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Monday, August 25, 2008

Once Again Democrats Must Lie To Win


In yet one more pathetic grasp at a soggy and short straw, there is a group that simply thrives on lies, deceit, innuendo and anything else that they can in order to win an election and/or promote an agenda. That group can be found right here.

These same sad-sacks and gaggle of liars seem to think it quite alright if our enemies to profit off of American tax payers to the tune of a "windfall profit" of $562 Billion.

These same ignominious buffoons think it quite alright for their guy to profit from associations with known communists, socialists and other enemies of Freedom. Coupled with the associations that the would-be Czar has, his wife is of the same mold.

These same fools obviously doesn't know that one of their own intends to profit in a major way and that person is Mary Landrieu.

These same dope-smoking charlatans also seem to not realize that another one of their own intends to make an absolute killing off of the American tax payers by getting into bed with an enemy of theirs. Nancy Pelosi herself is teaming up with an evil oil man and will defraud the American tax payers to the tune of $10 BILLION in tax money.

These same arrogant snot-nosed, wet-behind-the-ears liars have a "poll" on their site that is absolutely fraudulent in all respects. I suppose we shouldn't expect much more than that from crooks and liars.

Little do they know, John McCain is all for the American Energy Act which encompasses an "all of the above" approach that the DNC types have said they wanted but have blocked for 30+ decades. It is only now that they all of a sudden care about high fuel costs. Perhaps they should spend more time finding the Truth instead having wet dreams with lies...Open Secrets is a good place to at least start.

I suppose this group also doesn't know about ExxonObama either. Apparently, their guy Obama received more money from Exxon than McCain did. What will they ever do with that little bit of data?

Perhaps they failed to find out that their guy Obama also met with T Boone Pickens that Obama refuses to talk about.

It could very well be that the #dontgo movement has them worried and the only way to counter us is to lie and bloviate. Nevertheless, we are all over them. The Main Street Media is all over it.