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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dance of the Liars

Bare Naked Islam posted a video of Attorney General Holder's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. In this video, Eric Holder is being questioned by Rep. Lamar Smith R, Tx., who is trying to coax the A.G. into giving a straight answer to a crooked question. This dialog demands close attention, there is some cross talk involved. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOQt_mP6Pgg&feature=player_embedded

I have attempted to format Rep. Smith's questions in Century Gothic and A.G. Holder's answers in Ariel.

In the case of all three attempts in the last year, the terrorist attempts, one of which was successful, those individuals have had ties to radical Islam. Do you feel that these individuals might have been incited to take the actions that they did because of radical Islam?

Because of? --Radical Islam.--There are a variety of reasons why I think people have taken these actions. Its hard--I think you have to look at each individual case. I mean we are in the process now of talking to Mr. Shahzad to try to understand what it is that drove him to take the action he took.

But radical Islam could have been one of the reasons ?

There are a variety of reasons--But was radical Islam one of them? -- There are a variety of reasons why people do these things. Some of them are potentially religious convictions--But all I'm asking is if you think among those variety of reasons, radical Islam might have been one of the reasons that the individuals took the steps that they did?-- We say radical Islam...I think those people who espouse a version of Islam that is not--Are you uncomfortable with attributing any of their actions to radical Islam it sounds like it?--No, I don't want to say anything negative about a religion that is not appropriate--I'm talking about radical Islam, I'm not talking about the general religion--Right and I'm saying that a person like Anwar Awlaki,-- for instance, who has a version of Islam that is not consistent with the teachings of of it and espouses a radical version--Could Radical Islam have motivated have motivated these individuals to take the steps that they did? --I certainly think that it is possible that people who espouse a radical version of Islam have had an ability to have an impact on people like Mr. Shahzad.--And could it have been the case in one of these three instances ?--Could that have been the case?--Yes--again, could one of these three individuals have been incited by radical Islam? Apparently you feel that they could have been.-- I think potentially incited by a view of Islam that is inconsistent with--It is hard to get an answer yes or no but let me go on to my next question, ...

Rush Limbaugh & Sean Hannity had fun with this video clip, playing the sound track for their audiences. They drew attention to the fact that Holder carefully avoided attributing terror attacks to "radical Islam". Since I am an amateur, not dependent on advertisers for revenue, I can analyze the dialog more deeply than the professionals who are beholden to political correctness.

There are two critical statements in the dialog.
  • "No, I don't want to say anything negative about a religion that is not appropriate"
  • "I'm talking about radical Islam, I'm not talking about the general religion"
These politicians are trying to convey a false concept of Islam: that it is a religion with 'radical' and 'moderate' forms. Islam is a way of life, not a religion. Its religious component is a social control mechanism which shields the aggressive way of life from recognition while it motivates Muslims to participate in genocidal conquest. Their tactic has two objectives: first, to avoid being labeled "racist" & "bigot", second to avoid offending potential voters.

Some insightful person whose identity I have forgotten, said "Its Islam, Stupid.". Qualifiers such as 'radical' and catch phrases such as 'Islamofascism' distract us from objective factual reality which few are willing to acknowledge.

This hadith reveals too much about Islam, pay close attention to the parts I have emphasized.

Sunan Abu Dawud Book 23, Number 3455:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar:

I heard the Apostle of Allah, (peace_be_upon_him) say: When you enter into the inah transaction, hold the tails of oxen, are pleased with agriculture, and give up conducting jihad (struggle in the way of Allah). Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion.

Jihad and agriculture are presented as alternative ways of life, agriculture is rejected in favor of jihad. Jihad is their "original religion". That should give you a clue.

Don't hand me the standard line of crap about jihad being a struggle against your ego. Moe waged war against anyone he could plunder, he did not struggle against temptation. After all, he married a six year old girl. He also married the wife of his adopted son and seven other women besides captives and slaves he sexually exploited. Jihad is defined in Islamic law as "to war against non-Muslims".
One Qur'an verse conveys vital knowledge, affording you another clue.

9:111. Verily, Allâh has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh's Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and the Qur'ân. And who is truer to his covenant than Allâh? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success .

Fight in Allah's cause, kill & be killed; its what Muslims do. Got a clue yet? The Qur'an mandates jihad, declaring that it is ordained for Muslims. It also commands Muslims to wage war against disbelievers. Surah Al-Anfal 39 commands Muslims to fight pagans until resistance ceases and only Allah is worshiped. Surah At-Taubah 29 commands them to fight "people of the book" until we are subjugated and submit to annual extortion demands. Moe confirmed those imperatives, as recorded in Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387.

