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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pull The Troops Out...Iraqis Are Stealing Water


OK. So this is what the NYT has been reduced to...desperation. I can just hear them in their little meetings; "My [g]od! Isn't there SOME bad news we can report on in Iraq. I mean, like, damn! We look like fools being on the wrong side of the Iraq War, under the direction of that idiot Pelosi and that worm Reid!"

Naturally, the above "conversation" is completely made up by me. But, it is funny just the same. But, seriously, the headline in the NYT is, well, "Rather" peculiar to say the least. And, it is Front Page News! Good Lord. Oh. Wait. That should be good [l]ord, shouldn't it?

Nonstop Theft and Bribery Are Staggering Iraq

So, it is going on 24-7-365? It never stops? Does the NYT have someone there watching? If so, why haven't they told someone...before now? The NYT cracks me up. Maybe they should just merge with Kimberley Clark and get it over with...toilet paper we can read.

In the picture, there is a masked lad holding his hand out, holding a gun. Oh. Wait. That isn't a gun, is it? AHA! I KNEW I've seen that "weapon" before. It is a spray nozzle on the end of a hose of some sort. And, he is cleaning his outstretched hand! RUN FOR COVER!!
Jobless men pay $500 bribes to join the police. Families build houses illegally on government land, carwashes steal water from public pipes, and nearly everything the government buys or sells can now be found on the black market. [...]

Like there isn't a Black Market anywhere else in the world?
[...] "Everyone is stealing from the state," said Adel Adel al-Subihawi, a prominent Shiite tribal leader in Sadr City, throwing up his hands in disgust. "It's a very large meal, and everyone wants to eat." [...]

As opposed to what once was...death, rape, murder, starvation, getting gassed...you know, all that fun stuff. I wonder if they were really reporting on someplace like West Philly?

This story in the NYT is a sure sign that we have won this war. I know, it isn't over yet and there is quite a bit left to do like finishing it and all but, Judas Priest! If this is what the Great and Vaunted NYT has been reduced to, what does that say?

I guess the Food For Oil scandal is on the same par as this story. I don't recall the NYT getting in too much of a huff over it.

Naturally, we will hear from the flakes at FireDumpPond.

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