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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can We Put the Beauchump Issue To Rest Yet?

We all know that TNR is a Leftist rag and the verbiage within its pages can be taken with a grain of horse droppings...any more than a grain of said same will create a stench intolerable to the nostrils of decent Americans. Hint: TNR publishers and writers are not...repeat...not decent Americans. They are liars and as Murtha has disgraced himself and the Uniform of which he once wore, so TNR has disgraced themselves and have revealed and confirmed their utter contempt of the United States Armed Services. They are to be placed in the same genre of ReidCo and the crones of the Leftinistra.

The below have said, stated and investigated the ramblings and the consistent inconsistencies of the Beauchump revelers to the point that the American People will no longer tolerate the inaccurate attacks on the very ones that provide the venue of the freedom to be as retarded as they so choose to be, thus suffering from the consequences. Dissent is one thing...blatant treasonous acts are something else and IF we had an Attorney General or ANY number of CONgress Critters that had a Spine, the Unamerican Investigative Committees would be inaugurated and the scum that hate this country to the degree of which they do, would be dealt with accordingly and served a might blow, of which, they so richly deserve. Enough is enough.

Bill Roggio / Weekly Standard:
The Army Responds — I recently emailed Col. Steve Boylan asking for whatever information he could provide regarding the status of the investigation of Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Here is his response:
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Dan / Riehl World View: Updated: TNR Quotes Raise Questions

There is no defense for the individuals, establishments and businesses that actively attempt to embolden our enemies as men and women of the United States Armed Services are in harms way. What would General Patton say? What would General MacArthur say?

I have classified this post as another addition to the Fraud Veterans category because Beauchump has been shown to be a fraud and TNR has chosen to be associated with yet another Fraud Veteran, much like the MANY trolls that visit our blogs that at one moment they claim to be True Americans, the next moment they confess to be Marxists and in the next moment the same trolls say that they are current and past veterans. Recently, one of my trolls that has been CAUGHT admitting to being a communist, a jihadi troll and telling someone IT is a Captain in the USMC (which is a fraudulant act and "IS" a federal felony), has proven the utter hate and contempt they have for a Free Society while at the same time, using that SAME Free Society to try an affect a switch to allegiance to Jihadist Allah.

It is time to take arms against these Haters of America.

Today In History

1997-President Bill Clinton made the first use of the line-item veto approved by Congress, rejecting three items in spending and tax bills. (However, the Supreme Court later struck down the line-item veto as unconstitutional.)

2003 -NATO took command of the 5,000-strong peacekeeping force in Afghanistan.

I remember this and I LOVED IT!!

1984- President Ronald Reagan joked during a voice test for a paid political radio address that he had "signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes."
Audio Link President Ronald Reagan

No Worries...It's Just Dirty Radiation...Harmless

Hat Tip to Wake Up America

From the DEBKAfiles...

The threat was picked up by DEBKAfile’s monitors from a rush of electronic chatter on al Qaeda sites Thursday, Aug. 8.

The al Qaeda communications accuse the Americans of the grave error of failing to take seriously the videotape released by the American al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gaddahn last week. “They will soon realize their mistake when American cities are hit by quality operations,” said one message.

Another said the attacks would be carried out “by means of trucks loaded with radio-active material against America’s biggest city and financial nerve center.”

Click the links provided to read the rest.

What will it take? When will the threats we face as a nation sink in? When will those that hate GWB get off of their high and hobby horses and realize the realities of this dreaded and widely ignored Global War On Terror?

When will our political leaders explain to the American People how dangerous these times are?

Did you know, that we, the United States, are fighting this war in close to 50 countries?

Let's examine how President Bush described the Global War on Terror in the immediate aftermath of 9/11:

Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes, visible on TV, and covert operations, secret even in success. We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest. And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. (Applause.) From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime.

Why are the words of the president so widely ignored? And, to what end. And, for what cause?

The American Micro-Wave attention spans are pathetically short.

Wake Up.

As President Bush explained and the Congress agreed upon, this war we are in has been waged against us for many years before 91101 and now, very few remember or seems to care. The short attention spanned detractors and those that have a viral case of BDS need to be sat down and silenced.

Dissent is one thing. Doing and saying the types of things they are saying these days is something else other than dissent.

Amy proctor has The Smoking Gun that proves how wrong the majority of the "war detractors" are.

