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Friday, December 14, 2007

War Funding...Take 969


Blinking Leftinistra. The significance of their insignificance should be sending resounded chills up and down their rotten spines...if they had any. Their far-left unhinged moonbat moppets are drowning in their own swill of insignificance as well. Had they any power or influence at all, the Leftinistra in CONgress never would have caved. This shows beyond a reasonable doubt that they have openly admitted that the vast majority of Americans are truly NOT rallying behind the likes of the anti-Americanist groups such as ANSWER and Code Pink. It is "Rather" obvious even without the polls.

I find it curious that the War Funding Bill was passed so late on a Friday evening. In the dark of night, as a weekend starts and the moonbats are out partaking in adult liquid indulgements (another new word invented by Snooper) and the old hippies still drugging it out.

Rollcall is here and mm.com has the tally as a pic...
The Democrat meltdown continues-and finally, a Senate defense bill will get to the president's desk. With no timetable strings attached. Code Pinkos will be seeing red (hat tip - Jim Hoft): [...]
Defense authorization bill sent to Bush - without timetables - WASHINGTON - The Democratic-led Congress authorized more Iraq war spending on Friday, sending President Bush a defense bill requiring no change in strategy after failing again... [...]
'Nuff said? Captain's Quarters

Congress has finally authorized spending for the Iraq war without the demand to end the success of the Petraeus strategy. On a 90-3 vote in the Senate, the defense authorization bill finally left Congress and will make its way to the White House, with the money itself still not appropriated. That may take another Friday evening to produce: [...]

[...] Next week, Republicans will try to finish funding the Department of Defense and the troops in the war zones. Democrats will try again to attach demands to replace the current strategy of aggressive engagement against terrorists and building stability in Iraq with their preferred strategy of surrender and retreat. That effort will end as this effort did, and likely with the same weekend-eve capitulation to reality.
This isn't a do-nothing CONgress. It is a jackass CONgress. How many Americans that hold jobs would remain gainfully employed if they performed their duties via half-way measures? Just sayin'.

Gateway Pundit says: "Oops! They did it again."

Don Surber: "I think. If not, the military may invoke the Feed and Forage Act from the Civil War to feed its troops." (love the sarcasm)

I wonder if the moonbats of MoveOverWeHaveGlobalOrgasms thinks they "own the DNC" now

Glenn Greenwald (uber dummy)

Chris Bowers (calling for new leadership)...good luck

Kevin Hayden (sniveling whiner...they voted these liars into office)

Ajstrata ( surrendercats)
Huff and Blow

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