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Saturday, November 1, 2008

FINALLY! Prairie Fire Available in pdf Format!


Little Green Footballs has come through with a very important piece of, er, um, uh, literature(?).

William Ayers and the Weather Underground published Prairie Fire a few years back and Zombietime got a hold of it and published excerpts from it. Now, Prairie Fire is available iin three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Catch the buzzlings at Memeorandum.

Keep in mind folks, Obama has yet to throw William Ayers under his bus because he cannot. He is too closely tied to the domestic terrorist. Please refer to this video of sane people talking about the close-knit ties to the questionable allies of Obama.

Also keep in mind that the would-be First Czar of the USSA says that if you want lower taxes, you are just being a selfish person. I suppose if one whines about others being selfish isn't being selfish but, what do I know?

America Is Worth Fighting For But Are You?


Published at Canada Free Press

I delivered this address on the Heading Right Rally today on Political Vindication on Blog Talk Radio. As you read these words, I would like you to compare the character of the men running for the Presidency of the United States and ask yourself which man is more qualified to bring this about.

America Is Worth Fighting For But Are You?

In every man’s being, there is a soul and what a man does with his life determines the character of that soul. A man’s life’s decisions shapes his character and his self-made and self-determined destiny. A man’s plight in life is directly proportional to his efforts, aspirations, dreams and commitment to work his hardest in order to attain and to achieve his goals. He may have a family; either one he belongs to or has established one of his own. He has to determine if that family or his dreams and aspirations are worth the risk of failure in the quest of worthwhile achievements. He has to determine if the satisfaction of success is greater than the risk of failure. Until he is able to overcome the fear of failure, he cannot take the risks involved to succeed. In the end, it is a question of is it worth the fight. If it is not, he becomes that much less of a man.

The same can be said of this Nation we call the United States of America. It took a special breed of man that envisioned this Nation. It took God-fearing men that loved God more than he loved himself to embark on the greatest experiment this world has ever witnessed. The men that envisioned a Nation such as this weighed the costs and determined that a cause greater than themselves was worth the risks of failure and we have reaped the rewards and benefits of such men of vision, character and moral fortitude. There has never been a greater Nation than this, the United States of America. Is she worth fighting for? Absolutely.

The United States of America has been throughout her life the House upon the hill and the Shining Beacon of Hope in a world of darkness, enslavement and despair. Throughout time, she has gone through growing pains and she has recovered and has overcome any and all obstacles put before her. America is funny like that. Leave her alone and the system she was designed as takes care of itself and self-corrects. It is only when man in his infinite ignorance and eternal foolishness gets in the way that she becomes awash in an angry sea of turmoil and confusion. A misguided alignment with God, upon whose teachings she was created and molded after, soon results in an unbridled melee of incomprehensible levels and degrees. It was Godly principles that she was crafted and borne from and with any deviation from those teachings, she becomes confused and gets into trouble. It is only when the vertical alignment of the Nation is corrected and her sights are returned and her gaze is once again focused upon her Foundation does she become calmed and at peace with herself. Is this worth fighting for? Absolutely.

I was talking with a friend the other day and we were talking about people that say things such as, “We need to pray for this country.” We both asked the question, “Where were you in the 1960s when God was removed from school?” Indeed. Shallow comments such as, “we must pray for our country”, echo of hypocrisy. Each and everything we do as a Nation has consequences much like the things a man does in his life has consequences and we must all accept those consequences and weigh these consequences in advance. If we were to weigh the risks of the possible consequences for future generations before we made National decisions for the here and now, I believe we would be close to realizing what our Fore Fathers knew. Faith in God trumps trust in man.

We also talked about chain emails that run around on the internet with questions from people asking why God let such and such happen and where was He when such and such happened. The answers come easy enough but are indeed hard-hitting. When God is removed from one’s life and one’s Nation, God doesn’t come running until invited back. It is as simple as that. It is called Free Will.

This Nation we call America is the only Nation on this planet that was founded on Judeo-Christian values and the values of that time were heavily adhered to without question by the governing body, not necessarily the people. Naturally, man did his best to destroy that seeing that living a Godly life was too hard…it wasn’t worth fighting for and the consequences of that is seen today. However, it isn’t too late to correct that error in judgment. Or is it? Is it worth the fight? Is the risk of failure too great? Is the goal of returning to our roots too costly to outweigh the risks of failure and does that make the fight distasteful? To some, the fight is never worth the effort. It is always easier to say, “This too shall pass.” The problem is, the thing you want to pass never does and those chickens settle in to roost and the only way to rid yourselves of them is to get your hands a little dirty and your clothing a little soiled.

This Nation prospered under Judeo-Christian values and it was only when man decided to slowly remove God from plain sight that America began her downward spiral. It has happened twice in this great land. The first ended with the Great Awakening in the 1800s and she began to prosper once more and she prospered all the way up until the 1920s. During the 1920s she entered into a time of decadence of which she has not yet recovered. It has resulted in a political turmoil equivalent to the time period of the 1860s, roughly. That is the curious thing about this Nation. God always gives us enough rope to hang ourselves with.

It is time for the Great Awakening Part II in this Nation before we enter into another Civil War. There have been too many of our men and women in the United States Armed Services since our birth that have given their all and then some to throw this Nation to the wind and let the godless take her the remaining way into the Abyss of the Eternal Void…the absence of God.

Is America worth fighting for? Absolutely. The question remains, are you?

I would like to end with the following from the Holy Scriptures taken from II Chronicles, 7th Chapter, 14th Verse;

“If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”

Thank you.

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The Party Of Hate

How does the Democratic Party get away with promoting themselves as the party of love, tolerance and change while being hateful, intolerant and completely predictable? Listener Stanley called in to debate the issue. He thought there was enough hate to go around on both sides. I disagreed. Originally recorded on October 23, 2008.

Reject Obama!!

Why we must reject Barack Hussein Obama:

  1. Socialism: he will destroy the economy, rendering all of us impoverished.
  2. Pusillanimity: he will not effectively prosecute the war against Islam either ideologically or militarily.
  3. Treason: violated the Logan Act by attempting to interfere with negotiations with Iraq on troop withdrawal.
  4. Dishonesty: he constantly lies.
  5. Alliances: with domestic terrorists, crooks, race baiters and advocates of international terrorism.
  6. Thugocracy: intimidation tactics against his critics; even exploiting state owned computer databases for the purpose.
  7. Religion:
    1. Atheist: Liar, because he claims to be Christian.
    2. Agnostic: Liar, because he claims to be Christian.
    3. Muslim: Liar because he claims to be Christian.
      1. One of the enemy; obligated to favor Muslims against our national defense & security:
        1. homeland security
        2. Afghanistan & Iraq.
    4. Christian: failed to condemn the Islamic doctrines which sanctify & mandate conquest, genocide & terrorism. As one who studied the Qur'an as a Muslim, he knows about those doctrines. He has no excuse.
Vote as if your liberty & prosperity depend upon it, because they do!!!

