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Monday, January 7, 2008

Op-Ed: Ron Paul Is No Constitutionalist...PERIOD! UPDATED!!


I know a little about Ronniev Pauliev. He has fooled so many people because he knows how to talk the talk but he does not know how to walk the walk. He talks pretty. He cites chapter and verse. He mouths off a lot but when he associates himself with the likes of Dennis Kucinich, Sean Penn, Adam Kokesh, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Students for Justice In Palestine (btw Palestine has never existed), American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Cindy Sheehan, and idiots that say this:
This is an answer to the Jew Horowitz and the neo-conservative Zionists who dragged us into an imperialist war in Iraq and are spreading hatred against Muslims to support their war plans against the Republic of Iran.

...he is no more a Constitutionalist than I am a proponent of Josef Stalin. What the hell is wrong with people? Have they lost their powers of discernment? Are they so taken aback that when he mentions the Constitution they begin to drool, froth at the mouth and say, "OH YEAH, BABY! HE CAN SAY THAT C-WORD!"? Give me a break. Sit the phuk down and shut the phuk up. Pull up a chair and lemme 'splain some thangs to yas.

I hear tell that some folks are so taken by this frothing clown and fraud that they fall for his shiite at every turn. I hear retarded comments like...
He has the right message but he is the wrong person to deliver it.
I call bullshiite.

I hear regurgitated comments like...
Look at the other GOP candidates as they snicker and laugh every time Ron Paul mentions the Constitution on stage at the debates! What do you make of that?
Well, when the mutants that ask that question, they have zero intention on letting you answer the damn question. I'll tell you what I think of that. The folks doing the snickering know what I know...the guy is talking out of his arse. That's why. The fool is a consummate liar.

A shortened history of Ron Paul is this: he is a Libertarian. WTF is he doing in the Republican Party, then? He tried to get elected as a Libertarian in a Republican district and failed. He tried to get elected as a Democrat, in a Republican district and failed. He learned to talk like a Republican and got elected. He is a fraud. He is not a Democrat or a Republican. He is a RINO and a DINO.

I hear other equally inane and uninformed and uneducated comments as such...
Then why does he keep getting elected?
That is a rhetorical and dumb question. Why does Kennedy keep getting elected? Why does Kerry keep getting elected? Why does anyone keep getting elected? They know what to say to GET elected and they know what to say to KEEP getting elected. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Ron Paul associates himself with the anti-Americanists of American Fascism Awareness Protest. Hello? Are you out there? Ron Paul is an anti-Semite. Ron Paul is a racist. He was a guest speaker at a "rally" and this is the flier for that rally:

Who Hates Americans? We Do.

Your typical American is:

A racist. A sexist. A homophobe.

An Islamo-phobe.

Is willing to invade other countries for oil and pleasure.

Is easily manipulated by Rush Limbaugh and Jews.

Is the cause of global warming.

Join Us For American Fascism Awareness Day

Place: Washington (Slaveholder) Monument

Date: November 31, 2007

Time: 12PM-2:00 PM


Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, congressmen
Adam Kokesh, Iraq War veteran
Chris Hedges, journalist
Cindy Sheehan, Harry Karry, peace activists
Michael Moore, Sean Penn, film-makers


Peace and Social Justice Crusade, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink, Muslim Students Association, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Students for Justice in Palestine, Revolutionary Communist Party, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Moveon.org, DailyKos.com, Indy-Media.org, HuffingtonPost.com, Ivorypower.com

Not clear yet what Ron Paul is? Stand by.
[...] On September 24, 2007, replying to an inquiry about U.S. policy toward Cuba, the campaign of Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas responded: "Congressman Paul believes that real free trade benefits both parties involved. His stance on Cuba would be to end the embargo, which only leads to the suffering of the people of Cuba while Castro is far from 'punished' and is in fact, strengthened by them. By setting a good example at home we can become an inspiration for countries such as Cuba, who may wish to emulate our actions." [...]
Clearly, as educated as Dr Ron Paul is, he sure is ignorant of the goings on of Cuba and Che Guevara. And this sorely uninformed rambling fool wants to be President? Please. While we are at it, if Ron Paul is such a constitutionalist, why in the world does he say to stop the war and spend that trillion dollars on health care? Where in the hell is that in the Constitution? Hell, even I can say and spell Constitution. It doesn't mean I know anything about it. Apparently, however, I know more about it than he does. Maybe I should run for President.
[...] In that vein, I had to wonder a little bit about Paul's supposed devotion to the Constitution. He said that we can't afford to spend a trillion dollars on health care because we're in a trillion-dollar war. Wouldn't an originalist also mention that the federal government doesn't have a Constitutional mandate to spend the trillion dollars on health care -- and at least acknowledge that it does have that mandate for national security, even if Paul thinks the policy is misguided? [...]
The man is a blithering idiot. A two-faced lying ass. He talks out of both sides of his face and both arse cheeks. More than likely, he is running for President to get out of Texas because he is finding it difficult to hold onto his district in Texas...we are on to him. Duncan Hunter beat him out in a Texas straw pole not too long ago.
[...] Zoom ahead to this election cycle, almost four years later. Recent polling by another Texas Republican pollster confirms that Paul's electorate doesn't appreciate the increasingly leftish libertarian bent of Paul's voting record. In the eyes of voters, Paul is now also wrong to oppose the Patriot Act, off base on energy policy that affects Texas enormously, and to be faulted for knee-jerk opposition to the fight against terror in the Middle East.

The difference this time is that Paul's critics have a bona fide challenger lined up: Chris Peden, a mainline social conservative who has distinguished himself opposing the tax hijinks of local elected officials. If Paul files to run for both Congress and the presidency by the Jan. 2 deadline, he'll likely lose to Peden on March 4. That'll be OK, though. Dr. Paul can just move to New Hampshire where the libertarian Free State Project might try and elect him their first governor, leveraging the boost in name ID and image that his presidential bid will have wrought. Good riddance. [...]
The flake is certifiable and I am, as a Texican, sick and tired of the uneducated about Ronniev Pauliev yammering on like they know something and telling me and the rest of the world about leftist RINO Fraud Paul being a strict Constitutionalist...he ain't one of those and I will Indian Leg Wrestle you over it and you will lose.

Hell, I could go on and on. Ron Paul is a leftist and leftists love him. I dare say that his most staunch supporters are either devout socialists or communists. He is certainly NOT a conservative. Not by ANY stretch of the imagination. Knock it off already about his constitutionalism...it ain't so.

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Bottom line? Ronniev Pauliev is at BEST a RINO...the Chief RINO.


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Susan (Spree) at Wake Up America has a piece up from today, 1/9/08: she lists and quotes the various Paultard sites from the "rational" to the "spinners" to the deniers" to the "hold your nose and vote anyway" crowds. She has decided to be "brave" and is ready for the Paultard attacks and is requesting anyone woth input from the Paultards implosions to list them in her comments section:
Although I suspect that they are so busy with this "voter fraud" conspiracy theory, they may just not have the time to attack comment sections right now.

I have taken this little foray into the Pualites homefront one step further at considerable risk to my sanity, all for the readers, and am going through the Ron Paul Forums and will be adding to this thread as I come across anything about the newsletters or just general insanity and if anyone wants to help with this project, here is one of those forums and here is a page listing other Ron Paul dediated websites.

Leave anything of interest in comment section with a URL and I will add it to the updates with a thank you.

Happy hunting and tune back in for further updates as the day progresses....

Brave soul!