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Friday, October 5, 2007

ReidCo Gets Dumber and Dumberer...

I know this crazed loon from NV has said some really retarded things including saying he doesn't listen to Rush but called himeself Dingy Reid but, this one takes the cake, up to this point.

Macho Pen?

'Macho Pen'

Democrats won control of Congress last year in large part because Republicans, supposedly the party of fiscal responsibility, spent like crazy during the dozen years they were in control. Democrats, naturally, decided to spend like crazy while posing as the party of fiscal responsibility--and why not? After all, it worked so well for the Republicans.

One good thing about divided government is that the president doesn't have a partisan interest in promoting the congressional majority's overspending. So George W. Bush has actually begun wielding his veto pen. Earlier this week the president vetoed a massive health-care entitlement for the poor ("poor" in this case being defined to include the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class, and some of those who, for purposes of tax policy, the Democrats consider rich).

But then things took a bizarre turn. Harry Pelosi and Nancy Reid, the Democratic congressional leaders, got angry at President Bush's pen. Seriously! Here's a quote from the Pelosi statement:

"Today the President had an opportunity to sign a bipartisan bill that will bring health care to 10 million children in families struggling to make ends meet. Instead, President Bush used his cruel veto pen to say 'I forbid 10 million children from getting the health benefits they deserve.' . . ."

Reid's comment, quoted by the Associated Press, is even weirder:

"You cannot wring another ounce of compromise out of this," Reid said. "The president, what he has done with his macho pen, is really hurt children. He thinks he can waltz in here with his secretary of Health and Human Services, and sweet talk us--he can't. This is a man who is out of touch with reality."

"Macho pen"? Is there perhaps a psychiatrist among our readers who can explain what that's all about?

ReidCo is the mutant that is out of touch...him and PelosiCo with their 11% CONgress.