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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blue Handed


Every time I think nothing will surprise me anymore, the Leftinistra, such as Matthew Yglesias, manages to take my breath away all over again. Consider the staggering dishonesty with which the Leftinistra, such as Lefty Matty, try to mislead the American people about their theoretical knowledge of the alleged Iranian nuclear program and the contents of the recent NIE as opposed to the one back in '05. If, the Leftinistra were so intelligent, why then did they not know anything then? And, what is it with their reflective hindsight? Is hindsight actually a good way to show ones stupidity? This is the Leftinistra Matty sometime or another:
It's not as if Cheney read the NIE and decided he had some reason to believe it was incorrect. Rather, he read it, decided he'd better not contradict it, but also decided that bottom line conclusions about how Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program were inconvenient, and thus decided to talk around that minor point and try to get the American people confused about what's happening. Stunningly cynical and yes I'm resolving once again to never be stunned.
I find it wondrously stupid how ignorant these retarded Leftinistra are and how arrogantly they vomit and spew their obvious BDS and feigned intelligence. It's not like Yglesias is intelligent or not, does it? If he were, he wouldn't be trying to mask his stupidity under the guise of Dumb. Would he? The hindsight of the Yglesias:

Indeed, the striking thing about this is the extent to which looking back at Cheney's statement he's tried very carefully to avoid directly contradicting the NIE while crafting phrases that are clearly designed to cause the listener to draw the precise wrong conclusion.
It is truly obvious how much the Leftinistra let their emotions run their ignorance. Sometimes I am grossly concerned over the mental health of the more prominent Leftinistra. One would think that adults would know better than to act as they do.

I also find it curiously funny...as in chuckle-chuckle-snort-snort...how the loony BDS libs will plunge to their deaths upon the rocks of illusion and despair at the outside chance that they just might have something on the targets of their deeply rooted hatred. The Leftinistra, infected with the lethality of BDS will cherry pick themselves into a frothing and venomous tizzy just to leave themselves wide open for more questions and reason.

One of these days, the poor slogs will be able to, after they grow up, differentiate between the following: "High Confidence", "Moderate Confidence" and "Low Confidence". From my perspective, I have High Confidence that their BDS diatribes leaves a box of turtle turds with more collective intelligence than the likes of 100 Matty Yglesiasswipe.

Apparently, Matty and his clan of Merry Tighty Whities never read the entire report nor have they fact checked anything. The Leftinistra fit to a "T" the piece we posted earlier about the Pathology of A Defeatist. Kind of saddens me in a way.

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