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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Move America Forward Round II

We whooped the enemy bad last time...let's do it again!!


Per Melanie Morgan's request I am forwarding along the information below. It includes a recap of the 2-week "Fight for Victory Tour" that two very brave military mothers led (Blue Star Mom, Deborah Johns and Gold Star Mom, Debbie Lee).

As the Grassroots Coordinator for Move America Forward I traveled along with these 2 ladies for the entire length of the caravan and I was so proud and honored to be by their side as they spoke to this nation, and rallied the public to stand on the side of our troops, and not on the side of MoveOn.org, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. So, do please read the material below, and do what you can to support these mothers and the pro-troop movement.

- Joe Wierzbicki, Move America Forward

For two weeks Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee and Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns led a pro-troop caravan of vehicles that traveled more than 4,500 miles across this country in the "Fight for Victory Tour." They held 27 pro-troop rallies in cities across America, with their objective being to stop Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from undermining our troops in Iraq.

In a tale akin to David v. Goliath, these two military moms won - and Reid and Pelosi lost!!!

As the New York Times admitted in a news story published this past week:

"With other war initiatives seemingly headed for the same fate, Senate Democrats, who only two weeks ago proclaimed September to be the month for shifting course in Iraq, conceded that they had little chance of success."

Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns are both single moms who gave up two weeks of their lives, away from their families, to join with the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, and rally the American people to stand behind our troops and their missions in the war on terror.

Debbie Lee's son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy Seal killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Deborah John's son, Marine Sgt. William Johns, has proudly served 3 tours of duty in Iraq - and volunteered to go back for a 4th deployment.

Now these patriotic women stand ready to fight back from the next round of attacks against our troops and their missions by MoveOn.org and their allies in the anti-military Left.

MoveOn.org and the anti-military left are currently spending MILLIONS of dollars in advertising to beat down the morale of the American people and urge them to turn against the missions of our troops.

Now it's time for us to respond with our positive, pro-troop national advertising campaigns!

Instead of full-page ads attacking our generals, as purchased by MoveOn.org, we have the chance to run full page newspaper ads, and national television ad campaigns, featuring the patriotic, pro-troop message of military moms Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns.

>>> We need every person reading this email to pitch in and support this effort with a donation - no matter how small or large of a contribution you can afford to make.

How 2 Pro-Troop Moms Spent
Their Summer Vacation

Here's a few photographs from the cross-country, pro-troop, trek across this nation. If you want to see stories like this told to the American people then help these military mom's raise the funds to purchase airtime to get their stories told - CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico the pro-troop caravan received a police escort!

Thousands turned out across the country. You'll be surprised
but even in San Francisco the crowd was especially enthusiastic!

In Carson City, Nevada Congressman Duncan Hunter
joined Move America Forward Chairman, Melanie Morgan, in support
of the pro-troop effort led by Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns.

In the village of Niles, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) the caravan led
a 9/11 candlelight remembrance and pro-troop rally.

In Des Moines there was both a great crowd and
a Jr. ROTC Color Guard present at the State Capitol.

We worked hard to get our message heard through local
media. At this stop in Oklahoma City we had 4 TV stations, radio stations
and print media present to cover our rally and get the message out!

In Sacramento the pro-troop moms were greeted by this great crowd!

Here's some shots of our pro-troop caravan as we drove through Texas!

At each stop the caravan had supporters sign pro-troop banners that
were then presented to the wounded warriors recovering from injuries
at Walter Reed Medical Center at the caravan's conclusion.

Congressman Mike Pence welcomed us to our Indianapolis stop.

With the media in tow, the military moms confronted Senator Reid's D.C. office
and took them to task for Reid's statement that "this war is lost."

The Grand Finale: An event at the White House Featuring
President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney
and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Let's get this positive, pro-troop message out!

Do your part to help fund a new national ad campaign that will stand up against MoveOn.org and those who speak out against our troops and their missions in the war on terrorism.

Here are just two of the many great media stories that were generated by the "Fight for Victory Tour":

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Media Doesn't Show Whole Picture, Iraq War Vet says


Largest Pro-Troop Caravan Makes Stop In North Fayette Twp.

Now help us build on this terrific momentum that we've already built, as we fund the national ad campaign to fight back against MoveOn.org, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.