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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Is MY Country, DAMMIT!

Let me make this perfectly clear! You paying attention?


And, because I make this statement DOES NOT mean I'm against immigration!!! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE IN MY COUNTRY. Welcome to come through like everyone else has. Get a sponsor! Get a place to lay your head! Get a job! Live by OUR rules! Pay YOUR taxes! And LEARN THE LANGUAGE LIKE ALL OTHER IMMIGRANTS HAVE IN THE PAST!!! AND PLEASE DON'T DEMAND THAT WE HAND OVER OUR LIFETIME SAVINGS OF SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS TO YOU TO MAKE UP FOR ''YOUR'' LOSSES.

If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone, then YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! When will AMERICAN'S STOP giving away THEIR RIGHTS??? We've gone so far the other way ... bent over backwards not to offend anyone. But it seems no one cares about the AMERICAN that's being offended!

WAKE UP America !!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Passe "Peace Movement"

The alleged "Peace Movement", made up primarily of used up hippies still in a stupor have been declared passe. As I have stated repeatedly on this blog and others, they ARE sliding into that Great Abyss of Obscurity.

A scant few actually consider them relevant.

In an article at Townhall, "Peace" Movement Passe? By Brent Bozell III, it states it all too clearly. I wonder if this guy has read my blog? Not hardly. A teaser...or two.

The article begins:
If the "peace" movement holds a protest and no one in the press covers it, does it still exist? If Americans are sick of the war, they're also sick of the "antiwar." Even the media have grown antiwar-weary. Rallies on Oct. 27 drew only perfunctory news mentions.

The peaceniks have become a bipartisan political problem, now that the Democrats who control Congress haven't dared to placate the radicals by cutting off money for the troops. Cindy Sheehan is threatening to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But suddenly -- surprise, surprise -- the media aren't interested in Sheehan's new crusade. Crusades only have a point when it's an anti-Republican point. Camping out against Bush during his Texas vacation was news, fun news, important news. But running against Pelosi is not news. It's a sign your 15 minutes of fame are all used up.


And the article ends:

But the people today are sour. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have lower approval ratings than President Bush. Right now, the "peace" movement looks passe. They have no energy, and nothing original to say, and with the change in Congress, they have no more public-relations magic. They better not stand in front of a banner reading, "Mission Accomplished."

That about sums it all up. Out of steam, out of momentum, everybody is sick of their crap and totally irrelevant...just like Ron Paul and his minions of idiocy.

Greyhawk Says:

Greyhawk has a piece up about the Ny Slimes. I cannot, at this moment, relate the verbiage here. Justice would not be served to the article.

Go read it.


The piece is entitle:

NY Times names WOT’s dead; tosses their heroism

Re-educating Dhimmitude...One At A Time

I have decided to post this article from WSJ

The Education of Rochelle Reed
Rochelle Reed, an editor at the Tribune of San Luis Obispo, Calif., published an essay recently about her son's decision to join the Army. "This was definitely not the way things were supposed to turn out," Mrs. Reed writes:

Never in a million years did I imagine my son would join the Army. Nor did Evan. In high school, he'd hang up on recruiters who called the house. He'd blurt, "Get away from me!" to the ones who trawled the local hangouts. Our home was liberal Democrat and anti-war and now, at 21, he was a Michael Moore fan. The night before he left, he spent his time reading "Stupid White Men." . . .

When I tell people that Evan has joined the Army, their reactions are almost always the same: their faces freeze, they pause way too long, and then they say, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry for you." I hang my head and look mournful, accepting their sympathy for the worry that lives in me. But as it dawns on them that Evan wasn't drafted, as Vietnam still clings to my generation, their expressions become quizzical, then disbelieving. I know what they're thinking: Why in the world would any kid in his right mind choose to enlist when we're in the middle of a war? I begin telling them the story, desperate to assure them it wasn't arrogant patriotism or murderous blood lust that convinced him to join. What finally hooked him was a recruiter's comment that if he thought the country's role in Iraq was so screwed up, he should try to fix it.

Mrs. Reed's piece is sincere and candid, and our purpose in noting it is not to pick on her. But it is quite a window she provides into the "liberal Democrat and antiwar" subculture of which she is a part. Because of her family's politics, "never in a million years" did she think her son would join the military. The people she knows see his decision as a cause for sorrow, not pride. Mrs. Reed has to talk them out of the assumption that only "arrogant patriotism" (the adjective itself is telling) or "murderous bloodlust" would motivate someone to serve his country, that no "kid in his right mind" would do so.

Judging by Mrs. Reed's account, American liberals harbor a deep and invidious prejudice against the military--a prejudice Mrs. Reed herself is now overcoming, thanks to the bravery of her son.

A year ago, a famous liberal Democrat remarked, "You know, education--if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." Perhaps he didn't know any better. Rochelle Reed now does.

This fits the Pathology of a Leftinistra to a T.

I begin telling them the story, desperate to assure them it wasn't arrogant patriotism or murderous blood lust that convinced him to join


And there you have it, right there. Arrogant patriotism? Murderous blood lust? What would non-arrogant patriotism be? For that matter, what exactly is arrogant patriotism? I love how these silly imps and shallow people come up with these terms and terminologies that have no rhyme nor reason to be called upon to describe a "calling".

The vast majority VOLUNTEER to join the various branches of the United States Military. They "hear" the call. It is heart-felt. It is an answer to the call of duty. The people that answer that call are a special breed than sense it a duty and an honor to serve to maintain our way of life. It it wasn't for the American Armed Services, the United States would have ceased to exist years ago.

The vast majority understand the risks involved in serving in an armed force. Some join for the "goodies" that come in the form of the many benefits up to and including being a man or woman in uniform and getting the accolades of wearing that uniform with no intention of actually "going to war". I have heard many that said that they didn't join to go to war...they joined for the free-stuff. We call them moochers, among other things. I have met some.

When an individual swears the Oath of Service, (many times before they actually swear that Oath, they have been told this), they are not only swearing the Oath of Service, they are giving themselves to the United States Government. They become the Property of the United States Government. They have ample opportunities during the initial phases of training to opt out of service.

Once the training is over and they have not been "sent home" for any number of reasons, their options are limited...it is a done deal. There are no more choices to be made except to follow orders. The UCMJ is thoroughly thorough there.

It says quite a bit for the few to enlist during a time of war. Perhaps they do so after hearing idiots like this Reed woman. The pathetic diatribe is all too telling in that our educators decry this very said same ignorance, knowing bloody well it is those that have served and given their all to maintain the very freedoms these idiots enjoy.

Wishing that the peoples of the Earth can just get along with each other is as ignorant a tenet of stupidity that I even fathom. When a theoretical religion espouses and dictates the killing of those that do not believe as they do is a cult and needs to be dealt with as a cancer.

Pride of country is foreign to this genre of fool and thank God above they are far and few between. They may make the loudest noises and, that is soon beginning to ebb, but they certainly do NOT represent the vast majority in any shape, form or fashion.

