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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NPR: Proctological Rosetta Stone

James O'Keefe 's video of two NPR executives pandering to perceived patrons from the world's worst ideology exposes with great clarity the outstanding arrogance & hypocrisy of the LefTard elite.  While they pose as the self-confirmed best and brightest, they stink like dead carp shining in the moonlight on a river bank.

    When I had a working idiot box, I watched PBS documentaries and news although I was aware of and disgusted by their bias. I listen to Pipe Dreams and occasionally to various NPR news offerings.  But I do not hesitate to jump onto the bandwagon of demand for the termination of federal funding for public broadcasting.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Atlas Shrugs!

"The current Republican party is not really the republican party.    It's been hijacked by this group -- that is-- basically they are, they are, they believe in sort of I mean, it's scary. "

"What NPR stood for is non-racist, non - bigoted, straightforward telling of the news.  Our feeling is that if a person expresses his or her opinion which anyone is entitled to do in a free society they are compromised as a journalist, they can no longer fairly report and the question w asked internally was can Juan Williams when he makes a statement like he made can he report to the Muslim population and be believed and the answer is no.  ... lost all credibility and that breaks your basic ethics as a journalist."

    The statement about the Republican party is an opinion; an institutional opinion, represented by a top fund raising outreach executive.  NPR has shed its veil of objectivity & credibility and must be defunded, by its own express standard.

    http://www.congress.org/ gives us the keys to the Republic. Do what I am about to do:  once this is posted, I will go there and send emails to my Representative & Senators, the message will be a link to this post.