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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Military Successes Breed Political Successes

We just LOVE to rub the "told ya so" in the mugs of the anti-Americanists such as the Leftinistra of the political parties and the anti-Americanists of the alleged "peace activist" groups and the alleged "anti-war" groups. Everyone knows that they are indeed anti-Americanists...even them.

Perhaps the recent capitulation of al Sadr tells the tale which is looming in Iraq and slowly "leaking" into the fore in America. We are WINNING in iraq. So goes Iraq, so goes Al Qaida.

We have already seen that the various factions are already seeking peace agreements amongst themselves to stabalize Iraq for the sake of sovereignty and unity and joining American and coalition forces against the AQ. It must SUCK to be an AQ right now.

As our own Leftinistra, they will abandon each other and eat their own alive when the going gets tough and their side loses. No one likes to stay with a losing team. Every one likes to be associated with the Winning Team...except the Code Winkies and that genre of fools.

You can catch the wave here to witness the self-imploding of the Newshackers and that ilk of whining sycophants.

Capt Ed says it best:

Sadr appears to have capitulated to the SIIC in this instance. Over the summer, his Mahdi Army started a gunfight with the Badr Brigades during a Shi'ite holiday and pilgrimage, killing dozens. Shortly afterwards, Hakim outmaneuvered Sadr with an alliance between the SIIC, Nouri al-Maliki, and the Kurds. The alliance strengthened Maliki after Sadr withdrew his deputies from Maliki's ruling coalition, leaving Sadr more isolated than ever before, even among Shi'ites.


Like I said earlier, it must really suck to be an AQ and a Leftinistra at this time.

Myth vs Fact

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. 48:15-16 Those who lagged behind will say, when you set forth to take the spoils, "Allow us to follow you," They want to change Allah's Words. Say: "You shall not follow us; thus Allah has said beforehand." Then they will say: "Nay, you envy us." Nay, but they understand not except a little.
Tafsir The Fabricated Excuse offered by Those Who lagged behind and did not participate in Al-Hلudaybiyyah; Allah's Warning for Them

Hypocrites are barred from participating in Jihad

Acceptable Reasons for not joining Jihad

That is part of what you are missing by failing to visit http://snooper.wordpress.com every day. It is installment #108 of the series. In this case, there are two ayat from the Qur'an hyperlinked to source so that you can read the full context. These ayat belie the fact that Islam is intrinsically violent by design. In the second row of the table, there are the titles of three topics in Ibn Kathir's Tafsir which explain the meaning of the quoted ayat. Click them to read the Tafsir.

If you would like to share Myth vs Fact with others through your own blog or web site, download the first 102 issues from http://www.geocities.com/crusadersarmory/ . What better way is there to expose the reality of Islam to the inquiring eyes of the world?

The Pagan Throne...CNN

Is Bill O'Reilly correct in calling CNN The Pagan Throne?

Absolutely and good on Bill O'Reilly. As one will see by going here to catch the wave, the Leftinistra lap dogs such as The Newsgaggers, Think Digress, and other such anti-American publications such as the NYSlimes, are having the usual and quite frequent emotional melt-downs. They haven't awakened to the fact yet that we in The New Media will no longer tolerate their anti-American rhetoric all in the name of "getting along".

We don't want to get along with the anti-Americanists. Why should we? We want them silenced, ignored and prosecuted for lending aid and comfort to the enemy. Is this too much to ask? Are there no men remaining in Washington? Do the diseases of political correctness, multiculturalism and identity politics trump common sense, decency and Patriotism?

It is totally evident that the enemies within want us silenced. We are the Silent Majority, silent no more...get used to it.

Today, over at Wake Up America, we find a rehash, justifiably so, of the actions of CNN, the Communist News Network from last year, recently brought to the fore by a recent article by the New York Times, lamenting the loss of the Defining Atrocity in Haditha, Iraq that really wasn't the atrocity they had hoped for.

The CNN piece, in a separate story involving the video of enemy snipers killing American Troops, was lauded as a Grand Piece of journalism. This article, coupled with the rehashing of the sniper video supports our claims of anti-American activities within our anti-Americanist media.

As in the CNN shameful video and the NYT apparent disappointment that the Haditha Marines are innocent, it is all so evident and plain for all to see that the theoretical citadels of journalism are in fact professional Anti-Americanists. They hide behind the Free Speech deal and if any of their kind ever read this piece, I will more than likely be accused of trying to suppress another's Free Speech deal. If not, I merely beat them to the punch.

And why do we call these cretins anti-Americanists? Behold.