I Will Always Vote Against Socialism

With the election only three days away, I thought I'd dumb it down in a short podcast why I won't vote for Barack Obama. I could bring up Williams Ayers, the missing birth certificate, his dreams of a civilian national security force, his lack of experience, his compassion for our enemies, his racist pastor, but I won't do that. The following is a short and simple reason why I won't vote for Barack Obama or anyone who espouses socialistic ideals. When two socialists are running for office, I'll vote against the bigger socialist. What do I have against socialism? Listen up! Originally recorded on October 22, 2008.

From Radarsite to the 'Persuadables': One Final Plea

A message from Radarsite: Is there some subtle distinction between the 'persuadables' and the 'undecideds'? If so, I guess I am not politically astute enough to discern it. However I will say this: if two days before this fateful election you are truly undecided, I find this utterly incomprehensible. Where in the world have you been? What more would it take to move you? If at this late date you are still undecided this means you have remained untouched by the enormous accumulative weight of all of those infamous Obama scandals. All of Reverend Wright's 'Goddam Americas', all of the sinister implications of Obama's Ayers/Weathermen associations, Obama's outrageously cynical manipulations of our troop withdrawal timetables in Iraq, the Rezko scandals, the 'New Party' scandals, his radical African connections, and on and on and on -- none of this had any effect on you whatsover. You still remain undecided. To me this is incredulous.

However, the purpose of this essay -- this final essay -- is not to admonish you, but to appeal to you. And yet if none of the above outrages have moved you from your adamant indecision, what can I possibly bring up here that would do the trick? There is I believe one last argument, one final outrage that just might do it. And it is this:

It is inarguable that our American troops are fighting and dying on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan and even occasionally Pakistan. They are fighting our sworn enemies, enemies who go by multiple names but who are essentially the same people driven by the same bloodthirsty ideology -- Al Qaeda, the Taliban. etc. Whether or not you may have approved of these original military decisions is a moot point: our troops are there and the battles rage on. And our enemies have clearly defined themselves and their goals. They are not undecided, they are not persuadable.

Now I don't know about you but if I found out that our enemy's goals were endorsed and promoted by one of our presidential candidates, if I discovered that our enemy's most respected leaders were calling for the destruction of the opposition party, the Republicans, it would most certainly give me pause. In fact I would find it highly embarrassing to say the least. How could I possibly support a candidate who was enthusiastically supported by our enemies, a candidate whose stated foreign policies would work to their advantage? These facts alone would obliterate my indecision.

This then is my final plea. Please read the following two articles and decide for yourselves how you could in good conscience vote for Barack Hussein Obama. - rg


Qaeda wants Republicans, Bush "humiliated": Web video

From Reuters
Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:15pm EDT

DUBAI (Reuters) - An al Qaeda leader has called for President George W. Bush and the Republicans to be "humiliated," without endorsing a party in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, according to an Internet video posting.

"O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the Worlds, degrade and defy him," Abu Yahya al-Libi said at the end of sermon marking the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr, in a video posted on the Internet.

Libi, a top al Qaeda commander believed to be living in Afghanistan or Pakistan, called for God's wrath to be brought against Bush equating him with past tyrants in history.

The remarks were the first from a leading al Qaeda figure referring, albeit indirectly, to the U.S. elections. Muslim clerics often end sermons by calling on God to guide and support Muslims and help defeat their enemies.
Terrorism monitor SITE Intelligence Group said in a report on Wednesday that militants on al Qaeda-linked websites have for months been debating the significance of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama or Republican John McCain.
Some posters have also argued over the merits of trying to attack the United States before the election or waiting until later, the report said.
But SITE said it did not expect al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden or deputy Ayman al-Zawahri to openly favor a candidate.

"To support a particular candidate would debase al-Qaeda's long-standing argument that the United States government is a corrupt institution no matter who is at the helm," SITE director Rita Katz said in the group's November newsletter.
In 2004 bin Laden issued his first video in more than a year just days before the U.S. elections. It derided Bush and warned of possible new September 11-style attacks.

Bin Laden made little mention of Bush's Democratic challenger, John Kerry, telling Americans: "Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands and each state which does not harm our security will remain safe."

Kerry has attributed his loss in part to the video's high-profile reminder of the terrorism issue.

In 2006, after Democrats captured Congress, Zawahri issued an audio message saying all Americans remained al Qaeda's enemies regardless of party, SITE said.
SITE said militant postings on al Qaeda-linked websites typically discuss Obama in terms of his race, or his religion and foreign policy. Some forecast a racial crisis dividing the United States if he wins. Others say his planned phased withdrawal from Iraq would be a boon to al Qaeda's affiliate and give it a base for Middle East expansion.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain has been portrayed as likely to allow "the continuation of Republican control and aggressive policies toward the Islamic world."

(Additional reporting by Randall Mikkelsen in Washington; editing by Chris Wilson)

Obama on Iraq: Two Disturbing Alternatives

1. The Terrorists On The Importance Of Iraq:

Osama Bin Laden: Baghdad Is "The Capital Of The Caliphate." (Text Of Bin Laden's Audio Message To Muslims In Iraq, Posted On Jihadist Websites, 12/28/04)

Bin Laden: "The Most Important And Serious Issue Today For The Whole World Is This Third World War … Raging In [Iraq]." BIN LADEN: "I now address my speech to the whole of the Islamic nation: Listen and understand. The issue is big and the misfortune is momentous. The most important and serious issue today for the whole world is this Third World War, which the Crusader-Zionist coalition began against the Islamic nation. It is raging in the land of the two rivers. The world's millstone and pillar is in Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate." (Text Of Bin Laden's Audio Message To Muslims In Iraq, Posted On Jihadist Websites, 12/28/04)

Bin Laden: "This Is A War Of Destiny Between Infidelity And Islam." (Text Of Bin Laden's Audio Message To Muslims In Iraq, Posted On Jihadist Websites, 12/28/04)
Bin Laden: "The Whole World Is Watching This War And The Two Adversaries; The Islamic Nation, On The One Hand, And The United States And Its Allies On The Other. It Is Either Victory And Glory Or Misery And Humiliation." (Text Of Bin Laden's Audio Message To Muslims In Iraq, Posted On Jihadist Websites, 12/28/04

Ayman al-Zawahiri: We Must "Establish An Islamic Authority … Over As Much Territory As You Can To Spread Its Power In Iraq … [And] Extend The Jihad Wave To The Secular Countries Neighboring Iraq." ZAWAHIRI: "So we must think for a long time about our next steps and how we want to attain it, and it is my humble opinion that the Jihad in Iraq requires several incremental goals: The first stage: Expel the Americans from Iraq. The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority or emirate, then develop it and support it until it achieves the level of a caliphate – over as much territory as you can to spread its power in Iraq … The third stage: Extend the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq. The fourth stage: It may coincide with what came before: the clash with Israel, because Israel was established only to challenge any new Islamic entity." (Complete Text Of Al-Zawahiri Letter To Al-Zarqawi, 7/9/05, Available At: http://www.dni.gov/press_releases/20051011_release.htm, Accessed 9/5/06)

Bin Laden: "The War Is For You Or For Us To Win. If We Win It, It Means Your Defeat And Disgrace Forever." BIN LADEN: "Finally, I would like to tell you that the war is for you or for us to win. If we win it, it means your defeat and disgrace forever as the wind blows in this direction with God's help." (Bin Laden Threatens New Operations, Offers 'Long-Term Truce,' Posted On Al-Jazirah Net, 1/19/06)

2. Barack Hussein Obama on Iraq War:

"Surge strategy has made a difference in Iraq but failed."

