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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Higher Plane of Morality of the Enemy


I have been remiss in writing on this but I cannot hold back any longer. Political correctness is a cancer in this nation and that cancer has spread to the USMC. I suppose that we can't risk offending murderous scum Jihadi thugs "over there" or "over here". But, we should just consider ourselves lucky that we have more class than the murdering scum Jihadis and the whores of CAIR and those that worship at the trouser openings of similar Jihadi scum. My bad. The PC Nazis can kiss my ass.

Those that have more class than we do have announced and proclaimed Obama as an apostate - JUST LIKE I HAVE DONE - and I have been called "bad names" for it. I guess you have to have class to get away with it even though it is true. Obama is an apostate Muslim - once born and Islami scum, always an Islami scum whether or not one is apostate or not. It doesn't matter. It is Shar'ia Law. I call that another case of vindication. This data has been made known for a very long time and if Obama is as smart as he claims to be, he would have known this also.

Once again, the fraud Obama claims that he alone will fix all there is to fix by sucking on the loins of the enemy. Simply amazing. After all, our moral standards in the country are so much lower than those of the Islami scum nations. We don't stone our pregnant women...we just murder their babies. We don't hang our gays...we let them subvert the Constitution. We don't "kidnap" those that dissent...we let them tell the enemy our State Secrets. There's more but I am sure you get the point. Crusader Rabbit has more. Czarbie and the morons that "selected" him are so much m ore moral than anyone else...just ask the idiots. They will confirm it. No wonder the Jihadi scum are laughing at us.

The Higher Moral Taliban throw acid at girls that do not conform and now that threat may be coming Stateside. Glad to have the Higher Moral people paying us a visit.

The Global Warming Myth


Incredible. Global Warming causes suicide bombings in Baghdad. WOW. Remember the theory of cause and affect? Well, the libtards, in their quest to rewrite everything they possibly can get away with have no rewritten the cause and affect thing. It is now the affect causes the cause theory. That is about par with the liberal pathology. But, we shouldn't be too surprised actually seeing that liberalism is a confirmed mental disorder. Even the Chief Pathological Fraud admits that GW is a "natural event". Go figure. Those poor Mayans and all that don't ya know? Even Hollyweird is rethinking the whole scam.

Yet the true fear mongers are out in full swing because the other frauds Obama and Pelosi are still trying to peddle their lies to the stupid and easily led. Let's face the Truth shall we? Global Warming is a fraud. It's a Global Freeze that's coming.


Islam Is A Fraud


No wonder the democrats are all in favor of the Jihadi scum bastards!

Up to some time ago I was convinced that Muhammad was a historical figure. Although I always based my thinking on the assumption that the Islamic historical narrative regarding Muhammad was very unreliable, I had no doubts that at least the basic lines of his biography were historically correct.

I have now moved away from this position and will soon publish a book in which I will, among other things, comment on this question and explain my arguments in more detail. This essay is only a short summary of my most important arguments. It also deals with the question of what implications historical-critical research has for the Islamic theory and how I deal with my research results as a theologian. [...] read the rest

War News Update: What In The World?


Published at Canada Free Press

I haven't done a War News Update in quite a while due to the fervor of the elections quagmire but now that it is almost over, I will begin these updates at least once a week. I do have nearly 700+ dispatches saved up so expect a flurry of data that the media cannot reveal. Seeing that this is Victory In Iraq Day (VI-Day), let us begin with some information that has been widely ignored b y the Defeatocrats and those responsible for the war going as long as it has.

The first order of business will be a report from GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD with the Military Advisors Manual. This report reveals what I have been espousing for quite some time seeing that I have some experience in this area. It is a worthy report and I agree with it entirely. General David Petraeus is a genius and it is too bad that politics got in the way of his ability to win this war earlier. If his ideas and concepts had been implemented sooner, perhaps the traitors and subversives would have been put in their proper places...in prison. Then again, the folks that could have done that are too cowardly to actually enforce current law.

CIA: Every Major Terror Threat, World Wide, Involves Pakistan
This has been known for quite some time but it wasn't politically expedient to make it known. I am sure Czarbie would know something about this seeing that he did spend quite some time in Pakistan before he had threatened to bomb the hell out of Pakistan during his illegal campaign. Illegal campaign? Yes, that is what I said...the fool isn't a US citizen but that won't stop the enemies of the US from the coronation of the impostor.

