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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Demand Justice!!!

I am now informed by Up Pompeii that mayor Freddy Thielemans had just given permission to a demonstration/march on sunday Sept. the 9th. in Brussels. The demonstration will proclame that it wasn’t Islamists but Americans and Jewishes who stood behind the act of terrorisms against World Trade Center on Sep. the 11th 2001.

The demonstration will move from Brussels northern station to the southern in protest against “Georges Bush’s involvement with the 9/11 2001 terror attack’s in New York and on the Pentagon”.
The demonstration is led by a left-wing anti-American group who calls itself “United for truth” and that works with conspiracy theories.

The Mayor would need a ladder to kick a snake's belly! He banned SIOE from demonstrating on the 11th, but permits the AssWholes to spew their feces in the streets of Brussels.

There are at present 6942 signatures on the petition demanding issuance of a permit for SIOE's demonstration. For the love of liberty, go now and sign that petition and spread the word if you have not yet done so!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Get Over Yourself, American Prospect

Another Leftinistra mutant doesn't get it, either. I find it interesting that the party members with the lowest approval ratings in the history of the United States, find it necessary to degrade and abase others in order to elevate their menial, insignificant and pathetic selves. Little do they know, when resorting to tearing someone else down to elevate oneself, the opposite takes place. It is truly peculiar that the theoretical Wise Ones of the Leftinistra have missed that in the Moonbats In Training Academies.

I haven't agreed with President Bush in all matters so that disqualifies me from being a card carrying member in good standing "Bushite". That being said, I would "Rather" be a Bushite than an ignorant puss KOSmonoff any day.

I would "Rather" be a neocon than a brain-dead socialist slut like Hillary Rodham "My Documents Are Invisible" Clinton.

I would "Rather" be a neocon than a traitorous murdering thug drunk like Kennedy that was selling America down the tubes to Gorbachev during the Reagan Presidency and still "IS" in one form or another.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than a purveyor of Hate America.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than a minister of Blame America First.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than support the likes of Pajama Boy Loser Reid.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than be a useless Toad such as the likes of Murtha.

You get the point. If you don't, all that means is that a box of turtle turds has more going for it than you do.

GWB has been wrong or at a minimum misguided on several issues. I suppose that is what happens when his Compassionate Conservative side leaks out of the foil lining.

In an earlier post entitled And The KOSmonoffs Hallucinate , I pointed out the following:
These idiots just don't get it yet but they will. Come via elections or by another American Civil War, they will get it. I, Snooper, have been saying this for years...we have not been this politically split since 1861 and we all know how that worked out, right? I can smell a repeat performance brewing on the horizon. Naturally, their side will lose again and the blood bath which ensues will be deeper. They never learn.
An additional post from earlier today entitled, Anti-War Loons Losing Ground Faster Than Anticipated , I pointed out the following:

And there we have it. More and more folks are seeing the light that we, The New Media, have been stating for seemingly FOREVER! But, it didn't agree with the BDS and the likes of the losers such as Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy and a scad or two of other defeatist clowns. They have invested in failure for political gain and they have lost and they didn't even lose the Good Fight. They lost a losing fight because the MAJORITY of the American People knew better and we have proven it.

This also proves, in the long run, and painfully so, that Bush Was Right after all and the Right Brothers' video is very much prophetic.

And now, we have yet another defeatist Yahoo writing its inane drivel, trying all so desperately to distract from the fact of its own uselessness and futilities and despair.

The pendulum has swung, the Republican revolution is over, and every day the list of battered and retreating combatants continues to grow. This was a big week: Former House Speaker Denny Hastert and former GOP House Conference Chair Deborah Pryce announced their retirements. And, of course, "boy genius" and Friend-in-Chief Karl Rove, the general who was to consolidate all the Revolution's gains into a singular enduring triumph, cried uncle and announced that he, too, would leave the White House for the warmth of more time with his family.

And the poor slug ends its entirely pathetic and obvious hatred for GWB:

My suspicion is that as things get worse in Iraq, more and more Republicans will simply head toward the exits.

The End.

The only "end" it sees is the further plummeting into the abyss of obscurity of the Democratic Party leadership and the Fruit Loop Brigades, being dragged down, similar to being too close to a sinking ship, being sucked down with the ship for being too close, kicking and screaming in rebellion as a child would do throwing a temper tantrum.

I find it comical that The Man the Leftinistra have tried so very hard to portray as being the most ignorant, the most stupid, the most dangerous, the worse president, has beaten them at every turn, every corner and has out maneuvered them in every issue and has outsmarted the self-proclaimed saviors of the world only to fuel their BDS. They cannot accept the fact that they have not been able to beat The Man they hate and despise to such a level as they do.

They have seemed to hit a brick wall and that GWB, with all his faults and short-comings, he "IS" The Grand Strategist.

By Tony Blankley

More can be read here: The Boston Globe (three web pages…in the kerry/kennedy backyards)

It is very wordy and lengthy. Naturally, this article in the Washington Times will be discounted but the book is coming out just the same and the Leftinistra will have to eat one of their own to discredit him.

To wit: The Boston Globe — the respected, liberal newspaper owned by the New York Times — ran an article last week that Bush critics may wish to read carefully. It is a report on a new book that argues that President Bush has developed and is ably implementing only the third American grand strategy in our history.

