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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Last (ya sure) Ioway Post


(see previous Iowa Caucus posts at ANO here and here. Also see Snooper's blogs of choice for comments on the Iowa Caucus here.)

After the BTR show with Melanie Morgan and then Jenn of the Jungle, I surfed the networks and cable news and searched (not hard to do) the internet for the Iowa Caucus bloggers. Good thing I have a reader...saved hours and hours o searching.

Captain's Quarters has two posts up, one for Democrats and one for Republicans.
Hillary Clinton has run into a serious buzz saw on her way to the coronation. [...]

[...] Fred Thompson and John McCain, at this moment, still struggle for third place. McCain just needed a significant showing for his upcoming battle in New Hampshire, but Thompson needed a third-place finish just to keep his credibility alive. [...]
In the Washington Wire, they mention that Ron Paul won over Rudy by 3 to 1. So what? Rudy stayed OUT of Iowa...he pretty much has the Big Coastal states to play in. Ron Paul campaigned in Iowa and Rudy did not. Without campaigning, Rudy beat out the lower tier Democrats whaich DID campaign in Iowa. Ron Paul's "win" is still a loss. He didn't place.

Michelle Malkin warns that there may be lawyers about because of the record numbers of democrat and republican voters. Posts were abandoned and some didn't vote due to the time it would have required to stay and vote and there was no place to sit.

Ray Robison is pissed off at the media and he has good cause. The media has the usual blah blah blah and the sometimes inane additional blah blah blah stuff going. Then again, what would we expect from such impish cretins that have long ago abandoned the ethics in journalism? If one were to read links I placed in this paragraph back to back, an amazing picture is drawn. Let me know what you see.

Over at memorandum, there are skads and heaps of places to go to read a countless amount of inputs, bloviating, whining and caterwauling about one thing or another and that is a good and a bad thing.

Obama seems to think that he is the next President already. This just shows the lack of experience. He says that one caucus has given him a Mandate For Change. I one way it has. Iowans don't want Czarina or the Breck Girl or the others that have dropped out today due to poor performance. The poor thing thinks he can end the War In Iraq and he bloviated all about it, giving hope and energy to the enemy ibn the process of accepting the coronation of Iowa. He wants to end the world's poverty and genocide. What he didn't say was just how in the hell he is going to accomplish all of that and who is going to pay the bill on that tab.

I now agree with SonLit...Obama may not be as evil as Hillary is but he is more sinister, ignorant and dangerous to America. Hillary is just plain evil.

Huckabee had quite a good round of sound bytes as well but they are not the warning flag signs of danger that Obama was rambling out.