As my friend Hawk says, "Forever and always, an American Fighting Man."

Thuggery Gone Amok At Emory Uiversity

Another great piece from Proprietor Nation:
What if John Gotti Headed Up the Task Force To Stop the Mafia

Robert Brown's tenure as head trustee for Grady Hospital is eventful for sure. Upon taking over in the mid 1990's the hospital faced a series of issues from budget problems, to corruption, to egregiously poor health care. In 1998, Grady Hospital settled with the state of Georgia for $4.5 million dollars in a suit of Medicare fraud. The investigation covered four years and several of those involved the tenure of Robert Brown. While the Attorney General found no criminal violations, the sheer number of the settlement speaks for itself. Had this been the only run in with the law that Grady had under his tenure, it frankly wouldn't be an issue. It wasn't though. The most egregious case of criminality came when State Senator Charles Walker was charged with 137 separate offenses and convicted of 127 of those counts. (unbelievably Walker, his daughter and the companies they ran were the only ones charged or convicted) Grady was one of a handful of hospitals that was the target of much of this criminality.

This criminality began in the late 1990's and lasted all the way until his indictment in 2002. As I have already pointed out, a source told me that the chief prosecution witness, Joyce Harris, accused Robert Brown of several incendiary crimes along with pointing a huge finger at Walker. Harris accused Brown of such things as witness intimidation and accepting sexual favors for contracts at Grady. Harris is not the only one to point the finger at Robert Brown as far as corruption goes. Here is what Ron Marshall of the Grady Coalition had to say about Robert Brown, (from an article emailed to me. I can't seem to locate it online)

It was Robert Brown who insisted that no-bid contracts be given to former Senator Charles Walker, who is now serving ten years in prison for 127 felonies, many of which were committed at Grady with Brown's knowledge.

Furthermore, I am holding onto a 223 page report filed with the Dekalb Ethics Committee that charged Robert Brown with among other things: quid pro quos, retaliation, kickbacks, and obstruction of justice.

Since corruption doesn't exist in a vacuum, Brown's tenure was often met with financial woes. While the current financial woes facing Grady are the most extreme they have ever been, this is not the first time Grady has faced financial turmoil. For instance, here is how things looked in 2001 for Grady.

Board members of the state's largest public hospital want to know how the struggling charity-care provider plans to dig itself out of deepening financial trouble.

Grady Memorial Hospital's 10-member board is scheduled to meet July 23 to, in part, review recent audit results showing the hospital suffered a $17.2 million loss last year and is now operating in the red.

"We were told [Grady] would have an $8 million shortfall this year and that [CEO Edward Renford] would come up with a proposal in July to fix it," said board member Bill Loughrey.

Grady leaders have remained tight-lipped about specific plans for a recovery, but a spokesperson for the hospital said discussions are under way and that any changes would be cleared through patients and employees of the hospital first.

In fact, the current plethora of editorials and analysis that can be found in any current Atlanta area newspaper have a familiar ring to them.

Finally, and most importantly, the Center Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the Department of Health and Human Services did an exhaustive investigation of Grady Hospital that ended right around the time that Charles Walker trial ended. Here is the scathing conclusion of that investigation. (Again, I hold onto a hard copy myself though I cannot find it online) They identified...

an immediate and serious threat to the health and safety of the

It was after this scathing report came out, that finally Robert Brown was forced out of his position at Grady. Not to worry, upon leaving Grady, Robert Brown was able to snag a lucrative position on the state's transportation board MARTA.

Now, let's get back to the unconventional title of my piece. In my opinion, if there things weren't rotten at Grady, Emory University, and Atlanta at large, along with investigating State Senator Charles Walker, the powers that be would have investigated Brown to see if he should occupy the cell next to Walker. If things weren't rotten at Grady, Emory, and Atlanta at large, the powers that be would investigate Brown's architecture firm R L Brown & Associates and see if he ever gave his own company any sweetheart deals while he served as the Chief Trustee at Grady Hospital. If things weren't so rotten though, someone besides Walker would have been charged with some crime, because I find it impossible to believe that one person could be convicted of so many crimes and no one else did anything wrong.

Things are rotten, so instead of being investigated, Robert Brown finds himself as a prominent member of the Grady Task Force. The task force was set up the come up with solutions to the current fiscal crisis. Robert Brown, who oversaw Grady as it tumbled into financial crisis, is now one of the people in charge of getting it out of the crisis. Excuse me, if this doesn't seem like John Gotti being asked to come up with solutions to dealing with the Mafia.

The problem is this. Grady Hospital is a public hospital and so it is run with tax payer money. Grady's financial woes will probably take an influx of roughly 100 million dollars of tax payer money. If the funds are being directed by the very people that created the problem, then each tax payer is about to sink more of their money into a black hole of corruption and incompetence.

Tune in to TOCB on BTR this Thursday, 2100 hours, Texas time. We will be looking into this. Each of the guests have been on at separate times and they will be both be on together to discuss the progress or the roadblocks to closure on this topic.

Ron Paul Spammers

From the UAB Media Relations we see a report today showing that the UAB Spam Team Spots First Presidential Campaign Spam.

Lo and behold, it is from... you got it... Ron Paul supporters.

Anyone surprised?

Anti-spam researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) noted a disturbing new trend following Sunday's Republican Candidates Presidential debate. One of the candidates has a new spam campaign dedicated to proclaiming him victorious in the debate and extolling his virtues as the future president.

There is no reason to believe the current spam campaign is actually endorsed by Ron Paul or his official campaign engine, according to Gary Warner, UAB Director of Research in Computer Forensics,

Ron Paul is popular with the Internet and some of the recent Web polls that were taken down because of Ron Paul Spammers include:


http://constitutionallyright.com/2007/10/12/cnbc-forced-to-take-down-pol l-because-of-ron-paul-spammers/

The new messages have headlines such as:

Ron Paul Wins GOP Debate!
Ron Paul Eliminates the IRS!
Ron Paul Stops Iraq War!
Vote Ron Paul 2008!
Iraq Scam Exposed, Ron Paul
Government Wasteful Spending Eliminated By Ron Paul

Warner says, "We've seen many previous emails reported as spam from other campaigns or parties, but when we've investigated them, they all were sent from the legitimate parties." The important distinction between the new emails and previous emails, Warner says, is the fraudulent nature of the message. Legitimate messages tell who they are from, and provide a means of "unsubscribing" from future messages from the same source.

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, the primary law under which unwanted email can be prosecuted in the US, one of the factors that makes a message spam is deceptive sending practices. In the messages reviewed at UAB, emails were received from Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Nigeria already this morning. In each case it was clear that the computer sending the message did not belong to the person who was listed in the "From" address. Such as a Houston resident, whose email was sent from a computer in Italy, or a Silicon Valley computer worker, whose email was sent from Korea.

"Messages such as these harm the online eco-system by casting doubt on the veracity of other online communications", Warner said.