The author of this book, “Surprise, Security, and the American Experience” (Harvard Press) to be released in March, is John Lewis Gaddis, the Robert A. Lovett professor of military and naval history at Yale University. The Boston Globe describes Mr. Gaddis as “the dean of Cold War studies and one of the nation’s most eminent diplomatic historians.” In other words, this is not some put-up job by an obscure right-wing author. This comes from the pinnacle of the liberal Ivy League academic establishment.

If you hate George W. Bush, you will hate this Boston Globe story because it makes a strong case that Mr. Bush stands in a select category with presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and James Monroe (as guided by his secretary of state, John Q. Adams) in implementing one of only three grand strategies of American foreign policy in our two-century history.

Get over yourself, slick. Your time has come. Your time in the sand box is done and the curtain has closed. Run along now, Terence Samuel or, "IS" that "Stewart" Smalley? The KOSmonoffs need another shoulder to cry upon and, since birds of a feather flock together, yours will do.

And here is yet ANOTHER loser moonbat...from the NYT...go figure...

More Moonbat wishful thinking at memeorandum:

David D. Kirkpatrick / New York Times:

After Loss of Majority, Several Republicans Head for Exits — A rash of retirements among House Republicans is adding to the party's electoral challenges and raising questions about a rush for the exits. — Four House Republicans — Representatives J. Dennis Hastert and Ray LaHood …
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Anti-War Loons Losing Ground Faster Than Anticipated

Simply amazing, isn't it? Success for America in a war is actually considered a bad thing.

Wake Up America has a grand piece up and her super-faster-than-lightning fingers flew across the keyboard and beat me to the punch. I could smell the smoke of the overly strained flow of electrons from my office in Texas.

It seems as though Rep. Brian Baird, D-Wash has just returned from his one and only trip to Iraq with the news that, "HEY! General Petraeus is right! There "IS" progress being made and there "IS" success!"...paraphrase mine, naturally. The actual words?

Over at Topix: here is a very small snippet and I find the choice(s) of the "teaser" to be in doubt as to the Big Picture being presented but, alas, the Lame Stream Media is what it is. The saddest part of this particular piece is the comment from an individual that hasn't a clue. The individual leaving the comment is from Detroit, OR and that explains quite a bit right there.

“It's impossible to overestimate the challenge”

Rep. Brian Baird, D-Wash., returned from a two-day visit to Iraq this week encouraged about signs of stabilization in the war-torn country but unsure about its future.
And the comment from a moonbat followed by mine:
This is one of the bloodiest months in Iraq!

We've got close to 3,400 dead soldiers - at least 1,000 dead since the Dems took office. How can ANYONE say that there has been progress in Iraq??

Are we going to finally acknowledge that a civil war is going on?(occupying a country during a civil war is a war crime & unwinnable fight because we are only *adding* to the bloodshed - not reducing it). Example: If our country was being occupied, by Canada, during a civil war, Canada, as an occupier would be an obstacle & target - not a peacekeeping force.

Also: Are Iraqis getting electricity 24/7 yet? Are we putting a hold on the mega-huge embassy we are building, and focusing our soldiers' energy on training and peacekeeping - instead of torture and interrogations.

This individual should not even be driving a motorized vehicle, let alone pretending to even remotely dream of actually knowing of that which IT is yammering on about. Where do you suppose this poor irrelevant child gets ITS data from? Do the talking dulls sound familiar to anyone? Here is my reply;
You are as ignorant as ignorant can be. I did not say you were stupid. There "IS" a difference.

Your problem is that you cannot see through your own political agenda and your BDS has curtailed your ability to think straight.

Also, from the temperament of your verbiage, I detect a complete disregard to that which we face and unless you are a Jihadi sympathizer, you would be better off keeping the yapper shut.

Have a nice day.
I will let the child stew on that for a while.

In other more presented news, which cannot be posted here due to copyright concerns, (for three paragraphs), has more tenable data of which one can gleam a small fraction of intent. The piece is entitled; Rep. Baird sees need for longer U.S. role in Iraq. That right there is enough to send the most shrill moonbat into orbit around planets that won't be discovered for aeons! Happy trails to you! Until we meet again....click and read.

From the Oregonian:

Baird voted against giving President Bush the authority to launch the Iraq invasion in 2002 and voted against a war resolution last June. Last week he voted to continue funding for troops.

This marked his first visit to Iraq and his fourth to the Middle East since 1999. He came away with several positive impressions after his visit.

The surge in troop strength, increased Iraqi military participation in the nation's security and "a change in strategies" had helped stabilize Baghdad, Baird said.

He based his observations on a 11/2-hour meeting with Army Gen. David Petraeus, top U.S. commander in Iraq, and Ryan Crocker, the United States ambassador to Iraq, as well as a separate two-hour session with U.S. Marine Corps Brig. Gen. John Allen, the U.S. deputy commander in Anbar province.

Conditions in Anbar, the province west of Baghdad that includes the flashpoint towns of Fallujah and Ramadi, appear to be improving, Baird said. That's partly because aggressive missteps by al-Qaida operatives that have rankled provincial leaders.

Baird made the trip in part to visit with 104th Division soldiers. About 40 of the division's 360 soldiers who were deployed are from Oregon and 110 from Washington.

"The morale of the troops in general is pretty good," Baird said. "They want to succeed."

But the congressman, who opposes a rapid drawdown of U.S. forces, said it is still unclear to him what framework exists for a gradual troop withdrawal.

"Democrats and Republicans have said to the (Bush) administration: You can't continue what you're doing forever," Baird said.

But "we can't just wave a magic wand and say, 'Pull all our guys out.' That's not honest or realistic."