Q: Is Petraeus correct when he says that the troop increase is
bringing security to Iraq?

A: There is no doubt that because we put American troops in Iraq, more American troops in Iraq, that they are doing a magnificent job. They are making a difference in certain neighborhoods. But the overall strategy is failed because we have not seen any change in behavior among Iraq's political leaders. That is the essence of what we should be trying to do in Iraq. That's why I'm going to bring this war to a close. That's why we can get our combat troops out within 16 months and have to initiate the kind of regional diplomacy, not just talking to our friends, but talking to our enemies, like Iran and Syria, to try to stabilize the situation there. This year, we saw the highest casualty rates for American troops in Iraq since this war started. The same is true in Afghanistan. If we have seen a lowering violence rate, that's only compared to earlier this year. We're back to where we started back in 2006.

Source: 2007 Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada Nov 15, 2007

Q: If you get us out of Iraq and somehow al Qaeda takes over anyway, what will you do then?
A: Well, look, if we had followed my judgment originally, we wouldn't have been in Iraq. We're here now. And we've got no good options. We got bad options and worse options. The only way we're going to stabilize Iraq and make sure that al Qaeda does not take over in the long term is to begin a phased redeployment so that we don't have anti-American sentiment as a focal point for al Qaeda in Iraq. We can still have troops in the region, outside of Iraq, that can help on counterterrorism activities, and we've got to make sure that they don't establish long-term bases there. But right now, the bases are in Afghanistan and in the hills between Afghanistan and Pakistan; that's where we've got to focus.

Source: 2007 AFL-CIO Democratic primary forum Aug 8,2007

A short message from Radarsite: Anyone who has read the captured correspondence of the Al-Qaeda leaders concerning the importance that they attach to Iraq, and the central role that Iraq plays in their scheme for a world-wide Caliphate knows how delighted they would be if we followed the advice of Barrack Hussein Obama, and shifted our focus and resources from the oil-rich center of gravity in Iraq, the universally acknowledged keystone to the Middle East, to the mountainous wastelands of Afghanistan.

It is the opinion of this writer, that if we abandoned the Land of the Two Rivers to the enemy now, the long-term strategic consequences of this monumental blunder for our GWOT would be nothing less than disastrous. The idea that we could somehow return to the area if it at some point in the future it became infested with Al-Qaeda is at best naive and ludicrous, and at worst naggingly suspect.

Nothing would suit our enemies in Iraq better than a publicly proclaimed schedule of withdrawal of our troops and their eventual complete pullout.

To this particular observer the absurdity of this plan, which so obviously plays into our enemy's game presents us with one of two troubling alternatives: Either it was purposely designed to enhance the chances for our defeat in this crucial region of the Middle East and enhance the capabilities of our sworn Al-Qaeda enemies, or it is the dangerously delusional bumblings of a hopeless amateur. rg

Original Radarsite article published 2/27/08

Voted by Fox News at GOP Hub

Where Is Obama's Birth Certificate?

Here we are folks, only three days till the election and Barack Obama still hasn't produced his birth certificate. A couple of weeks ago, this issue gained new life when Obama mysteriously suspended his campaign to make an emergency trip to Hawaii to visit his gravely ill grandmother, whom he called racist during the campaign to gain political points. The trip to Hawaii also coincided with Philip Berg's trip to Hawaii in search of Obama's birth certificate. Snooper and I discussed the issue last week after Obama announced the suspension. Since the following broadcast, a liberal judge has dismissed the case. If all of this is nothing more than contrived slander against Obama for political gain, then why doesn't he put the issue to rest and bring forward his birth certificate? Originally recorded on October 22, 2008.

Message To The Fair Weather Eeyores...I Mean Conservatives


Eeyores. Poor things. Hillbuzz has offered up some warnings that some of our Eeyores have obviously already conceded to but there is Hope. And, there is Change.
Obama saved the most important words of his rousing speech in Florida at midnight, with Bill Clinton at his side, for the end: "Power concedes nothing without a fight." In other words, don't rest confident in the polls. If you [want] Obama to be President, make sure you vote, and encourage all of your friends to vote, too.

This is really intended for Republicans who did not follow the primaries on the Democrats’ side this year (because, well, we guess you took a nice long Atlantis cruise to Mars, in which case, color us jealous).

The same pattern that unfolded during our primaries is happening again, because the media has just one tattered old used playbook (written by David Axelrod, of course), and they have not deviated from it yet. What the media and Obama campaign did, in concert, to Hillary Clinton before every major primary is what they are doing to McCain/Palin now. Here are the top three media/Obama head tricks to watch out for in the last days before the election.

If you, collectively, can keep Republicans and other McCain voters from falling for these, we believe there’s nothing Obama can do to win this election. The ONLY way McCain loses is if you Eeyores allow the media to keep you from the polls. [...]
The above is woefully and obviously obvious but the oblivious haven't quite caught on. Fortunately, I have Bragging Rights. I don't fall for anything...except for the occasional April Fool's thing of which I owe CJ a pay back one of these days. And, I have not fallen for any of the above.

The very last entry in the above is exactly what I have been harping on since 2006 on a full time basis. So, without further ado, in short, here are the Three Traps:

(1) Calls for McCain to just give up and quit, because the race is over.
(2) Wild claims of Obama winning states that shock and surprise you.
(3) Repeated insistence that blacks and young people will decide this election, and they are all going to vote in record numbers for Obama.

Click the link provided to read the explanations. The astute won't need to but should any way. The Eeyores are probably licking their wounds - self inflicted by the way - or are too busy pouting and whining that things didn't quite go their way or their predictions are so far off and way off base that no one takes them seriously anymore about anything at the moment. That in itself is a travesty to say the least.

We are at war people. We need Warriors and not whiners. Personally and professionally, I have never had time to baby sit the whiners. The whiners are part of the overall problem in my estimation. I have read prominent and well known bloggers and columnists that have given up the fight. They have become part of the problem. If they have nothing to say in a positive light, they need to shut up, sit down and get out of the way so the Warriors have a Clear Field of Fire. If they don't, they are going to get hit and that will be their problem/issue and not mine. Get over it. Then again, those writers just may never read this but another lowly blogger like myself just might and grow a spine. Remember, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and just might BE the problem.

The war we are engrossed in here in the Home Front doesn't have lead and steel projectiles hurtling through the air - at the moment - but the potential is there. The "liberal feminists" have so spoken it for the very first time that I can remember. The war is all about information and disinformation. In my former line of work, we called it PSYOPS. I was damn good at it back then and I am still damn good at it now.

In previous posts here and here, I posted the "inside data" coming from the Obama Campaign. As I stated in those posts, the information could be what we call a "mind fuck" to be perfectly blunt...it is what it is and I couldn't sugar-coat that one at all. It could be factual. The problem is figuring out from other sources and clues in the open and hidden what the Truth is. One has to be able to detect the rhetoric transitions. One has to be able to detect behavioral deflections, changes and variants. One has to be able to discern body language and be able to detect when someone is using body language to hide the body language being transmitted in an attempt to hide the real body language that is being suppressed from the emanating of the Truth.

