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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pelosi: One of America's Finest Zeros


Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker of the House of the United States house of Representatives. Third in line to POTUS. How did she get there? She lied her way into the position. That's how.
Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told cheering supporters Saturday that Democrats would move the nation in "a new direction ... for all Americans, not just the chosen few," and pledged an ambitious agenda on subjects ranging from House ethics to foreign policy.

Speaking in San Francisco the day after adjournment of the Republican-controlled 2005-06 Congress, Pelosi declared -- as she had throughout her party's successful November election campaign -- that "my highest priority, immediately, is to stop the war in Iraq." [...]
Well? She didn't. She can't. She won't. She lied to get into office.

Media Matters for America, Hillary Clinton's media army, defends Nancy Pelosi when she is under attack from people like Michael Savage. They are outraged that someone would dare disparage Nancy Pelosi but they have no outrage whatsoever when Olbermann has a China Syndrome on his TV news show, in front of his five listeners, disparaging the President of the United States. I smell a Double Standard there, don't you?

One thing that Nancy is really GREAT at is wasting Americans' tax dollars.
Wasting time and our money.

As we explained earlier, the Department of Treasury sent them a letter on October 23, 2007, telling them that anything later than mid November would cost ordinary citizens to have their tax returns delayed and she ignored that to play her political games.

Took a month and a half to do their jobs and Congress is still behind now again because Pelosi is incapable of doing her job.

Maybe Pelosi should go back to baking cookies for her grandkids because she has been an utter failure as speaker of the house.
That's what Mr Savage said as well. The woman is a psycho.

I wonder if Nancy's reactions to the Gathering of Eagles is the same as her reactions to Code Pink.

Among the many gaffes of the one called Pelosi, a more recent turn of events has caused her emotional underpinnings to be exorcised to the fore and she said:
They like this war, they want this war to continue. That was a revelation to me. I had thought they would listen to their constituents and change their position.
Come again, Nancy dear? She latere tried to backwash the comment but it was too late. She is incapable of leading and she is incapable of controlling her emotions.

Just last week the Leftinistra were at each other's throats because their collective asses couldn't get on the same page on any subject or isuue. They have been so busy promoting their BDS and introducing bill after bill KNOWING they didn't have a rat's chance in hell of passing all for the political game of, "MINE! MINE!", that nothing has been achieved and America suffers because of it.

This 110th CONgress is an international laughing stock. The problem that Nancy and her crew of idiots is this. The political leaders on the Right have finally started listening to their constituents and the Leftinistra have been listening to their minority and insignificant constituents. There are more of us than there are of them and Pelosi's Clan are powerless to negate that fact.

Captain's Quarters has said that she has overreached. Read more about that at memeorandum. Poligazette says she is under fire...I wish. Hillbilly White Trash has some choice words for the Pelosi unit. Q and O states that Pelosi gets more and more desperate each day. Power Line says she doesn't get it.

For an historical account of what Snooper has commented upon Pelosi's Double Standards and her inability to lead, plan on spending a considerable amount of time here. My very first comment on my own first operational blog is here, dated in 2/07 at Townhall.

I knew then that Pelosi was not up for the job she lied herself into. I can hardly wait until she turns in her grovel, I mean gavel, to the next Republican.