From the Olympian:

U.S. Rep. Brian Baird said Thursday that his recent trip to Iraq convinced him the military needs more time in the region, and that a hasty pullout would cause chaos that helps Iran and harms U.S. security.

Repo Baird still stands by his voting record in regards to this war but he said:

"But we're on the ground now. We have a responsibility to the Iraqi people and a strategic interest in making this work."

And there we have it. More and more folks are seeing the light that we, The New Media, have been stating for seemingly FOREVER! But, it didn't agree with the BDS and the likes of the losers such as Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy and a scad or two of other defeatist clowns. They have invested in failure for political gain and they have lost and they didn't even lose the Good Fight. They lost a losing fight because the MAJORITY of the American People knew better and we have proven it.

This also proves, in the long run, and painfully so, that Bush Was Right after all and the Right Brothers' video is very much prophetic.

The buzzzz is here:

Brad Shannon / The Olympian:
Baird sees need for longer U.S. role in Iraq — U.S. Rep. Brian Baird said Thursday that his recent trip to Iraq convinced him the military needs more time in the region, and that a hasty pullout would cause chaos that helps Iran and harms U.S. security. — "I believe that the decision …
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Michael Yon...While We Sleep!

While we Sleep

Mr Yon requests we read something...click the link and comply.

Resistance is futile.

You will comply.

War News

US CENTCOM Press Releases


Posted: 16 Aug 2007 04:43 PM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:52 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:50 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:47 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:44 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:10 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:04 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 09:02 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 08:56 AM CDT



Posted: 16 Aug 2007 08:44 AM CDT


Mexicans Smuggling Jihadis Across the Border

I "found" this at RCP. Hat Tip to DickMorris2008.

If you have Real Player (video), you've got to watch this
Thu, August 16, 2007, 22:57:PM

8/16: Washington Times reporter Sara Carter talks about her reports about drug cartels from Mexico working with Mexican police and bureaucrats to bring Muslims across the border.

Go to linked article »

Truly amazing. It brings new life to the following picture from Norm.


And The KOSmonoffs Hallucinate

I was skimming through the KOSmonoff Manifesto this morning and ran across this little absurd and fatally flawed discourse. This particular moonbat from one of the Fruit Loop Brigades spoke too soon seeing that the KOSmonoff Reunion of recent weeks self-imploded into a quagmire of whining, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Quite komical actually.

The piece was inspired by yet another member of a different Fruit Loop Brigade here.

These idiots just don't get it yet but they will. Come via elections or by another American Civil War, they will get it. I, Snooper, have been saying this for years...we have not been this politically split since 1861 and we all know how that worked out, right? I can smell a repeat performance brewing on the horizon. Naturally, their side will lose again and the blood bath which ensues will be deeper. They never learn.

Go ahead and dream on, GOMER, aka Jake Williams. Your antics and opines are komical.

This is what has them all atwitter in their self-loathing hatred of all which disagrees with them:
What this proves is that which I, Snooper has also been saying for years. The Democratic Party is sliding downhill into obscurity with their socialist/communist tendencies and nature and the majority of Americans will NOT tolerate the displacement of our Constitution with a known failed system called Socialism and/or Communism. It will NOT take hold here. It may take a blood bath such as the world has never seen but the end result WILL be many dead moonbats...more of them than us.

In recent days, we have seen the generals of the democratic party whining in rebellion of the good news resulting from the successes of the surge. They have banked on and invested themselves in the hopes of another American failure (Vietnam) in Iraq and have seen for themselves how truly unwise that choice and that rhetoric has turned out to be.

Thank God that Karl Rove has begun the destruction of the Chief Communist in Socialist Garb, the one and only, Czarina...Hillary Rodham "Hide The Documents" Clinton.

Actually, this is too good. And I haven't even had my first full cup of coffee yet. This small teaser should give us Reagan Conservatives a good belly laugh:
The McClatchy article is so loaded with good news, I can't resist more tease:
That was almost too funny. This particular KOSmonoff sycophant rambles on:

The neo-conservative era is ending. Does that sound sweet or what? :)

Finally, your patience and tenacity are paying off, so keeping blowing that horn:

LOL! What a hoot. I wonder what the troll was smoking.

The GOP may not have decent runners up and running yet but what they have sure does outweigh what the moonbats are hoping for on their side.

Where Does The Loyalty of Neil MacFarquhar Lie?


Here we go again with the painting of a KNOWN terrorist support group being sold to the American People as a "reasonable" outlet.

Neil Mac Farquhar is "going to bat" in support of CAIR. He has either been hoodwinked and easily led by the short hairs or he is a willing activist for CAIR to replace the United States Constitution with Sharia Law and using the United States Constitution to carry out that "mission".

Neil MacFarquhar, the Times reporter on the Muslim beat, again goes to bat for the highly controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Thursday's "Muslim Groups Oppose A List of 'Co-Conspirators.'" The text box: "A Justice Dept. action in a terrorism case is seen as an effort to smear a community."

The case involves the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation, accused of providing material support to what MacFarquhar called "the Palestinian organization Hamas." (Everyone else knows Hamas as an anti-Israel terrorist group.)

When will our alleged leaders in this country going to stop this madness or is it up to us?

Here is an oldie but goodie from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2006.

Power Line:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations uses litigation as a strategic tool to silence its critics and protect the image it projects of itself as a civil rights group. In a September 2004 post on his blog, Daniel Pipes documented "CAIR's growing litigiousness." Among the suits noted by Pipes was CAIR v. Andrew Whitehead, the founder of Anti-CAIR. Pipes discussed the lawsuit in a July 2005 column: "CAIR founded by 'Islamic terrorists'?"

