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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moammar Al-Gadhafi at the UN

Transcript: Moammar Gadhafi Speech to the UN General Assembly
March To War

My Google Alert for Gadhafi transcript finally fired, linking to the March to War blog. The blog has the speech on video in nine parts and a transcript.
That is an interesting name for a blog. Their right sidebar contains indications of their slant, toward the left and Islam.

I greet you on behalf of the African Union, and I pray that this will be a historic convene in the life of the world.
On behalf of the General Assembly of the United Nations, chaired by Libya, on behalf of the African Union, on behalf of the traditional African Kingdom, and for you all . I congratulate our son the president, “Obama,” who for the first time attended our General Meeting as President of the United States, and I commend him because he is the host country.
Evidently Gadhafi considers President Obama to be a "son of Africa". He listed several challenges to the world including this apparent gem of lunacy.
... spread of diseases created by man himself and others because some of the viruses are manufactures as weapons and became beyond control . Perhaps Swine Flu is one of these viruses that were not controlled and it is produced in laboratories as war weapon.
If some diseases were engineered, how does he know about it if he was not involved in it? Who engineered diseases? What proof does he have?

Complaining of the structure of the Security Council and the wars occurring since its formation, he added this.
This is in clear and open contradiction with the Charter’s preamble that we accepted and the joined the organization accordingly .
If the matter does not comply with the preamble that we approved , then even our presence in this organization is no longer valid as of now .
It must be that he could not find the exit, because he stayed put and continued his oration. Of course, he continued to display the signs of lunacy.
If they told us there is a veto right , we would not have joined the UN , we joined the UN because we are equal in rights.
But when one country has the veto over all our resolutions and enjoys a permanent seat, Who gave it that permanent seat ?!
These four nations gave themselves the permanent seat .

The only nation that we voted for in this assembly to have a permanent seat is China . We gave our votes to China to become a permanent member of the Security Council . It is the only country with democratic presence, but the presence of the other four seats is undemocratic , rather it is dictatorial and imposed on us , so we do not recognize that and it does not apply to us .
Why would Libya join without first reading the Charter and appendant documents? Is Libya so primitive that it lacks lawyers who can read and comprehend the UN Charter? Gadhafi calls China, a repressive, dictatorial one party state, the only democracy inn the Security Council.

He proposes to reform the Security Council by eliminating the veto and allocating membership to regional groups instead of nations. Of course the missing element is limited government. The veto was necessary to assure rival states that the UN would not be seized by its rivals and used to their disadvantage. Democracy has been defined as "two wolves and one sheep voting on the dinner menu".
This is what’s presented to you…to the General Assembly for voting.
This is the decisive essential issue, presented to the General Assembly the master of the world…the world’s parliament…it is the world’s congress, no one opposes it and we will not recognize anyone outside the hall, we’re the United Nations.
Ali Traiki and Ban Ki-moon will make the administrative and legal drafts, form committees that will vote on this issue, the Security Council, from now on, will be formed by unions.
This is justice and democracy and we’re finished with the Security Council which is occupied by certain nations…one possess atomic bomb, another possess economic power, other possess technology, and another possess technique…this is terrorism.
Unlimited rule by numbers; prejudiced by regional & racial rivalry. Thats what we need. And the current system is terrorism; yeah, right.
We cannot live in a Security Council dominated by those with overwhelming powers…this is terrorism.
This is if you want a world that lives in united and secure and peaceful, and if you want to us to live in terrorism, live in conflict…let us continue conflict until judgment day.
Conflict until judgment day; shades of Muhammad's prophecy that "and jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal (Antichrist).". [Sunan Abu Dawud Book 14, Number 2526]
But for a nation to have veto power…and another does not, a nation to have a permanent seat and another that does not, this is annulled as of now, we absolutely do not recognize this and we will not be subject to any resolution passed by the Security Council with its current form.
Is he speaking for the African Union when he rejects Security Council resolutions? Is it safe to assume that the real agenda is protection for Iran against any new or augmented sanctions?
As for now, the Security Council is a feudal security…a feudal policy for permanent members, it protects them and they use it against us, hence, it should not be called the Security Council rather the Terror Council.
Equating the structure of the Security Council to terrorism is obvious evidence of insanity. The idea that the council protects us from Gadhafi & co. should serve as a warning.
Brothers, you can in our political life when they want to use the Security Council against us they resort to it, and if they do not need to use it against us, they ignore it, and if they have interest in the charter to use it against us, they respect and sanctify it, they search for the 7th chapter to apply it against these nations, and if they want to carry out an act in violation of the charter they would ignore it as if it did not exist.

It is unjust and terrorism that veto and permanent seat are for the powerful, we can neither take this nor can we live under it.
Powerful nations have saturated interests in the world, and they use veto, they use the force of the UN to protect their interests…this is terrorizing the third world, the third world is now terrorized, they are living under terrorism.
Since the Security Council was established in 1945 and until now it didn’t provide security for us, rather provided punishments and terror…it is only used against us, therefore, we are not obliged to obey Security Council resolutions as from the fortieth speech.

