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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Fraud Arianna Has Lost Its Marbles

Listen to the fruit loop as IT attempts a sad spin of ignorant stupidity.

The most significant takeover of the past decade isn't to be found among the telecoms, the big oil companies, or in Silicon Valley. The reconfigured entity is headquartered in Washington, but we can see and hear the results everyday on your television, radio, and computer screen. And America is much the worse for it. I'm talking about the takeover of the Republican Party by its lunatic fringe.

Reagan's GOP has been replaced by the dark, moldering, putrefied party of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Limbaugh, Coulter, and Malkin. Morning in America has given way to Midnight in America.


All of a sudden, Ronald Wilson Reagan is a Good Guy? Please! Spare us your ignorance, Arianna.

Dear Dunce Arianna. Unlike 90% of your driveling followers, I remember the Reagan years and voted for the man...TWICE. What you and your ilk and genre of anti-Americanists are having a problem with, Miss Gomer is this.

Your fellow anti-Americanists managed to infiltrate "Reagan's GOP" with Leftinistra RINOs and they have been exposed for the most part and we will continue to expose them no matter how hard your kind try to defend and hide them.

We, the Silent majority, silent no more, are Reagan Era Conservatives and we Are taking our political party back away from your ilk and genre of idiots, trolls, socialists, communists and other anti-Americanist enemies of the United stats Constitution.

Get used to it. We cannot be spun. We cannot be defeated. We don't run. We cannot be silenced. Your time has come and gone and your kind are fading fast.

Enjoy that Abyss of Obscurity we have created for you...by your own hands.

We laugh at your malaises.

Have a nice day.