We should not let ourselves forget when a media organization, any media organization, helps our enemies deliberately and tries to pass it off as news.

Make no mistake, when a terrorists hands you a video and asks you to play it and that video is of a terror group killing one of our soldiers, that is not news, that is deliberately becoming an outlet to spread enemy propaganda.

Purposely and deliberately trying to help our enemies in a time of war.

Isn't there a name for that?

Yes, there is.

Today In History


AP Highlight in History:
On Oct. 6, 1981, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was shot to death by Islamic militants while reviewing a military parade.
AP Photo

1949American-born Iva Toguri D'Aquino, convicted as Japanese wartime broadcaster Tokyo Rose, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10,000.

1973 Egypt and Syria attacked Israel during the Yom Kippur holiday.

2004The top U.S. arms inspector in Iraq, Charles Duelfer, reported finding no evidence Saddam Hussein's regime had produced weapons of mass destruction after 1991.

War News

US CENTCOM Press Releases


Posted: 05 Oct 2007 09:35 AM CDT



Posted: 05 Oct 2007 09:33 AM CDT


What Did the Israeli's Hit In Syria?

As an update to a post here, posted on 10/2/07, check out what Yourish has posted:


That silence speaks volumes.

It was nukes.


The silence from Syria is now quite loud, thank you very much.

The buzz on this subject can be found at memeorandum.

So, the question(s) is(are), where did the Syrians get "the stuff" and from whom. With the heavy "evidence" or, gut call, of Saddam shipping his "illegal" weapons in accordance with the negotiated cease fire from the Persian Gulf War in 1991, could this be "the stuff" which was hit? It seems to me that since Syria is allowing foreign fighters to use their soil as a safe-house as they sneak across the Syrian-Iraqi border to kill American Troops, what would keep Syria from harboring "the stuff" smuggled out of Iraq?

Other questions I have is why did not our intelligence services pick up on it or, did they know but would not "announce" due to the political climate? My gut call is that the political climate was too hot and we have cowards afraid to protect the country until it is nearly too late or just too damn late. Perhaps we could learn from the Israelis in this regard.

I am not alone.

The weenies at State pressured the Israelis not to act upon that which they saw and knew.

The Hashmonean:
I’ve been posting this past week about the difficult pressure Israel has been facing recently, care of an eager beaver US State Dept. seemingly sold on dangerous levels of appeasement to salvage its non-producing ‘diplomatic’ initiatives.


Hot Air:
Lots o’ tips coming in about this ABC News scoop, which was even more of a scoop two weeks ago when the Times of London first reported it. Remember? Israeli commandos daringly infiltrating the suspected Syrian nuke site and escaping with hard evidence to reassure jittery American intelligence officials? From ToL:


Ynet News:

Israel was ready to strike alleged Syrian nuclear facilities in July, but gave in to American pressure to postpone the attack, ABC News reported on Saturday.

According to the report, Israel presented the United States with satellite images of Syrian nuclear sites months before the September attack.


"Israel tends to be very thorough about its intelligence coverage, particularly when it takes a major military step, so they would not have acted without data from several sources," said ABC military consultant Tony Cordesman.


Prairie Pundit:

I think Rice has become too timid in the use of force. This is just another example of where she was wrong to be hesitant. Perhaps it is an out growth of problems we have faced in Iraq, but many of those problems have been caused by the failure to aggressively counter the bogus arguments of opponents who want Iraq to be a disaster whether it is or not.


The proof is in the pudding in regards to my original sentiment and I am satisfied that Capt Ed holds nearly the same view. It was politics and the desire to appease idiots that seem to think negotiating with" and "talking to" terrorists and terrorist promoters actually does any good.

Good on Israel for taking care of things in their own back yard.

Captain's Quarters:

Between July and September, weeks of high-level talks took place. The Israelis wanted to destroy the facility immediately, and had some support from the American intelligence community that had managed to miss this development. However, Condoleezza Rice and others did not. They wanted to "confront" the Syrians first -- as the Jerusalem Post puts it, to scold Assad publicly for operating a nuclear facility.

Yes, I'm sure that would have been effective. Publicly scolding them over the Hariri assassination only resulted in five more car-bomb assassinations of anti-Syrian politicians in Lebanon since then. Fingerwagging has done so much to curtail their material support for Hezbollah, too.


And there ya have it...diplomacy does one thing and one thing only, besides wasting untold billions of dollars of wasted funds on salaries of cowards; it delays the inevitable.

Track back by Wake Up America

Friday, October 5, 2007

101st Airborne Screamin' Eagles Update

The time lines below are estimates. A Brigade has between 3,000 and 4,500 soldiers depending on the mission.