Other posts I have done involve the Global Cultural Jihad. England is experiencing this and the United States is on track for Shar'ia Law by 2050. I suppose the Democrats will realize this when they are the first to be put to death by the sword of allah. In accordance with Shar'is Law, the ungodly will die first. The fools that have been "upset" by Prop 8 in California will be the most surprised.

In spite of the alleged Obama victory, Iran has decided not to honor their original "promises". They will continue their Hate America mantra. They are also going to have a meeting. This isn't a big surprise to me seeing that I still have difficulty differentiating the basic democrat party leader from the terrorists and their leaders...they speak the same language - America Sucks.

Steven J. Rosen has a piece up at the American Thinker published on 11/16 entitled, "Did Iran Offer a 'Grand Bargain' in 2003?" Without getting into the details here at this time, we all know where this is going and from where it came. We also know that the premise was born in the bowels of the morons that have prolonged this war for the sake of political expediency and power. It was a farce and a lie then and it is even more so now. Rosen explains it in detail and I have the background of all that nonsense stored right here...have fun.

It is said that OBL is still alive and his busily farming out details of more attacks now that the week-kneed and thin-skinned coward Obama has theoretically won the election. They, the terrorists, know that Czarbie will do nothging to defend this Nation so their plots and plans will move forward in the hopes to reverse their losses in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraqw as well as just about everywhere else.

Vindication. It smells and tastes oh so sweet. For those of you that know me, you will know and remember that I have said this for years: CIA Agent Confirms Al-Qaeda Was In Iraq In 2002. Remember? This is one of the many areas that I have major issues with President Bush. It wasn't politically expedient to make this known. Why? I have no idea. I do know that the war was prolonged because of it. I also know for a fact that the ones that made hay-day over President Bush being silent on this FACT also knew the data was factual but utilized the silence to further their cause of political power. They also rendered aid and comfort to the enemy during that process. Did I not make it widely known that we "watched them flee Afghanistan and flee to the Four Winds"? Yes, I did. I will stress this once again. We watched the enemy flee Afghanistan to Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. We stopped them in Tajikistan. Flopping Aces has more. However, neither Gateway Pundit, Flopping Aces or CQ Politics has what I have in my head and heart. They were not there. I was. Like I said. Vindication is sweet. Eat that you libtard morons. The libtards can also eat their BS about the WMD deal as well.

In other news, Stealth Jihad? It seems as though the Jihad is using the List of 45. Interesting that. Please note that I didn't say "surprising". Then again, we can always consider the Muslim Brotherhood and their ties to CAIR and the List of 45, can't we? The proponents of CAIR and their democrat and RINO sympathizers are useful idiots in the demise of this Nation and the libtards are "Rather" pleased with themselves. I am going to laugh at them as their heads are lopped off by the sword of allah and just might break out the marshmallows to roast over their burning bodies. Then we can focus on killing the Jihadi scum in this nation.

While we are at it, seeing that Obama was having meetings with HAMAS all during his campaign, what if we had an investigation about that and why Syria and Iran have given HAMAS the green light? Surely there is something to that besides Obama being the pathological liar that he is. And, knowing that Obama is such a pathological liar on top of being a narcissist, can we really believe that he will not support the "Saudi" Israeli-Arab peace pact? Or, can we actually know why Iran is now backing off from their previous statements about supporting SOFA? Why on Earth wold they support that Plan now that the weakling Czarbie is set to steal the White House? Isn't it just like a terrorist to act like a democrat and "change their mind" when politically expedient to do so? Democrats and terrorists...same-same.

Oh. And expect the usual "illegal war" crap to come up again. Naturally, thee isn't any evidence to support that BS but that won't stop the pathological liars on the left, will it? Then again, when they are clueless about the Iraq War, why should anyone really give them the attention they lust after?

As our Troops have won in Iraq and are winning in Afghanistan, NATO not withstanding, the Confederate Yankee tells us to brace for a total loss in the future. It is what the Democrats are all about. Then again, when the terrorists declare war on Pakistan, one has to wonder where all of this is going. Obama and the terrorists want to bomb Pakistan...