The War In Iraq is central to the current war. As I have said privately I will now say in the open. "We" watched AQ and Taliban flee from the onslaught of Superior Military Might in Afghanistan. Those which remained were canon fodder to bide the time required for the enemy to regroup. They knew they could not withstand a head to head battle with American and American led forces. They ran like good little moonbats do.

To where did they run off to? "We" watched them flee through the mountains of the "Stan" countries to the northwest and northeast of the "entry" points. "We" watched them run west. "We" watched them run east. The majority ran nearly due west...Iraq. About as half as many ran west...Pakistan. The remaining stood their short-lived ground in Afghanistan. They did not expect the United States to fulfill the bluff. To cover for their mistakes, they began their propaganda machines and said that the United States took the bait. If anyone believes that, I can show them that a dead gnat has more brain power and common sense than they do.

One can find a very watered down "story" here.

I have seen my fair-share of elephants and I wouldn't want to see any here, on American soil.

How about you?


DEBKAfile Exclusive: New Al Qaeda threat of radioactive truck attacks naming New York, Los Angeles, Miami — The threat was picked up by DEBKAfile's monitors from a rush of electronic chatter on al Qaeda sites Thursday, Aug. 8. — The al Qaeda communications accuse the Americans …
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The Gun Toting Liberal™: Newest al-Qaeda Threat: Death To America

Ed Morrissey / Captain's Quarters:
Dirty Bomb Threat In New York — New York City has deployed radiological detectors throughout the subway system and at bridges and tunnels tonight in response to a threatened terrorist attack. The city has not raised its alert status yet, but the attack was specific for tonight (via One Jerusalem):
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Reuters: NY hikes security on dirty bomb Internet chatter
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How Much Proof Do We Need?

Like I have said many times before: Amy ROCKS!

Captured Iraqi Terrorist Says Bin Laden Had al-Qaeda Camps in Iraq Under Saddam's Regime

I have the videos in the VODPOD above.

Amy Proctor has the "STUFF" on her site.

Click the link.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Why The New York Times Can Legally Help The Enemy in The War on Terror

Why is that? Here is a "teaser" and after clicking the link provided, make your own determination and IF you have the moral fortitude, YOU will take the appropriate action accordingly.

As for myself, I agree with some folks when they demand that AG Gonzales should step down but for differing reasons. HE IS NOT DOING HIS DAMN JOB!!

There are laws on the books dealing in Subversion, Sedition, and Treason. In a time of war, the actions of the publishers, editors and owners of the now defunct "Main Stream Media" are subject to investigations for criminal activity and aiding and abetting the enemy; in this case, the Islamic Jihadists that declared war on the United States LONG before 91101.

In July 2007, the Washington Post gave a Hezbollah supporter full coverage of an online column on Jihadism, and in June 2007, both the New York Times and the Washington Post printed editorials by a Hamas figure.

This week, the New York Times has provided online columns on August 8 and August 9 dedicated to brainstorming new ideas on how Jihadists can attack and kill Americans. The New York Times author, Dr. Steven Levitt, a writer on economics, used his online August 8 column "If You Were a Terrorist, How Would You Attack?" to offer some new ideas to Jihadists on ways to murder Americans, and suggested some specific tactics that Jihadists can take to improve both the level of terror and effectiveness of such murders. Then Dr. Levitt invited the general public to offer their own suggestions on how Jihadists might be able to kill Americans, stating "I'm sure many readers have far better ideas. I would love to hear them." And disturbingly, many hundreds of readers obliged Dr. Levitt by offering horrific suggestions to help Jihadists. This was not yet enough for the New York Times, and so on August 9, Dr. Levitt wrote a second online column "Terrorism, Part II", where he defended his right to recommend murder ideas to terrorists, by explaining that there are a "virtually infinite" number of American vulnerabilities, and by claiming that the "terrorists are incompetent" or the "terrorism threat just isn't that great".

Not once in either column does Dr. Levitt ever use the word... "Jihad" or "Jihadists". In Dr. Levitt's view, the threat is only from incompetent criminals that he calls "terrorists", and that view of terrorists as mere "criminals" was echoed the same day by former NATO leader Wesley Clark in another New York Times column "Why Terrorists Aren't Soldiers".

Visit the blog and read the rest.

I, and others that have equal trepidation towards those that support the enemy, wonder why these cretins have not been charged with "crimes against the flag". Could it be that "Compassionate Conservatism" has no courage in this regard? I wonder.

