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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On Iran, NIE, Jerks and Retarded Politicians


As the GREAT news coming out of the efforts of our Troops in the War In Iraq comes flowing in showing that the Leftinistra have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of this issue...as well as a plethora of others...they now find the need to whine, cry, foam at the mouth and make fools of themselves on a different issue; thus distracting their inability to get anything done and/or lead in any capacity. The more they can distract from their ineptness on any issue to get anything right on any issue, they deflect their ignorance onto something and/or someone else. Such is not going to go unanswered or at least challenged.

Within the last week or so, A known Syrian Al Qaida leader has been removed from any influence in this life on a permanent basis, along with the slog's media pool. The violence levels have dropped to the levels of January 2006 with another 40 Al Qaida terrorists meeting the same fate as the Syrian fool. We have also witnessed an acknowledgment from some "prominent" terrorist scum that they were wrong and have lost Iraq to the United States. Evidence of Iranian 'meddling" in Iraq has come forth and the retarded politicians look the other way...it doesn't mesh with their incessant stupidity...or, does it? We have also seen terrorists moving further north in Iraq due to the overwhelming forces arrayed against them. Those of us that have been paying attention know now what we knew "then" that we were going to win this war and we are in fact winning this war because the Lame Stream Media prints and airs less and less and less stories about the War In Iraq except when the news is so obvious, they are forced to print an actual by God Good News piece.

With overwhelming evidence that Iranian weaponry was and is being utilized in the war effort in Iraq, I find it ironically and unfathomably odd that people of any walk of life would trust anything the Iranian government would say in regards to nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. Equally absurd as that sentiment is, I find disingenuous hindsight rhetoric completely unacceptable. There is a part of the NIE, among many, that points to the "we really don't know anything" verbiage masked by theoretical intelligence.
[...] "We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program," said the NIE text, reflecting a strong consensus among the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. "Tehran's decision to halt its nuclear weapons program suggests it is less determined to develop nuclear weapons than we have been judging since 2005." [...]
Having worked in the field relying on some desk weeny with my life, I find that little segment appallingly retarded...I have seen crap like that before and when I and others read such drivel, we discounted it whole heartedly and went about our mission as if the idiot that wrote such nonsense was a moron and could not be trusted.

To a "Field Tech", "High Confidence" equates to "We really don't know for sure". To a Field Tech, the very term "suggest" sends chills up and down the spine. Let me rewrite that phrase above so you can see for yourselves how a Field Tech would consider the message:
[...] "We really cannot say for sure so take this with a grain of salt as follows: Iran may or may not have stopped its uranium enrichment process back in 2003 but we are pretty hopeful that they have. It is your job to take the necessary precautions and actions to confirm what we think we are sure about, maybe. All of us back here are confident that we are in agreement that we really don't know much. If our beliefs can be confirmed, it might suggest that Iran did stop their weapons program to a degree that we hoped that they did. End of message. Oh. Wait. The above is our concensus and we bet your lives on that data. Good luck and Happy Hunting." [...]
This whole NIE/Iran thing pisses this DAV off to a degree that I feel like going to DC and spit on every desk weeny that put this drivel out and I also want to spit on every moron that actually thinks that Iran has "given up" on nukes. Friggin' morons. If they don't know for a surety, why bother publishing anything at all except, "Hey folks. We don't know squat. Carry on."

I question the motive(s) of those involved. And, yes, I do hav experience in the matter at hand.

We have Libtards and morons winking and wiggling their scrawny fingers in an "I told you so fashion" as if they know something and I would venture a guess they have never served in any capacity anywhere except for servitude to a dolt.

When Hans Blix questions the veracity of the NIE, the libtards should really STFU and take note. But, it is a cherished Bash Bush moment so, they would "Rather" prove their genuine ignorance and stupidity all for a shot at the object of hate via BDS.

Israel ain't buying into this crap and neither am I. Only morons will give a victory to a madman fruit loop like the Iranian moppet.

Drooling here.

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