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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The United States: The Beacon of Hope


Today has been a very long day for me. I must have read at least a thousand articles or more today. I am tired. I am angry. I decided that being awake at 0430 on a Sunday morning, I needed to shut this damn computer off, having been up since 0900 Saturday. IN that process of shutting down for a spell, I decided to scan the email and see if I missed anything. Well, I didn't exactly miss this email...I didn't want to read it because it was from Madeleine Albright. She was begging for money so the Leftinistra majority in the Senate would rise from 51. I would imagine that the goal would be at least 60.

From the verbiage in the body of the message, I have determined that beyond a shadow of a doubt, All-not-so-bright is a member of the Blame America First conundrum.
The United States has long been seen as a beacon of hope for people across the globe. I experienced this first hand when I arrived in our country with my family in 1948 after the Communist takeover of my native Czechoslovakia. [...]
Gee. I wonder why they fled that scene.
[...] Today, the light from America's beacon has dimmed as a result of the Bush Administration's damaging policies. [...]
Really? Then why are there MILLIONS of people wanting to get over here, you moonbat? Also, just exactly what are those damaging policies? I would like for a moonbat to just ONCE substantiate their stupidity. And, NOT with opinions. Back up their whiny-ass claims with some facts.

[...] But I believe we can restore America's reputation, rekindle our alliances, and mobilize our friends on every continent. That work begins with a change in White House leadership and a Congress that will work with our new president to undo the disastrous decisions of the past seven years. [...]
This twit doesn't keep up with the news, does IT? France...pro-America. Denmark...pro-America. Germany...pro-America. She mentions those alleged but unidentified disastrous (thought it was damaging policies) decisions again and doesn't have the guts to back it up. I am thinking that she is whining that GWB outwits, out-politics and out maneuvers these collective twits all the time and they hate it.

[...] Democrats have a once in a generation chance in 2008 to build a healthy and durable Senate majority that can produce real change. Given Senate rules, the one-seat margin we have now just isn't enough. [...]
America doesn't want your kind of change you idiot! Where has she been?

[...] The DSCC is focused on expanding our majority - and it is counting on you to get behind this history-making effort. By midnight Saturday, the DSCC needs $73,206 to reach the fundraising goal it has set for each week in December. We must close out 2007 strong. [...]
You are strong enough. I can smell you from Texas. Here is history in the making you lying-ass, sniveling idiot. You will either maintain what you have or you will lose a few. Count on it.

[...] Our next president must be able to change the perceptions of the many people across the globe who do not - at this point - see America the same way we do. We must work hard to regain our credibility and earn the world's trust. With the right leadership, we can fight effectively for international understanding and peace, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, curb climate change, halt the spread of nuclear weapons, and take dead aim at the axis of evil: poverty, ignorance and disease. [...]
This is ripe. What a moron. She is correct in one regard but not for what she thinks. Her side - the Leftinistra - see a United Socialist States of the North American Continent and the rest of the world does not. Has she checked Bolivia lately? Four States down there have declared themselves ungoverned by the Marxist dweeb of a President down there and there sill be Civil War soon. We had one of those and we do NOT need another one, you moron.

Fight for "international understanding and peace"? For and to whom? The frickin' Jihadim? Who is it we are fighting right now, Madeleine Moron? Oh. Wait. She wants to talk to the murderous MonkeyHummud Jihadists. IDIOT. "Reduce our dependency on foreign oil"? It has been the Leftinistra Party and the EcoNazis that have stopped that from happening since 1973 you bonehead! We haven't built a new refinery or increased efficiency of any because we might harm some amoeba someplace. We have oil under our own soil and territories that YOU won't allow anyone to get. JERK.

"Curb climate change"? Oh. We are as powerful as God now? We can adjust the natural cycles of the Earth now? How presumptuous of you. MORON. "Halt the spread of nuclear weapons"? What are we doing about that RIGHT NOW, you ignorant ass? Do you not check the news wires? Do you not consult the New Media? Are you an Ostrich?

Take dead aim at the real axis of evil: poverty, ignorance and disease"? The ignorance part is easy. STFD anzd STFU. Listen and learn from level-headed folks and not emotional and untrustworthy idiots like The Goracle. Poverty? Stop with the entitlement crap and let people rise above themselves with what God gave them. Don't allow ANYONE to be dependent on the government. Disease? One of the Trilogy of Evil? Really? Explain your self, fool.
[...] But those worthy goals will be nearly impossible to achieve unless a Democratic president is working with a robust Senate Democratic majority. A Democratic leader at the White House will need Democratic votes on Capitol Hill. [...]
This woman is a fool. She just said that "they" can solve the world's problems. And she thinks the GOP is arrogant? MORON. Here is a news flash; you will NOT have a Leftinistra in the White House. You will NOT have a majority in CONgress. Count on it.

[...] We've all seen over the past year how determined Republicans are to block the reforms you voted for in 2006. In 2008, we can wrest from their grip the power of obstruction - if we get behind the DSCC right now and help in their efforts to expand the Democratic majority. [...]
And that is a lie. Then again, what would anyone expect? If the vaunted "democratic" majority was such a "mandated majority", no one would be able to stop and/or block your socialist BS policies. Ever think of that you bloated dweeb? Go bloviate someplace else. You bore me. Oh. Wait. Stop blowing smoke up my ass. We all know that the ReidCo and PelosiCo LIED to win and it is coming around to bite them on their asses. Get over it.

[...] Our next president will face an enormous task: to restore the reputation and leadership of our country. [...]
Yes, we know, and Fred Thompson will work really hard to make sure that your kind cannot be another international embarrassment to his Administration.

[...] When that president pledges to recreate an America of liberty, justice, peace and respect for human rights, he or she will need to have the confidence that the United States Congress will rise in support instead of standing in the way. [...]
I wonder if she knows that she just rewrote the Constitution. Did anyone catch that besides me?

[...] With a strong Democratic majority in the Senate, we will be signaling to the rest of the world that the United States has entered a new era - at home and abroad.
Right. The rest of the world is just waiting for socialism to reign true in America so the Beacon Light will go out permanently. MORON.

I never have liked this idiot.