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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Message from Osama...It's America's Fault


Yep. That confirms it all. Osama Bin Laden is an American Leftinistra Democrat. I swear this has been "uddered" from our own particular politicians and various anti-Americanist groups:
[...] Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden said the United States wants to create a national unity government in Iraq to control oil supplies, build military bases and dominate the region. [...]
He's just mad because HE cannot "dominate the area". Haven't we heard that SAME rhetoric before? I wonder who that has been that has coached Osama...or, I wonder who Osama has been coaching here in the states? At times, it is hard to tell the difference.

What I find interesting is that every time OBL and his band of merry murdering thugs are getting their butts whipped, he comes out with these pathetic pleas for help. One of these days, some wise-guy terrorist trainee is going to ask OBL, "If this is so damn important, there, Osama-Llama, why isn't YOUR arse out there fighting?"

The comments section at this post at HuffPo is extremely and curiously funny. There are Paultards in there saying that Osama is a puppet of Bush...good God. Where do these pathetic cretins ooze out from? One of them posts as "Loki". D'OH! While reading the comments, I ran across this particular retard and it is, well...
SaddamHeroBushBastard (See profile) (I'm a fan of SaddamHeroBushBastard)
Osama bin Laden is Kaiser Sose in ' The Usual Suspects'..

Its amazing how many people spew his name and Al-Qaeda as though they actually exist.

Its amazing how many people still swallow that loony 19 Arab hijacker conspiracy story.

They been drinking the Kool-Aid and wearing those Tin Foil hats WAY too tight.
Reply posted 05:49 pm on 12/29/2007
Incredible. Yes, the inmates are restless.

While the whining Osama Bin Needin' A New Kidney For A While Now yammers and prattles on, his forces are getting the shiite kicked out of them and sympathizers are trying to smuggle in banned weapons grade "stuff" into Israel...6.5 TONS of it in bags identified as sugar. The EU is supporting "Falestinian" terrorists as OBL has made statements that he will push Israel into the sea from the Jordan River to the sea. Somebody in the EU needs their arses handed to them from the inside out.

Are there any guesses as to which Presidential Aspirant in the US OBL will be rooting for? Just sayin'.

The other thing OBL is "angwy" about is many ttribes in Iraq have vowed to kick AQI shiite tail into oblivion and they have been so effective, OBL has issued stern warnings. STFU and STFD you murderous moron Jew-hating raghead. Here is a sampling of what has OBL's turban in a wad...

Al Qaeda In Iraq In Full Panic Mode; Iraqis Tout Gains Against al Qaeda; Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'cut by 75%'; Report: Islamic State of Iraq defense minister captured; Special Delivery to Al Qaeda; al-Qaeda Feeding On Itself?; Saudi Religious Clerics Turn Against Al Qaeda. There are scads more here at A Newt One and other in-touch Conservative Bloggers but the above is just a mere hint of the Doom and Gloom OBL and his merry band of fools are experiencing at the hands of the greatest military in the known universe EVER.

Pat Dollard has a good write-up here. Gateway Pundit says that Osama speaks from the cave. Jamie Wearing Fool says that Osama said, "Blah, blah, blah...".

Do check in with Right Voices, BBC report (must have killed them to write it), RCP, Amy Proctor, Ray Robison, Ed Morrissey, Don Surber, Dean's World, The Awakening Post, MSLSD, Right Voices and Gateway Pundit. Naturally, my friends here are always reminding America and the Troops how Patriotism is on the rise and how America is wising up to the socialistic news media and socialist politicians.

Memeorandum just now placed a link so the buzz can be easily tracked here.

The Bottom Line is this: OBL and AQ in general are running scared and are LOSING!! For nearly two+ years now, I, Snooper, have been saying that AQ is going to lose Iraq and move on to Pakistan. EXACTLY how they operated in Afghanistan. AQ and the Taliban RAN AWAY when we entered Afghanistan (I watched them do it) and left some die-hards behind as a stalling maneuver. The current SITREP in Iraq is NO different. OBL wants a flanking draw to cover the next steps in Pakistan and Afghanistan...Iraq is lost to him there. He is done. He is toast and Ramadi will not be the next capital of the Global Caliphate.




Bin Laden Warns Iraqis Of U.S. Plan To Gain Control Of Iraq's Oil

On December 29, 2007, Al-Qaeda's media production company Al-Sahab posted an audio message by Osama bin Laden on various Islamist websites, among them Al-Ikhlaas.

The message, titled "The Way to Thwart the Conspiracies," is an attempt by bin Laden to stop the increasing anti-Al-Qaeda momentum in Iraq, especially among those tribes which have joined the Awakening movement.

In it, bin Laden warns Iraqis that the new Iraqi national government is merely an American vessel through which the U.S. hopes to deepen its roots in Iraq, gain control of its oil, and destroy the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI).

Bin Laden calls upon the mujahideen to thwart the American plan to divide Iraq. He also urges national mujahideen in Iraq to join Al-Qaeda and thus to disobey their current jihad organizations which, according to him, only serve the Iraqi government, and, ultimately the American conspiracy. Finally, bin Laden criticizes Hamas for giving priority to national unity over the need to render the word of Allah supreme.

He then announces that Al-Qaeda will never relinquish the Muslims' rights over even one inch of Palestine, and that it will aspire to liberate all Islamic lands in Palestine, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Posted at: 2007-12-29
Poor OBL.