65 wars were waged since the establishment of the Security Council…against small nations, or fighting against each other, or an aggression by superpower against a small nation, the Security Council did not deter a violation of the charter.

The more he talks, the more he exposes his agenda. Russia's power to protect Iran from meaningful sanctions by wielding the veto is terrorism. Yeah, right; it is enabling Iran's sponsorship of terrorism, soon to include nuclear extortion.

Here is the confirmation of my speculation about the Iranian agenda.
The International Atomic Energy Agency is an important UN body but the major powers are not answerable to it.. it is merely made for us ..if it is international as you say it should inspect the atomic stock of the nuclear countries ..as of this speech.
Ali al Treiki in the General Assembly will question the Director of the agency and question al Braedei to see if they looking into the stockpiles of these countries.

If they say yes these countries are subject to inspection ..so we will be subject to inspection ..but if not we will slab the door shut in it s face.
No such rambling oration would be complete without mention of reparations.
It is proposed to the general assembly to vote for the compensation of the countries that were colonised in order that colonisation is not repeated and in order not to repeat the robbery of the wealth of nations and not to repeat the immigration of these countries to the nations that robbed their wealth.
Perhaps you could start by making Italy, Greece, Spain, the Balkans and India whole for what the Muslim invaders and colonizers took from them, both lives and property hauled away as booty. That is not what Gadhafi has in mind.
Africa deserves compensation to the tune of 777 trillion that is seven hundred and seventy seven trillion as compensation for Africa from the coloniser countries and Africa will demand that. And if these trillions are not returned the Africans will keep going to where you have invested these trillions and they have the right to go after it. You return it to them and they will stop. There is no Libyan immigration to Italy which is the closest country to Libya. That is because Italy decided to compensate the Libyan people for colonisation and apologised and signed a treaty with Libya ratified by the Libyan and Italian people to turn the page of the past.

Italy acknowledged that colonisation is wrong, a failed programme and it will not return and Italy will not allow any aggression against Libya but sea, air or land from Italy or from any other place. Italy is compensating Libya for twenty years of colonisation. It is paying a quarter of a billion annually. It is building hospitals for those children whose limbs were dismembered through the mines planted by the Italians during the two world wars. Italy apologised and expressed regret for the colonisation. Italy has done the glorious thing. This is a historic action. It is a civilised action by Berluconi and has to be an example.
Remember how the oration began with congratulations for President Obama? There is more along that line, and it is potentially revealing.
The second point which I hope to face patiently is rather sensitive. There will be some sentences which I mentioned in brackets. Undoubtedly we the real Africans are happy and proud that one of Africa’s sons has become president of the USA. This is a historic event at the time when the black was not admitted to the cafe of the white, nor the restaurant of the white and was not allowed in the bus of the white. Now the American people have voted enthusiastically for Obama, the African-Kenyan black youth to become the US president. This is something great which we are proud of. We consider it the beginning of the change and he has raised the slogan for change.

However I consider Obama as a beacon in the darkness for about four or eight years but I am afraid things will come to the old habit because nobody guarantees anything after Obama. Nobody guarantees it, not the chairman nor Ban ki-Moon. We are satisfied at present and wish Obama to be permanently President of the USA.
So Obama is a "Kenyan black youth"? Kenyans can't be elected President, American citizenship is a required element of eligibility for that office. And he wants Obama to be President for life. This is America, not Venezuela nor Honduras; we have a two term limit, and we are keeping it!