Whereas the treatment of President Bush has been off the charts and psychotic, at times I think he may have deserved it. He never seemed to take the libtards seriously. I do and don't blame him for it but when it put our troops in danger, he should have at least came out and shamed the libtards out in the open and in public.

Some are saying that Afghanistan is barely winnable and I think that is primarily a NATO result. I have been a long supporter of disbanding NATO due to its ties to the UN. But, that is for another post for a different day.

Just remember to read all I have collected on Victory In Iraq Day right here.



In honor of the American Armed Forces that have kept this Nation safe, we hereby declare this day, November 22, 2008:

We salute you in spite of the cowards in DC that fear the Victory you have achieved

The hard-fought battles that go ignored for political gain disgust this DAV yet we remember and acknowledge the sacrifices that you have made

From the bottoms of our hearts we salute you and we thank you all, every one

It was not all for nothing. You know it and we know it.

We remember the Miracles in Sadr City

And the lives you have touched that mattered

This little Iraqi boy sure does seem sore afraid does he not? Be proud of that which you have accomplished my friends and be not ashamed of what you have done

And don't forget to say hello to my cousin that is still over there

Remember those whom you protect, fight for and are willing to die for


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Friday, November 21, 2008



I messed up. Some time ago, a mentally retarded moron that has admitted to being to the left of the far left demanded that I close this blog or at least delete it. I must have missed the deadline. So, in order to comply with the demand, I am giving notice that this blog will cease to exist. I have set the date of Octember the 57th in the year of allah 5307. Dumbass moron.

Testing American Knowledge on Politics, Economics and History: Can You Pass It?

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute created a 33 question test on political and economic knowledge and American history. The results were sadly predictable. The following article is a must read - follow the link and read it all:

More than 2,000 people were administered a 33-question test this Spring on American history and our political and economic institutions. Of them, 71 percent -- college and non-college educated alike – got a failing mark, ISI’s Josiah Bunting III said, presenting the study at a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Thursday. “It can truly be said that we are suffering from an epidemic of civic ignorance,” Bunting said. “The extent of failure is pervasive, cutting across every segment of the American population.

“Young Americans failed, but so did the elderly,” said Bunting. “Men and women, rich and poor, liberals and conservatives, Republican and Democratic, white, black, yellow and brown – all were united in their inability to master the basic features of America’s constitutional form of government.”

The overall average score was 49 percent – an “F” on any grading scale, he said. Liberals scored 49 percent, conservatives scored 48 percent. Independents and Republicans scored slightly better than Democrats (52 to 45 percent).

But it gets worse.

Only 32 percent of politicians can actually define what the free-enterprise system is – even though many of them may have campaigned for office pledging to defend it.

College graduates (whose average score was 57 percent), didn’t fare much better than those who didn’t get a college degree (whose average score was 44 percent).

“For each year of college attained, college graduates answered only one more question correctly than their high school counterparts,” Bunting said. “If you can get as much civic education from a library card and newspaper subscription as you can from an expensive college education, then something is terribly wrong with the activities on our campuses.”

The article is incredible in its honesty about where we are in this country intellectually. How a free people can defend what they do not understand is a question afraid to contemplate its answer. Our politicians appear more confused than our citizens, and our college educated may know the words but can't express the meaning behind them. We are like slaves bound by ropes in a cave, watching the shadows flit across the walls and thinking it reality. What we don't know endangers the shadows and the fire alike.

Take The Test Here. Clear your desk of books and cheat notes and test yourself. Use the results to strengthen your weaknesses and refine your knowledge. Only when you know where your knowledge ends and ignorance begins can you start to move forward the bar of competence.

If you're courageous enough, please leave your scores in the comments!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Supreme Court to Conference on Obama's Citizenship: Write Now

Cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

BLOGGERS: Real Clear Politics refuses to allow Reader Articles concerning Barack Obama's citizenship. My latest post reports a scheduled Supreme Court conference on this very issue. My post was removed from RCP today. In fact, every post, by most bloggers, covering Barack Obama's citizenship has been scrubbed from RCP.

Most of us think what the Supreme Court does is news worthy. Not the case at RCP. The question is: why does RCP not deem actions by the U.S. Supreme Court important for readers to know about?