The Leaf Chronicle

About 7,000 soldiers of the the 101st Airborne Division's 1st and 3rd Brigade Combat teams have hit the Kuwaiti desert with plans to move into Iraq soon.

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team is expected to follow, making it a total of 10,500 Fort Campbell soldiers to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom by late October.

This is the division's third major rotation in Iraq, with the mission of providing security and training Iraqi forces and helping with nation-building projects.

Maj. Frank Garcia of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team said "Strike" soldiers are more than prepared to go.

For nearly a year, the brigade has trained not only for combat and counter-insurgency tactics, but learning Arabic and Iraqi culture.

He said as the brigade gets ready to move, it's good to hear reports that progress is being made with security in Iraq and that violence is subsiding.

"The units in theater seem to be making a positive impact on the situation. We know it can be a volatile region at times," Garcia said. "We'll work closely with the unit we are replacing to learn the area, people, leaders and other environmental aspects of our area of operations. The partnership we establish with the people and their leaders in our area will greatly help in achieving continued progress."

Beginning early next year, about 5,000 Fort Campbell soldiers will deploy to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Those units will be the division staff, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade and 4th Brigade Combat Team.

Both deployments are expected to last up to 15 months.


The time lines below are estimates. A Brigade has between 3,000 and 4,500 soldiers depending on the mission.

Iraq (Total 10,500 soldiers)

  • 1st Brigade Combat Team — In Kuwait.
  • 3rd Brigade Combat Team — In Kuwait and in process of leaving.
  • 2nd Brigade Combat Team — In process of leaving. Brigade Color Casing and Award Ceremony to be held 1 p.m., Tuesday, at brigade headquarters.

    Afghanistan (Total 5,000 soldiers)

  • 101st Airborne Division staff, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, and 4th Brigade Combat Team — about 5,000 soldiers — will leave Fort Campbell in January 2008 for Afghanistan.
  • Approximately 500 Fort Campbell soldiers are deployed in prior OIF rotations.
  • Elements of the 101st Sustainment Brigade will be broken up and deploy to different areas of Iraq and Afghanistan to support various units and missions.
  • In 2009, the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade is slated to replace the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade in Afghanistan.
  • Battered Moron.Org

    And the Leftinistra weep.

    Sad, ain't it?

    Today In History


    1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for a "quarantine" of aggressor nations.

    1947President Harry S. Truman delivered the first televised address from the White House.

    1986American Eugene Hasenfus was captured by Sandinista soldiers after the Contra supply plane he was riding in was shot down over southern Nicaragua.

    2001A man died of inhaled anthrax in Boca Raton, Fla.

    2003 Israel bombed an Islamic Jihad base in Syria.

    2005 Defying the White House, the Senate voted 90-9 to approve an amendment that would prohibit the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" against anyone in U.S. government custody.
    And the idiots did not specify

    The Exposed Anti-Americanists At Hillary's Media Matters Opines...

    So where is Sean Hannity's flag lapel pin?

    What a bunch of idiots. They missed the entire point.

    Hey! Hillary Sniffers! You missed a spot!

    It isn't the wearing of the pin that is the issue. It is the reasoning thereof.

    Get a grip and get a life. Tell Hillary her ship is sinking.

    Catch the wave...

    Also see

    Track back: StormWarning's Counterterrorism

    Phony Soldiers and Phony Senators

    This guy must have read my post here: (written 10/2)

    Phony Soldiers and Phony Senators
    by John E. O'Neill
    Posted: 10/04/2007

    Human Events

    Recently, at least 41 Democratic Senators, joined by a howling mob including George Soros' Media Matters, sought to silence Rush Limbaugh because of his reference to "phony" anti war soldiers. Limbaugh's comments, taken in context, referred to Jesse Macbeth, a confessed and convicted phony, whose faked but graphic war crimes confessions received far wider media notice than his later confession. He had been discharged in boot camp after 40 days of service.

    Macbeth follows a grand tradition of fake soldiers whose "war crimes" confessions have been used by the Left to slander the service of our troops. For example, Micah Ian Wright, author of the 2003 anti war best seller "You Back the Attack," was an Army Ranger and Combat veteran feted at USC's Annenberg School and in media like the Washington Post until he was finally "outed" as a complete fake. Many similar examples of phony "soldiers" used by the Left for war crimes confessions are documented in B.G. Burkett's bestseller Stolen Valor. Indeed, the problem was so endemic that a Republican Congress in 2005, at the urging of many veterans, passed "The Stolen Valor Act" finally criminalizing activities such as those of Macbeth.

