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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Global Warming Myth Update


The Al Goracle baseless claims of world-wide calamity via Global Warming is becoming more and more laughable by the day. The Bali Conference has been said to be the world's last ditch effort in saving the planet. How we can save the planet from natural cycles escapes me. Then again, I am not an expert in scientific or Scientology idiocy. I can, however, read. The Goracle said that "we" are the problem, "we" meaning the Human Race.
The talks, which open tomorrow [12/3/07], are to start discussing a successor to the present agreement under the Kyoto Protocol, which runs out in five years' time, having failed to measure up to the escalating climate crisis.

Experts say it is the world's "last chance" to avoid disaster.
I guess we are doomed. Al Goracle said the Bali conference failed. Good. Can we get on with our lives and dispense with the Fraudulator Goracle yet? Not quite:

BALI, Indonesia - A U.S.-European standoff was headed toward a compromise solution Friday at the U.N. climate conference, breaking a deadlock over how ambitious the goal should be in negotiating future cutbacks in global-warming gases, the German environment minister said.

"I think the situation is good and the climate in the climate conference is good, and we will have success in the end," Sigmar Gabriel told reporters.
Someone, PLEASE, explain to this mere mortal of a man just what in the hell that statement means. The "climate in the climate conference is good" means what, exactly. No wonder the world is FUBAR to the extent that we MUST start all over again...somehow. Until idiots and fools such as the following are still being granted serious audience, we are doomed:

[...] Women bear the brunt of climate change every year, a global network of women's groups pointed out here.

As over 10,000 delegates from 187 countries deliberated during the December 3-14 UN conference on climate change, acting coordinator of the alliance called genderCC, Ulrike Roehr, said: "We need to question the dominant perspective focusing mainly on technologies and markets, and put caring and justice at the centre of the measures and mechanisms." [...]

[...] "The lack of gender perspectives in the current climate process not only violates women's human rights - fundamental principles agreed on by the UN community - but it also leads to shortcomings in the efficiency and effectiveness of climate related measures and instruments," she said. [...]
Uh...WTFO? What do we do? Kill all the women? Kill all the men? Where do these idiots come up with these...OH!...WAIT!...I think I got it now. A bad batch of LSD...has to be. Read the rest of that screed and let me know what I missed...please.

The OBVIOUS (except to the oblivious) Double Standards of the Global Warming Issue (myth) can be studied and pondered upon right here:
The UN secretary-general today called on world leaders for immediate action on climate change - before flying thousands of miles to the US for a music concert and then leaving in the interval to jet to Europe.

Ban Ki-moon has been slammed for planning a round-the-world trip that will generate thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions just days after he leaves the UN meeting in Bali.

The South Korean has organised a post-conference trip, starting on Sunday, that will see him fly to attend the concert in New York, adding more than 4,300 miles to his itinerary. When he leaves the island after the summit Mr Ban will fly to East Timor, and then to Japan where he will briefly stop before catching another flight to the US.

The flight from Tokyo to New York takes him the wrong way around the world to arrive in time for the reception of a Korean concert-at Carnegie Hall, where he is the guest of honour. The concert is titled Around The World In Eighty Minutes.

The UN is expected to announce plans to offset the emissions generated by all agencies involved in the Bali conference by contributing to various environmentally friendly projects.
Has it sunk in yet? Does the Double Standard reach out and slap you across the face? In this day and age of technology, can they not have video links? Can they not sit, stand or otherwise in their conference rooms around the globe and have a conference from the comforts of their own and individual environs? Why burn up all that fossil fuel and leave carbon particle trails across the globe if they are all so grossly concerned of the Global Warming Issue? Why is it OK for The Elite of this Myth of Global Warming to contaminate the planet not only by their mode of transport but also and in conjunction with their hot air rhetoric via expelled oxygen by-products from their lungs? The hypocrisy of it all never ceases to amaze me.

The impact, or not, on hurricanes and other cyclonic phenomena due to the Global Warming Myth is discussed and skewed here...well, an attempt, anyway. And, while we are at it, how can these proponents of the Myth of Global Warming explain why the Arctic Sea is freezing in record times? Hello?
The record melting of Arctic sea ice observed this summer and fall led to record-low levels of ice in both September and October, but a record-setting pace of re-freezing in November, according to the NASA Earth Observatory. Some 58,000 square miles of ice formed per day for 10 days in late October and early November, a new record. [...]
Simply amazing that this is not in the Lame Stream Media. Isn't 58,000 square miles quite a bit of surface area? Just sayin'.

A quote from El Rushbo is in order here, at this exact moment:
[...] By the way, folks -- especially for you liberal Democrats out there who are unhappy with your presidential field. This is something that is never discussed, only the fact that there's dissatisfaction on the Republican side with their field. You liberal Democrats, you know that secretly, a lot of you are hoping that Algore will cut to the chase and get in the race, with Hillary plummeting and Obama rising and so forth. I'm going to give you the definitive answer on Algore and his potential run for the president, and it is this: It ain't gonna happen, and do you know why it's not going to happen? There's one reason -- there may be more, but there's one primary reason -- why Algore will never, ever run for president, at least next year. It's because he would be forced to debate global warming, and he will not, because he cannot debate that. He wouldn't dare, ladies and gentlemen. He would not dare. I'm being serious here. I'm not throwing down the gauntlet; I'm not issuing a challenge. He will not debate it. None of them will because they can't, and so that's why they throw up this bunch of stuff about everybody being "deniers" and just try to discredit them. "We don't have time to debate it," he says, and yet every day the world doesn't end is a disaster for these people. [...]
That right there is very true. The Goracle cannot "debate" this issue because he KNOWS it is a lie and it is his avenue and venue to become stinking rich from taking advantage of weak-minded people across the globe. He is participating in that Evil of Capitalism that the Leftinistra feign hatred for to get elected yet, enjoy the benefits of it.

Lew Waters, a contributor of A Newt One, has a very well presented piece all should read. Another "great read" at A Newt One, by Snooper, shows just a tip of one iceberg...pun intended...of the plethora of lies perpetrated by the Goracle and similar disingenuous liars.

I wonder what ever happened to the Modern Ice Age so espoused back in the 1970s...

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