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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ignorant Defeatism: Ramblings Of The Know Nothings


I have been feverishly searching for the video of the South Carolina after-debate debates when Fred Thompson spanked Colmes over the failed surge of the Defeatocrats in regards to the retarded Iraqi Benchmarks non-issue issue. I haven't found that video yet so I will post the transcript located at Real Clear Politics: (emphasis mine)
COLMES: You really went after at one point Mike Huckabee and you basically said something about him being part of the blame America first crowd. Is that something you feel about him? Is he a blame America firster, Mike Huckabee?

THOMPSON: When he says our administration has a bunker mentality and that we have an arrogant policy. We went into Iraq with 16 countries. I wonder if they were arrogant, things are turning out well there. He said that he wasn't sure he supported the surge, so he hasn't been totally on board.

COLMES: Is he blame America firster?

THOMPSON: I think that reflects a blame America first attitude that is reminiscent of the Democratic Party.

COLMES: We were told by the president there were about 18 benchmarks and nine of them have been met, a year later. Wasn't the idea that if we haven't met these benchmarks we have to talk about rejiggering our policy in Iraq and they haven't been met?

THOMPSON: The only benchmark is success.

COLMES: They mentioned specific things.

THOMPSON: I didn't. By any measure, whether you're talking about reduction in violence. Whether you're talking about Anbar Province, we're talking about turning Anbar Province over to our allies there, we thought that was lost. Do you remember Harry Reid when he said the war was lost?

The question is, what are the Democrats going to say about this?

COLMES: Wasn't the idea of the surge to give time for there to be conciliation among the various parties. There is no evidence we'd believe there'd be any ability for Iraq to govern and the security forces would be able to do what we were told they would have to do a year after the surge took place?

THOMPSON: That's like saying there's no progress in America if it is not happening in Washington, DC, there's lots of cooperation going on outside in the various provinces. Shia and Sunni are coming together, Shia are coming to us that haven't been with us before. Take yes for an answer, Alan. We've had some success there. You have to live with it.

COLMES: We had the nine out of 18. Not the 18 that we thought we would need before we were going to ...

THOMPSON: I don't know about Washington criteria, all I know is that we're winning in large part due to the surge and the new strategy that we've got and being carried out so effectively. And we can start bringing people home later this year according to our plan as part of our success scenario, that America will be safer because of it.

COLMES: I want to ask you about the National Intelligence Estimate that also came up in tonight's debate. Do we believe the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran or do we say we don't trust our intelligence agencies and we don't listen to what they tell us?

THOMPSON: People like you were critical of our intelligence agencies when they were coming up with invasions you didn't like, you were very critical of them yourself. They are sacrosanct when they say something you agree.

COLMES: I was critical of cherry picking. But 18 different agencies.

THOMPSON: Maybe they are still cherry picking.

COLMES: But 18 different intelligence agencies say the same thing.

THOMPSON: It's not 18 different intelligence agencies, there's some representatives from various places, including the State Department. Let's assume that they're correct, what happened in 2003, when they say that the Iraqis decided to abandon their nuclear plans? 2003. And we invaded Iraq, that's what happened.

COLMES: You don't want to believe them now.

HANNITY: Let me bring you to the right side here.

THOMPSON: You're the man.

And Colmes is a leftists dweeb. As in the past, whenever the Defeatocrats bring up the "Iraqi Benchmarks", they get spanked and they get spanked hard. I find it "Rather" curious that The Surge has brought about the success the Defeatocrats wanted without their precious Iraqi Benchmark mandates. What a bunch of clowns they are. I can just hear them in their closed-door meetings or their private calls:
"But, but, but, that damn Petraeus and those nasty boys in uniform betrayed us! WE were supposed to dictate to THEM but, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They had to go and start winning without those Benchmarks! Now look at us...on the WRONG end of the stick...AGAIN! DAMN that Bush anyway!"
Cretins all.

We have leftist/socialist cretins such as Matt from Think Digressive saying idiocy that the reason there has been success in Iraq in 2007 because in comparison, 2006 was hell. That whole post is so full of America Hate that I cannot place the content thereof in this post. The poor slog seemingly relies on the liar Olbermann for distorted BDS to come to flawed conclusions. One day, there will come a cure for BDS. Further ignorance similar to the poor troll Matty can be found here.

Yesterday, one of the "benchmarks" was met that the whiners and pathetic defeatocrats have been whining about, even though they themselves did nothing in 2007 but enable and embolden the enemy. Of course, the defeatocrats will naturally ignore the news because it does not fit into their agenda due to their ignorant and blatant hatred of GWB.

The most ranted about "benchmark" was the De-Baathification Law. It passed. Some are whining about it but they are using democratic principles to hash out their differences and they aren't shooting each other over it, either. Sounds like political progress to me.

Dave Price of Dean's World, Susan Duclos of Wake Up America, Power Line, Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters, and Breitbart all have good pieces out in this regard, and, I am wondering why the defeatocrats cannot admit they were wrong, come out and publicly laud General Petraeus and his Surge Plan as the success that it is and has become. Naturally, that would require an admittance that they were wrong from the start and were heavily in the market of political falderal.

I agree with what Power Line has concluded...they are waiting for the Defeatocrats just to come out and openly admit that "we just want to lose." Seeing that they love to lose and have been defeated grandly in their bid for America to lose, you'd think they would be happy about losing as they did in 2007.

As more and more successes in Iraq come into the public eye thanks mostly to the milbloggers and The New Media, I wonder what the new chants will be from the anti-Americanists...could it be; "Too slow! Pull out now!"

The Surrender Caucus, I am sure, are having meetings some place...away from those pesky black helicopters.

The buzz will be collected here but do not expect many of the Leftinistra to comment positively on this happenstance...they are incapable of it.

Be sure to monitor CQ for the following:
[...] I wonder how the anti-war crowd will spin this. My guesses:

1. It's too late -- the sky is already falling!
2. Too many people have died to make freedom worth it.
3. (crickets chirping)

Or is there spin I missed? [...]
Redstate has already chimed in on that one. They are sticking with "crickets", as am I.

Thank God that Al Gore invented the internet. We would never be able to immortalize the Chief Incompetent like this at all. Nor would we have access to news at a glance showing the world what idiots the defeatocrats have been all along, and read about good news about Benchmarks from various sources.

With the approval ratings of CONgress reaching once again an all-time low (how low can they go?) is it any wonder that they are trying to become relevant once again? Have they ever been?
Congress' approval rating has hit a new historic low, as Americans blame both Democrats and Republicans for the impasse over key issues.

The USA Today/Gallup survey, released Monday, showed that Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, give the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans unfavorable ratings.

President Bush's approval ratings have been poor for most of two years, but have been rising in recent months.

Congressional approval, however, has been diminishing.

"The American people just decided that Washington is either incompetent or irrelevant," said Frank Luntz, who has conducted polls for Republicans. "Republicans made promises they didn't keep, and Democrats made promises they couldn't keep. And now it's a pox on all their houses."
The best thing that can happen to America at this point is to unelect everyone in CONgress and replace them with strict Constitutionalists.