    There is no one more injured by phony war crimes charges lodged by phony veterans than veterans themselves whose service is dishonored by the slander. I know. In 1971, in addition to listening to John Kerry from our unit falsely compare our forces in Viet Nam to "the Army of Jhengiz Khan," I heard Al Hubbard, the president of Kerry's VVAW, appearing with Kerry in forums such as Meet the Press and Congress confess to war crimes such as bombing innocent villages. Hubbard was an Air Force pilot, who appeared on national television wearing the Distinguished Flying Cross and many other medals while confessing our guilt in Viet Nam. Except he was none of these things, having left the Air Force as a Sergeant, never serving in Viet Nam at all.

    Military personnel all over the world thank God for Rush Limbaugh's stout defense of our military from these fakes. In 1971, there was no one to defend us from the John Kerrys and the Al Hubbards. Indeed, it is the U.S. Senate that is a Potemkin Village. It is a body whose failure to condemn Hubbard's and Kerry's 1971 libels is deafening. It is also a place on whose floor active duty soldiers have been compared to the assassins of the Khmer Rouge (Senator Deck Durbin); people who terrorize women and children (Senator Kerry); and (in close proximity) cold blooded murderers (Rep. John Murtha). Hypocrisy and cowardice are terms too kind for those who demean our soldiers without regard to the consequences to them. This conduct when coupled with the effort to silence Limbaugh a stout defender of the troops, can be best described with two words: What phonies.

    What phonies indeed.

    Congress Vows To Restrict Intelligence Gathering

    The current crop of CONgress Critters are the worse there ever was and perhaps worse than there ever will be in the future. The current crop MUST be removed from office as their election cycles come up. They have been infected by Political Correctness, Wind Direction Politics, Poll Fever, Multiculturalism, Bleeding Heart Stupidity and identity Politics.

    In recent days, the House has declared its "udder" stupidity in meddling into affairs it has no idea of how to manage let alone micro-manage and that which it does not understand.

    House votes to place contractors in war zones under U.S. law
    The House on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to place all private contractors working in Iraq and other combat zones under the jurisdiction of U.S. courts, as Congress continues to probe last month's deadly shootings in Baghdad by Blackwater USA employees.

    The 389-30 vote expanding the scope of the existing Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act came despite the strong opposition of the Bush administration, which objected to its broad application to a wide range of contractors working for U.S. agencies overseas. read more


    This tells me that 389 are complete and total fools and 30 had their heads in fresh air. If they knew what these men did for their country and the sacrifices they make that NO ONE knows about except for their families and even then - sometimes not - they wouldn't act so high and mighty and holier-than-thou. Perhaps the LWPQC units should unite and go have a "parlez"? Nah. We wouldn't want the poor and depraved CONgress Pukes to piss themselves...would we?

    This a blatant idiocy and it has no merit and it cannot be enforced. US Law does not extend to foreign lands. That is why there exists the UCMJ.




    Catch the wave

    And the idgits at Firedoglake wade in with their dog feces stuck to their shoes

    ReidCo Gets Dumber and Dumberer...

    I know this crazed loon from NV has said some really retarded things including saying he doesn't listen to Rush but called himeself Dingy Reid but, this one takes the cake, up to this point.

    Macho Pen?

    'Macho Pen'

    Democrats won control of Congress last year in large part because Republicans, supposedly the party of fiscal responsibility, spent like crazy during the dozen years they were in control. Democrats, naturally, decided to spend like crazy while posing as the party of fiscal responsibility--and why not? After all, it worked so well for the Republicans.

    One good thing about divided government is that the president doesn't have a partisan interest in promoting the congressional majority's overspending. So George W. Bush has actually begun wielding his veto pen. Earlier this week the president vetoed a massive health-care entitlement for the poor ("poor" in this case being defined to include the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class, and some of those who, for purposes of tax policy, the Democrats consider rich).

    But then things took a bizarre turn. Harry Pelosi and Nancy Reid, the Democratic congressional leaders, got angry at President Bush's pen. Seriously! Here's a quote from the Pelosi statement:

    "Today the President had an opportunity to sign a bipartisan bill that will bring health care to 10 million children in families struggling to make ends meet. Instead, President Bush used his cruel veto pen to say 'I forbid 10 million children from getting the health benefits they deserve.' . . ."

    Reid's comment, quoted by the Associated Press, is even weirder:

    "You cannot wring another ounce of compromise out of this," Reid said. "The president, what he has done with his macho pen, is really hurt children. He thinks he can waltz in here with his secretary of Health and Human Services, and sweet talk us--he can't. This is a man who is out of touch with reality."