United States Code

Section 2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

Section 2388. Activities affecting armed forces during war

(a) Whoever, when the United States is at war, willfully makes or conveys false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies; or

Whoever, when the United States is at war, willfully causes or attempts to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or

willfully obstructs the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, to the injury of the service or the United States, or attempts to do so - Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(b) If two or more persons conspire to violate subsection (a) of this section and one or more such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy shall be punished as provided in said subsection (a).

(c) Whoever harbors or conceals any person who he knows, or has reasonable grounds to believe or suspect, has committed, or is about to commit, an offense under this section, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(d) This section shall apply within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States, and on the high seas, as well as within the United States.

An amendment to 18 U.S.C. § 2385 which, taking specific cognizance of the current threat from Islam, establishes that the preaching of Jihad is tantamount to knowing and willful advocacy of “overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States”; that whoever, in accordance with the doctrine of Jihad, “prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States” shall be “fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

Any questions? Which CONgress Critters have violated The Law of The Land? Which Domestic Organizations have violated the Laws of The Land? Which Political Organizations outside the CONgress have violated The Laws of The Land? Which individual citizens have violated The Laws of The Land? Have we no men left in DC or are there only cowards remaining? (btw, I was present when these similarly spoken words were uttered a few years back). Don't believe it? Tough.

My original post:
If You Were An Idiot NYT Blogger...

Tokyo Rose

More Haditha Marines Exonerated

Hey! Murtha! When will YOU be apologizing to the United States Marine Corp, The Haditha marines YOU trashed and destroyed their lives and The American People?

When will YOU, Murtha, resign your "post" for dereliction of duty?

When will YOU, Murtha, tell The American People that YOU were wrong?

Have YOU, Murtha, the Moral Fortitude and Personal Integrity to do so?

John Murtha. You have disgraced your Uniform and although I was not a Marine, we did have cross-service respect for each other and in THIS DAV's opinion, YOU, Murtha, now have the recognition as the Second "Ex"-Marine.

I pity your existence. I loath your politicizing an issue for your own personal and political gain. Your first-hand and under-handed causation of trials, tribulations and lives destroyed due to your disgusting plunging for moonbat votes is deplorable and YOU, Murtha, absolutely disgust this veteran.

General Praises Exonerated Haditha Marine

Charges Against Haditha Marine Sharratt Dropped

Charges for Haditha Investigator Dropped

It is a sad day for America that such a man...and I use that term loosely...VERY loosely...as Murtha remains as a Servant of The People in The People's House.

Purely pathetic.

"Moore" on the Idiot Murtha below


And over at MSLSD Forum...

Or here:

Another Military Fraud-Monger

Fort Worth, TX...

I don't get it. Do you?

A 29-year-old Fort Worth man who claimed he received numerous military awards now faces up to 31 years in prison for lying about his military record.

Richard David McClanahan, formerly of Boys Ranch, Texas, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of making false statements and one count of making false claims about receipt of military medals, U.S. Attorney Richard Roper said.

Mr. McClanahan told people he had been nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor and spoke at local schools and on radio programs about his military awards, the U.S. Attorney’s office said. He received about $11,000 in donations and scholarships.

Mr. McClanahan did have a military record, but it was one filled with lies, demotions and a discharge “under other than honorable conditions,” the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

Mr. McClanahan served in the Navy from January 1999 to May 2001. He then joined the Army as a sergeant in June 2001.

A military evaluation in 2005 revealed that he had continually lied about his civilian life, military career, education and experiences, the U.S. Attorney’s office said. In one case, he falsified a score on his fitness card and then forged the physician assistant’s signature.

In April 2005, the Army found him guilty of wearing unauthorized awards and badges. The Army reduced his rank and sentenced him to 100 days of confinement. Three months later, the Army charged him with making a false official statement that included lying about his bachelor’s degree, his Army physical fitness test score and earning numerous military course certifications and badges, including the basic parachutist badge and a Navy Seal certificate.

In July 2005, he was discharged.

Mr. McClanahan move to Amarillo and continued to share with others his stories of military awards and decorations. He received $2,000 in donations from the “America Supports You,” organization, which assists service members.

In March, he sent a letter to an Amarillo Ford car dealership and asked them to donate a vehicle to him because of his congressional medal nomination. The dealership declined the donation but agreed to help him with financing.