Think back to the playing of the cockpit voice recorder after 9/11. What did they say while they slit the throats of the crew? What did Nidal Malik Hasan say when he opened fire at Fort Hood? Why shout "Allāhu Akbar"? Mohammad Atta has the answer for you: "When the confrontation begins, strike like champions who do not want to go back to this world. Shout, 'Allahu Akbar,' because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers." Allah is greatest just happens to be what they say when they slaughter a goat for eid and when slitting the throat of a captive.

What is the objective of striking fear? It is done for the purpose of rendering us confused, agitated and unable to mount an effective defense; to make us easy prey. It is commanded in Surah Al-Anfal 12 & 60. It is exemplified in Surat Al-Ahzab 26 & Al-Hashr 2. It is celebrated in Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220. Terrorism is not exceptional. Terrorism is not radical. Terrorism is not extreme; it is an intrinsic part of orthodox Islam.

Full documentation of the fatal facts outlined in this blog post is freely available.
  • Islamic Terror.chm [30.4KB] A 6 part series from Freedom Ain't Free.
  • Jihad.chm [45KB] A 6 part series from Freedom Ain't Free.
  • What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims.chm [23KB].
  • Islamic Supremacism [49KB] A 3 part series from Freedom Ain't Free.
  • Islam's Mercenary Mission 08/30/09 Full exposure of the dirty details of Islam's foundational purpose: accrual of spoils & sex slaves. It is a war cult, not a 'religion of peace'. This post is intended to serve as a reference link for bloggers & forum participants who expose Islam to the ignorant. Post a link to it instead of re-inventing the wheel.
  • FOMIJihad.chm [163.4KB] The Offensive Jihad thread from the old FOMI anti Islam forum. This thread contains several significant quotes from Fiqh, both ancient and modern.
  • What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims? 10/10/09 If nothing else, read this post and share it with all your family, friends & associates. This post contains the most vital information about Islam, fully documented and including common sense refutations of the most popular objections raised by bigoted multicultural idiots. Copy this post, paste it into an email, and send it to everyone you can hope to influence. Exhort the recipients to forward it.

Now is the time for the electorate to disrespectfully demand honesty from our deceptive and cowardly politicians. Tell them that if they continue to lie to us, we will remember Nov. 2 ' 10.

Fallen Crusaders: In Memorium

Facebook, like other politically correct organizations, has a nasty tendency to disable and delete the accounts of members who criticize Islam & left wing politicians. It also deletes groups those members have created and participated in.

Members who had spent years building their social networks and many hours writing discussion thread posts suffered the instantaneous, total and permanent waste of their efforts. Many interesting and informative debates and discussions vaporized, deleted without a trace.

A new Facebook group has been created for the purpose of memorializing those fallen Crusaders and groups: Fallen Crusaders: In Memoriam. If you know someone who was deleted from Facebook for telling the truth, you can join this group and post their name on the wall. An Administrator will then transfer that name to the Group News column as a permanent memorial.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Islam is the Enemy

A blog titled 'YARDY YARDY YARDY" published a post about moves to ban the burqa and minarets. I will quote and refute the concluding paragraph.

But isn't that confusing moderate Islam, with the extremists who kill and bomb in the name of their wild interpretations of the Qur’an? Yes, the memories of 9/11 will forever demonise Islam, but in reality it should only demonise those carrying out the terrorist attacks.
Islam is not the enemy: its radical variants are.

Moderate Islam is a figment of fertile imagination, it does not exist. Islam is not moderate, it is a demonic mandate to terrorize the entire world and subject it to genocidal aggression. Islam is what Allah said, Moe repeated & exemplified. Allah said that fighting is ordained for Muslims. He ordered Muslims to fight pagans until resistance ceased and only Allah was worshiped. He ordered Muslims to fight "people of the book" until they are subjugated and submit to extortion. Moe confirmed the orders, then he invaded his neighbors.

Allah said that he would cast terror. He ordered Muslims to build a strong army to strike terror into their enemies. Then he cast terror, so that one of the local Jewish settlements was conquered, the men killed and their widows & orphans enslaved. Moe said that he was made victorious by terror.

There is only one correct interpretation of the Qur'an, Moe's interpretation which is exemplified by his military career of 86 battles. To discover what Moe said and did about the Qur'an, exemplifying his interpretation of his recitation, turn to

Ignorant idiots think that Moe was a benign saint, the best and greatest of men. They are blissfully unaware of the fact that he dictated extortion letters to his scribes and had them hand delivered to neighboring kings and emperors. He followed up those missives by sending his army.

The founder of Islam was a barbarian warlord who preached and practiced genocidal aggression. How then can anyone assert that the institution he founded is benign and anodyne?

Islam is a deen: way of life; intra-species predation. Muslims are people who believe in and implement that deen. They are the enemy. The assumption that Muslims accept the "good parts" and reject the rest is based on false hope and misunderstanding. Islam is all or nothing, not a la carte.