Yesterday the New York Sun reported that "CAIR settles a libel suit against critic," the critic being Andrew Whitehead. At his site, Whitehead lists the statements he has made about CAIR that formed the basis of CAIR's libel claim:

CAIR backed off and in essence, lost. Doesn't that tell you something?


Reporter MacFarquhar called CAIR a "prominent Muslim American organization," even though the Washington Times found the group had only 1,700 members last year, a fall of 90% since 2001. The Times has not yet reported that tidbit. In fact, the last Times news story that mentioned CAIR was another slanted piece by MacFarquhar back in March, another of listing CAIR's grievances without detailing the accusations made against CAIR, including accusations of links to the anti-Israeli terrorist group Hamas.

Read the rest of the Times Watch article. It "IS" an eye opener.

Seeing that we have not a single man in our political leadership, and the "signs" are all too telling, we will have to take this matter of CAIR into our own hands sooner or later, come hell or high water.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dishonorable Leahy (Leaky Leahy) Wants An Investigation

I have lived over a half a century and at no time have I seen a pathetic CONgress as that which we have now, in these trying times.

Call me crass. Call me crude. Call me brass. Call me rude. I care not.

Leahy is an international embarrassment.

Never before have I witnessed a political party going after an administration such as we see now via ghosts and non-issues.

In a letter to the Inspector General, Leaky Leahy has the nerve and the audacity to continue chasing ghosts and another non-issue.

As in the case of Scooter Libby, this AG Gonzales issue is a Democratic Party and Moron Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigade led Witch Hunt. The BDS is so bad, it has clouded reason and good judgment. This is a nation at war and there are bigger fish and more pressing issues to "attack".

EVERY President has fired lawyers at their discretion and there are absolutely no "lines drawn in the sand" as to when the act transpires and I don't care what the "norm" has been thought to be. No one gave a rat's ass when Clinton did it or any other President, so what is the main malfunction in Leahy's pea-sized brain?

All this issue is, is this; a distraction maneuver to remove the public's attention away from the fact that the Democratic Party led CONgress, the Vaunted Majority that has accomplished not one single campaign promise of any substance, has proven to be an INTERNATIONAL embarrassment and have been on the wrong side of the war we are in after they had once been on the right side on the war. Flowing with the wind and changing directions in accordance with made-up and skewed polls is a massive misnomer and we in The New media have pointed this out time and time again. And, we will continue with said same.

This "demand" of an investigation by the Dishonorable Patrick "leaky" Leahy has BDS and the Whiner Syndrome all over it.

Enough "IS" enough Patty...enough is enough.

Let's win the war first and then you can have your ignorant pity parties at a later date...preferably in a rubber room.

Catch the buzz here at memeorandum and have fun reading the moonbat drivel soon to come.



Have I missed something? Has the report been delivered?


Poll: Americans don't trust Iraq report25 minutes ago
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Rob / Say Anything: Poll: Majority Of Americans "Don't" Trust Petraeus' Iraq Report

From the Communist News Network Political Tracker:
A majority of Americans don't trust the upcoming report by the Army's top commander in Iraq on the progress of the war and even if they did, it wouldn't change their mind, according to a new poll.

President Bush has frequently asked Congress — and the American people — to withhold judgment on his troop surge into Iraq until Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker issue their progress report in September.

But according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Thursday, 53 percent of people polled said they don't trust the military assessment of the situation without trying to make it sound better than it actually is. 43 percent said they do trust the general's report. (Read full poll results [PDF])

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said he doesn't think the mistrust is directed at Petreaus as much as it is what he represents.

Click the link and read the rest of the crap.

From Say Anything:

Call me crazy, but shouldn’t that say “won’t”? Given that the report isn’t even out yet?

Amen, brother!! Does anyone see what's wrong with the above picture?

So why on earth would we trust a public opinion poll of a bunch of people who a) don’t even know what will be in this report and b) are apparently so close-minded that they don’t care what it says anyway?

Some people's KOSmonoffs. I swear!

UPDATE!! And the Moonbats cringe and slither away. This is oh so much more than absurd.

AFTER being hailed as King David, the potential saviour of Iraq, the US commander General David Petraeus is facing a backlash in advance of his report to Congress in September on the progress of America’s troop surge.

Critics, including one recently retired general, are privately calling him “General Betraeus” on the grounds that he is too ambitious to deliver a balanced report on the war.

Lawrence Korb, a defence official under Ronald Reagan who is now at the Center for American Progress, a Democratic think tank, said Petraeus was regarded as “the most political general since General [Douglas] Mac-Arthur”, a reference to the second world war hero who was touted as a possible president.

Opponents of the troop surge believe that President George W Bush has been hiding behind Petraeus’s reputation for too long. “The president says the surge is the ‘Petraeus’ strategy. Petraeus should say, ‘No, I work for the president. This is his strategy’,” said Korb. “He is very ambitious and there’s nothing wrong with that, but his ambition may be used in an inappropriate way.”

In the picture below, General Petraeus is the Hawk and the Leftinistra is the mouse.

More Moonbat Whining Loser Crap Mongers

I'm not going to dignify these loser-defeatist Fruit Loop Brigade Morons by replying to their obvious errors in logic and patriotism. Plain and simple, these KOSmonoffs are brain dead.