FYI: The UAB Computer Forensics program is a partnership between the UAB Computer & Information Science Department and the UAB Department of Justice Science. Warner and his colleagues research spam, phishing, malware, identity theft, and related CyberCrime issues.

One of the polls that had to be removed was from CNBC and after the poll was removed the Managing Editor of CNBC.com, Allen Wastler , issued an open letter to the "Ron Paul faithful".

Dear folks,

You guys are good. Real good. You are truly a force on World Wide Web and I tip my hat to you.

That's based on my first hand experience of your work regarding our CNBC Republican candidate debate. After the debate, we put up a poll on our Web site asking who readers thought won the debate. You guys flooded it.

Now these Internet polls are admittedly unscientific and subject to hacking. In the end, they are really just a way to engage the reader and take a quick temperature reading of your audience. Nothing more and nothing less. The cyber equivalent of asking the room for a show of hands on a certain question.

So there was our after-debate poll. The numbers grew ... 7,000-plus votes after a couple of hours ... and Ron Paul was at 75%.

Now Paul is a fine gentleman with some substantial backing and, by the way, was a dynamic presence throughout the debate , but I haven't seen him pull those kind of numbers in any "legit" poll. Our poll was either hacked or the target of a campaign. So we took the poll down.

The next day, our email basket was flooded with Ron Paul support messages. And the computer logs showed the poll had been hit with traffic from Ron Paul chat sites. I learned other Internet polls that night had been hit in similar fashion. Congratulations. You folks are obviously well-organized and feel strongly about your candidate and I can't help but admire that.

But you also ruined the purpose of the poll. It was no longer an honest "show of hands" -- it suddenly was a platform for beating the Ron Paul drum. That certainly wasn't our intention and certainly doesn't serve our readers ... at least those who aren't already in the Ron Paul camp.

Some of you Ron Paul fans take issue with my decision to take the poll down. Fine. When a well-organized and committed "few" can throw the results of a system meant to reflect the sentiments of "the many," I get a little worried. I'd take it down again.


Allen Wastler
Managing Editor, CNBC.com

True Republican Ron Paul supporters should speak up loudly against this type of activity, such as the spamming emails and the deliberate attempt to skew results of online polls, because it is not doing the candidate any good at all.

We posted a piece the other day about Nick Griffin speaking at MSU and I added a side note there pointing out some of the supporters that Ron Paul seems to attract:

The reason I bring the side note up at this time is because by stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, you see that Preston Wiginton (who was with Nick Griffin) has ties with Stromfront (white supremacists), Stormfront supports Ron Paul as donations from Don Black, founder of Stormfront to Paul shows, Ron Paul is connected with 9/11 Truthers, by money (Alex Jones), and the group that invited Nick Griffin to speak at Michigan State University (Young Americans for Freedom) are Ron Paul supporters as their site Spartan Spectator shows.

And people wonder why Ron Paul creeps me out? Just look at the people he attracts!!! End sidenote)

After having seen Ron Paul speak at the Republican debates, I have mentioned before that he simply sounds like a kook and it is understandable why he attracts many undesirables- (White Suprmacists and 9/11 Truthers).

Today we see reports of Ron Paul supporters also being spammers, which is something we have mentioned before and has even caused certain blogs to stop allowing those Ron Paul supporters from commenting at all, Red State being one such example.

Effective immediately, new users may *not* shill for Ron Paul in any way shape, form or fashion. Not in comments, not in diaries, nada. If your account is less than 6 months old, you can talk about something else, you can participate in the other threads and be your zany libertarian self all you want, but you cannot pimp Ron Paul. Those with accounts more than six months old may proceed as normal.

Now, I could offer a long-winded explanation for *why* this new policy is being instituted, but I'm guessing that most of you can probably guess. Unless you lack the self-awareness to understand just how annoying, time-consuming, and bandwidth-wasting responding to the same idiotic arguments from a bunch of liberals pretending to be Republicans can be. Which, judging by your comment history, you really don't understand, so allow me to offer an alternate explanation: we are a bunch of fascists and we're upset that you've discovered where we keep the black helicopters, so we're silencing you in an attempt to keep you from warning the rest of your brethren so we can round you all up and send you to re-education camps all at once.

Hey, we're sure *some* of Ron Paul's supporters really are Republicans. They can post at any one of a zillion Ron Paul online forums. Those who have *earned* our respect by contributing usefully for a substantial period of time will be listened to with appropriate respect. Those who have not will have to *earn* that respect by contributing usefully in the other threads... and not mentioning Ron Paul. Given a month of solid contributing, send one of us an email and we'll consider lifting the restriction on your account.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled RedState activities. Everyone but the Ron Paul spammers, that is. You can resume your regularly scheduled activities somewhere else.

There was quite a bit of discussion about Red State banning Ron Paul spammers, some blog owners publicly stated they didn't agree and others fully understood the nature of the Ron Paul spammers.

Myself, I believe that who ever owns the blog determines the rules....period.

They have that right because it is their hard work that goes into making their blog a success and only they are in the position of knowing what is good for their blog and what is bad for it.

Red State made that choice and deserves to have their final word respected on the topic.


Rasmussen poll comparing Paul numbers to Hillary Clinton numbers and an excellent analysis from Influence Peddler.

Interesting side point from the Rasmussen piece, found at the bottom shows that Ron Paul has yet to top the 4% level of support in the daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Via Wake up America



Dear Vets for Freedom member:

What news have you heard about Iraq since General Petraeus and Vets for Freedom were on Capitol Hill in September? If you're like most Americans, the answer is "very little."

Why? I believe it is because the situation in Iraq has fundamentally changed. And while the media has always been quick to report bombings and failures in Iraq, it is simply not reporting the good news.

The change is that-today-most of the news coming out of Iraq is positive. There is no doubt that real and sustainable progress is happening in Iraq. The courage of our troops, and the nature of their new counter-insurgency strategy, is paying off.


For the next two months, Vets for Freedom will be making a coordinated effort to get the good news out about Iraq. We will be targeting the American public, elected officials, candidates, and the media.

You see, Al Qaeda in Iraq is on the run, Iraqi Security Forces are fighting hard to take back their country, and local Iraqi leaders are taking control of their neighborhoods. This is all good news - but it is not reaching the ears of the American people.

Our campaign will include television and radio ads, grassroots efforts, town hall meetings, highlighting pro-mission candidates, and events. We have also added a "Progress in Iraq" section to our website, where you can go to get the latest facts and statistics about the good things happening in Iraq.

CLICK HERE to see the "Progress in Iraq" Section.

In addition, each week we will be asking you-the membership of Vets for Freedom-to get involved. And together, we will help get the good news out about Iraq.


This week, help us spread the word about Vets for Freedom, so that we can spread the word about progress in Iraq.

Our goal is to add 5,000 new Vets for Freedom members in the next two weeks, and as a member of the team, you are the best messenger to bring new faces and voices to our organization.

