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Friday, September 28, 2007

MoveOn Dot Moonbat Comes Clean

In an "odd" turn of events, the far-left kook fringe organization that has claimed that they "own" the Democratic Political Party, has recently embarked on a sad and failed attempt to distance themselves from themselves.

Everyone in the world knows that the MoveOn folks are loony lefties. In recent weeks, the organizations slandered an American Hero, General Petraeus, the Commander of forces in Iraq. Not only did they fall flat on their ugly mugs, they were forced to make amends by paying the full costs of the ad and the NYSlimes also had to come clean after being renounced by both Houses of CONgress.

Once again, we in The New Media, the One True Mainstream Media, Conservative Bloggers, will rally and not them get away with this one either. We may not have the funds that MoveOn gets from commie Soros, et al, but there are more of us than they can shake a stick at.

MoveOn says that it is "Time To Get Louder"
A liberal anti-war group is launching a new effort to get U.S. troops out of Iraq. MoveOn.org Political Action says its new project, Americans for Exit, will remind lawmakers that ordinary Americans (as opposed to left-wing kooks) want the war to end now. "[T]hose of us against the war are... teachers, factory workers, lawyers, moms, dads, students, secretaries, and dog owners. We're 70% of the country, we vote, and we're fed up with the war," MoveOn.org Political Action said on Thursday. Still smarting over congressional repudiation of its "General Betray Us" ad, MoveOn.org says that Congress -- by failing to force an immediate troop withdrawal -- is not doing its job. The new project invites Americans to send photos of themselves showing "how you feel about the war." Photo submitters also will be invited to record a voice message to Congress, and MoveOn.org Political Action says it will "put together a big unveiling," using the photos and words in an ad campaign and in a message to members of Congress. "We'll make it impossible for them to ignore you," the group promised. As Cybercast News Service has reported, even the top Democratic presidential hopefuls are refusing to make promises about a U.S. troop pullout, saying they don't know what kind of a situtation they'll "inherit," if one of them wins the White House. MoveOn.org has not commented on the Democrats' refusal to commit themselves to a troop pullout.

This is almost too good to be true.

Bring it on.

Let's roll.

Go ahead punks...make my day.

This comes on the heels of the DNC Presidential Aspirants that have FINALLY admitted that this is indeed The Long War that they signed onto many moons ago but changed their mind when they realized that their political stature in life was waning. To them, political stature outweighs the needs of the many...their constituents.

They are out of touch with the majority of Americans and claim that every
teacher, factory worker, lawyer, mom, dad, student, secretary, and dog owner are with them claiming to be 70% of the country. How arrogant can they get?

The answer? They can get pretty arrogant and that is what losers do when they are losing.

They are infected by brain eating amoebas and there is no cure.

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