Mr. McClanahan later admitted that he submitted a false financial statement, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

A sentencing date has not been set. Mr. McClanahan could also face $1.1 million in fines.

It never ceases to amaze me.

Funny Picture of The Day


I have received permission to "steal" the picture in this post from The American Israeli Patriot so enjoy the pic. I 'bout wet myself when I first saw it.

For my "special" moonbat (not any from the MIT training wheel blog), you can check it out here.


War News

US CENTCOM Latest News Feed

Four-legged war fighters dwell in new abode.aspx

Posted: 10 Aug 2007 05:54 AM CDT

AL ASAD, Iraq -- Throughout the theatre service members are continually asking for and receiving operational gear they need to accomplish their mission.

Predator soars to record numbers of sorties.aspx

Posted: 10 Aug 2007 05:47 AM CDT

BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) -- When terrorists tried shooting mortar rounds at Balad Air Base in July, they didn't count on the tireless, unblinking eye of an MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle overhead, transmitting their every move to Airmen on the ground here.

Afghan children return from Poland field trip.aspx

Posted: 10 Aug 2007 05:35 AM CDT

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan—School field trips provide critical exposure to new experiences and knowledge about the world, and for nearly 30 Afghan school children this was never more true when they recently visited Poland.


Posted: 10 Aug 2007 06:11 AM CDT



Posted: 10 Aug 2007 06:04 AM CDT



Posted: 10 Aug 2007 06:02 AM CDT



Posted: 10 Aug 2007 05:57 AM CDT



Posted: 10 Aug 2007 05:45 AM CDT


Today In History

2006-British authorities announced they had thwarted a terrorist plot to simultaneously blow up 10 aircraft heading to the U.S. using explosives smuggled in hand luggage.

1995-Norma McCorvey, "Jane Roe" in the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, announced she had joined the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue.

1994-President Bill Clinton claimed presidential immunity in asking a federal judge to dismiss, at least for the time being, a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Corbin Jones, a former Arkansas state employee.

1988-President Ronald Reagan signed a measure providing $20,000 payments to Japanese-Americans interred by the U.S. government during World War II.

1949-The National Military Establishment was renamed the Department of Defense.

1944-American forces overcame Japanese resistance on Guam during World War II.

AP Highlight in History:
On Aug. 10, 1977, postal employee David Berkowitz was arrested in Yonkers, N.Y., accused of being the "Son of Sam" gunman responsible for six random slayings and seven woundings.
AP Photo

And The Leftinistra Slip Further Into Obscurity

Reid says to himself..."Oh my [god]...they are winning. Now what do I do? I know. I'll call Nancy! Yeah! That's the ticket!

"Hello? Nancy? What is my next step? Really? Ignore it for long enough and it will go away? Really? You sure? Oh. Yeah. Right. Just like when we repeat our lies to garner votes and position for long enough, the American Idiots fall for our crap! Man! How could I be so stupid? What? Well, jeez! You didn't have to go and answer that. Damn, Nancy.

"But some of the weaker ones that have their own consciences still in tact are beginning to bail on us. What do we do about that? AH! Take their pork away! Why didn't I think of that? What do you mean I am dumber than a box of turtle turds? Snooper? Who in the hell is that? And who is collecting turtle turds for Christ's sake? Oh! Sorry. I didn't mean to mention a religious figure. Can I still have my warm mocca-java? OK. Now. Who is Snooper?

"AH! One of those friggin' Blog Swarm creeps! We need to shut them down! They are WAY too effective and they are beating the hell out of our pet moonbat base! They are slipping fast and now that idiot Cindy says she is mobilizing the base to take us out!! Who does she think she is?

"HOLY COW! Oh. There I go getting religious again. Sorry. I know. You weren't asking for a character witness but I am scared. Everybody is saying how dumb I am and it hurts my feelings. Why can't they just listen to us so we can stay in power and why does that dumb military have to go and start winning? Don't they know that will destroy us? We have worked so hard at getting the American Idiots to believe our lies and now they are using those SAME lies on us! It isn't fair!

"OH, bite me, Nancy! You went out and did that retarded Damascus thing and screwed it up so bad! Talk about calling the kettle pink. What? Black? Isn't that politically incorrect to use that color? Listen, Stretch. You are the one...but...but...but...STFU beeotch! Hello? Hello? Nancy?