This week, we need you to reach out to guys from your platoon/section/troop, buddies who recently returned from overseas, or any veterans you know. In addition, reach out to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and like-minded Americans.

Help us grow the Vets for Freedom team today in 3 simple steps:

1) CLICK HERE: {in this case, email Snooper and if I know you, I will send you the link...don't need no stinkin' troll "infiltraitors".

Spread the word about VetsForFreedom.org:

Vets for Freedom was founded by a group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who support our troops and their mission. Until then, the voices of combat troops with first-hand experience had largely been ignored by many policymakers and the media. In January 2006, this group of veterans, enlisted personnel, and officers decided to take action. Vets for Freedom was formed to educate the public and mobilize support for our troops and their mission. We need your help! In order to spread the message about the positive successes our mission is having in Iraq and Afghanistan take two simple steps:

1. Type or copy the email addresses of six friends who might be interested in joining the Vets for Freedom team.

2. Click "Send Now" and those on your list will receive your message and be on their way to mobilizing veterans to communicate America's strategic objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen in Iraq are doing incredible things, and we owe it to them to ensure that the facts about their mission reach the American public. Their story must be told. We've got their backs-join today!

2) Type or copy the email addresses of six friends who might be interested in joining the Vets for Freedom team and add your own personal message.

3) Click "Send Now" and those on your list will receive your message and be on their way to mobilizing veterans to communicate America's strategic objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Soldiers and Marines in Iraq are doing incredible things, and we owe it to them to ensure that the facts about their mission reach the American public. Their story must be told. We've got their backs-join us.

Move out and draw fire!

Pete Hegseth
Executive Director
Vets for Freedom

The above was the email I received from VFFHQ. Below, is data the Lame Stream and the likes of ReidCo and PelosiCo and any number of other anti-Americanists DON'T want you to know.

Since the “Surge” of troops was completed in June of this year, violence throughout Iraq has reduced dramatically. The combination of additional troops, and more importantly a new counter-insurgency strategy, are undeniably responsible for the reduction.

Below you will see FACTS about the dramatic drop in violence. We have broken them down to the “Surge Focus” (June-October 2007) and to “One Year Focus.”

Visit this site weekly to get the latest data. We also plan to add data about political and economic progress.


Fact: Since June, Iraqi civilian casualties have dropped 56.4% (1,148 in June, 501 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* This number verifies that the U.S goal of “population protection,” is gradually being met.

Fact: Since June, Coalition Forces casualties have dropped 68.5% (108 in June, 34 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* Despite an aggressive counter-insurgency posture, U.S. troop deaths have dropped, because they have slowly gained the trust of the population groups they are protecting (alongside Iraqi forces).

Fact: Since June, Coalition Forces casualties by IED have dropped by 78.3% (74 in June, 16 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* This number is a direct result of an increase in tip from Iraqis (over four times as many as last year). More IEDs are being found than are detonating on U.S. Forces.

Fact: Since June, Iraqi Security Forces casualties have dropped by 68.9% (197 in June, 67 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* Our counter-insurgency campaign has also made the operating environment safer for our Iraqi allies.


* New leadership (Gen Petraeus), a new strategy (counter-insurgency), and additional troops (the “surge”), have made an enormous difference over the past year.

* Iraq is no longer caught in the “civil war” that plagued it following the Samarra mosque bombing in February of 2006.

Fact: Since September of 2006, overall civilian casualties in Iraq have dropped by 77.8% (3,389 in September ’06, 752 in September ’07). Source: www.icasualties.org

Fact: Since October of 2006, Coalition Forces casualties have dropped by 69.1% (110 in October ’06, 34 in October ’07). Source: www.icasualties.org

Fact: Since September of 2006, Iraqi Security Forces casualties have dropped by 36% (150 in September ’06, 96 in September ’07). Source: www.icasualties.org


Snooper is recruiting. Join me.

Catch the wave

UNCLOS (LOST) Soon To Be...Defeated

Theoretically, all we need is for 34 Senators to be against this retarded "treaty" for it to be quietly removed from the Senate calendar.

Get on the phones...jam the email servers.

JUST SAY, "HELL NO!" TO GIVING AWAY OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL SECURITY to a defective, defunct and waste of an organization such as the United Nations. The ONLY thing the United Nations is united for is to be against the United States.

Paul Weyrich has a must read column at Townhall. We have until 11/1/2007 to swamp our Senators as we did with the Shamnesty deal.

Get off your rumps and make your voices heard!

Cliff Kincaid has an article at The August Review as well and it also is a must read.
Can the U.N.'s Law of the Sea Treaty not only be delayed but defeated outright in the Senate? That's the question that conservatives are delightfully pondering as a remarkable series of events has put the pact, supported by the Bush Administration and the liberal leadership in the Senate, in serious jeopardy. Perhaps the most significant development is the announcement by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell that he will oppose the White House and vote against the treaty.

As opponents of the treaty make their case in advertisements and on cable TV and talk radio, Republican senators are increasingly hearing from their constituents that they don't want the treaty ratified because it will undermine American Sovereignty and hand more power over to the United Nations.


Read the two articles and I also have a herd of pieces on LOST right here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Dorko Wounded In Combat

CBS News:

A U.S. brigadier general was wounded in a roadside bombing Monday in northern Baghdad, the U.S. military reported. He was the highest-ranking American officer to be hurt since the conflict began in March 2003.

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Dorko was in stable condition and was evacuated to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. His injuries were not life-threatening.

A second soldier wounded in the attack was treated and released.

Dorko is commanding general of the Gulf Region Division.


More to come as it rolls in.

Today In History

AP Highlight in History:
On Oct. 29, 1929, stock prices collapsed on the New York Stock Exchange amid panic selling. Thousands of investors were wiped out.

2007- Glenn Greenwald got caught fabricating slanted stories...again.

1923The Republic of Turkey was proclaimed.

1940Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson drew the first number - 158 - in America's first peacetime military draft.
AP Photo

1956 Israel invaded Egypt's Sinai Peninsula during the Suez Canal crisis.

1998John Glenn, the first American to orbit the moon, returned to space 36 years later, at age 77.

2002A memorial service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone in Minneapolis turned into a virtual political rally as friends and relatives urged Minnesotans to honor his memory by putting a Democrat in his seat.

2004Osama bin Laden, in a videotaped statement, directly admitted for the first time that he had ordered the Sept. 11 attacks.

Waldo's Sockpuppetry Exposed...Again...UPDATED With Screen Shots

In regards to the Salon quagmire as developed by one Greeny Waldo, I first too made note of it on the 28th, not very long after he first posted his non-story, around 5 hours after his initial post. I thought the post to be yet another sad and failed attempt to depict the United States Military as a sad state of affairs and yet another attack on General Petraeus. It simply failed. But, I was correct.

My original post can be read here and a subsequent post soon thereafter can be found here, as he posted update after update, trying to squirm his way out of his own primordial ooze. just in case, I have screen shots of his entire pathetic ramblings of untruths and spun realities, bent to suit his Leftinistric stupidities.

