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Sunday, August 24, 2008

On The Eve of the DNC Convention


Nancy Pelosi once again confirms that she is out of touch and her "power" has gone to her head. She has allowed her "power" to assert herself over the Roman Catholic Church by proclaiming that The Pope says abortion is OK. (please check out this article for an in-depth explanation) And then, she continues with the lame expression that she is trying to save the planet and that the American People really are dumb and are incapable of figuring things out all on their own.

While all that is going on, her hotel is evacuated because some psycho-babbling [SENSORED] individual is carrying weapons into the hotel she is warehoused in. We all know that she is third in line for the Presidency should anything untoward take place with any President and Vice-President but attempting to assassinate them or her - NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE - or even verbalizing that audibly is absolutely unacceptable. I hope they give the fool a life sentence under a jail and throw the key away. We have enough problems as it is without these idiots mucking things up.

On the eve of the DNC Convention, the Caucus Blog tells us that the GOP has opened up their War Room in close proximity to the DNC quagmire just to let folks know that the DNC isn't the only game in town. Also on the eve of the Big Digs in Denver, The One lashes out at McCain saying that McCain doesn't have an Economic Plan. I beg to differ. No matter The Plan that McCain has, it is sure to surpass anything a Marxist would have to offer. I have heard Czarbie's Economic Plan and only a Marxist/Socialist-HUGE Entitlement Government proponent would ever even consider that one. Remember Saddleback? The One showed his true colors there as did McCain. I can only conclude that once again, The One is lying. So much for Hope and Change that he promised.

Another interesting happenstance is the meeting that took place between The One and the one that should have been The One...Hillary and Obama had a discussion. Oh. Wait. That wasn't today...

Will Hillary release her delegates by Wednesday or not? As for party unity, are her delegates satisfied and are they happy? Will they, after being released, swing their weight to Obama or will they perform a coup on the DNC? All of this remains to be seen and do not try and apply logic to a die-hard Democrat...it will drive you insane. I am quite convinced of a coup attempt. It may succeed and it might not.

It may take the law suit proclaiming that The One is ineligible to complete the coup. We all know that The One is certainly unqualified to be President but that factoid escapes your basic moonbat and Soros sycophant. However, all Hillary has to do is cast some doubt as to whether or not Barack is a natural-born citizen. If there is any doubt whatsoever, instead of him avoiding the issue, all he needs to do is present the Real McCoy to settle the issue once and for all.

If you will recall back when this 2-year campaign began, it was said that the GOP campaign would be the most vicious in the history of American political campaigns. This has hardly been the case. The DNC components have been eating each other alive from the onset. The vacuous campaigning from the DNC elements has been spawned from the evils of political correctness and identity politics such as we have never seen. The sexism and racism has been introduced by the Democrat Party aspirants and their campaign managers. I recall hearing the racist remarks that if you didn't support Barack, you were a racist. I recall hearing the sexist remarks that if you didn't support Hillary, you were a sexist. So, the party od racism and sexism is self-imploding and in a panic maneuver, The One makes a horrid selection and chooses a hot-head, a plagiarist and a liar as his VP. Amazing.

It doesn't take much for the serious investigator to determine what American Liberalism brings to the table of American life and accomplishments. The American Liberal will tell you over and over again that only they can cause achievement and happiness. If that is true, why is it that all of the large and heavily populated cities under democrat control have the highest poverty and crime rates? How can they effectively reconcile that fact to the American People? Easy. They lie and point the finger elsewhere.

Melanie Morgan has asked if Barack can answer six basic questions but, I will extend that invitation to any DNC leader. They can and will answer them but the answers will come via platitudes and accusations of racism, division and sexism. There isn't a DNC leader anywhere in this nation that can answer a question with honesty. None. The questions posed are lengthy so you will have to take a stroll to Mels' Place.

With the stars turning their backs on The One and aligning with John McCain, is it any wonder that DNC supporters are threatening to burn Marines? and the DNC leaders will not openly condemn them? What if a GOP type threatened to burn moonbats? Would the dinosaur media be writing about it and airing the images and video on the network news outlets? Yes, they would be. Alas, it is up to the Main Street Media to report for duty seeing that the theoretical MSM is and has been AWOL for quite some time.