PLEASE, if you have not posted about this already, grab this and cross-post at your blog. Let's get the information out and send some letters to the Supreme Court.


Justice Clarence Thomas has placed a discussion of Barack Obama's citizenship on the December 5th docket for conference, meaning a discussion of the merit of this particular case.

A commenter at America's Right, who has been the leading source of excellent information on the various lawsuits, is requesting that we write directly to the Supreme Court:
The Honorable Associate Justice
Clarence Thomas
United States Supreme Court
One First St. N. E.
Washington DC 20543

Put docket # on Envelope 08-A407

Ask him UPHOLD our Constitution with Full Disclosure as the only Constitutionally viable answer.
One commenter said he/she was sending a copy of his letter to each of the nine Justices. Good idea!

Here are some details just in from WorldNetDaily
The Supreme Court's website listed the date for the case brought by Leo C. Donofrio against Nina Wells, the Secretary of State in New Jersey, over not only Obama's name on the 2008 election ballot but those of two others, Sen. John McCain and Roger Calero.

The case, unsuccessful at the state level, had been submitted to Justice David Souter, who rejected it. The case then was resubmitted to Justice Clarence Thomas. The next line on the court's docket says: "DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 5, 2008."
Jeff Schreiber at America's Right has followed this case closely. His post today reports:
As for New Jersey firebrand and attorney Leo Donofrio, his application for an emergency stay was denied by Justice Souter, Donofrio was able to refile and resubmit it to the Justice of his choosing, and properly did so. Today, the docket for his action shows that after being put before Justice Clarence Thomas, the application will be discussed by the Court in a December 5, 2008 conference.

Normally, during their term, the Supreme Court Justices conference on Wednesday (typically, but not always) and review the various petitions and applications before them, deciding which of the many such proceedings should be heard by the Court. I suspect that we could soon see a similar entry on the docket for Berg's case as well.

Now, this does not mean that the Court has decided to hear either of these matters and, in fact, is fairly typical when it comes to the process. Still, for those hoping to have these cases heard on their merits, for those who feel these issues are more about the United States Constitution than Barack Obama, this is a step in the right direction.
Please visit America's Right and WorldNetDaily for more.

A Jihadi Thug Has A Big Mouth: Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Chief Idiot


WOW! Talk about eating their own, we have a terrorist that was once on the same page as the Democrats is now attacking the Democrats. I guess they see what we have been seeing and warning about for the entire time that BDS was on an epidemic scale. I have been wondering out loud and quite often that it has been difficult to ascertain who was talking to who and who was leading who by the short hairs and now we know. You can read the unfolding conundrum here and here under the heading of Democrats and Terrorists.

Yesterday, the Chief Jihadi Haji Scum Bastard Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri showed his ass and hurled racial slurs toward the non-black guy, the half-breed Barack. I guess it shouldn't bother him seeing that he isn't black. He is more than likely laughing it off as I am.

The idiot doctor said to the idiot democrats that all of their efforts were for naught because he is going to continue the Jihad. And what have we been saying for almost forever? That EXACT same thing. And the fools thought that if anyone but a Republican was in office things would be different. Simply amazing. Vindication tastes so sweet but the cost is unacceptable. Thanks RINOs and the Fair Weather and Fraud Conservatives. Ya done screwed up and are too cowardly to admit it.

MSM Contracts ODS


Published at Canada Free Press

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Nancy Gibbs writes in the Leftinistra Rag called Time, owned by CNN: " Some princes are born in palaces. Some are born in mangers. But a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope." ... And some are born from the bowels of anti-Americanists such as Saul Alinsky, Uncle Frank and George Soros. She forgot them. Did she just compare Obama to Jesus Christ?

Lisa Miller writes in Newsweek, "Is Obama the Antichrist?" This was written on 15 NOV 08. Where were these "curious articles" before the elections? That is curious as well. Naturally the answer is no because the Anti Christ will fool everyone and the fool hasn't fooled me. Not even remotely. But, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell these uneducated ones here.

While on the subject of the moosetwits in the "media", Shep is just as much in the dark about the United States Constitution as the dolt Olbernuts at MSLSD. However, he does understand that the auto maker bail out is just another super duper and peachy keen step to national corporate welfare and wonders when it will all stop and who it is that will draw The Line.