Since that time several others have come to the same conclusion as I...his attempt at artistic freedom to paint a picture that never was, failed miserably and his sad attempts at spin has "udderly" failed.

Jules Crittendon has Greeny Waldo's sockpuppetry exposed and Hot Air has a timeline of similar mental issues that Greeny Waldo is suffering from.

From Wake up America, the entire email is up and Ace of Spades is having way too much fun pointing out that garbage like this is nothing new to Salon's driveling fools.

This is a prime example of why we in The New Media are so important in countering these pathetic wonders and bringing truth out in the open.

[UPDATE]: I have seen where Waldo supporters are whining about one thing or another and are apparently unaware that certain aspects of the alleged email have been omitted. I have some screen shots of the entire post up to and including the eighth update of the lame posting. Compare the screen shots to the actual email...

The full and actual email:
I had hoped to post this in response to your article, but apparently it is closed already.

I am not sending this as anyone's spokesperson, just a straight military Public Affairs Officer, with about 27 months overall time in Iraq who is concerned with accuracy, context and characterization of information and has worked with media of all types since joining the career field in 1991.
The issues of accuracy, context, and proper characterization is something that perhaps you could do a little research and would assume you are aware of as a trained lawyer.

I do enjoy reading your diatribes as they provide comic relief here in Iraq. The amount of pure fiction is incredible. Since a great deal of this post is just opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinions, I will not address those even though they are shall we say -- based on few if any facts. That does surprise me with your training as a lawyer, but we will leave those jokes to another day.

You do have one fact in your post -- then Brigadier General Bergner did work at the National Security Council on matters concerning Iraq. Not surprising as he had returned from a year plus deployment to Iraq as the Multi-National Division - North Assistant Division Commander. It would seem reasonable that someone with Iraq experience would work issues at the NSC that was familiar with and had experience in Iraq. All else after that portion in your post about Major General Bergner is just your wishful thinking to support your flawed theory.

The claims about Steve Schmidt being out here on the staff in Iraq are just flat wrong. Pray tell, where do you think he is and how long have you fantasized that he has been here? Based on our records of who is in Iraq, I am really sorry to disappoint you, but he just isn't here.
You are either too lazy to do the research on the topics to gain the facts, or you are providing purposeful misinformation -- much like a propagandist.
Schmidt was here, but at the time for the vote on the Iraqi Constitution, October 2005 for 30 days. He was never on the MNF-I staff and for that short period was actually detailed to the Department of State. He hasn't been back since. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a little actual research on your part would have shown that he is actually not here, but that would contradict your conspiracy theory. I am curious as to when you think the media relations or operations changed here in Iraq. I in fact do know exactly the day and time that it changed and want to see if you are even in the same ballpark as reality.
For the third matter concerning the Beauchamp investigation and the documents that were leaked - it is very unfortunate that they were - but the documents are not secret or classified. So, there is your third major error in fact. Good thing you are not a journalist. The information that was released and it appears that has since been taken off the net is more of a matter concerning the Privacy Act. Since we don't know who released them, we are not able to take the appropriate actions and the media tends not to give up their sources -- good, bad or indifferent...I will not judge. That is our system and we must work with it.

As for working in secret with only certain media is laughable. The wide swatch of media engagements is by far the most diverse it could be. But you might not think it that way since we chose not to do an interview with you. You are not a journalist nor do you have any journalistic ethical standards as we found out from the last time I engaged with you. As we quickly found out, you published our email conversation without asking, without permission -- just another case in point to illustrate your lack of standards and ethics. You may recall that a 30-minute interview was conducted with the program that you claim to be a contributor. So instead of doing the interview with you, we went with the real talent, Alan Colmes.

I also noticed that you fail to mention the amount of material that is leaked to those other publications that I dare you to call right-wing like the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. I do not condone or wish them to happen, but it happens. If you believe they are right-wing, then again, it is nice to live in a fantasy world.

I invite you to come see for yourself and go anywhere in Iraq you want, go see what our forces are doing, go see what the other coalition forces are doing, go hang out with the reporters outside the International Zone since that is where they live and work and see for yourself what ground truth is so that you can be better informed. But that would take something you probably don't have.


Steven A. Boylan
Colonel, US Army
Public Affairs Officer

Now, compare the above to the below...

Does anyone see what is missing?

Curious lot these Leftinistra anti-Americanist buffons...

Michael Yon: Doing the Job The Lame Stream Will Not


Many interesting developments in Iraq: I am working hard to produce dispatches to convey the situation in the various locations where I've been traveling. I have numerous dispatches on the British and the situation down in Basra that will start going up as early as next week, but timing depends in part on the ground conditions here in south Baghdad.

A new dispatch is published here.

I wrote an editorial piece for the New York Post that was published on Sunday. You can read it here.

I will publish the first foreign language translation soon. Your support made that happen, and is very much appreciated. I am having difficulty sending thank you acknowledgements due to an ongoing glitch with PayPal that makes it impossible to download the logs. We're working to resolve this, because we want people to know their help is making a very real difference.



Latest Email Scam?

This is "Rather" quaint. Some fool is using Kofi Annan's name to get people to be suckered into another scam.

If you see this email, delete the damn thing.

"Mr. Kofi Annan"
to snooper

show details
10:00 am (6 hours ago)

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and family?,You may not understand why this mail came to you. We have been having a meeting for the passed 7 months which ended 2 days ago with the then secretary to the UNITED NATIONS.

This email is to all the people that have been scammed in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS have agreed to compensate them with the sum of US$ 100,000.

This includes every foriegn contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to Government probelms etc.

We found your name in our list and that is why we are contacting you, this have been agreed upon and have been signed.

You are advised to contact Mr. Jim Ovia of ZENITH BANK NIGERIA PLC, as he is our representative in Nigeria, contact him immediately for your Cheque/ International Bank Draft of USD$ 100,000. This funds are in a Bank Draft for security purpose ok? so he will send it to you and you can clear it in any bank of your choice.

Therefore, you should send him your full Name and telephone number/your correct mailing address where you want him to send the Draft to you.

Conatct Mr. Jim Ovia immediately for your Cheque:


Person to Contact Mr. Jim Ovia Email:

Thanks and God bless you and your family.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as you cash your Bank Draft.

Making the world a better place.


Mr. Kofi Annan

Former Secretary (UNITED NATIONS)

A Condensed Synopsis Of The Democratic Party Leadership

Please let me know if this person has this correct.

I vote yes.

I received the below in my email and I am placing it here. The message came from a member of or Private Group, Patriots For Conservative Values.

Let's review. Democrats get their money from fringe wacko kooks who hate America. Democrats have to do what the fringe wacko kooks tell them to do in order to keep the checks rolling in. Democrats are more interested in keeping the checks coming in than they are their own dignity and self-respect.

Kind of sad actually. Being a "Ho" to a bunch of lunatic traitors.

