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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Pathology of A Defeatist


We have all heard of the Pathology of Liberalism and we have also heard that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. However, I haven't read what the Pathology of a Defeatist is...until now. First, however, we must define what "defeatism" "IS". Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary: acceptance of or resignation to defeat. A defeatist, then, is one which actively prescribes to the "all is lost" and the Trekkish "resistance is futile" mantra. The last I was taught, learned and came to believe, no one likes a loser and, for the most part, no one of substance and character will accept defeat, especially when there is even an outside chance of victory. A loser, is one that gives up too easily in the face of adversity and if the going gets too tough and, they haven't either the mental or physical stamina to maintain.

The Pathology of a Defeatist follows closely with that of the Pathology of Liberalism due to the inability to overcome the childish mindset based on emotions and emotions only, regardless of facts readily prevalent and/or known. In the face of facts presented, the Defeatist will deny that which is obvious even to the oblivious. A Defeatist has the mind set that proclaims that they are correct because they said that they were, regardless of evidence to the contrary.

It won't matter to Senator Harry Reid that Iraqis are demanding the destruction of Al Qaida, by holding hunger strikes. It won't matter to SoH Pelosi that the number of Iraqi citizens killed has tremendously dropped and it won't matter to Biden that American casualties has also drastically dropped. It won't matter to Kucinich that reconciliation is breaking out in the north, either. Sometimes I have to wonder if the Defeatists, no matter the party affiliation, can tell the difference between day and night.

In regards to the War In Iraq, the worse news to the Defeatist Mind Set is declining casualties; American, Coalition or Civilian and, victorious battles over the enemy and that same enemy declaring that they have lost the War In Iraq. It goes against the grain of the Defeatist Mind Set and they whine and squirm and resort to the known failed and wrong-headed rhetoric. Even the news that American Troops are on their way home is bad news to the Defeatist because they did not force the issue...it was preplanned and according to plan. This causes the Defeatist to change the topic and discussion at hand.

Substantiation of emotionally driven drivel is an aspect of daily discourse considered to be anathema or alien to the very nature of the Defeatist Mind Set. Emotion demands to be reconciled and in the spot light of verifiable facts, the Defeatist cannot maintain any semblance of credibility. The Defeatist will forgo or forswear facts to maintain their discredited mantra, no matter the cause. In regards to the War In Iraq, victory scares the current crop of American Defeatists, no matter if they are in political positions or any number of anti-Americanist groups and public opinion, when flowing away from the preconceived truth will be widely ignored.
While most of us were enjoying turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Johnstown), was eating a little crow. "I think the surge is working," Rep. Murtha said last week after a quick holiday visit to Iraq. The observation isn't remarkable. The signs of progress in Iraq are so obvious that even the New York Times has begun to report them. [...]
This is what has our home-grown Defeatists in a squabbling throe of contempt and trembling fit of woe-is-me-itis. The BDS runs deep...ever since 2000. As disingenuous as a Defeatist is, deep down, they must know what they themselves are...emotionally unhinged. Some would say that it is time for Defeatists to resign from political offices once they have declared themselves irrelevant.

I often ask myself why it is and, what is the driving force behind the Defeatist Mind Set as so demonstrated recently by Senator Harry Reid. As long ago as October in the year of our Lord 2007, Osama Bin Laden admitted defeat in Iraq. His mission there is lost. Yet, "mister" Reid seems to discount that because it goes against the individuals he must cater to in order to maintain political office.

The pathetic Poster Boy of Silly, one "mister" Reid, is so far behind the curve, it is still unbelievable that anyone even bothers to grant him an audience...must be one of those benevolent traits of some. For an example of how "mister" Reid declared that he will never believe any Good News coming from Iraq under any circumstances, please visit my friends at Flopping Aces and review the video therein.

The Pathology of A Defeatist is as follows: I believe what I believe no matter the evidence to the contrary. I cannot accept that I might be wrong on any issue because if I admit to being wrong on any issue, I will be seen as untrustworthy. Therefore, I can never be wrong; therefore, I never am wrong, no matter what.

In case this data has escaped the Reids of the world, the fighting has shifted back to Afghanistan and now Pakistan. Iranistan may or may not be in the mix yet but I am sure it is coming, one day...hopefully not but they sure do like to rattle their sabers.

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