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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moderate's Immoderate Rejection of Park 51

Bare Naked Islam, who makes a habit of posting the cream first, has struck again with a Fox News video  of an interview with Raheel Raza in which she categorically denounces the Ground Zero Mosque project. A little background: Raheel is  board member of the Muslim Canadian Congress and the author of Your Jihad, not My Jihad.


"Why do you oppose building that Mosque downtown?"

"Well, I oppose the idea along with other members of the Muslim Canadian Congress because it is confrontational, it is in bad faith and  doesn't really set up any kind of  dialog or discussion on tolerance. "

"Well the pro-Mosque forces including the Mayor of New York City say, number one, to deny the Mosque would be a slap in the face to freedom of religion and number two, the reason that the community center Mosque is wanted  there by the Muslims involved is to show respect, respect for the victims of 9/11; you're not buying that? "

"Well, no, as a Muslim I'm not buying that at all how does building a Mosque in the very place where Muslims murdered so many other Americans create any kind of respect?  What I'm hearing from people, especially those who are family of the victims is that this is very hurtful and very painful,  and as a Muslim  I read in my holy book, the Qur'an that we should be very sensitive towards people of other faiths, especially when we are living in lands that are not Muslim lands and these are our neighbors and our colleagues and the  people we care about.    We don't show our caring for them by being intolerant.

Building a Mosque or a place of worship in the particular spot across the street from ground zero is a slap in the face of all Americans.  I mean New Yorkers have  [inaudible] with Spain and and the people who are behind this project are themselves Americans and New Yorkers--I can't begin to imagine how they would even conceive  an idea that building a Mosque there which is an exclusive place of prayer for Muslims would in any way build tolerance and respect.

     Mayor  Bloomberg and other bleeding heart white liberals like him don't understand the battle that we moderate Muslims are faced with in terms of confronting radical Islam and Islamization and political Islam in North America, which has only grown since 9/11  because of political correctness and people because of their political vested agenda,not speaking out about issues like this. "

"What a great answer.  Ms. Raza, that was about as articulate  a indictment of this whole crazy thing that I've  heard. Some say..."

But one doesn't hold back when ...

"Listen, I'm complementing you because that was very well stated.  Some people say that this Imam Rauf  wanted to gloat--wanted to put a Mosque there to send a signal to radical Muslims that this was a victory-- are you  buying that?"

Well, it could be, Imam Feisal Rauf  has previously had a reputation for being a very pluralistic, visionary man, I will say that for him, so it came as a double surprise when I heard that he and his wife were the sort of brains behind this idea.  But you know a hundred million dollars can   help people sell their souls so who knows what goes in the minds of people?  

    And the big question that we have also is where is this funding coming from?  Was this a fund raising that took place in America? ...

"No, they don't have the money right now,  we're actually watching... Ir's not going to get done, I have said this from the beginning of the story, that  I don't think there is a construction crew in New York City, certainly not a Union crew that is gonna work on this project; I don't think its gonna happen, but I respect your coming on, Ms. Raza, I know how difficult it is and there are some in your community who will condemn you for doing it but  you really nailed it, this is about sensitivity; its about Muslims obeying the Qur'an and going out of their way to be hospitable  to people who may feel pain in a certain measure.  Thanks, Ms. Raza, we appreciate it very much."

    Why didn't OReilly say " wham bam, thank you ma'am"?   he must have been thinking that.  Her first answer pretty well nailed it: "it is confrontational, it is in bad faith and  doesn't really set up any kind of  dialog or discussion on tolerance".  She basically  confirmed what Pamela Geller and others  have said about the proposed Mosque, that it represents an insensitive imposition of a symbol of triumphal conquest.  She contradicted the assertions of the  proponents.

    The next answer was no less forthcoming: "I can't begin to imagine how they would even conceive  an idea that building a Mosque there which is an exclusive place of prayer for Muslims would in any way build tolerance and respect."    That is an excellent statement of the obvious.