Do The Right Thing has a chronology of Pro Life issues that have gone unreported in the media because it casts a shadow on the "tolerant" Obamawhiners including the Chief Proponent of Infanticide himself, Sir Illegal Alien Barack. These acts of the defunct and pillaged media outlest are the very epitome of ODS.

When news outlets censor themselves to not offend Obama, that is ODS. When news outlets brag that their "bias" is what "saved America", that is ODS. Saved America from what? Freedom? For more ODS, refer to the Flopping Aces piece that we covered on my BTR show when the "media" said that Obama was a “Creepy,” “Deeply Manipulative,” “Creature”. Creature? We were led to believe that he was The One. The Messiah. This was reported on 9 NOV 08. Where were they BEFORE the elections?

The media bias in this nation is the result of journalistic malpractice. Of that there can be no doubt. I have been teaching/preaching this for a seeming eternity. When the alleged main stream media compares Obama to Jesus Christ or FDR, that right there is ODS. When the news media will not "offend" by reporting the Logan Act violations of their "zero" which includes negotiating with HAMAS behind the scenes during his campaign, that is ODS.

For more ODS issues not classified "officially" yet by those that ARE suffering from ODS, go to the bottom of this post. You will find a link to the LA Times NOW wondering what Obama's resume might contain and where is it?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...those of us still fighting this fight have not contracted ODS. The media has had it all along. Get a clue.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deep Thoughts and Considerations


As we enter into the Age of Reform, we should be quivering in our boots as to what that really means. A Democrat Party leader has a very long history of flowering verbiage yet no explanations as to The How or The What. Having looked into the history of Rahm Emanuel, I am sure that Stalin would grant him the Hero of The Soviet Union Award. Seeing that American Tax Dollars are not our own, this leaves little room for negotiating where the money stolen from the American People will be spent on or on what. Have we no voice now?

There are people in this country that are asking what has happened to the greatest country in the world and I just have to laugh ruefully. We have entered not into an age of positive reform but we have entered into a slide into irrelevancy and Third World Status. That is what socialism does to a nation. When the populace are too dumb to care or too dumb to find for themselves who it is they support and why, they are left to the whims of a media that has poisoned its own credibility by violating their own standards and ethics.

In our quest for that which is Right, we must maintain our goal of Traditional America and return to our Founding Documents because they are our Life Line to Freedom and individuality. Socialism takes that away and mires it into the primordial ooze of servitude and enslavement. When foreign nationals with mysterious backgrounds are compared to our National Heroes of our past, the red flags of warning should be waved and displayed often and everywhere. Obama is certainly no Abraham Lincoln.

As the economy begins its spiral into the cesspools of mediocrity due to policies of the Marxist Obama, employers should strike back by firing those that voted for the Marxist. After all, Obama will take care of them as he promised. I am sure this will be seen as mean-spirited and vindictive but, pay backs are a bitch.

As the Obamessiah installs his Cabinet Members, be sure to point out what exactly the Hope and Change is. It is apparently not according to public laments during the campaign drive built upon lies, deceit and outright fraud on every turn. Or is it? Those of us that have been trying to reeducate the emotionally unstable have made headway but we have a long way to go.

As the theoretical "transparent" presidency begins to darken, one has to wonder just what the Grand Plan is and what other "surprises" are in store for those too dumb to vote but voted for the Marxist - because they are too dumb to vote. We can only surmise that this transparency is not the transparency Obama once knew. However, rest assured that by 2025, terrorism won't be a big deal. By 2050, Shar'ia Law will be the Law of The Land here in the USSA and that will be a dream come true for The One. I am sure that by then, terrorism will be a thing of the past.

Today, 19 NOV 2008 is National Ammo Day as so declared by True American Patriots because we are willing to give our lives in the name of Freedom whereas the Enemies of The State are not. They are too cowardly. We are indeed stocking up. And, yes, we are "girding our loins" thanks to the warning by Joe Biden. I am sure that as the bought and paid for media ignores the fact that there is still a war on, the terrorists will eventually make The One and his screed the irrelevant ones. Then again, we all know what kind of "change" Obama means...those of us paying attention, that is. We know what Freedom is and what it means...Obama and his ilk have other intentions and definitions of Freedom which cannot be reconciled with the current US Constitution.