    "Macho pen"? Is there perhaps a psychiatrist among our readers who can explain what that's all about?

    ReidCo is the mutant that is out of touch...him and PelosiCo with their 11% CONgress.

    War News

    US CENTCOM Press Releases


    Posted: 04 Oct 2007 10:26 AM CDT



    Posted: 04 Oct 2007 10:08 AM CDT


    Bill and Hill On...Fraud(s)

    It seems as though the smartest Fraud Couple to be in American politics since God was born are up to their old tricks. Fortunately, there exists a growing Conservative Tsunami in the New Media...us...


    Only this time, they are telegraphing that they will keep certain things altogether secret should they return to the White House as co-presidents. And you thought they couldn't be more brazen.

    Both Clintons, for example, have refused to disclose the names of donors to the William J. Clinton Foundation. Bill says he will remain mum about all past donors, though he didn't say that in so many words. As usual, you have to closely parse his words. Speaking of Hillary, he said, "If she gets elected president, I will disclose the contributions that people make from there going forward."

    Catch that? He will let the public know about any donations going forward — that is, after January 2009 — but not one donation before then. The $100 million-plus in donations raised for his library, "global initiatives" and other Clinton activities until that point will remain anonymous. In short, he really doesn't plan to disclose a thing.


    Crooks and Liars has nothing on these two.

    Congress At Odds On Religion? Really?

    I find it hypocritical that Congress opens their sessions with a prayer and then process to attack Christianity on a regular basis.

    The U.S. House of Representatives has voted for the first time to honor the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, but some conservative lawmakers wanted no part of it.

    The question is, why? Why "honor" our enemies?

    A Michigan congressman says he could not support a House resolution honoring the estimated 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide who are currently observing the month of Ramadan.

    Tuesday the House voted 376-0 to "recognize the commencement of Ramadan" and "commend Muslims in the United States and throughout the world for their faith." Forty-two members voted "present" on the bill sponsored by Eddie Bernice Johnson and 30 others.

    Among those who voted present on the resolution was Republican Tim Walberg of Michigan. "To offer respect for a major religion is one thing, but to offer respect for a major religion that has been behind the Islamic jihad, the radical jihad, that has sworn war upon the United States, its free allies and freedom in Iraq, is another thing," he stated.

    Good for him (Tim Walberg).

    And because of the below...
    A group of federal court employees in San Diego have filed a lawsuit against their supervisors after being told they couldn't hold Bible studies on government property during their lunch hour -- even though other groups are allowed to hold meetings at the courthouse.

    ...we have more and more of this going on. The anti-Americanists are on their downswing of their upper hand after many years of the Silent Majority remaining silent...not any more.
    The founder of Liberty Counsel says the dismissal of an ACLU lawsuit against a Ten Commandments display in one Kentucky county is not a good sign for anti-American organizations.

    Pretty soon, they will have no one in their circle of friends except, well, no one. They will all jump ship when it gets full of water. No one stays with a losing team for very long.

    Patriots Gain and Anti-Americanists Losing More Ground

    I have been holding off commenting on this latest poll while I have been reading other blogs and other web sites, primarily the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades sites like ImSoSadlyStupid and TheLoonsFromSalon and most of all, the HuffAndPussPost.

    As one can clearly see, it is the "Democrats" that are very much vested in defeat because they are the defeatists of the world and everything is America's fault. Fortunately, the previously inflated numbers of 70% of the country agreeing with "them" is actually nearly 60 off.

    The percentage of Democrats (19 percent) who believe that is nearly four times the number of Republicans (5 percent) who gave the same answer. Seven percent of independents said the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the war.


    The pdf file is here


    Here is a round up of those "chattering" about this.

    Protein Wisdom
    Blogs For Bush
    Ian Schwartz
    Fall Back Belmont
    American Digest
    Dave In Boca
    Mere Rhetoric
    The Tiger's Eye

    The above is a mere spattering.

    FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll
    4 October 07
    Polling was conducted by telephone September 25-26, 2007, in the evenings. The total sample is 900 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of ±3 percentage points.

    40. Do you personally think the world would be better off if the United States loses the war in Iraq?

    26-Sep 11 73 16
    REPS 5 87 8
    DEMS 19 62 20
    INDS 7 76 17

    Does anyone see a trend here?

    Just curious.

    11% of the Democrats are vested in defeat and are pretty much brain dead. 73% of the Democrats have their acts together in regards to the war. The AWOL Democrats, the 20% that don't know, well, they need to be bottled and shipped somewhere other than existing on American soil. These are the milquetoast whiners that cannot commit to anything. If you don't have an opinion about this war by now, there isn't much help for you.

