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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Leftinistra Would Have Us Believe That We Are Hated

Naturally, that is a huge lie. It is a fabrication developed by cowards, idiots and mostly Democrats. The Hate America and Blame America First Crowds are the pathetic socialists that have fueled that ignorance and those that are "in the know", know it to be one of the biggest lies in the known Universe.

If The United States is so hated the world over, why then, do millions desire so much to get here? Are they dumb? Are they misguided? No. They know that The United States is the last Standing Citadel For Freedom. There are those that are the enemies within, working in concert with the Jihadim and socialists and communists, to their own peril and demise.

I had someone recommend another to one of the private groups I am a moderator of for membership. Another member confirmed he individual to be a very welcomed individual and will add greatly to our roll call.

We welcome this new member to Victory Group.

The new member had written a piece in regards to this topic of America hated and below is a response from a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. You won't hear ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS stating any of this:
Dear Discouraged,

I don't want to say anything to disrespect you, your husband or your marriage, but I would like to address a few of your points. You don't seem to be very proud of your country.

I am also a person who has traveled the world, lived in other countries and married a person from another nation and culture. So please don't take this as the words of some xenophobe who hates other peoples-quite the opposite.

I am quite aware that our country is hated in much of the world as a direct result of our war on terror under George Bush. But why do so many people hate us? Was it because after 9-11, we didn't just sit around and soak up the world's sympathy and rely on the UN to pass resolutions to protect us from further attacks? Was it because, taking into consideration the unanaminous opinion of the world's intelligence agencies that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction (which were used against Iran and the Kurds in N Iraq), we decided (in a post 9-11 world) to take action against Saddam? Was it because we removed a murderous dictator and his 2 murderous sons and put an end to the rape rooms, mass graves and torture chambers giving the Iraqi people a chance to establish a decent free society? (Which they have thus far failed to do).

So now, we have pissed off the Euros, who were perfectly content to let Saddam remain in power as long as he paid them off with oil. The same Euros who came crying to us when the former Yugoslavia in their own back yard had to be dealt with.

It never ceases to amaze me that the same people worldwide who complain about America want to come to our country. When there is a natural disaster, the first people they call are the Americans. Remember the Tsunami in SE Asia not long ago? While the UN was having meetings and conferences trying to figure out what to do and where to get the money, we put the boots on the ground and distributed the aid.

I realize that there have been intemperate remarks made on this site. But have you ever stopped to think that the phenomena of Islamic terrorism has outraged people? Remember, 9-11, the 7-7-05 attacks in London, the beheadings, the suicide bombings, the hateful speeches of Imams living in the West against the very society they live in-I could go on and on. Of course, we are questioning the true nature of Islam. I know that there are many decent Muslims who just want to live their lives in peace, but who will deal with the haters and the murderers who do their deeds in the name of Islam? The fact is that Muslims worldwide have to clean up their own back yard.

Don't be so hard on your country and the American people. We did not start this war. We are not haters, but we will not submit (in spite of the best efforts of the politically correct liberals) to fanatics and killers.


The below is the LEGAL IMMIGRANT'S words:

As a LEGAL resident in the US, I understand your point. I'll be open to you...

The world does not hate America or Americans...the world hates SOME Americans....Personally, I find the American people extremely kind, loving and very human....While in my country (Brazil), to be beautiful and smart to rob others means to be a celebrity, here these "adjectives" are condemned. Not that beauty is not important at all...ridiculous to say...... but to put on high (only) priority is absolutely sub human….in my opinion…

The mentality of the American Men is much better than the average I have seen all over the world, if not the best one. For that he is also very easily lured and used.....

Some Americans are hated...few Americans that bring the bad fame and dirt over all Americans...

The Cheap and Parasite leftists that abuse their power while playing sheep....the false human rights groups from the left, composed by losers and parasites that concern strictly about their own bellies....the extreme greedy animals in Wall Street, surprisingly from the left that constantly accuse America of Imperialism and Oppression while Oppressing themselves through financial blackmailing most of the world. ...the inferior teachers from humanities in your Universities, most passive terrorists - when being labeled as Islamic Arab "American"......These are the "Americans that are hated.

I consider America sacred Land and sacred people...unfortunately, Americans are so heart warming and naive that the scum of humanity is destroying the last frontier to the salvation of the Universe.


No. America is not hated the world over. America is hated by the enemies within. Do not believe their crap. Join us as we crush them under our feet.