I think that about sums it up very nicely.

The Hollyweird Anti-Americanists Feeling the Crunch

Here's the line-up...the Hollyweirders aren't paying attention...or, they are and are desperately trying to undo Good News.

Notice to Hollyweird...you have been outed as dumber than case and grosses of turtle turds.

We find that in recent days, OBL confirms what we have known for quite some time...he has lost Iraq. He even admitted that fact unless, that wasn't OBL but the fact remains still...Iraq is lost as Reid so stupidly said a few months ago trying to bolster his friend OBL.

Ramadi is now a bright spot with Americans being freely invited into many homes.

Karbala will be handed over to the Iraqis soon.

All that Good News PLUS so much more and Hollyweird wonders why their Anti-America anti-war movies are a fumbling flop in the box office. The Doom and Gloom and America Sucks rhetoric is falling on deaf ears, thanks to the United States Military an the New Media being their Voices From The War.
It doesn't matter how many Oscar winners are in front of or behind the camera — audiences are proving to be conscientious objectors when it comes to this fall's surge of antiwar and anti-Bush films.

Both "In the Valley of Elah" and, more recently, "Rendition" drew minuscule crowds upon their release, which doesn't bode well for the ongoing stream of films critical of the Iraq war and the Bush administration's wider war on terror.

"Rendition," which features three Oscar winners in key roles, grossed $4.1 million over the weekend in 2,250 screens for a ninth-place finish. A re-release of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" beat it, and it's 14 years old.


Dear Hollyweird...get some new material. Your trolls are running out of ammo.

Throngs Of Brits: Dump Liberalism and Socialized Healthcare

HillaryCare, Sicko, Micky Mouse Moore and George Soros. What do these have in common? Brain spasms. Others that have the collective mindset as the aforementioned are equally deficient in the areas of common sense and the wherewithal to check their surroundings. And, being so worried about World Opinion as they are, they are guilty of not paying attention to world opinion except where it suits their own frantic desires of emotionalism.

HT to MM for the lead-in here.

Times OnLine UK: Quack Michael Moore has mad view of the NHS

Unfortunately Sicko is a dishonest film. That is not only my opinion. It is the opinion of Professor Lord Robert Winston, the consultant and advocate of the NHS. When asked on BBC Radio 4 whether he recognised the NHS as portrayed in this film, Winston replied: “No, I didn’t. Most of it was filmed at my hospital [the Hammersmith in west London], which is a very good hospital but doesn’t represent what the NHS is like.”


None of these problems mean we should abandon the idea of a universal shared system of healthcare. It’s clear we would not want the American model, even if it isn’t quite as bad as portrayed by Moore. It’s clear our British private medical insurance provision is a rip-off. I believe we should as a society share burdens of ill health and its treatment. The only question is how best to do that and it seems to me the state-run, micromanaged NHS has failed to answer it.


Daily Mail UK: Record numbers go abroad for health treatment with 70,000 escaping NHS
Record numbers of Britons are travelling abroad for medical treatment to escape the NHS - with 70,000 patients expected to fly out this year.

And by the end of the decade 200,000 "health tourists" will fly as far as Malaysa and South Africa for major surgery to avoid long waiting lists and the rising threat of superbugs, according to a new report.

The first survey of Britons opting for treatment overseas shows that fears of hospital infections and frustration of often waiting months for operations are fuelling the increasing trend.


Research by the Treatment Abroad website shows that Britons have traveled to 112 foreign hospitals, based in 48 countries, to find safe, affordable treatment.


"People are simply frightened of going to NHS hospitals, so I am not surprised the numbers going abroad are increasing so rapidly.


So, in the light of the obvious, coupled with the same conditions and similar migrations from Canadian socialized medical care, why, then, do we want that same garbage in the United States?

Why hasn't the Lame Stream Media brought these questions forward to Czarina and the rest of the idiots that want this pathetic medical system? Does the truth really hurt that much? Is it too damaging to their political aspirations at the expense of truth, honesty and integrity?

Oh. Wait. Liars don't worry about such issues...do they?

Help A Wounded Warrior...Or Several...Pick A Branch

Hat Tip to Wake Up America and Stop The ACLU for pointing TOCB to this most noble of causes.

Soldier's Angels is having a fundraiser to support wounded warriors with laptops and voice software for special needs/purposes requirements.

Go here and join a team. Choose a widget and place it in your blog. If you don't have a blog and you wish to support a wounded warrior or several warriors, you can either click my widget in my sidebar or go to Project Valour and choose the branch of service you choose.

Naturally, since my son serves with the 101st and is in Baghdad at the moment, I chose the US Army and this is my widget:

Army - Large

Below is what Project Valour IT is all about:

The annual fundraising competition will be begin on Monday, October 29 and run through Sunday, November 11. Watch this page for more info, beginning Sunday, October 28!

Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, helps provide voice-controlled and adaptive laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand wounds and other severe injuries at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone or using other adaptive technologies, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field. The experience of MAJ Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss, a partner in the project who suffered serious hand wounds while serving in Iraq, illustrates how important these laptops can be to a wounded service member's recovery.


Help a wounded warrior out...

Catch the wave

Blackfive is our Team Leader

Rep "In Cold Blood" Murtha Has A Challenger

The Question is this. Can he build the momentum? We can only pray so.

Hat Tip to MM:

Diana Irey gave it a good try and failed.

Now, another GOP candidate looks ready to challenge Rep. John “In Cold Blood” Murtha. He’s an Army vet, 9/11 survivor, and small business owner:


Here is the man that we MUST get behind nationwide to support with our hearts and souls.
Thank you for visiting our campaign website.

My name is William T Russell. Among family and friends, I go by my middle name, Trower. I am running for Congress against John Murtha as a Republican in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania in the November 2008 election.

Until August 31st of this year, I was a fulltime Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, stationed at the Pentagon and a little over 2 years short of full, active duty retirement. I am also a small business owner and entrepreneur, as well as a husband and father.

In my military career I have served six tours in hostile fire zones including Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Balkans. These tours include almost three years in the Middle East (Iraq and Saudi Arabia) and a year and a half in the Balkans (Hungary, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia). My wife, Kasia, who was pregnant with our son at the time, and I were also in the Pentagon on 9/11.

The United States is now engaged in a great political battle to determine whether this nation, founded in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, can maintain the political resolve in its fight against a totalitarian political system, cloaked in religion, which is dedicated to the destruction of our liberty.

Pennsylvania has been the turning point in many of the great events that have determined our nation’s future as well as its character. These turning points include the founding of our nation with the signing of the Declaration of Independence to establish the political entity of our nation, followed by the Continental Army’s long winter at Valley Forge and its crossing of the Delaware to capture Trenton on the long road to military victory. The Constitutional Convention defined the structure of this nation, the Battle of Gettysburg determined that such a nation could long endure, and Lincoln’s address there clearly defined the purpose of that most difficult of this nation’s struggles. The passengers of Flight 93 turned the tide of battle on September 11 over the skies of this great state and diverted what would have been the most devastating of the blows to this nation. In this war against Islamic Radicalism, the political battle of the 2008 election in the Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District is a critical turning point of this war.

