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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Pathetic Email From A Pathetic "man" Whiner ReidCo

I have no pity on his fool, the dishonorable Senator from Nevada, Land Fraud Dealings Harry Reid. He deserves absolutely ZERO respect because he hasn't earned any.

At every turn and at every opportunity, he works ever so hard at demeaning and abasing my fellow Warriors and seeks to utterly demoralize my fellow Warriors in his quest for a military defeat in the GWOT and political victory for him and his fellow cowards, whiners, traitors and contemptible fools.

I look upon him and his genre of unpatriotic fools with total contempt and disdain.

Clear Communications has trounced this poor troll in his quest to save face and NOTHING he can do will enable him to save face. As El Rushbo has stated and I agree, ReidCo needs to resign, step down and retire to his personal and private Abyss of Obscurity. He can then sponge off of and mooch from the American People via his retirement package paid for via taxes and he richly deserves not.

This is the pathetic email: he lies in the first sentence...go figure. I removed the links.

I normally ignore Rush Limbaugh, but his comments last Wednesday went too far for me to remain silent. It's one thing to call me "Dingy Harry" - it's another to insult our men and women in uniform, calling those who oppose the war "phony soldiers" as Rush did during his Sept. 26 broadcast.

Of course, Rush continued his tirade Monday by denying he had said anything wrong and attacking John Murtha, who served 37 years in the Marines.

This week, 41 Democrats signed a letter to Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays, demanding that Rush apologize.

You can send your own letter to Mays by clicking here.

In December 2006, a poll run by the Military Times found that only 35 percent of service members approved of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. Would Rush consider every other Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine to be phony? What about General John Batiste who retired from active duty in order to speak out against this war?

Rush has the courage to sit behind a microphone and lash out at those who oppose George Bush's misadventure in Iraq - yet when it was his time to serve, he received a deferment and has never worn a uniform.

Limbaugh's show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, and therefore service members around the world heard his insults. It's time for Clear Channel to make Rush apologize.

Demand that Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays take action by clicking here.

Rush certainly has the right to say whatever he wants - but we have an obligation to speak out when he goes too far.

Thank you,

Harry Reid

What a pathetic liar this twit is indeed. With everything this idiot and shallow little man has said about the CIC and military commanders and his refusal to renounce MoveOn, he dares take a comment removed from context and makes a a mountain out of a mole-hill?