"Well. Hell. She hung up on me. Maybe if I call Rush...?"

It it was only true...

Yahoo! News

Prior proponents of the ReidCo ignorance have begun to jump ship and the lame Stream Media has, reluctantly, begun to report that which THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ALREADY KNEW. Imagine that.

One senator said U.S. troops are routing out al-Qaida in parts of Iraq. Another insisted President Bush's plan to increase troops has caused tactical momentum.

One even went so far on Wednesday as to say the argument could be made that U.S. troops are winning.

These are not Bush-backing GOP die-hards, but Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin, Bob Casey and Jack Reed. Even Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee, said progress was being made by soldiers.

At the Opinion Journal

This doesn't necessarily mean these senators will abandon their calls for retreat, but it does seem likely that, come next month, those Democrats who do want America to win in Iraq--as well as Republican weak sisters, who've feared that they'll pay a price politically if they don't jump on the surrender bandwagon--will have an easier time voting their consciences.

On the other hand, it's doubtful that this will change the politics of the Democratic presidential race, where the core voters have always opposed the war and, failing that, favored retreat.

Actually, when you think about it, it's amazing how similar the 2008 race is to the 2004 race. We have a formidable establishment candidate who originally backed the war, then changed his mind (John Kerry then, Hillary Clinton now); a challenger who has opposed the war all along, and who is clearly out of his depth (Howard Dean, Barack Obama); and a third guy who stands around looking pretty (John Edwards, John Edwards). The biggest difference is that Mike Gravel doesn't quite have the gravitas of a Carol Moseley Braun.

This year, of course, everyone seems to think the Democrats are very likely, even guaranteed, to win. That's because, unlike in 2004, George W. Bush is very, very unpopular. The biggest danger for the Dems, then, is that their nominee will figure out that Bush is not on the ballot and won't know what to do.

Say It Ain't So!
From the Hill:

Congress's failure to secure a timetable for withdrawing American troops from Iraq has split anti-war activists on the tactical question of whether to attack Democrats, who now control Capitol Hill.

The split has also underlined accusations among some activists that MoveOn has abandoned its credentials as an issue-based advocacy group and now instead provides cover for Democratic Party leaders.

We guess we should apologize for our August 2003 characterization of MoveOn as a "far-left, pro-Saddam group." It seems they're actually just a bunch of partisans. How disappointing.

Michael Yon's Friend Kidnapped In Iraq

Courageous Iraqi Kidnapped

Associated Press journalist Talal Mohammed has been kidnapped. I learned this information earlier but did not report it out of concern for his safety. The Associated Press has now officially reported his kidnapping. I first met Talal on the first day of Operation Arrowhead Ripper.
Click the link to

More here at Yahoo! News...

NEW YORK (AFP) - An Iraqi journalist working for the Associated Press has been missing for more than a week and family and witnesses believe he has been kidnapped by masked gunmen, the US news agency said Tuesday.

Talal Mohammed, who provided both news and photographs for the wire agency, disappeared while traveling to Baghdad from Baquba on July 28, according to his family, who said they believed he had been abducted by masked gunmen.

Mohammed, 40, was with a friend on a bus when they were stopped at an illegal checkpoint, the family said. The area, just north of Baghdad, is considered a hotbed of Sunni insurgent activity.

The family said they learned of the abduction from Mohammed's companion, who was later released and asked not be named.

More to follow as it comes in...

JB Williams On the Ignorant Electorate

Once again, JB Williams is on target. Soldier On!

How Much Longer Can America

Survive an Ignorant Electorate?

Written by JB Williams

Can any representative republic survive a progressively ignorant electorate? Can freedom be sustained in any society hell-bent upon taxing its productive members out of existence, for benefit of its non-productive? Can people unable to successfully govern their own lives be entrusted with the power to govern others?

Not to be unkind, but we need to face facts here. So long as a republic represents the will of the brave, it will remain the home of the free. When it’s run by the productive members of society, it will remain prosperous. When it’s governed by the independent minded, it will not be dependent upon anyone. When run by those with a healthy respect for individual rights, special interests will no longer need special consideration.

But when cowards, thieves and thugs run things, those who believe that some progressive form of socialism is better than individual freedom and personal achievement, freedom is diminished. When those seeking to rob the rich in the name of the poor while stuffing their own pockets and growing their own political power run things, then the republic represents cowardly thieves, not the people.