The people of the 12th District have a choice between continuing on a path of economic stagnation and undermining our Soldiers in the fight with an enemy that seeks to destroy us or of growing the next generation of entrepreneurs and supporting our most precious national resources as they engage an enemy we cannot afford to loose to. It is a choice between a corrupted, long time Washington insider who is playing into the hands of the enemy and a new comer with 28 years of honorable Active and Reserve military service to this nation in war and peace. It is a choice between an incumbent who encourages the enemy to kill more of our troops with his calls for withdrawal and a new candidate who has served with our troops in the streets of Ad Daluhya and Kirkuk, and understands this enemy is seeking to weaken our political resolve. It is a choice between a politician who has accused a Marine from this District of the cold blooded murder of innocent civilians for his own political ends (when in fact that Marine was facing four armed enemy combatants at extreme close range), and a professional Soldier who understands this enemy was looking to create a My Lai type incident for propaganda purposes and knows our brave Service Members need our faith and support. It is a choice between an extreme practitioner of cronyism who brings in earmarks that benefit a few close supporters while providing few long term jobs and a practicing small businessman who knows that real jobs and economic growth are produced by men and women who respond to the demands of the free market. It is a choice between a political player who continually creates dependence on pork barrel projects that dry up every two years and a practicing entrepreneur who wants our children to start and own their own companies rather than work for them.

In this election, surrender on the political, military, and economic fronts is not an option. We must turn the tide toward victory.

Throughout this campaign, I will be visiting with people of every county and township in this district to listen, learn, and assist in developing free market and small business based solutions to meet the economic challenges of this part of South Western Pennsylvania. I believe I have a unique background as a soldier, small businessman, and student of international relations to help turn the tide economically for the 12th district and for our nation’s security.

I deeply appreciate those supporters who have already welcomed this career Army transplant, who grew up as an Air Force brat and has lived in 11 different states and seven foreign countries. I invite all voters to follow suit.

I thank you for your time, interest, and support.

Very Respectfully,

William T Russell

Arise Patriots of Pennsylvania! Toss out the cretin Murtha.

The above was an introduction. I like what he believes and stands for. He is the type we need in the Halls of CONgress to bring back dignity and respect.

Track back:
Wake Up America

Trouncing Moonbats Coast To Coast

A while back, the anti-Americanists were royally trounced in DC...at the GOE Rally and then outside the Code Pepto Dismal HQ, running an illegal operation as per zoning laws. Then, we had the Berzerkely trouncing. The moonbats are scattering at every turn.

We had stated that we have the momentum and we would build on that momentum.

That time has come and it doesn't look like we will waver one bit. Behold:

Tough Eagles:

The Charlotte Eagles have shown just what is possible when a bunch of local patriots get their heads together and go on the attack! I’d love to see events like this going on all over the country. Even in the blowing rain last Wednesday, this hardy bunch was in the faces of the moonbats, and they’ll be back again next week. What a hardy lot our folks are, and I urge you to join me in commending them on their steadfastness in the face of the worst Mother Nature and the leftist idiots could offer!


After Action in MD:

After Action In PA:

For those of you who may not have heard, last week marks the first time in 5 years that the Chester County Peace Brigade did not occupy the West Chester Courthouse steps.


Action in TN:

The police departmentt is expecting a large crowd, so come and support out troops in drowning these people out. This isn’t anti war, its anti AMERICA.


More After Action Reports will be posted as they come in.

The Leftinistra Would Have Us Believe That We Are Hated

Naturally, that is a huge lie. It is a fabrication developed by cowards, idiots and mostly Democrats. The Hate America and Blame America First Crowds are the pathetic socialists that have fueled that ignorance and those that are "in the know", know it to be one of the biggest lies in the known Universe.

If The United States is so hated the world over, why then, do millions desire so much to get here? Are they dumb? Are they misguided? No. They know that The United States is the last Standing Citadel For Freedom. There are those that are the enemies within, working in concert with the Jihadim and socialists and communists, to their own peril and demise.

I had someone recommend another to one of the private groups I am a moderator of for membership. Another member confirmed he individual to be a very welcomed individual and will add greatly to our roll call.

We welcome this new member to Victory Group.

The new member had written a piece in regards to this topic of America hated and below is a response from a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. You won't hear ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS stating any of this:
Dear Discouraged,

I don't want to say anything to disrespect you, your husband or your marriage, but I would like to address a few of your points. You don't seem to be very proud of your country.

I am also a person who has traveled the world, lived in other countries and married a person from another nation and culture. So please don't take this as the words of some xenophobe who hates other peoples-quite the opposite.

I am quite aware that our country is hated in much of the world as a direct result of our war on terror under George Bush. But why do so many people hate us? Was it because after 9-11, we didn't just sit around and soak up the world's sympathy and rely on the UN to pass resolutions to protect us from further attacks? Was it because, taking into consideration the unanaminous opinion of the world's intelligence agencies that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction (which were used against Iran and the Kurds in N Iraq), we decided (in a post 9-11 world) to take action against Saddam? Was it because we removed a murderous dictator and his 2 murderous sons and put an end to the rape rooms, mass graves and torture chambers giving the Iraqi people a chance to establish a decent free society? (Which they have thus far failed to do).

So now, we have pissed off the Euros, who were perfectly content to let Saddam remain in power as long as he paid them off with oil. The same Euros who came crying to us when the former Yugoslavia in their own back yard had to be dealt with.

It never ceases to amaze me that the same people worldwide who complain about America want to come to our country. When there is a natural disaster, the first people they call are the Americans. Remember the Tsunami in SE Asia not long ago? While the UN was having meetings and conferences trying to figure out what to do and where to get the money, we put the boots on the ground and distributed the aid.

I realize that there have been intemperate remarks made on this site. But have you ever stopped to think that the phenomena of Islamic terrorism has outraged people? Remember, 9-11, the 7-7-05 attacks in London, the beheadings, the suicide bombings, the hateful speeches of Imams living in the West against the very society they live in-I could go on and on. Of course, we are questioning the true nature of Islam. I know that there are many decent Muslims who just want to live their lives in peace, but who will deal with the haters and the murderers who do their deeds in the name of Islam? The fact is that Muslims worldwide have to clean up their own back yard.

Don't be so hard on your country and the American people. We did not start this war. We are not haters, but we will not submit (in spite of the best efforts of the politically correct liberals) to fanatics and killers.


The below is the LEGAL IMMIGRANT'S words:

As a LEGAL resident in the US, I understand your point. I'll be open to you...

The world does not hate America or Americans...the world hates SOME Americans....Personally, I find the American people extremely kind, loving and very human....While in my country (Brazil), to be beautiful and smart to rob others means to be a celebrity, here these "adjectives" are condemned. Not that beauty is not important at all...ridiculous to say...... but to put on high (only) priority is absolutely sub human….in my opinion…

The mentality of the American Men is much better than the average I have seen all over the world, if not the best one. For that he is also very easily lured and used.....

