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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tearing the SoH Nancy "The Nanny" Pelosi A New One

The below is a sure signal to all that have an inking of an idea of what is really going on behind the closed doors of the pity parties being conducted by the Leftinistra, primarily within the democratic pitiful party. I wonder every day, "Where do these poor people get their numbers from?"

I find no answers.

Behold, Pelosi's Blunders: Pelosi: President's Policy is a Path to 10 More Years of War in Iraq

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after meeting at the White House with President Bush on Iraq:

"President Bush's policy announced by General Petraeus is a path to 10 more years of war in Iraq. General Petraeus' testimony to Congress drew a bright line: redeployment is not an option; endless war in Iraq is the Administration's only option.

I have listened to the Testimony of General Petraeus...TWICE on CSPAN3. I have the video of the exchange on my blog here. I have listened to the video oin my blog FOUR times and I have taken notes. I also took notes as I listened to the Q&A sessions afterward. Evidently, The Pelosi Virus of Stupidity and Political Hackmanship has infected her ability to hear, discern and listen. She is too busy wondering what she is going to say next and has missed completely the message of General Petraeus.

This is what happens when one invests so deeply in defeat they cannot save face and apologize to the nation.

Not one single place in the testimony of EITHER General Petraeus or Ambassador Crocker and in the Q&A sessions of either session on 10 Sept 2007 or 11 Sept 2007, did either one allude to or even hint at such terms as PelosiCo has "uddered".

This is a challenge to all moonbats. Prove me wrong by chapter and verse...that means verifiable links to the words of the General and the Ambassador and NOT an article by ANYONE on the lef OR right. You MUST read the transcripts...quote from them. Otherwise, your comments shall be deleted.

"Under the Bush plan, 130,000 Americans will remain in harm's way in Iraq at a cost of hundreds of billions of additional taxpayer dollars. This status quo policy was rejected by General James Jones, whose recent report stated that significant force reductions are possible and that we must reduce our military footprint in Iraq.

General James Jones is NOT in theater. General James Jones does NOT have boots on the ground. General James Jones is NOT in Command. General James Jones has no say. Poor Nancy. Next, she will quote the NYT for something.

As for spending "billions of tax payer's dollars", what does she care? The democrats introduced a new tax plan that will increase taxes by $68 BILLION! Her two-faced antics do not go unnoticed.

"The Bush-Petraeus plan of 130,000 Americans in Iraq for 10 more years is not a reduction in our footprint; it is an insult to the intelligence of the American people to call that a new direction. It is a status quo plan that tells the Iraqi government that they do not need to change.
Note to PelosiCo. Give it up. No one of substance is listening to you or your kind any more. Have fun in the Abyss of Obscurity you and your kind have dug for yourselves. The continual referencing people that have no bearing is "Rather" sadly comical.

Dear Nancy; get some more material. Yours is older than you are and that is old!

"The American people long ago rejected the President's plan to stay in Iraq, which is why they voted for a New Direction in 2006. Yet, with his veto pen and the 60-vote hurdle in the Senate, the President is preventing the redeployment of our troops, the rebuilding of our military, and the refocusing of our nation's efforts on fighting terrorism."

Wrong again. That was the platform that YOU, Nancy, lied about. Remember?

PelosiCo and ReidCo hate that the final stretch has left them in the dust. They absolutely refuse to take responsibility for anything when things go wrong and are compelled to blame others for their own failures. They have fought their war and have lost. AT the same token, as they have indeed lost their war, isn't that a victory for them seeing that they invest so heavily in defeat? Just wondering.

Perhaps PelosiCo is afraid of losing her SoH stature, and is trying to distract from the fact that she has lied to those that elected her. Perhaps she will face the charges that are due her from her "illegal" trip to Syria.

Nancy has played a very large hand in getting her party to the approval ratings of they have been and are. Perhaps this is what she is sorely afraid of and is trying to distract from as well.

Or, perhaps her double standards of what lief means is coming to haunt? She mentions our miltary with those Doe Eyes yet she condones the murder of unborn citizens. How can anyone trust and/or believe such a pathological liar and two-faced charlatan such as the Pelosi?

Nancy has a difficult time discerning right from wrong as is so prevalent amongst the Leftinistra and within my collection of Pelosi-isms, one can find the proof. As far as I am concerned, the SoH Pelosi is the one that should resign and/or be censured and/or impeached. She has clearly violated several statutes.

The recent visit of Kucinich to the lair of our enemies is merely a continuation of the Leftinistra's "Alternate Plan".

SOURCE Office of the Speaker of the House

One can more than likely visit Nancy's The Grovel and read some more idiocy.