One has to be able to determine the facts at hand versus the facts unknown. One has to be able to compare the possible disinformation with the "released" information and the timing of both and then compare that data to the body language of your subject and those surrounding your subject. It helps if one has half a brain because this can surely cause a self-induced "mind fuck". People that have no training in this area really shouldn't try it. I have the training and I have used it for many years. Have I ever been wrong? You betcha. Show me another like myself that says they haven't been wrong and I will show you a liar.

I have said all of the above to say this: Barack Hussein Obama is in trouble. Why else would he be sending the signals that he is indeed a socialist? You say, "WHAT?" I say, "STFU and STFD."

Obama has tried to use the legal system to close down any opposition in recent weeks.

Obama has told his followers to "get in their faces". This was done with no guidelines and is subject to individual interpretation. He can claim plausible deniability.

Obama has had followers start up multiple "associations" which many of us have referred to as Goon or Truth Squads. Several of them are known as the Obama Camps with youth performing Obama Chants and folks call them cute or quaint. Again, he can claim plausible deniability.

Obama has discharged from his Haughtiness, reporters that support the Opposition.

Obama warns that power concedes nothing without a fight. That is code-speak, in case you haven't figured that out yet. It could mean quite a few things. In this instance, it means, I might lose this one this time.

Obama has claimed that if you don't want higher taxes to help your fellow American, you are selfish. I am sure Bashman has something special to say about that one.

Obama has claimed that government can't solve every problem but he wants to grow it bigger because he wants to solve all your problems...by raising your taxes.

McCain has called the trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid the Dangerous Threesome. That is a mouthful and is also Code Speak.

Obama and Pelosi have come out and said to not fear a DNC majority and White House. They said there would be more bi-partisanship than ever before and we all know what that means. Again, it is Code Speak. On the other hand, if there are no worries, then why bother to come out and say such things?

I could go on and on but there are so many instances that I would be here until after the elections writing it all down. One of my many curses is that I can read up to 1200 words a minute and the comprehension and retaining levels are in the 90s. I read a lot.

Not to overstate the very obvious, Obama has outspent McCain nearly 3:1 and the best he can get out of the left-handed pollsters is a dead heat tie? Not that I give any pollster a serious thought since 1976, the evidence of their OBVIOUS slant and spin is the very indicator any honest person needs.

The only way Obama wins this election is if the Eeyores let him win in some sort of mentally ill notion that Obama would be good for the nation in the long run. Not that I think for one minute that Obama is going to win or anything, I want to say the following and you can quote me on this:
"If Obama wins the election and the DNC has control of Congress with a massive majority, when the shit hits the fan, do not - I repeat - do not think for one minute that I will risk my life for yours to clean the fan off."
I have risked my life; I have carried the wounded; I have carried the dead for better people than the Eeyores. I have bled and I have shed blood for better people than the Eeyores. To me, the Eeyores are not worthy of my sacrifice or the sacrifices of millions of others past, present or future. But, we fight for them anyway and don't expect anything in return because we never get it.

So, suck it up. Ruck up. We have a war to win here people.

There are police forces across this nation gearing up for the riots that just might materialize either the 4th or 5th. I have it on good word that this taking place and they are gearing up for the worse and praying for the best. Don't make me tell you, "I told you so."

More at Memeorandum...

Rally For The Conservative Cause!

We're bringing together the finest BTR hosts and Political Speakers to rally for conservatism!

The rally starts out at Political Vindication with Shane and Frank at 5 pm EST

And carries over into Patriot Action Live with Wyatt and Matt at 7 pm EST

Join us as we gear up for election day and present speeches throughout the evening by prominent BTR hosts, YouTube personalities, and fan favorites.

HILARIOUS! Video of the Day: "That's the Last Thing We Need When We're Trying to Elect an African-American as President"

I couldn't resist this one for very long folks.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack Obama: Snake Oil Salesman

In his biography, Obama described himself as "a blank screen and people of widely different views project what they want to hear." He spins a nebulous web of deceit; Sally Stupid hears him promising to solve all her problems and walks away ecstatic.

I am republishing an old post: Barack Obama: Snake Oil Salesman, because it contains vital truths which the electorate needs to be aware of when they cast their ballots. Please cross post and disseminate through email.

Barack Obama makes audiences swoon with his eloquent speeches, yet they come away unable to explain what he said. Examine his announcement speech. It panders to populism, assigning blame for all problems to corporate heads & politicians, obviously Republicans. It spins a web of superficiality, leaving large gaps for the listener to fill in with his own imagination. If the listener is not careful, she comes away believing that Obama promised her exactly what she wanted, regardless of her own political leaning.

Here is a sample from His March 2, 2007 speech to AIPAC.

Back in January of 2006, I made my first trip to the Holy Land. It is a
place unlike any other on this earth – a place filled with so much
promise of what we truly can be as people; a place where we’ve learned
how in a flash, violence and hatred and intolerance can turn that promise
to rubble and send too many lives to their early graves.

What does this mean :"a place filled with so much promise of what we truly can be as people"? How does the Levant communicate anything of America's potential? The clause is a gossamer web spun from fecal matter. It has no rational meaning of its own.

At that height, I could see the hills and the terrain that generations have
walked across. I could truly see how close everything is and why peace
through security is the only way for Israel.

What is the meaning of this: "why peace through security is the only way for Israel." Exactly nothing, fill in the blanks!

Our job is to never forget that the threat of violence is real. Our job
is to renew the United States’ efforts to help Israel achieve peace with
its neighbors while remaining vigilant against those who do not share this
vision. Our job is to do more than lay out another road map; our job is
to rebuild the road to real peace and lasting security throughout the
What lunacy: "our job is to rebuild the road to real peace and lasting security throughout the region."! The road to peace passes through the Islamic cemetery. Obama has no intention to travel that road. There can be neither peace nor security while Islam exists. This is the fact no politician is willing to face.

Eloquent speech, flowing rhetoric without intrinsic meaning, flowing smoothly about the listener's preconceptions, leaving a warm wet sensation of satisfaction without real value. Its like substituting spiced sawdust for oatmeal. Islam's canon of tradition and exegesis provides us a hint about Senator Obama's rhetoric. [Sahih Bukhari]

Volume 7, Book 71, Number 662:

Allah's Apostle said. Some eloquent speech is as effective as magic.'

Volume 9, Book 87, Number 127:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "I have been given the keys of eloquent speech [...]

From Ibn Kathir's Tafsir:

These poems, conform with the popular statement, "The most eloquent speech is the one that contains the most lies!''[...] Yet, one will only be able to find one or two sentences in many long poems that elaborate on the main theme of the poem, while the rest of the poem contains insignificant descriptions and repetitions.

Berg v Obama: Ph.D. Says "Standing" is not in The Constitution

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Conservative Edge has published a piece by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
Obama Must Stand Up or Step Down Now Thanks to Brian Goettl

Edwin Vieira, Jr., holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School).