BarbinMD / Daily Kos:
A Question For Senate Republicans
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Brad DeLong / Grasping Reality with Both Hands: It Would Be Good for the Republic If the Republican Party Dissolved Itself Today

The Democratic Party Leadership should be hauled off to prison for life for the all so obvious and documented PUBLIC betrayals and aiding and abetting the enemy.

What laws have they openly broken again?


Say It "IS"n't So!!

Liberal Politicians Accused of Distorting Anti-Quota Ballot Initiative
(CNSNews.com) – A politically ambitious Democratic attorney general in Missouri is working with other government officials to distort ballot language targeting racial preferences in an attempt to affect the result, according to the activist behind the initiative. Voters in Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma will be asked whether racial preferences and quotas should be banned...

Click and read.

War News

US CENTCOM Latest News Feed

Coalition Forces Train Iraqi Marines in North Persian Gulf.aspx

Posted: 16 Aug 2007 05:57 AM CDT

NORTH PERSIAN GULF (NNS) -- Coalition forces are training Iraqi marines to take over the mission of providing security to Iraqi territorial waters in the North Persian Gulf.

Pool Therapy Keeps Black Jack Soldiers in the Fight.aspx

Posted: 16 Aug 2007 05:51 AM CDT

FORWARD OPERATING BASE PROSPERITY, Iraq - With the opening of Montpetit Pool here last month, Soldiers from the 2nd "Black Jack" Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, have had a daily escape from the summer heat.

Army Engineers Work to Connect Afghanistan One Road at a Time.aspx

Posted: 16 Aug 2007 05:42 AM CDT

FORWARD OPERATING BASE ORGUN-E, Afghanistan – U.S. Army engineers in Afghanistan are doing their part to restore security and the country’s economy by building roads, bridges and levees to connect Afghanistan’s people.

****EXCLUSIVE***Interview with Executive Director of Vets For Freedom, Pete Hegseth

Cross post by request.

By Susan Duclos aka Spree

Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan organization established by combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our mission is to educate the American public about the importance of achieving success in these conflicts by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics—namely "the surge" in Iraq. We support policymakers from both sides of the aisle who have stood behind our great generation of American warriors on the battlefield, and who have put long-term national security before short-term partisan political gain.

Pete Hegseth, Executive Director

First Lieutenant Pete Hegseth served in Iraq with the 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division for their deployment to Iraq from 2005-2006. Lt. Hegseth served as an infantry Platoon Leader in Baghdad during the nationwide elections in October and December 2005, and as a Civil-Military Operations officer in Samarra. Lt. Hegseth also served in Guantanamo Bay for a year on a security mission with his National Guard unit and currently serves in the 1-69 Infantry, New York Army National Guard. He holds the Bronze Star for his time in Iraq. Pete is a graduate of Princeton University and plans to pursue a Masters in Public Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton in the fall. Lt. Hegseth originally hails from Minnesota, but now lives in New York City with his wife.

The Washington Times has published some key excerpts to this 25 minute interview with Mr. Hegseth, so please head over and read those excerpts dealing with, what the Vets For Freedom does and why, as well as giving a “face” to the Iraqi people and their hopes and desires for their country, what he is hearing from the soldiers and interpreters still on the ground in Iraq and he speaks to why Victory in Iraq is so important to America.

The transcript of the rest of this fascinating interview, via the phone, with Mr. Hegseth is posted below.

SD: I appreciate all the emails you send me with the weeks to testimony and I try to get them out. I see that you will be there September 18th , there is also anti-war protesters that will be there. You are going to be there to basically counter them?

: That’s part of it, our message has mostly been pro-active and less reactive, so we schedule, I guess we knew, but without regard to who else will be there, but at the same time, I think we have also given ourselves an opportunity to counter what a lot of the anti-war groups will be doing. There is also a large pro mission rally on the 15th with a couple other organizations and while we are not specifically going to have lots of guys there, we will be partnered with them. So we hope to really be involved for a couple weeks in September, it is just that 18th dates that we will bring all our guys, and if the other side wants to try, try to muster as many vets, Iraq and Afghanistan vets, as we do, I’d be surprised if they could.

SD: What is the difference that you see in General Petraeus’s strategy now, the counterinsurgency, than what you saw when you were there in 2005-2006?

Hegseth: That’s the million dollar question and what makes what we’re doing, so important, is that people don’t realize what a drastic change in strategy this really is. It’s not just throwing 30,000 more troops at a problem, it’s throwing 30,000 more troops with a new strategy and then reallocating the existing troops, more efficiently. So you are actually getting much more bang for your buck than just 30,000 troops. Your getting double that if not more in actual combat power and the troops are doing a different kind of mission, what we were doing in 2005-2206, while with the best intentions, was trying to hand over swathes of land and cities to the Iraqi people as fast as we could, irregardless of whether or not the security conditions merited it. We also handed over swathes of land to the Iraqi security forces and to tribal leaders and others without having a real understanding of what was going to happen.

Then we had elections and other things that were good on paper, but didn’t really bring about any changes on the ground for the Iraqi people, so we were actually fighting an unconventional asymmetrical war with large conventional tactics, but what General Petraeus has done, what we’ve done now, is totally reverse the course, and focus on the population centrals and we said, “we need to secure the areas for the Iraqi people first” and when we do that it will bring about the kind of security conditions where we can have economic and political stability and progress.

