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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

But, But, But, Syria Is Our Friend...Just Ask Kucinich

In recent days, 9/3/07, Kucinich (honor title not included for a reason), paid a visit to one of our enemies. In this video, we find coming from his own treasonous mouth, the following:
"I feel the United States is engaging in an illegal occupation." Kucinich goes on to give effusive praise for the actions of Syrian President Assad.
What else did this dishonorable US presidential aspirant say?
Kucinich:Well, of course, my presence in Syria, in meeting President Assad, is so that people are aware that there are people in Congress, and in this case, a presidential candidate, who believes that Syria has a very important role to play in bringing about security and participating in a political process, which will help create the conditions which can lead to peace. But this must come about from communication, and so those of us who want to see this change are in a position to model the change that we hope to occur. So it was important to meet with his Excellency to exchange views as to how we can create a more peaceful world.

Lady In Blue: So how did the meeting go?

Kucinich: It went good. It was a meeting where President Assad showed a real desire to play a role in helping to create a peaceful settlement of the conditions in Iraq, as well as a grander approach towards creating peace. So it was a very important meeting, and I felt honored to have the chance to speak with him. To me, Americans have an increased understanding today of how wrong the war was and is, and I think they're looking for a new direction, and that's certainly what I am offering.
I have a question. I am detecting a parallel universe here and this is reminiscent of another time with a different player with the same message. Can anyone name that which I am alluding to?

Israel is our ally. Have we always been friends? No, not really but have we always protected each other? Mostly. Hizzbolah launches rockets into Israel from Syrian territory. Iran funds and arms Hizzbolah. What sort of picture is this painting? Anyone?

Not a single soul on the left ever offers up what is so "illegal" about the war.

Not a single soul within the Leftinistra ever offers up the evidence and that which leads them to claim this is an "illegal occupation" of Iraq.

As "Kucinich goes on to give effusive praise for the actions of Syrian President Assad", what exactly, has President Assad done that deserves such accolades? Where is the evidence? And I do not mean some article in some newspaper or network socialist leaning outfit anywhere, either.

If you desire to witness for yourself the depths that this cretin called Kucinich will go to dredge the bottom feeders of society all in the name of a vote, view the rest of the interview as he sits in Indian Country.

Why do I use the term Bottom Feeder? At the Truthers for Peace Festival in San Fran Wacko on 9/8/2007, we find individuals such as this:

Imagine that...Bottom Feeders. Naturally, we cannot escape from the used up hippies. Spell check anyone?

Kucinich? I think this fruit loop is worse than Hillary and that says quite a bit.

Catch the wave.