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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Moderates" and Weasels - BAH! Humbug!


Here we go again with the "moderates" developing ODS, Obama Derangement Syndrome. Apparently, at this point in time, if one is keeping close tabs on the interloper Obama, that is being classified as hate. I find it highly typical of the short minded drones of ignorance and willful suspension of logic and reasonable discourse - in this case, intercourse - that watching Obama like a hawk is considered a hate tactic when these same types were saying the same about McCain if he had won the election. Folks were saying that if McCain got elected, we couldn't take our eyes off of him for a second. So, I can only surmise that watching a GOPer like a hawk is not hate motivated but watching the first ever Marxist to be swept into the White House like a hawk is considered to be a hate tactic. There's that "moderate" Double Standard again.

I find it equally appalling that these "moderates" are aiding and abetting the enemy as they redefine "Centrist". It is said that Obama has gone "centrist" when nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, Hillary Clinton has always been a budding Stalinist (I have written of that extensively). She has been unconstitutionally nominated as Sec State and if she is confirmed, she will have been unconstitutionally confirmed. She is not a "moderate" or a "centrist" but, Obama is now securing another rewrite and redefining "the middle". "The Middle" is now the far left. Another shift gone unnoticed by the theoretical "smart folk".

In a post entitled, "Birth Of The Professional Obama Haters", we find the following:
Every President has had his contingent of seemingly professional haters, sometimes stemming from policy but sometimes stemming from the need to market an opposition persona, increase readership or an audience, or rally partisan followers to do battle to halt specific polices. The degree of hatred varies in both its intensity and justification.

Democrat Bill Clinton had his big share of professional Clinton haters (both prominent and not so prominent would say things such as “He’s not MY President…”) and Democrats decried it and some Republicans defended it. Then came Republican George Bush who got his share of haters, then Republicans decried it (the most typical defense was to try and go on the offense and lump those who’d strongly criticize the President on policy with the professional Bush haters as suffering from “Bush derangement syndrome” — a tidy way to try to discredit all critics suggesting they were all unreasonable and not having legitimate grounds for strong criticism) and some Democrats who decried the lack of respect for Clinton defended it.

But here in December 2008 we ‘re seeing a special kind of political hatred — way early in the game. [...]
The article has additionally equal inane statements in a pathetic and vain attempt at "reason". These middle of the roaders have always been part of the problem. Appeasers. Whiners. Sycophants. BAH! Humbug! Who needs people that are afraid to fight?

Equating the theoretical "hatred" that Clinton endured to the not so theoretical "hatred" that President Bush endured and then equate that theoretical "hatred" to what Obama is theoretically facing now and will face with more of a vengeance after the Rule of Chicago and Capone Era takes hold in DC is certainly flat out insane.

Criticism of any Democrat is "hatred" and any criticism of any Republican is not. The criticism of Clinton was justly deserved seeing that he was impeached by the House but cleared by the Senate. Clinton brought it upon himself...he was asleep at the helm and that is historical fact.

The vitriolic hatred that President Bush faced was based on lies, innuendo, fabrications and wishful thinking. Nothing was ever proven that President Bush ever did anything illegal and all attempts to impeach him for crimes he did not commit never was seriously considered except when the loony tune and fruit loop brigades of the left were exceptionally loud and obnoxious. Naturally, the Democrat leaders eagerly fueled the fires of their moronic and stupid supporters to gain political power.

The alleged "hatred" of Obama is very strong criticism in that he has, to date, performed the Indian Giver Move by going back on close to 30 campaign promises. That makes him a liar and not a "centrist". This may burst the bubbles of the "moderates" but that's their issue and not mine. I am still waiting for the fraud Czarbie to prove natural born citizen status. IS that too much to ask?

Speaking of that, some of the "moderates" say that those of us that still suspect that Obama isn't a natural born citizen are suffering from ODS when the ODS is the other way around, Horowitz, Morrissey and host of others being the ones infatuated with The One. And don't waste your typing comments about the Snopes report. I wasn't duped by that idiotic report as the theoretical elite have been snookered by it big time. Another issue is the Obama-Blago connection. The perfect example of BDS is the Katrina "incident".

Using the "moderate" powers of reason and logic, since Obama has cleared himself and Rahm and Blago has stated that he is innocent, Obama must be hiding something. What is there to hide? What is it that these theoretical smart folk so worried about? Is it because the MSM is now asking questions about it? Is it because the MSM, working in league with the leftists as they redefine the middle, are now asking why Obama has nominated/appointed "centrists" to his Cabinet and not far left people? DO they feel more comfortable commenting on the MSM reports in fear of the Fairness Doctrine? Do they feel safer now more or less "working in league" with the MSM?

Seeing that the MSM has been silent about the natural born status of Obama, it is now unfashionable to talk of the subject...it makes waves, you see. It doesn't matter that it is in fact a constitutional matter and crisis whereas the Obama-Rahm-Blago connection is not a constitutional issue. The constitution matters not to these people. It matters to me. How about you?

Yes, silly "moderate" we will be watching the fraud Czarbie like a hawk. Get ready to be made very uncomfortable, fool. Joe Gandelman? Take your moderate cowardice and shove it.