The biggest example of that is Anbar province, where the people hear about the “awakening” and these Tribal Sheiks, standing up and taking on al-Qaeda, and they have, but the reason they did that is because Americans cleared Anbar province and Ramadi, specifically, and then they held it, with 65 patrol bases throughout the city, troops bringing violence way down, to the point where the Sheiks kind of looked and said, wow, we have a strategic opportunity here to take on al-Qaeda, and they did and that’s what is allowing for the lasting peace there. As far as tactically, for the Americans, what we’ve done is we taken troops out of the big bases, with McDonald and burger King on them and we have pushed them out into the neighborhoods, into smaller, what is called joint security stations, and at these joint security stations you have a small number of Americans and a small number of Iraqi’s, working side by side, day by day, to provide local security in a local neighborhoods, persistently, day by day and that’s what is different, we used to be on big bases and we would drive out on patrols every once in a while to different areas and try to take care of problems, but it was all patchwork and what we are doing now is we are really committing to the population, committing to neighborhoods, we are clearing and we are holding and when you do that you start to gain the confidence of the locals.

You have relationships and relationships lead to the intelligence that you need to sift through friend and foe. I think one of the great metrics right now is “tips” and tips for , sort of information lines for Iraqi and American security forces are four times higher than they were, at this point last year, which is an incredible indicator of how much the Iraqi people have said the security environment is changing and it is time to call in my buddy next door, who is putting in IED’S. I think those are, in addition to the lower violence, are great signs.

Read the rest......


Rove v Czarina

An excellent strategy, this "resignation" by Mr Rove and GOOD on him! The LEFT hates the man because he is SO much better than they are in rallying the populace. He is now in a position to trounce and pounce at will! No longer is he ham-stringed by any administration. This is going to better than I thought!!

Rove Steps Up His Attacks on Clinton’s Candidacy
Karl Rove intensified his attack on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday, saying she lacked the vision to be president while saying she was “so weak” on national security and support for the armed forces.

Mr. Rove, President Bush’s political adviser, has been criticizing Mrs. Clinton since Monday, when he announced his intention to resign from the White House and coupled it with candid analysis, notably, calling Mrs. Clinton a “fatally flawed” presidential candidate.

Mrs. Clinton, of New York, and her advisers have denounced the attacks while privately welcoming them, hopeful that Mr. Rove, a bĂȘte noire to Democrats, will spur liberal skeptics of Mrs. Clinton to rally to her.

Not hardly. This attitude is indicative of the mouse flashing the hawk the middle finger in its last act of defiance as the mouse is about to be "taken". The hawk still wins. Click the link above and read the rest.Rove v Clinton

Just two days after announcing he would be stepping down as a top adviser to President Bush, Karl Rove is ramping up his attacks on Democrats and, in particular, one of the party’s leading presidential contenders, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In a radio interview with Rush Limbaugh today, Mr. Rove repeated his characterization of Mrs.

Clinton as a “fatally flawed” candidate, and lashed out at her for saying in her new television ad that Mr. Bush treated some Americans as “invisible.”

Mr. Rove said that Mrs. Clinton’s criticism of the president showed “a lack of vision” on her part.

“The fallback position in politics is, if you don’t know what you want to be about, and if you don’t know what your vision is, go at somebody else,” Mr. Rove said in the interview.

He also called her record on health cares issues “spotty and poor,” asserted that she has been “less than supportive” of American troops and took aim at her positions on a variety of anti-terrorism measures the administration supports.

The rules and the playbook just changed for the better folks.


The American People Are On To The Defeatist Clans

IBD Editorials: Good News for America...bad news for the defeatists and haters of America.

IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index: August 2007

Posted Monday, August 13, 2007 4:30 PM PT

President Bush's rating among Americans continued to regain lost ground in August, new data from the IBD/TIPP Poll show. Bush's ratings began to tank in May, and hit a low of 34.7 in June. Since then, they've steadily crept back. In August, they jumped 6.2% to 37.9, the highest level since May. What's surprising is that he's gained ground among all three major political affiliations in the U.S. Bush's firming leadership numbers may be due to signs of success with the surge strategy used in Iraq.

Marines Innocent, Murtha Guilty

No. I shall NOT let this issue die and neither should my fellow Americans and I am NOT including the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades as my fellow Americans. Why? Because as far as I am concerned, they are NOT Americans. Not the Americans I know, anyway.

Marines Innocent, Murtha Guilty or, Innocents of Haditha...

How many of you remember this?
That May, Rep. Murtha, D-Pa., vowed at a press conference an investigation would prove "our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."
Or is your attention span shorter than a gnats sexual organ?

Where were his facts? Some "undisclosed source in the Pentagon"? And who might that be and why don't we know who it was? Why is this person or these persons not known? What are they hiding? Why are these false "allegators" NOT charged with perpetrating lies against humanity?
As the facts have come out, the Haditha incident has been revealed as a media-driven rush to judgment embraced by Democrats to justify their animus toward the war on terror in Iraq. It is a case that, outside of its combat context, eerily resembles the attempted railroading of the Duke lacrosse players.
NO DOUBT!! Why aren't these perpetrators of falsehoods not taken behind the woodshed? Why are these pukes not coming forward and begging for forgiveness? Are they hiding their shame or are they protecting their right to be idiots?

Read the article and your blood will boil with righteous indignation as well. The article ends with this:

The facts as revealed clearly demonstrate that the incident was part of a planned ambush by insurgents that used civilians as human shields, and that despite the claims of Rep. Murtha and his media allies, this was not murder but the tragic result of a firefight in which U.S. Marines were honorably defending themselves.

