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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Anti-Americanist Groups Have Hit The Patriot Brick Wall


More of this story can be tracked at Memeorandum but we at ANO would like to expound on this subject that The Politico has published today.

When the anti-Americanist crowds within Hollyweird equate the Golden Globe collapse to the fall of Saigon; when the NY Slimes spends every waking moment trying to convince Americans that our military are murderous thugs and have not one time written of the heroic efforts of our Troops; when Presidential Aspirants who were adamantly opposed to the "Bush Troop Surge" suddenly turn around and take the credit for the successes of said "Bush Troop Surge"; when the Commanding Officer in Iraq writes a letter of thanks to Move America Forward and NOT Hillary Clinton for supporting the War Effort; when idiots and BDS infected morons like George The One World Socialist anti-Americanist Soros gets busted for financing an anti-Americanist survey of the Iraqi civilians "killed by US Troops" with massively wrong statistics and claims they are accurate; when pro-Cuban Communists get run out of town at their own anti-Americanist protest; when the truth be told of the Victory at hand comes to the publics' attention; as the fools maintain the same old tired and used up blind rhetoric of non-issue issues; as the fund-raising efforts of the anti-Americanist groups become known as to where these funds are going and why they are aiding the enemies we face as a Nation; as more and more America Haters and BDS drivelers continue in their certifiable ramblings; as more and more Patriots rise up and say, "HELL NO!"; as the rantings of the worse CONgress in history gets slammed by that mean General Petraeus; as it comes to the fore that the "Chicken Hawk" garbage was just that...garbage; as Americans see first hand how the media, namely the NY Slimes, continuously informs our enemies what the military's next move will be; when heroes such as this get national attention, sending the Leftinistra back into their slimy pools of primordial ooze; as the public comes to learn of the associations of the Kennedy Clan with communist groups...and they support that ideology; as the Silent Majority are standing up to be heard and can no longer be ignored; as The New Media continuously gets the scoop on the current events and the alleged MSM sucks our dust; as the Hate America crowds are shown to be hoping that America fails in the Mission In Iraq; as the Blame America First idiots, like this one in Vermont, are shown to be complete fools worldwide...

As General Petraeus and his staff and the men and women he commands bring about the brilliantly applied strategy in Iraq and saying and doing that which he stated he would do becomes more and more evident and impossible to "hide", is it any wonder that the moonbats and anti-Americanists are running away?
After a series of legislative defeats in 2007 that saw the year end with more U.S. troops in Iraq than when it began, a coalition of anti-war groups is backing away from its multimillion-dollar drive to cut funding for the war and force Congress to pass timelines for bringing U.S. troops home. [...]
They have also canceled several "appearances" in DC this coming March...boo-hoo.

Their next target will be a lame and losing attempt to keep Iraq from asking the United States to remain in Iraq for at least the next 1o years.

I find it comical that the Lame Duck Bush, in his last year as President, wins again and the BDS fools are powerless to stop him.

What does that say for the alleged intellectuals of the anti-Americanist leadership...namely Soros?

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