    5% of the Republicans are more than likely the members if the RINO class and their mothers must not of taught them right from wrong or through their "higher education" quagmires, were taught that right is wrong and wrong is right. 87 % of the Republicans have their acts together in regards to the war. The remaining Republicans, the 8% that don't know, the same applies to them as does my retort about the AWOL Democrats. I have ZERO respect for someone that cannot answer a question or form an opinion and more than likely will always defer to someone else to do their thinking for them.

    The Independents are a pretty curious bunch. The 7% are more than likely Ron Paulie types or members of the Anti-Americanist groups such as Code Pink Petticoats and other such useless and misguided twerps. 76% of the Independents, such as myself, have their acts together in regards to the war. The AWOL Independents are the scariest of the bunch and as the democrats and Republicans that cannot commit, need to be rounded up, stripped of their citizenship and deported to a remote island odd the coast of Antarctica.

    Clearly, the majority of Americans KNOW that we MUST win this war. The very few that think otherwise which, are catered to by the Democratic Party Aspirants, including Ronnie Paulie, should be totally ignored and placed in their rightful places...The Abyss of Obscurity.

    Thursday, October 4, 2007

    Say Thanks To The Troops

    Send a postcard (free) to the troops overseas fighting for every American, whether or not some deserve their sacrifices.

    Free post cards here:

    A Solution To The IRS

    I received this in my email from a Yankee. It makes sense so, here it goes.


    As the democrats think up more creative ways to spend tax payer dollars on new services without consideration for funding the existing tax payer funded services; and, as the long war on terror is not ending anytime soon; and, vets healthcare/disability payments are only going to increase for the foreseeable future it seems the only thing Congress can do is cut funding for non-essential services.

    YEA RIGHT! We all know this isn't going to happen from either side of the aisle.

    You all know I'm a staunch advocate for abolishing the federal income tax and replacing it with a consumption tax. A form of consumption tax already exists with taxes placed exclusively on cigarettes and alcohol. In fact, the children's healthcare proposal W just vetoed would've been funded with a .61 cent tax on cigarettes. According to the left, this makes me a "radical right wing repubican," yeah, whatever. The problem with changing how our government collects money from the people doesn't soley rest with Congress. It also rests with everyone who doesn't pay income taxes. Those who pay no income or payroll tax are completely disconnected from the pain of heavy income/payroll taxes. Money comes from somewhere; but, not them.

    So, as a way to increase tax revenue for our government, get healthcare to the 10,000,000 children whose parents are to negligent to get for them, provide additional funding for the long war on terrror, increase additional revenue to HELP fund ALL veterans comprehensive healthcare and increase vet disability payments; all WITHOUT losing W's tax cuts; and ingratiating the public at large with the concept of a consumption based tax I thought up the following:

    I. With regard to funding children's healthcare: institute a .61 cent tax on diapers and novelty items for children (i.e. stickers, headbands, jewlery...)

    II. With regard to HELP fund the long war on terror: institute a 1.5% tax on phone services (land lines, faxes, cell phones, PDAs), and a 1.5% tax on cable/satellite TV services as well as satellite radio services. Congress instituted a phone tax to pay for the Spanish War. That war lasted 4 months and the tax to pay for it lasted 108 years.

    III. With regard to HELP fund ALL veterans comprehensive health care and increase vet disability payments: institute a 2% tax on pre-paid phone cards and pre-paid disposable cell phones and a 0.1 cent tax on each text message.

    Would appreciate your input.

    Sounds GREAT to me!!

    Barak Obama...the Unpatriotic American...UPDATED

    It seems as though the would be wannabe President of The United States won't wear an American Flag lapel pin anymore because...because...WTFO?

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said he doesn't wear the American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for "true patriotism" since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

    Asked about the decision Wednesday in an interview with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Illinois senator said he stopped doing so shortly after the attacks and instead hoped to show his patriotism by explaining his ideas to citizens.


    Read the rest at Breitbart! It SHOULD make you sick to think that a Presidential hopeful would stoop to this lowest of levels to garner support of the most looniest of the loons on the left. He CERTAINLY will get ZERO support from Patriots. If you cannot display an American Flag lapel pin to show Patriotism, you are NOT worthy of American air.

    Great big and huge HAT TIP to Michelle Malkin for this new Seal of The Presidency for Barak the Fraud Patriot Obama.

    Moron. No wonder he does Fat Boy and Fat Girl commercials.


    Geeze Louise!!

    Changed red stripes to pink. Code Pink.

    Changed blue field on shield to yellow. Self-explanatory.