Now, the truth also is undergoing a surge.

Some Were Born To Whine

And the majority of them landed in the leadership of the singularly most depraved realms of leadership within the once glorious Democratic Party, now the singularly MOST corrupt, unethical and belligerent body of cut-throats, traitors, operators of subversion and seditious acts.

Some were born to whine indeed but the current crop of leaders in the DNC and quite a few in the RNC actually work hard at being known as Chief of Whine. The competition is surely tough for the position. It all depends upon which Fruit Loop Brigade the Whiners are pandering to.

Is it any wonder that they are hereby decreed as The Party of The Whiner?

Listen to the losers whine in public.

Senior congressional aides said yesterday that the White House has proposed limiting the much-anticipated appearance on Capitol Hill next month of Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker to a private congressional briefing, suggesting instead that the Bush administration's progress report on the Iraq war should be delivered to Congress by the secretaries of state and defense.
Did ya catch "it"? I did. Read on. (and that was just the opening salvo!)
The skirmishing is an indication of the rising anxiety on all sides in the remaining few weeks before the presentation of what is widely considered a make-or-break assessment of Bush's war strategy, and one that will come amid rising calls for a drawdown of U.S. forces from Iraq.
Did you catch that one?
With the report due by Sept. 15, officials at the White House, in Congress and in Baghdad said that no decisions have been made on where, when or how Petraeus and Crocker will appear before Congress. Lawmakers from both parties are growing worried that the report -- far from clarifying the United States' future in Iraq -- will only harden the political battle lines around the war.
LOL!! Good God Almighty! Who writes the book of whining? LOL!! (sometimes I hate the training I have. makes it really hard to not LMAO!)

Here are some classic whiners...I know some children that would laugh at these people...
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) told the White House that Bush's presentation plan was unacceptable. An aide to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.) said that "we are in talks with the administration and . . . Senator Levin wants an open hearing" with Petraeus.


And more from the Whiners' Gallery...
"Americans deserve an even-handed assessment of conditions in Iraq. Sadly, we will only receive a snapshot from the same people who told us the mission was accomplished and the insurgency was in its last throes," warned House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.).

Note to all...Rahm Emanuel is a troll...just thought I would add that in. IT prattles on and on about "things" that have been shown to be false many times. Hey! RAHM! CRAM IT!

Read the whole article. There seems to be a Whiner in each paragraph but the writer of the piece doesn't see it. Of that I am most positive.

Buzzzzzzzzzz it!!

Rounds Out or Just The Beginning

There are 4 pieces in the New York Post today that are "Rather" informative. Here they are in all of their Glory...nothing is sweeter than the scent of Victory...that is why the Fruit Loop Brigades smell so bad...they revel in defeat.

TORA Battle heating up...

August 16, 2007 -- BAGRAMI, Afghanistan - Hundreds of U.S.-led troops have launched an offensive against al Qaeda and Taliban militants in an area of eastern Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden once hid, officials said yesterday.

A bomb near the capital, meanwhile, killed three German police officers assigned to protect their country's embassy, and a British national was shot dead in Kabul.

The offensive involving ground troops and airstrikes in the Tora Bora region of eastern Nangarhar province is targeting "hundreds of foreign fighters" who are using dug-in positions, said a coalition spokeswoman, Capt. Vanessa Bowman.

General Petraeus Eying Troop Draw Down (due to the successes, naturally)

August 16, 2007 -- BAGHDAD - The top American commander in Iraq said yesterday he was preparing recommendations on troop reductions before he returns to Washington next month for a report to Congress. He predicted the U.S. footprint in Iraq would have to be "a good bit smaller" by next summer.

But Gen. David Petraeus cautioned against a quick or significant U.S. withdrawal that could surrender "the gains we have fought so hard to achieve."

He declined to offer specifics on upcoming recommendations. The report, expected next month, is seen as a potential road map for U.S. military and diplomatic policies in Iraq.

Petraeus also said the "horrific and indiscriminate attacks" that killed at least 500 Yazidis, an ancient religious sect, in northwestern Iraq on Tuesday were the work of al Qaeda in Iraq fighters. The suicide bombings occurred near the Syrian border, and U.S. officials charge the Damascus regime has not done enough to police the frontier against infiltration by foreign fighters who dominate al Qaeda.

The attacks, Petraeus added, bolstered his argument against moving too quickly to draw down the 30,000 additional U.S. troops deployed in the first half of the year.

Killing For Congress
August 16, 2007 -- TWO days ago, al Qaeda det onated four massive truck bombs in three Iraqi vil lages, killing at least 250 civilians (perhaps as many as 500) and wounding many more. The bombings were a sign of al Qaeda's frustration, desperation and fear.

The victims were ethnic Kurd Yazidis, members of a minor sect with pre-Islamic roots. Muslim extremists condemn them (wrongly) as devil worshippers. The Yazidis live on the fringes of society.

That's one of the two reasons al Qaeda targeted those settlements: The terrorist leaders realize now that the carnage they wrought on fellow Muslims backfired, turning once-sympathetic Sunni Arabs against them. The fanatics calculated that Iraqis wouldn't care much about the Yazidis.

As far as the Thieves of Baghdad (also known as Iraq's government) go, the terrorists were right. Iraqi minorities, including Christians, have been classified as fair game by Muslim butchers. Mainstream Iraqis simply look away.

But the second reason for those dramatic bombings was that al Qaeda needs to portray Iraq as a continuing failure of U.S. policy. Those dead and maimed Yazidis were just props: The intended audience was Congress.