For more than thirty years he has practiced law, with emphasis on constitutional issues. In the Supreme Court of the United States he successfully argued or briefed the cases leading to the landmark decisions...
This is one you must read for yourself, and please, do not read the following as this blog speaking for Dr. Vieira - because I'm not. Here's my interpretion, and what I consider to be the short story:

Background: Barack Obama's natural-born citizenship has been questioned. A Philadelphia attorney, Philip Berg, filed suit in a Philadelphia Federal Court to require that Obama show proof of his natural-born status. The Court dismissed that case with Judge Surrick saying that Berg did not have "standing," meaning that he was not eligible to bring the case, and also that no injury had happened to the American people and until there was an "injury" there was no case.

Dr. Vieira has a differing opinion:

Vieira thinks Philip Berg has a case - meaning that in Dr. Vieira's opinion, America has the right to know that Obama is a natural-born citizen.

"Standing" - Not constitutional, but "judicial intervention"
Vieira says that the term "standing" is not to be found in the Constitution and is simply something derived within the legal system. He points to Article II, Section 1, Claure 4 of the Constitution, and says that "every American has what lawyers call 'a implied cause of action.' He goes on to say that the people have the implied cause of action "to require that anyone standing for "the Office of President" must verify his eligibility for that position, when "serious" allegations have been put forward. It appears that Vieira believes those serious allegations have been presented.

"Injury" - We have already, indeed, been injured.
Vieira believes that if Obama is not a natural-born citizen, then "injury" has already happened - just as many of us have expressed. He mentions Hillary Clinton's lost White House bid and the States that illegally placed Obama's name on their ballots. Obviously, if Obama's White House bid is fraudulent, the entire country has been harmed, and as he says - it could destroy the country.

Ironically, Vieira points out that should any "usurper" ascend to the office of the President of the United States, Congress could not impeach him to get him out of the office.

He muses about the possibility of having an "outright usurper" elected...a "poser" in the Presidency. Vieira says this would set our country on a "course of judicially assisted political suicide." He discusses the crime of perjury or false swearing, and he says that every act committed under such a fraud would render every act by that person as a criminal offense.

I did not find in the article, Dr. Vieira discussing why it seems there is no Law requiring that candidates show proof of natural-born status before being allowed to file for office.

He points out what an exasperated populace has been saying: it is Obama's moral duty to produce the evidence of his natural-born status. I will add that if the Democrat National Committee has vetted this issue, and DOES know, without a doubt that he is qualified for the Oval Office...then it is unconscionable that they would not have gotten the message to America.

Is this the simple arrogance of Obama having the proof but refusing to produce it...just because he can. If so, why would the DNC and Congress do this to "the people?"

Read Dr. Vieira here.

Weathermen Violence: Someone Remembers

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I received a comment from the daughter of police officer who lost his friend and fellow officer in a Black Liberation Army murder, known as the Brinks robbery of 1981, in Nyack, New York. Bill Ayers' fellow Weather Underground bomber, Kathy Boudin, as well as other Weathermen, was involved in the Nyack shootings. I've asked for permission to add the comment here, so let's begin with this from Christine:

The first time I ever saw my Father cry was the day his friend Officer Brown was shot in the line of duty by the Weather Underground, in my hometown of Nyack NY.

Later, Dad was asked to serve as a sharpshooter on the courthouse roof at the arraignment of the survivors (several of them died too at the shootout over a Brinks truck they were trying to steal).

Dad refused that job, he didn't trust himself to be just to the Greenwich Village protesters who'd traveled up from the city to hurl racial slurs at our dead in support of the criminals.

Officer Brown's fiancee worked at Nyack hospital with my Mom. The whole hospital was convulsed as they had to care for the wounded killers as well as their neighbors.

How ironic that a movement supposedly in favor of lifting up African Americans did their work by shooting an African American man well known for mentoring young men in our town.

Has Ayers repented from his works, or merely implemented them in a respectable place? I was in 6th grade when I saw where his ideas lead.
Christine has further clarified to me that it was not the Weather Underground but the Black Liberation Army that caused the deaths, but as I told her, there is a definite connection between the two.

William Ayers continues to say that the Weathermen ALWAYS notified their bomb targets that a bomb would be exploding within minutes. Hofstra University Professor Alan Singer, a spokesman for a recent petition in support of Bill Ayers' "character," a petition with some-3200 signatures, recently said in an interview that Ayers' actions placed no one's life was in jeopardy. We know that is not true.

Here is how Christine's story is related to Bill Ayers?

After the Weather Underground's extensive and successful bombings of U.S. Federal buildings, the group's bomb makers huddled in a New York townhouse basement, building a bomb to blow up a military dance at Fort Dix, NJ. The bomb blew early...killing three Weathermen - one of which was Bill Ayers' love interest, and sending one occupant who was taking a shower at the time of the explosion, into the streets, naked and bleeding. Her name is Kathy Boudin and she is a Weather Undergrounder. The townhouse owner, and also a Weatherman, Cathy Wilkerson, also survived.

The Townhouse
No lives at jeopardy?

Meanwhile, the fire consumed the townhouse as gas lines exploded and windows shattered into the street. But firefighters were able to get hoses on the inferno quickly and soon, it was brought under control. In the early evening, a man's body was found in the basement and a short time later, a woman's torso was discovered on the first floor. Police also found several handbags with personal identifications that were stolen from college students over the previous few months. Late that same night, cops located at least 60 sticks of dynamite, a live military antitank shell, blasting caps and several large metal pipes packed solid with explosives. Neighbors, including actor Dustin Hoffman, who lived next door, began leaving in droves. Read here.
Boudin and the Weather Underground were now forever tied with the first domestic terrorism building bombing in New York City. Eleven years after the self-detonation of the bomb makers in the townhouse, Boudin came out of hiding and for whatever reasons, and joined the Black Liberation Army.

In Nyack, New York the plan was to hold up a Brinks security truck. Boudin was slated to drive the getaway vehicle, and David Gilbert (at times identified as Boudin's husband) was there also. The heavily armed and trigger-happy Black Liberation Army quickly shot one security guard dead and critically wounded a second, took the money, and jumped in the back of Boudin's getaway truck.
Kathy Boudin

They sped away with the BLA in the back of the truck. In the resulting chaos, Gilbert was at the wheel and Boudin in the passenger seat. Two police officers stopped the getaway truck. Members of the Black Liberation Army broke from the back of the truck and mowed down the officers in cold blood. The dead were Sergeant Edward O'Grady, and Officer Waverly Brown.

Officer Brown was Christine's father's friend and fellow officer. He was an Air Force veteran of the Korean War. He was the first Black American member of Nyack's police department, and had served his community as a policeman for 15 years at the time of his murder. His friends called him "Chipper."
Later, Dad was asked to serve as a sharpshooter on the courthouse roof at the arraignment of the survivors (several of them died too at the shootout over a Brinks truck they were trying to steal).

Dad refused that job, he didn't trust himself to be "just" to the Greenwich Village protesters who'd traveled up from the city to hurl racial slurs at our dead in support of the criminals.

Officer Brown's fiancee worked at Nyack hospital with my Mom. The whole hospital was convulsed as they had to care for the wounded killers as well as their neighbors.

