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Monday, October 29, 2007

Rep "In Cold Blood" Murtha Has A Challenger

The Question is this. Can he build the momentum? We can only pray so.

Hat Tip to MM:

Diana Irey gave it a good try and failed.

Now, another GOP candidate looks ready to challenge Rep. John “In Cold Blood” Murtha. He’s an Army vet, 9/11 survivor, and small business owner:


Here is the man that we MUST get behind nationwide to support with our hearts and souls.
Thank you for visiting our campaign website.

My name is William T Russell. Among family and friends, I go by my middle name, Trower. I am running for Congress against John Murtha as a Republican in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania in the November 2008 election.

Until August 31st of this year, I was a fulltime Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, stationed at the Pentagon and a little over 2 years short of full, active duty retirement. I am also a small business owner and entrepreneur, as well as a husband and father.

In my military career I have served six tours in hostile fire zones including Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Balkans. These tours include almost three years in the Middle East (Iraq and Saudi Arabia) and a year and a half in the Balkans (Hungary, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia). My wife, Kasia, who was pregnant with our son at the time, and I were also in the Pentagon on 9/11.

The United States is now engaged in a great political battle to determine whether this nation, founded in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, can maintain the political resolve in its fight against a totalitarian political system, cloaked in religion, which is dedicated to the destruction of our liberty.

Pennsylvania has been the turning point in many of the great events that have determined our nation’s future as well as its character. These turning points include the founding of our nation with the signing of the Declaration of Independence to establish the political entity of our nation, followed by the Continental Army’s long winter at Valley Forge and its crossing of the Delaware to capture Trenton on the long road to military victory. The Constitutional Convention defined the structure of this nation, the Battle of Gettysburg determined that such a nation could long endure, and Lincoln’s address there clearly defined the purpose of that most difficult of this nation’s struggles. The passengers of Flight 93 turned the tide of battle on September 11 over the skies of this great state and diverted what would have been the most devastating of the blows to this nation. In this war against Islamic Radicalism, the political battle of the 2008 election in the Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District is a critical turning point of this war.

The people of the 12th District have a choice between continuing on a path of economic stagnation and undermining our Soldiers in the fight with an enemy that seeks to destroy us or of growing the next generation of entrepreneurs and supporting our most precious national resources as they engage an enemy we cannot afford to loose to. It is a choice between a corrupted, long time Washington insider who is playing into the hands of the enemy and a new comer with 28 years of honorable Active and Reserve military service to this nation in war and peace. It is a choice between an incumbent who encourages the enemy to kill more of our troops with his calls for withdrawal and a new candidate who has served with our troops in the streets of Ad Daluhya and Kirkuk, and understands this enemy is seeking to weaken our political resolve. It is a choice between a politician who has accused a Marine from this District of the cold blooded murder of innocent civilians for his own political ends (when in fact that Marine was facing four armed enemy combatants at extreme close range), and a professional Soldier who understands this enemy was looking to create a My Lai type incident for propaganda purposes and knows our brave Service Members need our faith and support. It is a choice between an extreme practitioner of cronyism who brings in earmarks that benefit a few close supporters while providing few long term jobs and a practicing small businessman who knows that real jobs and economic growth are produced by men and women who respond to the demands of the free market. It is a choice between a political player who continually creates dependence on pork barrel projects that dry up every two years and a practicing entrepreneur who wants our children to start and own their own companies rather than work for them.

In this election, surrender on the political, military, and economic fronts is not an option. We must turn the tide toward victory.

Throughout this campaign, I will be visiting with people of every county and township in this district to listen, learn, and assist in developing free market and small business based solutions to meet the economic challenges of this part of South Western Pennsylvania. I believe I have a unique background as a soldier, small businessman, and student of international relations to help turn the tide economically for the 12th district and for our nation’s security.

I deeply appreciate those supporters who have already welcomed this career Army transplant, who grew up as an Air Force brat and has lived in 11 different states and seven foreign countries. I invite all voters to follow suit.

I thank you for your time, interest, and support.

Very Respectfully,

William T Russell

Arise Patriots of Pennsylvania! Toss out the cretin Murtha.

The above was an introduction. I like what he believes and stands for. He is the type we need in the Halls of CONgress to bring back dignity and respect.

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