I have heard this asked before and the more and more I look into it, the more and more I am inclined to believe. The question is, "Will the first un-American president end the American dream?" I am saying yes to that. I can see it in his eyes and have for quite some time. His beliefs and stated and written verbiage reveals it but we are to refrain from such statements. It could be considered to be ODS. I suppose that was said of Paul Revere as well and it is a good thing he ignored the fools as he should have. I am wondering if he is losing the Obama Base...viewing these pictures makes one wonder.

Along that train of thought, yes we can make fun of the un-American Barack Hussein Obama contrary to popular thought and beliefs.

As the leftists in this nation refuse to evolve and mandatory health care is crammed down our throats unconstitutionally, I have to stop and reconsider. I used to believe that common sense would eventually break out but apparently I was wrong. There are some that are above the Law and Obama is one of those. His campaign was rife with voter and campaign fraud yet he will not be investigated by anyone. I find that relevantly curious. Which laws will be enforced and which ones ignored and to whom with the Law of The Land apply? Those that comply?

The counter revolution is already in the works and there won't be any stopping it.

Double Standards Of The Day Post


Gateway Pundit has a post up detailing the KY voting fraud debacle. Apparently, because a moron liberal is going to lose, the Democrat Party legislature is going to throw out votes from select areas to ensure a victory for their guy. Imagine that? NOTE: in other areas where voter fraud is clearly obvious and their guy is winning (go figure), those votes are not being thrown out. This is merely one more example in a long list of examples that the only way DNCers can win is when they lie, cheat and steal - SOP for socialist thugs and anti-Americanist cretins.

Patrick Ruffini has a piece up detailing how the Marxists at the Daily KOSmonoffs are upset because the Democrats aren't socialist enough for their liking. There is no pleasing this class of moonbat.

Trevor Loudon chronicles that the socialists in Australia are applauding the socialist victory in the USA but the victors here claim that they aren't socialists while the KOS Kids whine otherwise. Amazing.

Walter Alarkon has a piece up relating how powerful Hawaii is going to be in DC. Didn't Hawaii want to cede from the Union? Oh. Wait. Never mind.

Manu Raju has a piece up relating how Obama is exerting his new power. New power? Has he been sworn in already? The Electoral College met already? Before Thanksgiving? And why are fools calling him President Elect? Was President Bush referred to as President Elect or Governor Bush before he was elected? Oh. Wait. That's right. Bush "stole" those elections. I forgot. Idiots. And, didn't Obama say that until 1/20/09 there is only one President and that he is ready to rule from day one? When did Day One start?

Seeing that economy is theoretically in the toilet - and it isn't - Obama has vowed to perpetuate the Global Warming Myth (fraud) - WAIT! The CLIMATE CHANGE Myth and fraud - and drive the economy further into a spiraling downward trend. Good job moron.

The ACLU has started to whine that minority students are arrested more than non-minority students. Maybe the non-minority students should break the law more to make it more equal?

Mike's America wants to know why the Obama voters are so dumb. Well, that would be the Media Bias that the idiot on Fox News said didn't exist. I suppose Smith is gunning for a job at MSLSD.

If there was ever a group to com[pletely ignore about the United States Constitution, it is THIS MOONBAT and I mean that as sincerely as I can. Ignore this fool. Socialist-Marxist despise the US Constitution and will twist it to suit their own retarded agenda.

Newsweek waits until after the election to begin to ask questions about the slime-ball and illegal alien Obamamamamamama. The libtards are not at all happy about this. But, who cares? They are dumber than crates of turtle turds.

Al Franken is apparently going to lose so he headed to DC to fraternize with fellow skanks to raise funds from Soros and friends to see about "winning". Imagine that?

Obama isn't a Muslim - AHEM! - but the Moooozlims of the USA voted for him...wink-wink and nod-nod. Must have been name recognition or something.

Andrew Fell tells the tale that the LA Times wants to see Obama's resume. Really? Release the tape and I'll send it to you.

That will be enough for now. I am sure there will be more to follow shortly.