    Removed “United States.” Too imperialistic.

    Removed snake from eagle’s mouth. Too aggressive.

    Removed arrows from right claw. Too violent.

    Altered “E Pluribus Unum” to “Pluribus.” Assimilation is racist!

    Added peace sign overlay.

    Perfect politically correct makeover.

    Can you believe this crap? Obama? For President? What a flake!!

    Catch the wave


    Another UPDATE...

    Election: There's something a little off about a presidential candidate who disdains wearing the flag of the nation he seeks to lead. But maybe it's because the voters he's seeking see a defeated America as a good thing. READ MORE

    Today In History


    AP Highlight in History:
    On Oct. 3, 1990, West Germany and East Germany ended 45 years of postwar division, declaring the creation of a new unified country.

    1863President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

    1929The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes formally changed its name to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

    1941Adolf Hitler declared in a speech in Berlin that Russia had been "broken" and would "never rise again."

    1991 Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton entered the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.
    And brought all his sluts with him

    1997Attorney General Janet Reno said she had found no evidence that President Bill Clinton broke the law with White House coffees and overnight stays for big contributors.
    Ja. Schure.

    2001 The Senate approved an agreement normalizing trade between the United States and Vietnam.


    AP Highlight in History:
    On Oct. 4, 1957, the Space Age began as the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, into orbit.
    AP Photo

    1777George Washington's troops launched an assault on the British at Germantown, Penn., resulting in heavy American casualties.
    Good thing Reid wasn't alive then. We would have had to quit.

    1958The first trans-Atlantic passenger jetliner service was begun by British Overseas Airways Corp. with flights between London and New York.

    1965 Pope Paul VI became the first reigning pontiff to travel to North America when he flew to New York and addressed the U.N. General Assembly.
    So much for the "separation", eh?

    1985Islamic Jihad issued a statement saying it had killed American hostage William Buckley.
    And we did...what?

    1990 German lawmakers held the first meeting of the reunified country's parliament in the
    Reichstag in Berlin.

    1993Dozens of cheering, dancing Somalis dragged the body of an American soldier through the streets of Mogadishu.
    Thanks for nothing, Bill.

    1997Hundreds of thousands of men attended a Promise Keepers rally on the Mall in Washington, D.C., in one of the largest religious gatherings in U.S. history.

    2001 Authorities said a man in Boca Raton, Fla., had contracted the inhaled form of anthrax; he died the following day.

    2002John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban," was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a federal judge in Alexandria, Va.

    2002 Richard Reid pleaded guilty in a federal court in Boston to trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight with explosives hidden in his shoes.

    2003A Palestinian woman blew herself up inside a restaurant in Haifa, Israel, killing 21 bystanders.

    Help Support El Rushbo...Sign The Petition...NOW NOW NOW

    One failure after another, Washington Democrats have built a record of legislative failure; one disappointment after another, Washington Democrats have failed to deliver results to the people who got them there.

    This must be why, just nine months into their tenure, the Democrat-led Congress hit an 11% approval rating – that is the lowest in recorded history. Facing their record of failure, Washington Democrats decided to try and distract – and so they took a man’s words out of context, then they went on the attack.

    It is at moments like these when we need to band together as conservatives and fight back. That is exactly what the Red State community and so many other conservatives around the country have been doing.

    This issue is bigger than you or me, it is bigger than Rush Limbaugh. With the recent liberal effort to resurrect the "fairness doctrine," we have to recognize that free speech -- conservative free speech is under direct attack. These are issues that speak directly to the core of the modern conservative movement – are we going to allow ourselves to be pushed around by liberal extremists, or are we going to fight back?

    I want to send Washington Democrats a message that their attempts to distract aren’t working – I stand with Rush Limbaugh against liberal attacks.

    Words From Rush Himself

    Have Signed the Petition

    First Name*
    Last Name*
    Yes, I'd like to receive updates about staying involved.

    Just in case the petition fails to comply, GO HERE!!

    Rep. Eric Cantor

    A Pathetic Email From A Pathetic "man" Whiner ReidCo

    I have no pity on his fool, the dishonorable Senator from Nevada, Land Fraud Dealings Harry Reid. He deserves absolutely ZERO respect because he hasn't earned any.

    At every turn and at every opportunity, he works ever so hard at demeaning and abasing my fellow Warriors and seeks to utterly demoralize my fellow Warriors in his quest for a military defeat in the GWOT and political victory for him and his fellow cowards, whiners, traitors and contemptible fools.

    I look upon him and his genre of unpatriotic fools with total contempt and disdain.