Some Americans are hated...few Americans that bring the bad fame and dirt over all Americans...

The Cheap and Parasite leftists that abuse their power while playing sheep....the false human rights groups from the left, composed by losers and parasites that concern strictly about their own bellies....the extreme greedy animals in Wall Street, surprisingly from the left that constantly accuse America of Imperialism and Oppression while Oppressing themselves through financial blackmailing most of the world. ...the inferior teachers from humanities in your Universities, most passive terrorists - when being labeled as Islamic Arab "American"......These are the "Americans that are hated.

I consider America sacred Land and sacred people...unfortunately, Americans are so heart warming and naive that the scum of humanity is destroying the last frontier to the salvation of the Universe.


No. America is not hated the world over. America is hated by the enemies within. Do not believe their crap. Join us as we crush them under our feet.

Intolerant, Hateful Bigot! How Dare You Criticize Muslims?

What is a Muslim? What beliefs & actions attach to that status? Is ascribing those mandatory tenets & actions to Muslims an act of bigotry?

In Al-Taubah 71 we find certain characteristics ascribed to believers:
  • support one another
  • enjoin Islamic monotheism
  • forbid disbelief
  • forbid all that Islam has forbidden
  • pray at scheduled times
  • give Zakat
  • obey Allah and his Messenger.
In Al-Baqarah 245, we find this list of attributes:
  • obey Allah with full submission
  • fear his punishment
  • believe in his promise
    • and in his warnings
What do believers do ? In Surah An-Nisa' 74 we find a convenient list of actions:
  • sell this life for the hereafter
  • fight in the cause of Allah
What did Allah command the believers to do? Fight disbelievers!!!
  1. 2:216
  2. 8:39
  3. 9:29
  • How does Allah test the believers? Surah Al-Imran 139...143
  • So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers.
  • If a wound (and killing) has touched you, be sure a similar wound (and killing) has touched the others. And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns, that Allâh may test those who believe, and that He may take martyrs from among you.
  • And that Allâh may test (or purify) the believers (from sins) and destroy the disbelievers.
  • Do you think that you will enter Paradise before Allâh tests those of you who fought
  • You did indeed wish for death (Ash­Shahâdah - martyrdom) before you met it. Now you have seen it openly with your own eyes.
What follows was received in an email from a Gold Star Mother, who has good reason to be passionate about our enemy. I have added links so that you can read the source documents and explore them further.
Unfortunately, Allah--who does not wish to play anymore, since we have discovered his play book--decides what a Muslim is. Thus, his decision is what I and most now informed go by in grasping what a Muslim in.
The charge of stereotyping is inane. Read a dog book, the dog is called a dog because that is what he is.
Is that stereotyping? No, that is calling a dog a dog.
Read Islamic History and those spoken of in those books who have uttered the shahada, accepted the duty to defend Muhammad and his religion; in the Islamic Sacred text, those individuals are called Muslims.
Throughout those same text, the people who have embraced Islam and uttered "la ilaha illallah wa anna Muhammadan rasulullah" (there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger), then proceed on, as all Muslims are obligated to, in doing the killing, the raiding, the conquering, and the praying, the supporting and defending of the ummah, they are called Muslims.
Why? Because that is what they are.
That is why, when I refer to those who call themselves Muslims, I call them Muslims--that is what they are, keepers of the tenets of Islam. Followers of the way, the tradition, the example, the sunnah of Muhammad.
Here's a few of those basic traditions:

To make the Heart Tender (Ar-Riqaq)

Bukhari :: Book 8 :: Volume 76 :: Hadith 509

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "Allah said, 'I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine.

Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad)

Dawud :: Book 14 : Hadith 2526

Narrated Anas ibn Malik:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Three things are the roots of faith: to refrain from (killing) a person who utters, "There is no god but Allah" and not to declare him unbeliever whatever sin he commits, and not to excommunicate him from Islam for his any action; and jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal (Antichrist).

Funerals (Al-Janaa'iz)

Bukhari :: Book 2 :: Volume 23 :: Hadith 483

Narrated Abu Huraira:

When Allah's Apostle died and Abu Bakr became the caliph some Arabs renegade (reverted to disbelief) (Abu Bakr decided to declare war against them), 'Umar, said to Abu Bakr, "How can you fight with these people although Allah's Apostle said, 'I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight the people till they say: "None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and whoever said it then he will save his life and property from me except on trespassing the law (rights and conditions for which he will be punished justly), and his accounts will be with Allah.'

" Abu Bakr said, "By Allah! I will fight those who differentiate between the prayer and the Zakat as Zakat is the compulsory right to be taken from the property (according to Allah's orders) By Allah!

If they refuse to pay me even a she-kid which they used to pay at the time of Allah's Apostle . I would fight with them for withholding it" Then 'Umar said, "By Allah, it was nothing, but Allah opened Abu Bakr's chest towards the decision (to fight) and I came to know that his decision was right."

Laws of Inheritance (Al-Faraa'id)

Bukhari :: Book 8 :: Volume 80 :: Hadith 747

Narrated 'Ali:

We have no Book to recite except the Book of Allah (Qur'an) and this paper. Then 'Ali took out the paper, and behold ! There was written in it, legal verdicts about the retaliation for wounds, the ages of the camels (to be paid as Zakat or as blood money). In it was also written: 'Medina is a sanctuary from Air (mountain) to Thaur (mountain). So whoever innovates in it an heresy (something new in religion) or commits a crime in it or gives shelter to such an innovator, will incur the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people, and none of his compulsory or optional good deeds will be accepted on the Day of Resurrection. . . . . And the asylum granted by any Muslim is to be secured by all the Muslims, even if it is granted by one of the lowest social status among them; and whoever betrays a Muslim, in this respect will incur the curse of Allah, the angels, and all the people, and none of his Compulsory or optional good deeds will be accepted on the Day of Resurrection."

Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad)

Dawud :: Book 14 : Hadith 2497

Narrated AbuUmamah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: He who does not join the warlike expedition (jihad), or equip, or looks well after a warrior's family when he is away, will be smitten by Allah with a sudden calamity. Yazid ibn Abdu Rabbihi said in his tradition: 'before the Day of Resurrection".

Hence, we know, when Allah, via Muhammad, added this into the Qur'an, we know, the two were serious: "Oh you who believe! Fear Allah. . . . If you do not, take notice of war from Allah and his Messenger." Al-Baqarah: 278-9)

All Muslims are ordered to imitate Muhammad and his rightly guided companions. That is basic Islam. Embracing Islam is the only thing that makes one a Muslim, as being born a canine, makes one just that.

To state calling a Muslims a Muslim is oversimplifying is equal to stating it is oversimplifying to call a Poodle a Poodle--something, obviously, only the simple minded do.