When capitalism is attacked, socialism is automatically advanced. We can not afford to allow socialists to criminalize capitalism in the free enterprise capital of the world, unless free enterprise and economic freedom are things of the past.

While democracy is by far the most successful form of government on earth in the short run, it is once again proving to be unsustainable in the long run. In short, people who make a mess of their own lives and then seek government solutions to the mess they created, are about to make a mess of their entire nation. America has been on this course for some sixty years now and the self-destruction of the greatest nation on earth is accelerating.

In the best of circumstances, government is still the most evil of necessities. Societies inherently know this in the early stages of development. But generations later, few seem to remember.

Even when very limited by design, restricted by law, of, by and for the people, government is a deadly virus constantly eating away at personal liberty and individual freedom, first slowly, then at an accelerating pace as the progressive virus consumes that which it was originally supposed to protect.

The Double Edged Sword of Democracy

The very same democratic principles used to protect personal liberty and individual freedom can, and as history has proven, will eventually be used to attack personal liberty and individual freedom.

"The measures of the fair majority... ought always to be respected." --Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1792. ME 8:397

If a fair majority decides that individual freedom and liberty are to be protected, then that should be respected. However, if that same fair majority decides that a greater common good trumps individual freedom and liberty, then that must also be respected, yes? The absolute rule of a fair majority is by definition, a democracy, even when that majority chooses tyranny over freedom, collective socialism over individual capitalism.

I wrote about the dismantling of America in a recent column titled When 51-49 becomes 49-51.

In it, I talk about how freedom and liberty are protected only so long as at least 51% (the fair majority) desire personal freedom and liberty more than government solutions to personal challenges. I also describe what happens once those who only respect a greater communal good outnumber those who still desire personal freedom and individual liberty, when 51-49 becomes 49-51, swinging majority interests away from individual rights and towards the collective rights of the community at large.

2006 Election Result - The Greater Good of the Commune defeats Individual Freedom

Because one can not be allowed to fail, one can no longer be allowed the freedom to succeed either. Individual success must be penalized by progressive taxation, because it is the only way to eliminate, pay for or offset individual failure, once failure is deemed inhumane and unacceptable by the commune at large.

This is the basis upon which the new American majority now casts its vote.

Today, capitalism, free enterprise, profit, independence, individuality and personal achievement are scorned as dirty words in America. The successful are now referred to only as “the greedy”. They are targeted for revenge, taxed against their will, driven from the community like common criminals, through excessive governmental intrusion, taxation and regulation. Not even the very real threat of world wide terrorism or national bankruptcy can spawn as much fear and anguish in average American voters as evil “corporate America” does today. Not because corporate America is an equal threat, but because ignorant voters have been fully indoctrinated.

There are indeed criminal individuals working inside of corporate America today. But far fewer than you can find working in the halls of congress or your local union office. Criminals should be prosecuted no matter where they are found, at the head of a US company, in the union office or in Washington DC. However, an inanimate object, a corporation, a union, a governing body, is only a structure, in and of itself, neither good nor evil. It’s the individuals involved who are good or evil, their acts from positions of power which are right or wrong. But progressive thinking aims to take one criminal individual, criminalize the company he runs, and indict all of capitalism on this basis. Ignorant voters buy it…

The re-education process and development of an American proletariat voting bloc is complete, at least as a fair majority. Today’s Democrat Party exists on the basis of this voting bloc alone. It also operates on the governing principle, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. This is the greater common good that drives the voters that drive today’s Democrat Party. It’s a very socially conscious sounding idea, isn’t it? It was written by Karl Marx, as the foundational principle for his governing system, Socialism.

Every Democrat vote is cast based upon this principle today. Every penny poured into the Democrat Party is intended to advance this agenda. Democrat leaders know well that their party now represents the principles written by Karl Marx, the father of Marxism, Socialism, as the transitional stepping stone on the road from capitalism to communism. But few in the proletariat voting bloc recognize what they are supporting today or where they are headed. Human regression sounds very progressive to ignorant voters. Need an example?

The Hairline Difference between Universal Healthcare and Socialized Medicine

Just as socialism is but a stepping stone on the road from capitalism to communism, Universal Healthcare is but a stepping stone on the road from private medicine to Socialized Medicine.

The case for Universal Medicine is made on the basis that private medicine is failing to meet the needs of the people. Medical costs are too high, as are insurance costs. The idea is that a “single payer system” (the single payer being the federal government) will solve the problem by simplifying the process and bringing down the cost of medical treatment and insurance by way of “collective bargaining” on behalf of the people.

