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Friday, July 13, 2007

On The Fairness Doctrine

There are several articles written and published that serious minded people need to read and heed. There are politicos that would like nothing better than to have a free reign at power and control over "We The People", and the power of our votes and our voices. Most of the proponents of that philosophy, an unconstitutional one at that, are members of the Democratic Party. SO much for the self-proclaimed "heralders" of The People. One may conclude that the squelchers of Freedom of Speech are looking after their own political careers and if they can silence their opposition, the more secure they will be. Naturally, people that agree with them will be allowed to be as vocal as they so desire.

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Senator Thune: Reject Orwellian Calls For Broadcast "Fairness"

From the NRSC: go there and sign the petition
Free speech is under attack.

As Democrats in Congress eagerly line up to legislate what you hear on the radio it begs the question: what's next? Newspapers? There's no end in sight to their power grab.

Democrats like Al Franken have tried to compete with the liberal talk radio Air America; yet they failed miserably and the network collapsed into bankruptcy.

And why did they fail? Because people chose not to listen. In this country's Free Market system radio stations succeed and fail based on their content. If people do not like the content of the program, they turn it off. Our marketplace guarantees your freedom to choose what you want to listen to; and that freedom is what doomed liberal talk radio to collapse.

Realizing that their ideas couldn't compete in the Free Market, Democrats schemed for ways to crush conservative talk radio's success.

Their answer? The so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”

Revival of the “Fairness Doctrine” would have the chilling effect of censoring conservative talk radio by requiring radio stations to air liberal content. Air liberal content or your station license will be revoked.

It's unfortunate that Democrats are willing to trample on our First Amendment rights for political gain.

What part of Congress shall make no law doesn't Hillary Clinton and Al Franken understand?
At the Fairness Doctrine Watch blog, linked to The Truth Laid Bear, established by NZ Bear, also instrumental in the highly successful Victory Caucus, there is a wealth of information in regards to the Democrat Party's Unfairness Doctrine...

Monday Morning Roundup
Monday, 09 July 2007

Lee Butler, writing at OpinionEditorials.com:

"Democrats hate talk radio because once opened up to the market for a free exchange of ideas and viewpoints, talk radio flourished with Conservative thought and commentators, while liberals were left scratching their heads in wonderment and stewing in their own anger for losing control of that medium.

One of the main bastions of liberalism is the repression and domination of rational and diverse thought. They talk regularly about the importance of diversity, but it’s not true diversity they seek.

In their world diversity only exists in a manner directed entirely by liberals. For them, the only rational thought is one steeped in liberalism and the expression of only those thoughts should be allowed to exist in their own manufactured Utopia."

TownHall.com is chock full o' Fairness Doctrine opinion this week. First, Russell Shubin:

"What happened upon the dissolution of the Fairness Doctrine was an opening up and a leveling of the playing field. The center-right found an opportunity to express itself through a medium that could still reach the masses: talk radio. Rush Limbaugh's demonstrable ability to entertain while engaging the issues of the day made such programming profitable (for station operators, syndicators and, yes, Rush too) while still being informative. Whatever your opinion of the staid voices of National Public Radio, it shouldn't surprise us that deregulation increased the talent pool and drew out broadcasters that can draw an audience."

And be sure to also check out Harry Jackson and Paul Greenberg.

There is a video at this blog as well and I have placed it in my VODPOD above. It is Mitch McConnell Mitch-Slapping the Democrats again.

Scroll through the tags on my blog and you will find a tag labeled "Fairness Doctrine". Click, read and learn. Including this post, you will find 17 entries and there are more to come...bank on it.

Over at the Cost Of Democrats, there is another wealth of information made readily available to the serious minded. Trolls go there as well but they haven't the mental stamina to keep up.

The Captain's Quarters has "A Colloquy On the Fairness Doctrine". A CSPAN video can be viewed here in which the smiling Democrats are seen introducing the bill to silence the majority of Americans.

Newsbusters has a take on the socialist democrats as they weasel their way into the everyday lives of "We The People".
If you had any question concerning how much the left wants the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine in order to kill conservative talk radio, you got your answer on the floor of the Senate Friday.

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota) offered an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from reinstituting this archaic edict.

As NewsBusters reported on June 30, such an amendment overwhelmingly passed in the House a few weeks ago by the tally of 309 to 115.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats didn’t even want to debate this issue, and, instead, lead by Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), objected.

For those interested, an unofficial transcript of Coleman and Durbin’s exchange – which marvelously depicts the differences in how liberals and conservatives view the Fairness Doctrine – follows (video available here):

The Democratic Party is pushing us Patriots closer and closer to another Boston Tea Party. IAW the Constitution, that is our right.

There is another video in my VODPOD Labeled Kennedy to Hillary-Big Business payback that you will want to see and take to your own blogs.