The issue of the headquarters also came up. Gadhafi wants it relocated, perhaps the only issue we agree on. He raised the issue of security, adding this revelation.
For your information this headquarters is targeted by Al Qaeda. Yes this headquarters is targeted and we wonder why it was not struck in 9/11. It could be involuntary. Probably the flights were aborted but the next target is this place and I don’t speak in a vacuum. We have scores of Al Qaeda members detained in our prisons and their confessions are highly worrying
Gadhafi knows the next target? Only because he has prisoners? Yeah, right. After a long, insane rant about various criminal cases, war crimes and Iraq, Gadhafi raves about Afghanistan.
Then the war in Afghanistan. It has to be investigated. Why are we antagonising the taleban? Why are we antagonising Afghanistan. Who are the taleban? If the taleban want to establish a religious state in Afghanistan let them do so. We have nothing to do with it. It is like the Vatican. Does the Vatican pose any threat to us? No it is a very peaceful, religious state.
If the Afghans want to establish an Islamic emirate let it be like the Vatican. Who said the taleban are the enemy and has to be struck by the armies? Is bin Laden an Afghan. Is he a taleban. Bin Laden is not from the taleban and is not from Afghanistan. The terrorists who struck New York? Are they Afghans? Are they from the taleban? No they are not Afghani and they are not from the taleban. So why were Iraq and Afghanistan targeted?
Does the Vatican oppress women and arbitrarily amputate hands and feet? Does the Vatican give sanctuary & assistance to terrorists before and after they kill thousands of civilians? The Taliban did, those students of the Qur'an. Would a peaceful religious state sponsor training camps where terrorists mastered small arms, bomb making skills and developed confidence & morale? Yeah, right. A demand was made to turn over the culprits, it was refused, and the invasion ensued. This is not an issue of nationality. It is an issue of Islamic aggression against disbelievers, a doctrine common to all Muslims.
Who says that if the taleban rule Afghanistan they will become a threat? Do the taleban have any intercontinental missiles? The airliner that hit New York. Did it come from Afghanistan or Iraq. These airliners took off from Kennedy airport in New York. So why do we go and strike Afghanistan. They are not Afghans, not taleban, nor Iraqis. Why should we keep silent about these things. Those who keep silent regarding what is right is like a silent devil. We won’t be silent devils. It is our right because we are keen on world peace. We are keen on the destiny of the world. We do not want to undermine humanity in this manner.
Who says they will be a threat? The Qur'an, that book which serves as the source of their laws: 8:39 & 9:29 say it in plain, clear language which is easily understood. The terrorists came from Arabia, they trained in Afghanistan and Iraq. They traveled here by air and hijacked planes which they flew into buildings while their leader celebrated in his cave in Afghanistan. Keen on world peace; your destiny? Death & damnation!! Gadhafi is keen on deceiving and conquering the entire world, the same project the "Magnificent 19" were engaged in. When a Muslim rants and raves about peace, it means the condition appertaining after Islam has conquered the world and dominates it entirely. Their expressions are Orwellian, totally inverting truth & morality.

Continuing his wide ranging rant, Gadhafi raves about the Somali pirates, proposing a silly solution before switching suddenly to medicine. How does he expect pharmaceutical companies to fund research & development of new drugs and vaccines?
Our handling of matters is actually wrong. If the vaccination for swine flu is produced and there could be more flus of God or flus of fish then the factories that belong to the intelligence operate and they sell at a high price. This is trade. They produce a virus and they spread it across the world so that capitalist companies gain money from selling vaccines. This is shameful. The vaccines are not to be sold. Medicines are not to be sold. You have to read the Green Book. It does not allow the selling of medicines. If we say the medicines are free and the vaccines are free and no viruses are spread because it is they who produce these viruses in order to produce vaccines. That is how capitalist companies work. This is the wrong approach. You have to declare that medicines are free and not for sale.

Even if the viruses are real we should not sell the vaccines. They have to be offered for free.
Next, he raves about needing land mines for self-defense and launches into a wonderful solution for the conflict with Israel.
As for the Palestinian cause the two-state solution is impossible. I urge you not to speak about it. The only solution is one democratic state for Jews and for Muslims for Palestinians and Christians and all others – like Lebanon.
Yeah, right, Lebanon is so calm and peaceful; what a success! After a decade of Muslim aggression against Christians followed by Syrian occupation, Iran's proxy has amassed a great stock of missiles and threatens to plunge Lebanon into the abyss at any moment.
The West Bank has half a million Israeli settlers. The so-called Israel has a million Palestinian settlers. How can we establish two states. The world has to go to impose one democratic state without any religious, nationalist or linguistic bigotry. Bigotry is reactionary and it is time is well over. These are thoughts of the guard. The ideas of the Third World War. The ideas of men like Yasser Arafat and Sharon. All these are over. The new generation wants one democratic state. We have to exert every effort to impose on them one state where all people co-exist.
That proposal is completely insane, a non-starter. Where there is Islam, there is bigotry. Islam will not coexist with Jews on an equal basis! Islam demands that it be superior and dominant. Examine the Pact of Umar. Examine 9:29 and the infamous genocide hadith.
Let us expose this reality. We are not enemies of the Jews. They are our cousins. The Jews will need the Arabs one day but the Arabs will not protect them as they did in the past. Let us have a look at what Tito did. What Hadrin did. What Edward 1 did and what Hitler did to the Jews. You hate them and you are anti-Semitic.
And Hajj Amin Al-Husseini spent most of WW2 in Germany begging Hitler to ship the Levantine Jews to Europe for extermination. He also organized a Bosnian SS brigade. Who was he? Arafat's uncle, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a real Jew lover; of course, all Muslims are, until they kill the last Jew on the last day.

Arrogant insanity continues to the very end of the long rant.
At any rate the UN General Assembly is chaired by Libya and this is its right. The work that could be done by Libya is to help the world in moving from one phase to another, from this world which is lost, bitter, shameful, terrorised and threatened to move to a more human world where there is peace and tolerance.

I will follow up this work with the General Assembly and with Ali Al Teriki and with the UN Secretary General because we will not be complacent and we will not be submissive regarding the fate of humanity.

Humanity has to struggle in order to live in peace. The struggle by the Third World and the smaller states, 100 of them in order to live in dignity and in freedom is a continued struggle and it has to continue till the end. Peace and blessings.