On the surface, the case almost makes sense, as long as you don’t ask any important questions about any of the details regarding how such a program might work, or bother to notice that the same principles have been tried in many other parts of the world with disastrous results.

Other countries have similar “free” medicine already. Yes, people in these countries can get “free” (paid for by others) substandard medical treatment, if they can live until their appointment six to eight months from now. Never mind that their nations are going bankrupt doing it or that freedom long ago ceased to exist in order to rob the productive members of society who pick up the tab.

Once Universal Healthcare is installed, the federal government will soon cut out the inconvenient middle-man, the health insurance company, collect the insurance premiums itself to stay afloat and begin to administer medicine and medical decisions from the hall of congress directly. This, my dear ignorant fellow Americans, is socialized medicine and there is only a hairline difference separating Universal Healthcare from socialized medicine.

When the people vote themselves gifts from the treasury in every election, politicians must run on government growth and spending.

Our federal government has never reduced its own size, scope or reach and it never will. Though every election cycle is filled with promises to reduce the size, scope, reach and expense of the federal government, and both liberals and conservatives claim to desire personal freedom and liberty, politicians are instead elected on the basis of just the opposite. They are elected on the basis of where they intend to grow government, not shrink it.

Many conservatives want a bigger, better, stronger military and that will increase the size, scope and cost of government. Most liberals want bigger, better social programs and this too will increase the size, scope and cost of government. Nobody is running on the basis of reducing the size, scope and reach of all of it and if they did, they would never be elected today.

Can you even imagine America electing politicians truly committed to reversing the hundred year old trend of growing government today? Reversing the trend of growing the federal government means reducing government spending, cutting government programs, eliminating government waste, ending special interest funding of all sorts of special interest projects and retreating from those who aim to vote themselves favor from the treasury. Would any Democrat voter support such things today? There is NO evidence that they would…

Getting fat is easy. Losing weight is ten times harder, whether as an individual or as a nation.

As a result, no Democrat politician would ever run on such notions today. Even Republicans feel the need to pander just to stay in the game.

The end result of the people’s choice – is the slow but certain death of America

America may have already passed the point of no return on the road to self-destruction. Only the people had the power to stop it. The fair majority was given the power to choose personal freedom and individual liberty and for almost 200 years, they did. Today, they are choosing a collective communal good instead.

But for almost 100 years now, since the 1940’s in particular, those seeking the interests of the community at large, the commune, in opposition to individual rights of freedom and liberty, have grown to become the new American majority. 51-49 in favor of freedom is now 49-51 in favor of a “universal collective right” to free (paid for by others) stuff.

Few in modern America understand that individual freedom and liberty can not co-exist with socialism nor communism. Few recognize that they are systematically destroying the greatest nation on earth with every attempt to vote themselves or others gifts from the treasury. Few would knowingly vote for socialized medicine, but most now support universal health care. Few want socialism, but many now believe it serves the people better than capitalism, otherwise known as economic freedom.

But for almost 100 years now, since the 1940’s in particular, those seeking the interests of the community at large, the commune, in opposition to individual rights of freedom and liberty, have grown to become the new American majority. 51-49 in favor of freedom is now 49-51 in favor of a “universal collective right” to free (paid for by others) stuff.

Few in modern America understand that individual freedom and liberty can not co-exist with socialism or communism. Few recognize that they are systematically destroying the greatest nation on earth with every attempt to vote themselves or others gifts from the treasury. Few would knowingly vote for socialized medicine, but most now support universal healthcare. Few want socialism, but many now believe it serves the people better than capitalism, otherwise known as economic freedom.

In yet another effort to awaken the average American voter, I wrote Anything Goes in America, If you know what to name it! It turns out Americans will buy anything if you name it right. Socialism no, but progress, sure.

The people have chosen.

The new American majority is indeed willing to trade individual freedom and personal liberty for free (paid for by others) stuff, a false sense of temporary security, the greater good of the common politician always in search of political power over the burgeoning proletariat voter bloc and the end of America as many of us once knew it.

What’s their defense? “A little socialism can be a good thing. We don’t like the term “socialism,” we prefer the term “socially conscious democratic progress.” Learn to like it, you greedy capitalist pig!” It’s here to stay!