Al Qaeda has been badly battered. It's lost top leaders and thousands of cadres. Even more painful for the Islamists, they've lost ground among the people of Iraq, including former allies. Iraqis got a good taste of al Qaeda. Now they're spitting it out.

The foreign terrorists slaughtering the innocent recognize that their only remaining hope of pulling off a come-from-way-behind win is to convince your senator and your congressman or -woman that it's politically expedient to hand a default victory to a defeated al Qaeda.

Whacking Iran...interesting bit of analogy

August 16, 2007 -- THE media missed a big one yesterday.

They ran with the story that the Bush administration will soon designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps - a major troublemaker in Iraq - as a terrorist organization. But they didn't look past the public-consumption explanation that the move lets our government go after the Revolutionary Guards' finances and the international companies that cut deals with Tehran's thugs.

The real reason for the move is to set up a legal basis for airstrikes or special operations raids on the Guard's bases in Iran.

Our policy is that we reserve the right to whack terrorists anywhere in the world. Now we have newly designated terrorists. And we know exactly where they are.

This doesn't mean we won't go after their money, too. The Revolutionary Guards have built up a financial empire - they're religious fanatics, but, in their version of Islam, "greed is good." Hurting Iran's assassins in the pocketbook reduces their ability to export terror.

But watch that space: We've long delayed taking action against the Iranians who provide Iraq's Shia extremists with the sophisticated IEDs that kill and maim our troops. We fell into the Vietnam-era trap of allowing the enemy a sanctuary - this time, in Iran. The Revolutionary Guards' al-Quds subsidiary helped butcher hundreds of our troops - and got away with it virtually scot-free.

Looks like those days are nearing an end.

Good News From Iraq...Bad News for Dummies

August 15, 2007 -- News out of Iraq continues to be encouraging: High-profile attacks have fallen nearly 50 percent since the start of the troop surge, USA Today reported this week.

Gen. David Petraeus, commanding the war in Iraq, says hundreds of al Qaeda fighters were killed or captured in just the past month alone.

Tips about the enemy are up fourfold over the last year - to some 23,000 a month.

"Tribes and people are starting to stand up and fight back," said Brig. Gen. Mick Bednarek, deputy commander of the U.S. division north of Baghdad, in the USA Today report. "They are turning against al Qaeda."

It's a sign of the preliminary success of a number of operations now under way, as troop strength has finally reached the maximum planned by the surge.

To think that just a month ago, Democrats were trying to pull the plug on Iraq.

Maybe they feared exactly what is happening: The tide in Iraq seems to be turning in America's favor - and that spells bad news for the Dems, who've pinned their own political fates on the White House failing in the war.

Democrats aren't the only ones who have suddenly gone mum: Little by way of saber-rattling has been heard from the mullahs' motor-mouth in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The shifts, in rhetoric and on the ground, could portend, well . . . anything.

The enemy may be laying low, figuring they can't bear - at the moment, anyway - the high cost of additional attacks and confrontations.

Or they may be re-arming for a major offensive.

Surely they've by no means ended their violence completely, even temporarily: Yesterday, suicide bombers killed at least 175 people and wounded 200.

But Coalition forces aren't letting up, either: This week, they launched a third major campaign, Operation Phantom Strike, aimed at disrupting al Qaeda and Iranian-backed operations.

The verdict is still out on Iraq. Far-left Democrats may yet force a premature pullout.

But Americans can hope for the best. There's no reason to cut this war short.

Remember the Food For Oil Scandals? The S-L-O-W wheels of justice churn on...

August 15, 2007 -- A Texas oil baron facing trial for his role in the United Nations' oil-for-food scandal may have also committed treason by secretly giving the Iraqi government advance warning of U.S. plans to invade, court papers allege.

The feds have evidence Oscar Wyatt Jr. told Iraqi officials "when the United States would begin bombing Iraq, when the army would invade Iraq and how many soldiers would be sent," Wyatt's lawyers claimed in a bid to keep a potentially incriminating diary out of the trial.

The diary, by a former Iraq oil official, also suggests Wyatt "convinced Sen. Edward Kennedy to deliver a speech against the war with Iraq," say court papers filed by the defense. But a Kennedy spokeswoman insisted he "based his decision to oppose the war on briefings by experts, insight from military personnel and testimony and briefings from the administration."

Wyatt, 82, founder and ex-chairman of Coastal Corp., is set to go on trial next month for allegedly paying Saddam Hussein kickbacks to reap illegal profits through the U.N. oil-for-food program.

How many feet does Obama have, anyway? And who gave him more bullets?

August 15, 2007 -- Rivals of Sen. Barack Obama slammed him for saying the U.S. needs to have more troops fighting Taliban forces in Afghanistan so "we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians."

Obama made the comments during a campaign swing in New Hampshire.

"Now, you have narco drug lords who are helping to finance the Taliban, so we've got to get the job done there, and that requires us to have enough troops that we are not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there," Obama was quoted by the Nashua Telegraph saying.

Aides to GOP hopeful Mitt Romney told the Washington Examiner that it reflects inexperience and is "an entirely inaccurate condemnation" of the U.S. military in the Mideast.

But Obama supporters pointed to comments from military leaders and others acknowledging the civilian deaths, including comments from President Bush at a press conference last week, where he said he'd apologized to Afghanistan's president for civilian deaths.

This Socialist Party called the Democratic Party is self-imploding. It is both sad and funny but funny in a sad way.