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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scare Tactics From The Right? Not Hardly


The picture to the left, in the New York Magazines' disclaimer, says the following: "On the cover of the July 21, 2008, issue of the The New Yorker, in 'The Politics of Fear,' artist Barry Blitt satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama's campaign." Scare tactics? Scare tactics? Please. The myth of Global Warming comes from the left and with the unsurmountable evidence before the Myth Bearers, they still kick and scream that global warming is true and that the earth is being killed off by mankind and we are all doomed. That is not a scare tactic?

Another scare tactic utilized from the left is that both President Bush and VP Cheney are guilty of war crimes. Without presenting any evidence to support such a serious allegation, they have them both charged, arrested, tried, convicted and executed without the constitutional realization of due process of law. Yet, this scare tactic goes uncorrected. Why? Because it is a retarded allegation. That's why. However, not addressing the trumped up rhetoric merely emboldens the brain-dead and sycophantic trolls of one George Soros.

Another scare tactic utilized from the Leftinistra is the "impeachment card". Notice, if you will, that every time that card is played, there is something that is revealing what the Leftinistra are all about. They need distractions from the Real Deal Issues so they invent issues meant to scare or bully their opposition. In this most recent mention of impeachment proceedings or hearings, the issue is whether or not Nancy Pelosi rendered aid and comfort - once again - to known sponsors of terrorism and terrorists. How odd. Also, another issue before her is her lie to climb and crawl into power manning her current position as SOH. Her promises to lower the ever escalating fuel costs has not come to pass so she has to "scare" the nation with impeachment of President Bush for no infractions to be impeached for.

Simply amazing.

Another scare tactic utilized by the Leftinistra is the subject of US Attorneys. President Bush fired some. So what? It is his Executive Authority to do so just as all other Presidents before him have utilized. This topic is merely another in a long chain of distraction techniques from the Leftinistra. They are non-issues but are designed to be used to scare or bully others into their lairs of deceit, stupidity and unAmerican activities.

And, don't forget the scare tactic of "class warfare". This one is sure to prove to be a grand scare tactic. Those that are students of political history will recognize this tactic for what it is but I will leave it up to the reader to determine what that might be.

Naziism. Here is another scare tactic. There are some among the Leftinistra that claim that America is Nazi Germany reincarnated. Naturally, there is no evidence to support such an ignorant notion but that won't stop the Leftinistra from scaring the crap out of the impressionable young ones amongst us and, to a degree, the elderly.

Chanting that the military members are nothing but rapists and baby-killers that run too and fro seeing whom they can devour is a more popular scare tactic from the Leftinistra. There isn't any proof of this but why let that stop them? Who needs proof? Who needs due process of law? Certainly not the Leftinistra.

America's responsibility for world poverty is another scare tactic. It is all America's fault. Imagine that?

I find it amazing that the alleged members of CONgress, as educated as they are, will set aside that which they know to be true just to gain political power.

The above are but a scant few examples. I am sure the reader will be able to name more if they put their heads to it.

Scare tactics from the Right? Not hardly. Scare tactics from the left? Standard Operating Procedure.

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