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Saturday, October 6, 2007

What Did the Israeli's Hit In Syria?

As an update to a post here, posted on 10/2/07, check out what Yourish has posted:


That silence speaks volumes.

It was nukes.


The silence from Syria is now quite loud, thank you very much.

The buzz on this subject can be found at memeorandum.

So, the question(s) is(are), where did the Syrians get "the stuff" and from whom. With the heavy "evidence" or, gut call, of Saddam shipping his "illegal" weapons in accordance with the negotiated cease fire from the Persian Gulf War in 1991, could this be "the stuff" which was hit? It seems to me that since Syria is allowing foreign fighters to use their soil as a safe-house as they sneak across the Syrian-Iraqi border to kill American Troops, what would keep Syria from harboring "the stuff" smuggled out of Iraq?

Other questions I have is why did not our intelligence services pick up on it or, did they know but would not "announce" due to the political climate? My gut call is that the political climate was too hot and we have cowards afraid to protect the country until it is nearly too late or just too damn late. Perhaps we could learn from the Israelis in this regard.

I am not alone.

The weenies at State pressured the Israelis not to act upon that which they saw and knew.

The Hashmonean:
I’ve been posting this past week about the difficult pressure Israel has been facing recently, care of an eager beaver US State Dept. seemingly sold on dangerous levels of appeasement to salvage its non-producing ‘diplomatic’ initiatives.


Hot Air:
Lots o’ tips coming in about this ABC News scoop, which was even more of a scoop two weeks ago when the Times of London first reported it. Remember? Israeli commandos daringly infiltrating the suspected Syrian nuke site and escaping with hard evidence to reassure jittery American intelligence officials? From ToL:


Ynet News:

Israel was ready to strike alleged Syrian nuclear facilities in July, but gave in to American pressure to postpone the attack, ABC News reported on Saturday.

According to the report, Israel presented the United States with satellite images of Syrian nuclear sites months before the September attack.


"Israel tends to be very thorough about its intelligence coverage, particularly when it takes a major military step, so they would not have acted without data from several sources," said ABC military consultant Tony Cordesman.


Prairie Pundit:

I think Rice has become too timid in the use of force. This is just another example of where she was wrong to be hesitant. Perhaps it is an out growth of problems we have faced in Iraq, but many of those problems have been caused by the failure to aggressively counter the bogus arguments of opponents who want Iraq to be a disaster whether it is or not.


The proof is in the pudding in regards to my original sentiment and I am satisfied that Capt Ed holds nearly the same view. It was politics and the desire to appease idiots that seem to think negotiating with" and "talking to" terrorists and terrorist promoters actually does any good.

Good on Israel for taking care of things in their own back yard.

Captain's Quarters:

Between July and September, weeks of high-level talks took place. The Israelis wanted to destroy the facility immediately, and had some support from the American intelligence community that had managed to miss this development. However, Condoleezza Rice and others did not. They wanted to "confront" the Syrians first -- as the Jerusalem Post puts it, to scold Assad publicly for operating a nuclear facility.

Yes, I'm sure that would have been effective. Publicly scolding them over the Hariri assassination only resulted in five more car-bomb assassinations of anti-Syrian politicians in Lebanon since then. Fingerwagging has done so much to curtail their material support for Hezbollah, too.


And there ya have it...diplomacy does one thing and one thing only, besides wasting untold billions of dollars of wasted funds on salaries of cowards; it delays the inevitable.

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