How ironic that a movement supposedly in favor of lifting up African Americans [BLA] did their work by shooting an African American man well known for mentoring young men in our town.

Has Ayers repented from his works, or merely implemented them in a respectable place? I was in 6th grade when I saw where his ideas lead.
Kathy Boudin said she was just a "white decoy" in the whole affair. She had a 14 month old son at the time of the Black Liberation Army murders. Boudin spent 22 years of a 20 years-to-life sentence. She was paroled in Fall of 2003 to loud protests. Her son, Chesa Boudin, was raised by Weather Undergrounders, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

From Outlaws of America, by Dan Berger,
In a communique, Weather urged people to support the BLA as one of many righteous expressions of Black anger at racism.
Sgt. Edward O'Grady II was the other Nyack policeman shot to death that day. He was a former U.S. Marine, he served two tours in Vietnam, he worked as a volunteer fire fighter, and he was the youngest member of the police force to achieve the rank of Sergeant. His son went on to graduate the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Black Liberation Army armed robbers were:
Mutulu Shakur, Duwasi Balagoon, Sekou Odinga, Cecilio Fergusan, Solomon Bouines

Former Weather Undergrounders and May 19th Communist Organization involved:
David Gilbert, Samuel Brown, Judith Alice Clark, Kathy Boudin, Marilyn Buck

Related Research:
Guardian Observer
Ambush: The Brinks Robbery of 1981
Officer Down Memorial Page - Officer Waverly L. Brown
Officer Down Memorial Page - Sergeant Edwar J. O'Grady, Jr.
Megyn Kelly Levels Hofstra Professor

The Confessions Of A Disenfranchised Hillary Supporter


In a previous post here, I brought to your attention the "internals" of the Barack Campaign and how truly desperate they are. They know they have no chance of winning this election fairly and that Obama is indeed a plant. I have said this from the very beginning. My statement that he has been a plant from the beginning has been bolstered and confirmed by his complete and total lack of disclosure. All of his records are sealed from the public - the public he has stated that he wants to lead. He doesn't want to lead us. His handlers and enablers don't want to lead us. They want to CONTROL us. And that is the bottom line. He most assuredly is not a United States Natural Born Citizen...not by a long shot.
America is facing potentially the gravest constitutional crisis in her history. Barack Obama must either stand up in a public forum and prove, with conclusive documentary evidence, that he is “a natural born Citizen” of the United States who has not renounced his American citizenship-or he must step down as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States-preferably before the election is held, and in any event before the Electoral College meets. Because, pursuant to the Constitution, only “a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of th[e] Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President” (Article II, Section 1, Clause 4). And Obama clearly was not “a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of th[e] Constitution.”

Whether the evidence will show that Obama is, or is not, “a natural born Citizen” who has never renounced his American citizenship is an open question. The arguments on both sides are as yet speculative. But Obama’s stubborn refusal to provide what he claims is “his own” country with conclusive proof on that score compels the presumption that he knows, or at least strongly suspects, that no sufficient evidence in his favor exists. After all, he is not being pressed to solve a problem in quantum physics that is “above his pay grade,” but only asked to provide the public with the original copy of some official record that establishes his citizenship. The vast majority of Americans could easily do so. Why will Obama not dispel the doubts about his eligibility-unless he can not?

Now that Obama’s citizenship has been seriously questioned, the burden of proof rests squarely on his shoulders. The “burden of establishing a delegation of power to the United States * * * is upon those making the claim.” Bute v. Illinois, 333 U.S. 640, 653 (1948). And if each of the General Government’s powers must be proven (not simply presumed) to exist, then every requirement that the Constitution sets for any individual’s exercise of those powers must also be proven (not simply presumed) to be fully satisfied before that individual may exercise any of those powers. The Constitution’s command that “[n]o Person except a natural born Citizen * * * shall be eligible to the Office of President” is an absolute prohibition against the exercise of each and every Presidential power by certain unqualified individuals. Actually (not simply presumptively or speculatively) being “a natural born Citizen” is the condition precedent sine qua non for avoiding this prohibition. Therefore, anyone who claims eligibility for “the Office of President” must, when credibly challenged, establish his qualifications in this regard with sufficient evidence. [...] Read the rest
We have all heard Barack pitifully responding to the "socialism or socialistic" charges of his statements to Joe The Plumber and back in 2001. We also know about him "carefully making the proper friends" as he so states in his pathetic memoir - close ties to the radicals and MARXISTS. Yes, he said MARXISTS in his book. He tries to spin that but Truth cannot be spun. He tries to say "McCain calls me a socialist because I want to give the middle class a tax break". No, fool. You know that you are lying. You are classified as a socialist or Marxist because of your associations and that which you have said yourself, QUOTING Karl Marx as if those words were your own. The "redistribution" verbiage is the key, Barack. You spilled the beans that we True American Patriots have known for DECADES and you, Barack, are too dumb to admit that a man outed you and that the man that outed you was a plumber. Remember your words, Barack? "A plumber? A plumber is what he is fighting for!" Idiot.

One of his spinmeisters said the other day that the socialistic allegations merely reveals how McCain and Palin cannot "end the virtue of selfishness". I took it from that statement that NOT being or not becoming a socialist is expressing your selfishness. I have something to say to that moron...DROP DEAD.

For the past few decades, the American Liberal had to shed the moniker of "liberal". Why? Because it had become synonymous with "socialism". They changed their "tag line" to "Progressive". Why? Because they had to dump the "socialist" ties to Marxism as was expressed by the Founders of the ACLU. It was also stated in the 1920s that Americans would never accept socialism or Marxism so it was disguised as "liberalism". That is historical fact.

Now, "Progressives" try and give the impression that they are "progressing" towards a "more perfect union". That is poli-speak for "we are going to PC your ass into submission and once that is accomplished, we will have it all and you will be subjects of us and not the other way around you capitalist whore you". Wake up people. Read the List of 45 and then try and prove me wrong - if you have the guts to do so.

Over at Redstate, there is a post that needs to be spread far and wide because it is not too late to defeat Obama in a stunning and crushing way. We have the power to do so regardless of the ancient and now defunct MSM now the LSM, Lame Stream Media. We are the MAIN STREET MEDIA. We took the streets away from the anti-Americanists as they berated our Troops, burned our Flags and spouted Hate Speech idiocy at President Bush. I want you to read every word very carefully. There is a chance that this is disinformation but I doubt it. Why do I doubt it? I doubt it because he coincides with that which I hear nearly every day on college campuses across North Texas and beyond. So, without further ado:
After a long and careful consideration of all the implications and possible consequences of my actions today, I have decided to go through with this in the hope that our country can indeed be guided into the right direction. First, a little personal background… I am a female grad student in my 20’s, and a registered Democrat. During the primaries, I was a campaign worker for the Clinton candidacy. I believed in her and still do, staying all the way to the bitter end. And believe me, it was bitter. The snippets you’ve heard from various media outlets only grazed the surface. There was no love between the Clinton and Obama campaigns, and these feelings extended all the way to the top. Hillary was no dope though, and knew that any endorsement of Obama must appear to be a full-fledged one. She did this out of political survival. As a part of his overall effort to extend an olive branch to the Clinton camp and her supporters, Obama took on a few Hillary staff members into his campaign. I was one such worker. Though I was still bitterly loyal to Hillary, I still held out hope that he would choose her as VP. In fact, there was a consensus among us transplants that in the end, he HAD to choose her. It was the only logical choice. I also was committed to the Democratic cause and without much of a second thought, transferred my allegiance to Senator Obama.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets here, and this is not because I enjoy the gossip or the attention directed my way. I’m doing this because I doubt much of you know the true weaknesses of Obama. Another reason for my doing this is that I am lost faith in this campaign, and feel that this choice has been forced on many people in this country. Put simply, you are being manipulated. That was and is our job – to manipulate you (the electorate) and the media (we already had them months ago). Our goal is to create chaos with the other side, not hope. I’ve come to the realization (as the campaign already has) that if this comes to the issues, Barack Obama doesn’t have a chance. His only chance is to foster disorganization, chaos, despair, and a sense of inevitability among the Republicans. It has worked up until now. Joe the Plumber has put the focus on the issues again, and this scares us more than anything. Being in a position to know these things, I will rate what the Obama campaign already knows are their weak links from the most important on down.

1 – Hillary voters. Internal polling suggests that at best, we are taking 70-75% of these voters. Other estimates are as low as 60% in some areas – particularly Ohio and western PA. My biggest problem with this campaign’s strategy was the decision NOT to offer Hillary the VP slot. She was ready and able to take this on, and would have campaigned enthusiastically for it. This selection would have also brought virtually all of her supporters into the fold, and the Obama campaign knew it. Though I have no way of knowing this for certain, and I do admit that I am relying on internal gossip, Senator Obama actually went against the advice of his top advisors. They wanted him to choose her, but the only significant opposition to this within the campaign came from Barack and Michelle Obama. In short, he let personal feelings take precedence over what was the most logical thing to do. Biden, by the way, has been a disaster inside the campaign. Everyone cringes whenever he gives an interview, and he creates so many headaches as the campaign has to stay on their toes in order to disseminate information and spin whatever it was he was trying to say.

2 – Sarah Palin. Don’t believe what the media is telling you about how horrible a choice she was. Again, our internal polling suggest that though she has had a minimal impact on pulling disaffected Hillary Democrats to McCain, she has done wonders in mobilizing the base for McCain. Another thing – we were completely taken by surprise with her pick. In my capacity in the research department, I looked into the backgrounds of Leiberman, Romney, Pawlenty and Ridge, and prepared briefs. I don’t mind bragging that we had pretty good stuff on all of them. With Leiberman, the plan was to paint him as an erratic old-timer who didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing (pretty much a clone of McCain). In Romney, we had him pegged as an evil capitalist who cut jobs. Pawlenty was going to get the “Quayle treatment”, or more precisely: a pretty face, with no valid experience. Tom Ridge was going to be used to provide a direct link from McCain to Bush. As you can see, we were quite enamored of all of them. Then the unexpected happened – Sarah Palin. We had no clue as to how to handle her, and bungled it from the start. Though through our misinformation networks, we have successfully taken some of the shine off. But let there be no doubt. She remains a major obstacle. She has singlehanded solidified “soft” Republican support, mobilized the McCain ground game, and has even had some appeal to independents and Hillary voters. This is what our internal polling confirms.

3 – Obama’s radical connections. Standards operating procedure has been to cry “racism” whenever one of these has been brought up. We even have a detailed strategy ready to go should McCain ever bring Rev. Wright up. Though by themselves they are of minimal worth, taken together, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Pfelger, and now, Rashid Khalili, are exactly what the campaign does not need. The more focus on them, the more this election becomes a referendum on Obama. The campaign strategy from the very beginning was to make this election a referendum on Bush. Strategists have been banging their head on how successfully McCain has distanced himself from Bush. This has worked, and right now the tide is in his favor. People are taking a new look at Barack Obama, and our experience when this happens tells us this is not good news at all. When they take a look at him, one or more of these names are bound to be brought up. McCain has wisely not harped on this in recent weeks and let voters decide for themselves. This was a trap we set for him, and he never fully took the bait. Senator Obama openly dared him to bring up Ayers. This was not due to machismo on the part of Obama, but actually due to campaign strategy. Though McCain’s reference to Ayers fell flat in the last debate, people in the Obama campaign were actually disappointed that he didn’t follow through on it more and getting into it. Our focus groups found this out: When McCain brings these connections up, voters are turned off to him. They’d rather take this into consideration themselves, and when this happens, our numbers begin to tank.

4 – The Bradley Effect. Don’t believe these polls for a second. I just went over our numbers and found that we have next to no chance in the following states: Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire and Nevada. Ohio leans heavily to McCain, but is too close to call it for him. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa are the true “toss up states”. The only two of these the campaign feels “confident” in are Iowa and New Mexico. The reason for such polling discrepancy is the Bradley Effect, and this is a subject of much discussion in the campaign. In general, we tend to take a -10 point percentage in allowing for this, and are not comfortable until the polls give us a spread well over this mark. This is why we are still campaigning in Virginia and Pennsylvania! This is why Ohio is such a desperate hope for us! What truly bothers this campaign is the fact that some pollsters get up to an 80% “refuse to respond” result. You can’t possibly include these into the polls. The truth is, people are afraid to let people know who they are voting for. The vast majority of these respondents are McCain supporters. Obama is the “hip” choice, and we all know it.

As part of my research duties, I scour right wing blogs and websites to get somewhat of a “feel” as to what is being talked about on the other side. Much of it is nonsense, but there are some exceptions which give the campaign jitters. A spirited campaign has been made to infiltrate many pro-Hillary sites and discredit them. A more disorganized, but genuine effort has also been made to sow doubts among the unapologetically right wing sites such as redstate.com. Don’t you guys get it? This has been the Obama campaign’s sole strategy from the very beginning! The only way he wins is over a dispirited, disorganized, and demobilized opposition. This is how it has been for all of his campaigns. What surprises me is that everyone has fallen for it. You may point to the polls as proof of the inevitability of all of this. If so, you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. How did we skew these polls, you might ask? It all starts with the media “buzz” which has been generated over the campaign. Many stories are generated on the powerful Obama ground game, and how many new voters were registered. None of this happens by coincidence. It is all part of the poll-skewing process. This makes pollsters change their mixes to reflect these new voters and tilt the mix more towards Democratic voters. What is not mentioned or reported on is not the “under-reported cell phone users or young voters” we hear so much about. What is underreported is you.

I changed my somewhat positive opinion of this campaign during the unfair and sexist campaign against Sarah Palin. I will never agree with her on the issues and will probably never vote for her, but I am embarrassed of what has happened. I can’t ignore our own hand in all of this. What I do know is that I will not be voting for Obama this time around. Treat that as you will.
Atlas Shrugs adds the following:
Go read it. I am telling it folks, it is ours ............... no normal person is going to elect the Mansorian candidate. Obama is a plant. Now get out the vote -- we have massive voter fraud to overrcome.
AMEN! This is our election people and we will win this, naysayers be damned.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Exit Poll of Actual American Votes Shows Huge Win for McCain

Coutesy of Naomi Ragen
From National Review Online
From journalist Tom Gross
Thursday, October 30, 2008, 08.53 AM

Within the last hour, the first exit poll of 817 Americans in Israel, who attended U.S. election voting events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on Tuesdayevening to vote by absentee ballot, has been released. A startling 76 percent of those polled said that they had voted for John McCain. This contrasts sharply with pre-election polls of American Jews in the U.S., which indicate a strong preference for Obama. The exit poll findings of American voters in Israel are all the more surprising because less than one in four were registered Republicans, and 46% of registered Democrats living in Israel said they had crossed party lines to vote McCain. By contrast, the Republican crossover to Obama wasminimal - just 2%. The votes are significant as almost half of the 42,000 registered U.S.voters living in Israel come from key swing states including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.In the 2000 and 2004 elections, Israel had the third-largest group of American voters abroad, after Canada and Britain.

The exit poll was commissioned by Votefromisrael.org, an independent,non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting voter registration and participation amongst American citizens living in Israel.


More than half of the respondents listed foreign policy (including Israel and Iran policy) as the most important factor influencing their vote.Separately, in a poll for the country's largest newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, most Israelis in general (not just Americans living in Israel) said they would prefer McCain because they are concerned about the anti-Israeli positions of many of the people Barack Obama has appointed to advise him onforeign policy, and because - in the words of French President Nicolas Sarkozy as quoted in Tuesday's Ha'aretz newspaper - Obama's stance on Iranis "utterly immature" and comprised of "formulations empty of all content." In most countries, according to opinion polls, if the local populations had a vote in next week's American elections, they would choose Obama over McCain. Among the exceptions (where McCain would win) are Israel, Iraq, Georgia and the Philippines (all countries that have had to cope with terrorism).

United States Navy Names Vessel After Michael Monsoor


Roger That

HT Ace

The second ship in the Navy's new class of destroyers will carry the name of Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Michael Monsoor.

Ann Coulter Nails The Liberals - AGAIN!


"Liberals indignantly reject the label "domestic terrorists" for former Weathermen, preferring to call them "future Cabinet members."

McCain-Palin Ticket - On Its Way To the White House


Don't know how accurate this is but it is said that the Alien has withdrawn its support for Obama and has thrown in with McCain. I thought that was "Rather" interesting. Some say that the Alien is Sarah Palin but no one is quite sure. The Alien has been seen with President Bush on several occasions but the Commander of Area 51 could not be reached. However, sessions in the hot tub with Cindy McCain may have done the trick. In other news, apparently the Get Out The Early Vote has worked out in favor of the McCain-Palin Campaign.

RWS has discovered the following report:
Although more Democrats than Republicans have voted early in Florida by a margin of 54 percent to 30 percent among the 1.4 million voters who have voted already, guess what???? A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll of those Florida voters gave McCain a 49-45 lead over Obama.

In other words, my friends, many Democrats are voting for McCain.
I guess that explains the Upper Echelon defections from Obama recently. While that is indicative of what we will see around the country, MMISWT has this report...it seems that Barack is going to lose Florida for several reasons:
Saw a clip from the tape. Reason we can't release it is because statements Obama said to rile audience up during toast. He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" plus there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."

It would be really controversial if it got out. That's why they will not even let a transcript get out.
Oh darn, drat and double drat. The suspense is killing Barack in the voting booths. So, with the above data being duplicated across the Nation, when coupled to this report from Right Truth, I just have to chuckle when I hear people from all stripes proclaiming an Obama victory BEFORE the election polling places haven't closed yet. Did I miss 11/4/08 already? Isn't tomorrow Halloween? And, isn't Halloween BEFORE 11/4/08? Just curious but help me out here, please. The report is entitled, "Obama was selected, tutored, groomed, scripted, and financed by Radical Marxist/Socialists." Go check it out. There are videos to view and well written reports to read. We already know that Obama is a Marxist but Right Truth has it all lined out for you. It also lays out the various terrorist factions that all for an Obama presidency. Gee. I wonder why that might be.

As Obama yammers on and on trying to spin out of the Socialist Label he has admitted to several times while trying to refute it, his family members abroad and Stateside live in squalor. WHy does he not "share his wealth around" if it so damn good for everyone? Oh. Wait. He wants to spread YOUR money around and not his own. I find that to be a typical DNC Double Standard. Dan Riehl answers it here - the anti-Capitalists love THEIR money. In addition, JMF wants to know are there any Obama family members n ot living in squalor?

I have already posted on this but I will do so again...ACORN folks are testifying in voter fraud investigations that Barack Obama IS IN FACT funneling money to ACORN and is indeed involved WITH ACORN. Gee. Go figure. Another lie from a damned socialist Obama.
HARRISBURG -- A former staffer for an affiliate of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now testified today that the organization was provided a "donor list" from the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in late 2007 for fundraising efforts.

Anita Moncrief, a former Washington, D.C. staffer for Project Vote, which she described as a sister organization of ACORN, said her supervisor told her the list of campaign contributors came from the Obama campaign. Moncrief said she has a copy of a "development plan" that outlines how Obama contributors who had "maxed out" under federal contribution limits would be targeted to give to Project Vote, and that it was her job to identify such contributors.
Oh. Wait. That was then. This is now and what happened then has no bearing on the now. I forgot. (Michelle Malkin has more.) So, if the now is what matters, how will the Obama Goons handle the fact that Americans trust McCain over Obama with the economy?

The very vigilant and diligent folks at Q&O have this to say (they weren't saying this a while back):
You know, I’m beginning to beleive that McCain will win this thing!
Could the polls be wrong?

Sen. John McCain and his allies say that they are. The country, they say, could be headed to a 2008 version of the famous 1948 upset election, with McCain in the role of Harry S. Truman and Sen. Barack Obama as Thomas E. Dewey, lulled into overconfidence by inaccurate polls.

"We believe it is a very close race, and something that is frankly very winnable," Sarah Simmons, director of strategy for the McCain campaign, said yesterday.
Wow, Obama is collapsing! McCain is surging into election day! This thing is turni—

Huh? What does that next line say?
Few analysts outside the McCain campaign appear to share this view.
Ah. Well. That’s different, then.
OOPS! Folks outside the McCain Camp don't agree. Wow. Really? What else should we expect from Marxists? On that note, please take a gander at No Compromise. They have the explanation everyone needs to know about polls. In short:
* What if 40% of the balls have personally chosen to live in an urn that you legally can’t stick your hand into?
* What if 50% of the balls who live in the legal urn explicitly refuse to let you select them?
* What if the balls inside the urn are constantly interacting and talking and arguing with each other, and can decide to change their color on a whim?
* What if you have to rely on the balls to report their own color, and some unknown number are probably lying to you?
* What if you’ve been hired to count balls by a company who has endorsed blue as their favorite color?
* What if you have outsourced the urn-ball counting to part-time temp balls, most of whom happen to be blue?
* What if the balls inside the urn are listening to you counting out there, and it affects whether they want to be counted, and/or which color they want to be?
WOW! You'll have to read the entire post to figure out what they are talking about. Bottom line? Scientific estimations can be manipulated.

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