    Clear Communications has trounced this poor troll in his quest to save face and NOTHING he can do will enable him to save face. As El Rushbo has stated and I agree, ReidCo needs to resign, step down and retire to his personal and private Abyss of Obscurity. He can then sponge off of and mooch from the American People via his retirement package paid for via taxes and he richly deserves not.

    This is the pathetic email: he lies in the first sentence...go figure. I removed the links.

    I normally ignore Rush Limbaugh, but his comments last Wednesday went too far for me to remain silent. It's one thing to call me "Dingy Harry" - it's another to insult our men and women in uniform, calling those who oppose the war "phony soldiers" as Rush did during his Sept. 26 broadcast.

    Of course, Rush continued his tirade Monday by denying he had said anything wrong and attacking John Murtha, who served 37 years in the Marines.

    This week, 41 Democrats signed a letter to Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays, demanding that Rush apologize.

    You can send your own letter to Mays by clicking here.

    In December 2006, a poll run by the Military Times found that only 35 percent of service members approved of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. Would Rush consider every other Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine to be phony? What about General John Batiste who retired from active duty in order to speak out against this war?

    Rush has the courage to sit behind a microphone and lash out at those who oppose George Bush's misadventure in Iraq - yet when it was his time to serve, he received a deferment and has never worn a uniform.

    Limbaugh's show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, and therefore service members around the world heard his insults. It's time for Clear Channel to make Rush apologize.

    Demand that Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays take action by clicking here.

    Rush certainly has the right to say whatever he wants - but we have an obligation to speak out when he goes too far.

    Thank you,

    Harry Reid

    What a pathetic liar this twit is indeed. With everything this idiot and shallow little man has said about the CIC and military commanders and his refusal to renounce MoveOn, he dares take a comment removed from context and makes a a mountain out of a mole-hill?


    Medal of Honor Recipient Colonel Bud Day Has A Message

    From The Gathering of Eagles

    My Dear Fellow Americans:

    For the last few weeks, the “Liberal’s War on America” has gone badly.

    * MoveOn, the New York Times, and Senators who accused Gen. Petraeus of being a traitor and a liar have been exposed and repudiated;
    * The media’s attempted flim-flam to portray Iran’s Terrorist Dictator as a “Statesman,” tripped on Columbia University’s red carpet;
    * The brave combat Marines whom Congressman Murtha and the press eagerly charged with “cold-blooded murders” in Iraq are being found innocent, acquitted one by one.

    The “War” is not going well … the “War On America,” that is.

    Those who claim they “Support the Troops” are finally being unmasked, shown for being the cowards they are. But, it won’t be long before they regroup, begin their own “Surge” in this decades-long “War On America.” We won’t stand by quietly when they do; nor, should you.

    My fellow POWs and I have long known the contempt the extreme Left has for our military. We felt the crush of rifle butts in our faces, beatings and unspeakable torture in the Hanoi Hilton Prison when we refused to kowtow to American traitors who traveled to these countries for propaganda “photo-ops” with our Communist jailors.

    The so-called “anti-war movement,” lead by the likes of Lt. John Kerry and his mentor, Sen. Ted Kennedy, also said they “supported the troops”. What they didn’t say is whose “troops.”

    We knew the answer then, we were witnesses and victims. It’s the same today. They “support” America’s enemies, any Communist Regime, Dictator or Terrorists that vow to kill and maim American soldiers and innocent civilians.

    American soldiers in Vietnam were falsely accused of being a “barbarian horde,” “rapists,” “murderers,” “drug addicts” and “baby killers.”

    Today, their sons, daughters and grandchildren serving in uniform stand accused of being “terrorists,” “Nazis,” “cold-blooded murderers,” people who wantonly conduct “air raids on villages” bombing and killing civilians.


    Click the link and read the rest. The Thunderous Message is therein!


    War news

    US CENTCOM Latest News Feed

    Marine gets clearer view of future during MEDCAP.aspx

    Posted: 04 Oct 2007 01:03 AM CDT

    TADJOURA, Djibouti -- After spending eight years in the United States Marine Corps as an adjutant and logistics officer, Capt. Erin Nalepa, a Dearborn, Mich. native, decided she wanted to do something different with her life, so she joined the reserves and started on a nursing degree. She never imagined that an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the medical field would be available to her while on deployment at Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa in Djibouti.

    Workers Rebuild Communications Center.aspx

    Posted: 04 Oct 2007 12:47 AM CDT

    BAGHDAD— Communication in Baghdad can be an exercise in frustration, a hit-or-miss proposition due to both geography and technology issues. That will change as reconstruction of a major communication facility continues.