Moonbats: Indict Cheney and Gonzales


For all of you "ODS" idiots out there, until we approach this kind of lunacy, you need to STFD and STFU. Obviously, we won't get anywhere near this kind of idiocy but if we do, than the ODS label will be appropriate. Until then ...

The idiot that started this retarded ignorance knows what being "investigated" means so the fool is only trying to "share in the suffering".

Cheney charged over jail 'abuses' (poor BDS libtards)
Texas Grand Jury 'Indicts' Cheney, Gonzales, Ham Sandwich and Side of Pasta Salad
Cheney indicted
Cheney and Gonzales Indicted In Prisoner Assault Case (a fellow idiot moonbat troll piece)
Vice President Cheney and former Attorney General Gonzales indicted in Texas (more rantings of the Moonbat Class of BDS spider hole dwellers and frothing retards)
Fox News...
Yawn: Local Texas Grand Jury Indicts Dick Cheney

I wonder if these fools are related to the driveling and frothing moonbats in Vermont..........

We have our work cut out for us here in Texas and hopefully, when the Republic of Texas divorces itself from the Moonbat Union of anti-Americanist asswipes and hate-filled morons, we will, open up Hunting Season on these idiot socialist thugs. There will be no bag limit. I have proposed $50 per ear enticement.

Why Are the Homosexuals Currently On The Rampage So Hateful?


I haven't been writing about this because I was hoping that common sense would break out. Apparently that is not to be. In an obvious emotional tizzy fit, the minority in numbers have taken to the streets to demand that the majority in numbers bow down to the minority. Sorry, morons. It doesn't work that way. This just goes to show how immature these fools and hate-filled denizens of hypocrisy really are. Just like spoiled brats, when things don't go their way, they throw little whining hissy fits revealing their lack of mental stability. Oh. Wait.

Feel free to check out Michelle Malkin today on this subject. And these obviously demented fools "demand" to be honored and respected? Not hardly. The people of CA have spoken and Prop 8 is now part of the Constitution of CA. Oh. Wait. They don't care about Rule of Law unless that Rule of Law goes in their favor. Anarchists. May they rot in hell.

I guess we could always boycott Subway because they must despise Rule of Law as well. I wonder what these chumps would have to say about that. Oh. Wait. Libtards. Disregard.

Take a Stand against the Unfairness Doctrine

Media Research Center
Free Speech Alliance

Text of the Fairness Doctrine Petition:

I am signing this petition to urge members of Congress and government officials to reject any and all efforts to censor, limit, or restrain the right of conservatives to participate freely in the marketplace of ideas through the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” or other similar efforts.

Additionally, I am joining with other American citizens who want their individual Free Speech Rights defended and protected from government intrusion! Our great nation was built upon free and open discourse, and to remain a great nation this ideal must be protected and preserved at all costs.

Please note that I will be watching closely and taking action when necessary to directly combat the liberal bias of the media.

    The goal is to accumulate half a million signatures to apply pressure to the politicians.  Our role is to sign the petition and urge everyone in our circle of influence to sign and share the petition with others.  With a few more Senate wins, the Democrats will be able to stop a filibuster.  We need to apply maximum pressure now, and maintain it.

    After signing the petition, please go to Congress.org and enter your zip code. Under the heading Write Your Elected Officials,  click the Federal link. Compose and send an email to your Representative & Senators urging them to reject all attempts at censorship. Let them know that your next vote will depend on their votes. Be sure to click the Letters To Leaders check box so that the public can read your letter to Congress.

    Collectively, we have the power to prevent this unconstitutional atrocity. If any of us abandons that power, all of us may lose it forever. If they can censor talk radio, they can censor the Internet too.  Then we will be like the Eastern Europeans, typing multiple carbon copies on manual typewriters to communicate our facts and ideas.

    The unfairness doctrine is a blatant attempt to squelch political speech. Don't let them do it! Act now to preserve our precious, hard won liberty.

Consider the first amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The text includes the technology available to the newly liberated colonists. Is there any reason to doubt that radio and the Internet would have been included if they had existed at that time?   Radio is nothing more than amplified speech, except that it has no nuisance value. Unlike the sound truck and amplified Adhan, radio is not intrusive, it is under the control of the listener. Make sure it stays that way.

Previous posts on the Unfairness Doctrine: