Carrying on with the mantra of "illegal war" and "United States Constitution violations" is disturbingly absurd, especially since those allegations are simply untrue and have no basis or merit - except perhaps from the emotionally unstable that don't have the capability of sound reasoning and/or fact checking before they begin to ramble. I question their motives and feigned patriotism.

I have written extensively on what I call The Why we went to war with Saddam's Iraq and I also find it curious that President Bush's words are skewed and distorted to such a degree that our politicians cannot return to the original intent(s) of The Why. However, there are three key speeches given by President Bush that are a must read and, they are as follows;
President's Remarks at the United Nations General Assembly, September 12, 2002

President Discusses the Future of Iraq, February 26, 2003

President Says Saddam Hussein Must Leave Iraq Within 48 Hours, March 17, 2003
The above will or, should or, perhaps can, put an end to the idiots decrying the ignorant "illegal war" and similar idiocy.

Another widely ignored report comes from DefenseLink. It is ignored for one reason and one reason only. Blind hatred of President George W Bush. There is no other explanation. Or is there? But first, what constitutes a Weapon of Mass Destruction? Is it a Nuclear Weapon? Is it a Biological Weapon? Is it a Chemical Weapon? Is it a Long-Range Missile?
WASHINGTON, June 29, 2006 - The 500 munitions discovered throughout Iraq since 2003 and discussed in a National Ground Intelligence Center report meet the criteria of weapons of mass destruction, the center's commander said here today. [...]
I already know the answer. Do you?
This brings us to the title of this article.

The Democratic Party Leadership has boxed themselves into a sticky wicket. They have painted themselves into a corner that they cannot get out of without getting "dirty", as it were.

In 2004, the Democratic Party Leadership chose Sen Kerry to oust President Bush. He ran using the WMD issue and lost. He also ran on the credo that GWB "stole" the elections of 2000 and lost. The full onslaught of the Democratic Party Leadership did not fully take hold until the elections of 2006 utilizing their masters in the Leftinistra Press. They built a premise that we were losing the War In Iraq when nothing of the sort was true. The war was going poorly indeed, much in part to a defective ROE, developed and initialized by ignorance and diplomatic screed. We certainly were not losing...there. We were losing here, at home. The only thing similar to the War In Iraq and the Vietnam War were the politicians, the anti-Americanist groups and the American News Media.

The Good News flowing in from the results of the efforts by our troops under the leadership of General David Petraeus, unanimously anointed by the full Senate, is unmistakable and undeniable. Why else are there no more "woe is me" stories in the opening segments of the news hours and leading stories on the front pages? Why have the stories vanished from the alphabet news shows and removed to the back pages of the theoretical leading newspapers?

The Libocrats, both Democrat and Republican, were relying on a quick victory in Iraq much like the quick victory over the Taliban. They were not counting on the aftermath and some claim that there was no exit strategy, assuming this military action as a financial market. Exit strategy comments in regards to a war is indicative of a person and mindset that doesn't understand war and how it changes. Plan A quickly turns into Plan Z, running through the gauntlet of change.

Let us not forget the many now "anti-war" Democrats and Republicans that were once "pro-war" Democrats and Republicans. And, I find it purely disgusting that the politicians would actually invent the terms "anti-war" and "pro-war"...two terms that are so grossly disingenuous it causes my Warrior's Blood to boil. In these modern times, in this particular point in time, the only ones I know that are "pro-war" are the Jihadis. The proper terms are "anti-victory" and "pro-victory" and, this is why.

The Democratic Party Leadership in particular and the Fraud Republicans as a notice of recognition for what they are, have so invested in defeat in this war, a defeat would mean their victory in the American Political Arena. A victory in this war would be a defeat for them in the American Political Arena.

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent article at NRO that I ran across several days ago. He runs through the ever changing political scene and a key point I shall never forget. The nuance will escape the average anti-Americanist:
[...] The second problem was the nature of the growing antiwar mood in the country that after the pullback from Fallujah in April 2004 became frenetic. Democrats rashly fanned this national wildfire. By 2006 the conflagration had finally led to their return to power in Congress.

Unfortunately, many Democrats saw the change-of-heart in the electorate as a blanket endorsement of their own alternate universe. But it wasn't necessarily so. The voters were not necessarily interested in new ties with terrorist Syria, restoring diplomacy with Iran, gay marriage, abortion, minority-identity politics, new spending programs, open borders, closing down Guantanamo, an end to wiretaps of suspected terrorists, or the repeal of the Patriot Act.

The people were mad at the war not because they felt it was amoral or unsound policy, or because they hated George Bush, or because they wished liberals instead to end it in defeat -- but simply because they felt frustrated that we either were not winning, or not winning at a cost in blood and treasure that was worth the effort.

That Pattonesque national mood ("America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser") is not quite entirely gone, and was entirely misunderstood by most Democrats. Somehow instead they saw their new popularity as connected to the appeal of their politics rather than their shared anger at the mismanagement of the war. [...]
Very powerful that is. And, in light of the recent developments in the War In Iraq, that sentiment marks their doom and they know it.

The Dems are between a rock and a hard place and cannot get out unscathed. They have embraced defeatist rhetoric in the hopes of political gain, self-destructive as it has become, and they have no way out and no way to recover. The elections of 2008 will be very interesting indeed.

Just a few days ago, Rep Murtha returned from Iraq and said (my paraphrase), "By golly gee! The Surge is working". This so infuriated SoH Pelosi that she put the kibosh on that almost immediately...too late it was in the coming. Murtha has some serious damage control in his own life to consider and may have been too eager to make points with the military. We may never know for sure.

Regardless, being stuck between their rocks and their hard places, they will be crushed and exposed for what they are; disingenuous cretins.
[...] Democrats have invested everything in losing the war in Iraq and blaming it on President Bush, and now they've been proved wrong. Murtha has admitted it; other Democrats, one by one, will follow.
How much faith can Americans place in a party so committed to a national failure - and now so discredited?Exactly so. They just cannot get anything right on Iraq, can they?
Dems are on the wrong side of history and fading fast
"But I felt kinda embarrassed telling the Iraqis they had to get their act together and pass legislation when we can't do it back here." - Democratic Congressman Norman Dicks.

The spin before was we cannot win, pull the troops out. The spin now is we won, pull the troops out.

Will Democrats ever change their course and head for victory? [...]
Only time will tell.

[Update 1]...forgot to include the United Nations Resolution 687...Persian Gulf War Cease Fire

Friday, November 30, 2007

Breaking!! Hostage Situation At the Clinton Campaign HQ


Awaiting print reporting to come out via Breaking News Sources.

FOX News is reporting now.

Report: Armed man takes hostages at Hillary NH office (mm.com)
An armed man has taken people hostage at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, police said.

It was not clear how many hostages there were or what weapons the man has. Police have set up a command post near the office on 28 North Main St.
More to follow:

Right Wing Sparkle:
[...] A State Police said the man released a mother and a child from the office, but is holding others.

A young woman carrying an infant ran into a nearby store in tears, saying she had been in the campaign office when a man walked in, opened his coat and showed them a what looked like a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape. She said the man let her and her child go.

There are reports from the scene that the hostage taker is demanding to speak with Senator Clinton. [...]
Video here:

Right Voices:
Via Drudge

Man claiming to have bomb holding two hostages at Sen. Hillary Clinton's Rochester, N.H. campaign headquarters. Hostage taker had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to chest...MSNBC reports man wants to speak to Senator Clinton




This guy is a fruit loop...must be a mentally disturbed Leftinistra...we shall see.

Yahoo! News
More Yahoo!
Hot Air
Huff of the Puff
Snakes and Snails
earlier Memeorandum
Capt Ed
Sister Toldjah
Think Regress

Somebody tell me that this isn't a plant...never mind...couldn't be. That would be over the top.

The hostages have been released...watching the coverage now.

The poor slog is suffering from something...

Apparently, there are no more hostages except the fruit loop.

Poor Biden...A Political Whore


Is this poor sot STILL pandering to the insignificant moonbat base? Hasn't he gotten the memo yet? I mean, come on, how much fruitier can this clown get? Judas Priest already!

Seacoast On Line or, under water with no air tanks: via memeorandum

Presidential hopeful Delaware Sen. Joe Biden stated unequivocally that he will move to impeach President Bush if he bombs Iran without Congressional approval. [...]
Biden needs medical attention. Seriously. I'm not kidding here one bit. The man is senile and cannot be in control of his "facilities". Perhaps we should send him some crates of sympathy Depends?

Does Yoseff Biden want to be a General or something similar or will Komrade be good enough?

Read that article, please and let me know if I have missed something...I may have. I doubt it but it is possible and I do know what "IS" is.

He is a useless idiot.

War on Terror Update...This Is What We Have Been Expecting...


Rasmussen Reports...perhaps this is what has Murtha all atwitter? Confidence in War on Terror Near Highest Level of Bush's Second Term
Confidence in the War on Terror increased for the fourth straight month in November and is now near the highest level of President Bush's second term in office.

The latest Rasmussen Reports tracking poll finds that 47% of Americans now say the U.S. and its allies are winning the War on Terror (see crosstabs). That's up from 43% a month ago and reflects is the highest level of confidence measured since December 2005. Over the past 35 months, confidence in the War on Terror has been higher than today only twice, in November and December 2005. [...] Read the rest...
Haven't we been telling folks for a LONG time that this is what the Surge would do? The American People want to win and so do our men and women in uniform. There can be no denying that. At least for an honest person.

This is The Change in Direction the vast majority wanted and have now received.

Catch the wave at memeorandum...

Op-Ed: The Murtha Quagmire...Self-Inflicted


Catch this Tsunami at Memeorandum

It is quite evident to this DAV that Rep John Murtha has one thing on his mind and that is defeat. No...that's not quite true, is it? Perhaps he has the 2008 election drawing nigh. If this is true, then, how can he explain his recent change of heart?

Being the brave soul that he is or, knowing that his security was provided by individuals other than those murderous scum Marines, Rep Murtha traveled to Iraq to "visit" with The Troops during Thanksgiving festivities. My friend Uncle Jimbo said that those lads must have reacted under pressure and actually broke down and fed him. Uncle Jimbo does have a way with words.

Congressman Murtha traveled to the Al-Anbar Province to see for himself that which most of us already knew, having actually been there, that relatively speaking, all is quiet on that front. However, I find that quite curious. "Mister" Murtha once said of Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack upon their return trip from Iraq the following:

A trip to Iraq, sneers Murtha: who could learn anything meaningful from that? It's an illusion.
Why the "sudden" turn around and, using his own words, ever thankful for the internet that Gore built so we can track their every word, did he participate in an illusion? Is there "magic dust" in the gritty sand that permeates the very air one breathes in over there?

One can pontificate and project the many answers to these questions...the correct answer is only known by Rep Murtha...perhaps not.

Rep Murtha has many woes ahead of him, heaped upon himself in his unrepentant quest for the Almighty Political Power for political gain that so permeates the American political farce in these modern times. Case in point? Haditha, Iraq.

I find it curious that a former Marine would so vehemently and arrogantly violate fellow citizen's civil rights and have them charged, tried, convicted and "executed" before the investigation had been completed. His sources were deep within the Pentagon.

Curious, that indeed. That said same Pentagon that Murtha so cherished at the time, is the exact same Pentagon that Murtha severely rebuked just before he went on his junket to Iraq.

Because the Pentagon says it, you believe it?
Yes. That is "Rather" curious. I suppose that if the Pentagon folks said something that could benefit "mister" Murtha, "mister" Murtha would be assailing them as good, honest and decent folk. After all, there are Marines in that building, by God. However, should those dastardly murderous Marines at the Pentagon say something that could have an adverse affect on the political aspirations of a man that needs to retire and MoveOn, well, there will be hell to pay and how dare anyone believe them, by God.

Yes, "mister" Murtha does for a fact have defeat on his mind. At first it was two-fold, perhaps three-fold. He had to stand by other what we call Defeatocrats here in the US in order to remain in his current stead so, a defeat in Iraq was the Order of the Day. That would ensure a sure shoe-in come election day. That was his driving force behind the Haditha self-induced quagmire...political grandstanding - opportunism I believe is the correct phrase.

Haditha didn't quite work out for him now, did it? All but one Marine has been 100% exonerated and that one will soon be. So, why the change of heart, "mister" Murtha?

It seems like he has caught that disease of willing suspension of disbelief, the way that Hillary addressed General Petraeus. Murtha also faces a serious challenger and he must play to his base in the grand state of Pennsylvania and he has to do it quickly...he is slipping in PA thanks to the Lt Col that hopefully will replace him. Perhaps he is trying to distract from the Marine suing him as well.

It is said that the US Justice Department will not be able to have the law suit filed against him dismissed because he called the Press Conference to announce his "findings" on Haditha and it wasn't on official business. this remains to be seen, however. If he is unsuccessful at having he suit dismissed, there are 8 other families that will follow. Poor "mister" Murtha will be owned.

So, now, at this juncture, he must play to the other folks in his area of responsibility, hoping they will forgive him when they see for themselves that he has "seen the light" as it were, and there really is Victory in the air with the War In Iraq. He is even ready for a compromise with that "idiot Bush".

It must really sting badly when, as the Leftinistra here in the States say, the worse President ever and the dumbest man alive beats our Leftinistra and others in other lands at every turn, at every step and every issue...save one. Is that really something to brag about? Getting beat by the worse there is? Doesn't say much for them now, does it?

I can safely say that I am "Rather" enjoying watching "mister" Murtha squirm. Everything that befalls the "man", he so richly deserves it.

The Words That Murtha Said?


As previously posted here, the shock wave thrusting through the rank and file of the moonbats and Leftinistra, no matter the political affiliation, of Congressman Jack Murtha's "report" that the Surge is working, is creating a mammoth intestinal quandary.

Blue Crab Boulevard has it pegged...
[...] The polls changed and so did the weather vane that is John Murtha. AllahPundit has video of Murtha denouncing other Democrats who came back from Iraq saying there was real progress. (The weather hadn't changed then, apparently.) No matter how he tries to qualify this, Murtha just did a complete 180. My guess is that he is seeing polling that he is very worried about. This corrupt piece of work would not reverse course so completely unless he was actually worried - to the point of being frantic - about something. [...]
It could be that the winds of change are blowing his Lifer status into the Abyss of Obscurity and the challenge to the DIShonorable Toad Murtha by Lt. Col. William Russell has him worried a tad. Or, it could be that the lawsuit against him over his self-induced quagmire of ignorance, stupidity and blatant lies for political opportunism, is getting to him and perhaps he just won't be able to get the US Justice Dept on his side.

Quote of the day on this news come from Riehl World View: Murtha: The Surge Is Working
Well, duh!

Capt Ed seems to think that Jack Lad has redeployed to Okinawa.
John Murtha has spent most of the last two years demanding an end to the deployment in Iraq -- well, apart from the time he spends porking up appropriations in the House. He has insisted that the war has been lost, and in January plotted to kneecap the surge before it began. Murtha has worked tirelessly to declare defeat this year, threatening the funding for General David Petraeus unless it gets tied to a retreat. [...]
No doubt. Polipundit is guessing "he's got a willing suspension of disbelief".

Q and O has a thing or two to say...
[...] Although very late, welcome to the club, Congressman. Is that hell I see freezing over?

Hello, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi?

Any comment?
Crickets, I am sure. And there is a great video collection at Hot Air. Some are saying that The Troops spiked his Thanksgiving meal with something but The Troops aren't saying. But Sister Toldjah won't ever forget the fools' Thanksgiving greeting just before he left for Iraq. Neither will A Newt One.

This week, around our Thanksgiving tables, there will be two families: One who say they support the troops, and they do, but they have sacrificed very little. They haven't had their taxes raised, they haven't been drafted, and they don't really participate in the war. The other are military families who have husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters in the war theater. It's them who shoulder the burden of the President's Iraq policy. America owes them our thanks in this Thanksgiving weekend. [...]
Jerk. And then he has the audacity to sup with the very people he shiites on for political gain? And then returns home to say that which he has? The Toad, using ITS logical fallacy, is equally complicit in the "President's Iraq Policy". Friggin' moron.

Catch the wave at meme...and here...

Listen to what the Libtards are spinning...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Absolute Must Read!!

Mary Wakefield interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali about Islam and The Spectator has the guts to publish it. No boring detail in this excellent interview, just the bottom line conclusions vital to the survival of western civilization.
We Are At War with All Of Islam. When I read the article, five readers had commented on it; all of them were informed and coherent.

Click the link, read the excellent interview and spread the word as widely as possible. I have submitted it to Real Clear Politics, your vote will help to spread the word.

Hell Hath Frozeneth Overeth: Murtha...The Surge Is Working!


Oh. My. God.

I. Wonder. If. The. Haditha. Marines. Are. Innocent. As. Well?

HT Hot Air:

Via Bill Amos. I'm not giving you the direct link yet; I want you to watch this clip from July first so you can appreciate his ignorance, hypocrisy, and defeatism. CNN had him on for reaction after lefty war supporters Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack returned from a week in Iraq and declared that conditions were improving, drawing furious attacks from the nutroots and the fawning cretins in Congress who represent them. A trip to Iraq, sneers Murtha; who could learn anything meaningful from that? [...]
Go read the rest and check out the before and after vids PLUS a special vid.

Check out Blackfive while you are at it...
Little Green Footballs

Catch the wave at meme...and here...

The Troofers Getting Trounced


Tonight's Blog Talk Radio show, airing at 8PM EST, will have the Mighty SonLit Knight in the hopes that a Troofer or two from the Leftist hide-out at Digital Journal will have the courage to come to our show, The American Truth Surge, to debate the facts of the conspiratorial allegations that the United States Government orchestrated, planned and actually carried out the destruction of the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon and crashed that plane in Pennsylvania.

If the Troofers are too cowardly to call in, SonLit will proceed in the dismantling of the Troofer Mantra of "It Was An Inside Job". Surely, Troofers are in dire need of professional medical attention.

We have always known The Who and The Why and The How the attacks of 91101 were planned and conducted. On several occasions, OBL has come forward via Al--azeera news rooms and has stated that his group, Al-Qaida planned and carried out the attacks and has even stated that the plan was to lure the Americans and other Western Nations into Afghanistan and Iraq so his group could destroy America. One could conclude that the Troofers are unable to accept the fact that the United States was attacked in an act of aggression as well as being an act of war.

Today, 11/29/2007, OBL released a video and audio dispatch that has his group, Al-Qaida, as responsible for 91101 and that Europe should stop supporting America and send him help to defeat America. He said that he alone is responsible. I guess GWB paid him to say that.

This comes on the heels of continued support for America from France, Denmark and Germany and the returning of these countries to forms of government that once made them great as is America and the renewed Islamic riots in Paris. Al-Qaida has lost the war in Iraq and is begging for European help to win in Afghanistan because he is losing there as well. If you don't believe or understand that, you have been living in an Ostrich Farm with your head stuck in the dirt. Even OBL knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is losing and losing hard.

Leaders only beg for help when they are losing. Asking Europe to turn away from America is an act of desperation. Making an assertion that 91101 was "an inside job" brings to the fore the mental instability of America Haters and conspiratorial Duffisites that could no more fight their way out of a wet paper bag than to bring forth two coherent trains of thought at one time.

The very definition of the alleged "inside job" is a non-sequitur. Because one cannot prove that an allegation is false does not mean that the allegation, by default is true. For example; I have a red truck. I drive my truck very fast. I got a speeding ticket driving my red truck fast. Therefore, all drivers of red trucks drive really fast and get speeding tickets. Prove me wrong. If you cannot, I must be right.

In this day and age of governmental in-fighting and the plethora of leaks to the news rooms across this country, the very idea of President George W Bush, in a span of eight months, organized and carried out the myriad of required inter-departmental communications and "secretive" meetings; gathered the people that would be willing to participate; stockpiled the required amount of explosives; contracted or coerced men to steal and fly the aircraft into the Twin Towers and eventually crash one in Pennsylvania; created and dispatched a missile that "resembled" an aircraft to crash into the Pentagon; would require a great deal of dedicated men and women to carry out such a plan. This ultimate Planner and Leader of such a group would require a very forceful and criminally intelligent individual. In accordance with the mantra of the Troofers and others, this description of such an individual does not match up to how they generally feel towards GWB...after all, he is the dumbest man of the planet, so they say.

Join SonLit and I as we reveal the pathetic "argument" of the mentally unstable Troofers.

Merry Christmas From ReidCo and PelosiCo


And here we have it, folks. At Military Dot Com, we find the following good News from the eyes of the Defeatists in CONgress:
[...] Army Vice Chief of Staff General Richard Cody has ordered top officers at all Army bases to provide detailed plans on how to trim excess spending and replace civilians with troops. Cody directs the bases to work under the assumption that furloughs will begin on or about February 23. Since civilian employees are entitled to 60 days advance notice, they'll get their furlough warnings on December 25, more or less. [...]
That's sweet, isn't it? Merry Christmas. I hope they remember this come elections 2008.

The entire memo is published here at the Fed Blog. We aren't making this up. This is real. This is hard cold fact. The Defeatists will do whatever they feel they need to do in order to gain the Upper Political Hand to appease their fruit loop base which, by the way, are insignificant in the greater scheme of things...like the war effort and National Security.

Our home grown defeatists abhor all this Good News from Iraq and Afghanistan and will wrangle a defeat for America at any and all costs...for political gain...that is all that matters...Political Power.

101st Airborne Screamin' Eagles Update 11/30/07


For our readers with special ties to the 101st Airborne...like myself.

News in regards to Marne Courageous:

A Pit Crew: Keep The Batteries Firing:

Soldiers Gather With Their Second Families:

Catch your favorite Soldier here:

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7

Firefighting Training News:

Purrfect Angelz News: Image 1

Security Detachment Images: 1 2 3 4 5

Meet and Greet News Part 1:

Meet and Greet News Part 2:

Iraqis Join Aux Images: 1 2 3 4 5

Video Operation Nanos (Air Assault)

Couple Spends First Holiday Season Together In Iraq (story) and Image

Iraqi Army Leads Raid (images): 1 2 3 4 5

Hillary Plants LGBT "Operative" In The GOP Debate...UPDATED



What has A Newt One and many others been saying for seemingly an eternity? The Leftinistra will do whatever it takes to obtain the Almighty Power in the political arena.

Hillary planted a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender operative into the Republicn debate sponsored by the Clinton News Network. From Jenn of The Jungle:
In the final seconds of the post-debate coverage, Anderson Cooper acknowledges that CNN messed this up and states that "CNN did not know that Kerr has a position within the Clinton campaign and that had they known, they would have disclosed the association."
Ja. Sure. We really believe you. Check out Townhall, Redstate, Blue Crab Boulevard, Stop The ACLU, Right Voices, The Politico.

I kid you not! It is no wonder that a Harvard Study Says More Than 60% Don’t Trust Campaign Coverage

I wonder why Hillary would want o ask a question about a topic her husband created and established?

Further evidence here. Hot Air has the video.

Quote of the night from Redstate:
Hilarious, really, that a Hillary campaign official would plant a question...criticizing a policy enacted by Hillary's husband.

Catch the wave at memeorandum.

The operative also worked for Kerry in '04...imagine that.

UPDATE 1: I have a feeling there are going to be more.

mm.com: the girl asking the abortion question is an Edwards supporter. The DNC/CNN plants are unraveling at Free Republic. Michelle has the gay general covered here. In reference to the Log Cabin Republicans, the fellow is an Obama supporter.

The Leftinistra haven't an ethical bone in their bodies.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fruit Loop Stan Goff: The CIA plan to destabilize Venezuela


Someone said something to someone that said someone said something and THAT person said that someone once knew someone that might have overheard someone that said they knew someone that knew the other someone that someone once said they knew that knew someone and hey said that the CIA was going to do something some time or another.

Libtards. They just LOVE their socialist buddy in Venezuela, don't they?

The real story is here.

Disaster Averted in Slovakia? UPDATED



Police arrest 3 trying to sell unspecified radioactive material, official in Slovakia says
AP News

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia - Three people have been arrested in Slovakia for trying to sell a kilogram of radioactive material.

Police did not specify what kind of nuclear material was seized, but said the suspects were trying to sell it for $1 million.

They say specialists are now examining the material.

Two of the suspects were arrested in eastern Slovakia, the other in Hungary.

None was identified.

Officials say Slovak and Hungarian police have been working together on the case for several months.

Updates to follow as the news rolls in...

UPDATE 1: HT Atlas Shrugs

It seems as though it was a "dirty bomb" bust...just wonderful to think of but good they got got...
Tick tock.

Possible 'dirty bomb' arrests in Slovakia AP

BRATISLAVA - Three people have been arrested for trying to sell 1kg of an unspecified radioactive material for US $1 million ($1.33 million), police in Slovakia said.

The Czech news agency CTK, citing unconfirmed reports, said the material was enriched uranium. Slovak police spokesman Martin Korch declined comment on the report, saying specialists were examining the material.

Two of the suspects were arrested in eastern Slovakia, and the third was arrested in Hungary, Korch said. The suspects were not identified.

Slovak and Hungarian police have been working together on the case for several months, Korch said. [...]

There have been concerns that Eastern Europe could be a source of radioactive material for a so-called "dirty bomb" designed to kill people by dispersing radiation.
Stand by for more:


BBC reports...finally
Captain Ed
Blog For All

It All Depends Upon What "Opposed" Means


It is said by many, perhaps referring to it as being Common Wisdom, that Bill Clinton is Hillary's biggest asset in the American political arena. However, yesterday, the former President committed an embarrassing gaffe. Can you spell "hurdle"?

The New Media has just been given an ammunition stores second to none. Bill Clinton made a pathetic and lame attempt to rewrite history by claiming to have "opposed Iraq from the beginning". Even ABC jumped all over that statement, known to be a false statement; read that as a lie.

So, what we have here "IS" this; a liar supporting another. As the world reels from what the definition of what "IS" is, now we have to wonder what "opposed" and "IS" is. Words mean things. The Leftinistra are very adept at rewriting history to suit their political aspirations.

As we witness the Leftinistra distancing themselves from the War In Iraq, they invariably return to the issue as being against it from the very start which, simply stated, is a bold faced lie. Funny how they soon "forget" that they signed onto the Iraq War Resolution. Remember, if you will, the vast majority of CONgress "approved of" the Iraq War Resolution but, that all depends upon what "approved of" "IS".

