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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Hate-Filled and Ignorant Leftinistra Crowd

Sadly, the Sadly, No! fools are just that...fools. Their complete and total stupidity...self-induced, is naturally on the level of the fools of the KOSmonoffs. Forest Gump was right. Stupid is as stupid does.

The pathetic and tripe units that write for Sadly, No! prove time and time again why they and other anti-Americanist groups are becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes by...no one of any serious stature in the greater scheme of things takes them seriously anymore. Why should anyone take them seriously?

The Hate America and Blame America First crowds are slinking back under their slime engulfed rocks as their trip towards that Abyss of Obscurity inches closer and closer. Actually, they are quite comical because the emotionally weak...as they demonstrate...cannot place two coherent thought patterns together to save their souls, if they have any.

Their self-professed "holier-than-thou" stupidity displays an arrogant ignorance which is leading them ever and ever towards "udder" self-implosion.

It would behoove the ignorant to actually study Islam and the very tenets of that cult...it IS a cult. There are no miracles and the "religion" is solely based on a known pedophiles' hallucinations in a dessert many moons ago that teaches killing all that don't believe as he did. The historical record is plainly evident to the serious students of history.

Then again, idiots such as Sadly, No! and other anti-Americanist groups have been rewriting history for several decades now. Times are a changing and that Conservative Tsunami is rising ever taller.

To the punks and uneducated fools of Sadly, No!, we laugh at your stupidity.