With the alarmingly amount of Good News in the War In Iraq flows in which the once main stream media can no longer ignore, why do the Leftinistra distance themselves from the fact of victory is at hand? Is it all that bad for them that they were on the wrong side of this issue from the very start? Would they not gain honor and dignity by admitting they were wrong?

Americans are indeed a forgiving people. We hate charlatans and liars and those that will not accept responsibility for their own actions or inactions. Blaming something or someone else for one's own short comings or inabilities is truly a sad state of affairs.

One would most certainly be infected with the Ostrich Syndrome while denying that even Al-Qaida has said Iraq is lost.

Boy. This could get interesting. I wonder what "interesting" means. Naturally, we could also wonder what "wonder" "IS" as well.

Please continue as you are Mr and Mrs Clinton. The Abyss of Obscurity awaits you.

Catch the wave at Memeorandum:

America Is Winning The Home Surge


As we approach the Big Squeeze elections in November 2008, I find it interesting how the War In Iraq is becoming less and less significant...to the Leftinistra at least. This reveals how shallow and insignificant they themselves are. It also reveals something else as well.

It reveals how they will react to other issues which don't go the way they so desire to reinforce their ways and means. Apparently, as issues slide away from their desired direction, that particular issue will be side-stepped and played down as if it really has no bearing on the Greater Good.

As I was reading and scanning hundreds of posts this morning, I ran across an interesting post by Jules Crittenden. the post is entitled Mood Surge. Is it any wonder why that troll Olberman is eerily silent?

US public opinion on military progress in Iraq has improved sharply since the troops "surge" started in February but a majority of Americans still want soldiers brought home, according to a new poll.

Some 48 per cent of Americans now believe that the US ­military effort in Iraq is going well, compared with 30 per cent in February, according to the latest poll by the Pew Research Center. [...]
As is evidenced by the absolute and total flopping of anti-Americanist Hollyweird films of late, Americans know better than to contribute to the delinquency of minors. Americans are sick and tired of hearing the lies of Hollyweird and the defunct Democratic Party Leadership.

As usual, the whiners at MSLSD were unable to place the poll in perspective and Jules did it for them. Go take a view of the words of wisdom.

They did mention that the majority of Americans, 54%, want the troops to come but what they do not say is that we want them to come home when the job is done. Odd how they "accidentally" omit that "minor detail". The poll can be found here.

Catch the wave...
Financial times...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Barking Moonbat Yaps ITS Yapper


The vast majority of moonbats we slay here at A Newt One often leap to conclusions due to their inability to check their emotions at the door. When they are exposed as being ineffective, uneducated, unknowing and, well, FOS, they get all emotional.

This particular moonbat accused me of banning ITS useless and retarded shiite. Regardless as to who banned the sorry flea-bag is irrelevant. This is our blog and our rules. Our desire for the free flow of rational thought does no infringe on some poor slog's "rights".

The poor troll moonbat does not have the "right" to be deceptive, foul, disruptive and ignorant on this blog. Perhaps on ITS own blog, that would be acceptable.

Regardless, here are the two emails I received:

Mark InIrvine 2:34 pm (44 minutes ago)

date Nov 27, 2007 2:34 PM
subject Ha ha ha - COWARD!
signed-by gmail.com

Hey Stupor: I always knew you were a coward - you can't respond to the information I posted on your web page, so to protect yourself from the embarrassment of being found out to be stupid, you have banned me from posting on your site! Ha ha ha. It is you who are the troll, nitwit! You ask for legal citations and I give them to you, but I knew you wouldn't be able to deal with the actual law from the Supreme Court, rather than your ignorant deluded fantasy of what the law is. What a fucking joke. It's a good thing we have the First Amendment in this Country, because in a decent totalitarian state (like you want to impose on the USA), you'd be shut down immediately as being too stupid to be allowed to pollute the air waves.

And, from the same individual:

you and Unlit probably sit around and masturbate each other while you wait for a real person to bother with your on-line idiocy. ha ha ha
Wow...I am deeply moved. Oh. Wait. Perhaps that is just a bowel movement? No matter. What would you, the reader, gage the age of this pathetic slog to be? They really are all too easy. IT has led ITSELF into the lair to be slaughtered and slain.

Here is the post of contention: Sedition: Why This Law Is Not Enforced

The comments thread is here: Haloscan

This poor deluded and self-righteous arrogant and misguided fool has said similar remarks to Wake Up America when IT got blocked from there as well.

When the trolls get trounced, they get emotional and their stupidity leaks right out of their hinder hole.

Please read the post and then the comments and let us know what you think. It is painfully obvious to us why the troll tried to hijack the topic at hand.


Move America Forward: Trouncing Trolls Under Their Feet

Such a wonderful thing. Check out The Daily File for updates of the Honoring Heroes at the Holidays Tour. Check in frequently and check in every day at a minimum. Therein, you will find the verbal and pictorial coverage.

I especially liked the bags of coal delivered to the Moonbat Tauscher in Walnut Creek!

A Newt One Action Alert: We Have Troops In Korea Also


I am getting ready to send a package to a friends unit stationed in the Republic of Korea. Many soldiers stationed in Korea do not receive any letters of support. If you would like to send a holiday card or two or just a thank you message, please mail it me by Dec. 6th and I will get to them. She has about 90 soldiers in her unit. The address is below! Also I could use more Holiday messages of Joy for the Troops. I have collected over 140 from my kids schools but need many more for the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!

'Operation Joy to the Troops'

Operation America Rising will be collecting Holiday Cards for our Troops stationed overseas. We welcome you to be a part of this noble cause. Get your local schools, churches, businesses, and civic organizations involved. All you have to do is collect holiday messages of Joy for the Troops and mail them to:

Operation Joy to the Troops
P.O. Box 2345
Franklin, NC 28744.

This will be a nationwide tour starting November 26th and ending on December 16th. The goal is to collect 100,000 holiday cards. OAR will deliver the messages of Joy on Wednesday December 12, 2007. It is time to send holiday joy and praise to the men and women that defend our freedom.

If you would like more detailed information email me at robert@operationamericarisingnc.com.

Thanks and God Bless our Troops!

Robert Nelson,
Operation America Rising

The Rodham Falling Hard


Catch the wave...

In light of recent campaign developments, it seems as though The Rodham is falling from her self-imposed pedestal. What happened? Some have said that she was the darling of the once Main Stream Media.
Hillary may not be the politician that her husband(?) is but she does have access to his direction, advise and history. After all, they are married and married couples, theoretically, share their dreams, aspirations, fears and pains. Some have said that Bill and Hillary had been planning this very event for 20+ years...The Plan; 8 years for Bill and then 8 years for Hillary. I am inclined to ignore that premise not because Media Matters said it is false but due to the virtual impossibility that The Alleged Plan could ever play out.

It isn't that Media Matters has any credibility or anything because the outfit is a Hillary Project. It is merely a talking dull prattling on about some odd "conspiracy".

Hillary's campaign weakness has the foundation of inexperience. Living in the White House doesn't give one the experience that a sitting President will have. She may be a keen observer but having not actually performed those duties, how can she lay claim to the appropriate bonafides?

Hillary is no dummy and is indeed quite intelligent. She has been running her campaign as if she was the nominee and everyone one else was merely playing their roles as good little subjects. Such is not the case any longer. She tripped herself up on any number of occasions and people began to look a little harder at the would-be president.

Hillary, as well as the other DNC hopefuls, have been running as if GWB was on the 2008 ticket...Heaven help us. I voted for GWB twice because I was most assuredly not going to vote for Al Gore or John Kerry not because GWB was The Man. However, he is the President and I am dignified enough to respect the position and awesome responsibilities required of the thankless job of being the leader of the free world.
Being the president's spouse has to be very helpful for a future president. It's like an eight-year "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Michael Kinsley
That about sums up Hillary's experience as a leader of any sort. And about her tenure as a United States Senator. Was it not her that once told the people of New York that she wasn't going to run for president?

Does America really need someone that changes their mind by the temperature of the air around them as their President? Recall, if you will, the defining moment of the begin of the collapse of her bid for the White House. Exposing her inability to clearly define her stands on any given issue within the confines of a debate and the atmosphere that brings, how then, can we trust her to withstand the pressures of a President of the United States?

Obama has closed the gap between them and has pulled ahead. The once Main Stream Media has begun their turn away from Hillary and her die-hard following cringe and whimper.

Hillary, at this point in time, is "losing" to any and all GOP Presidential Aspirants and some would say that she can bow out now gracefully...she has had her 15 minutes of fame.

As a side-bar, for a healthy dose of an Election 2008 smorgasbord, visit my friend at Conservatism With Heart.

I wonder what Mark Penn is thinking now since his statement that Hillary will win in 2008 in a rout...

As my friend at Red State says:
Trailing Huckabee has to sting a little...
The CBS interview was truly an exercise in futility...is it any wonder that no one watches the CBS evening news?